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For those with chronic diseases and illnesses
Chronic Diseases Prayer Circle

This circle is for all who suffer with chronic diseases and disorders and in need of prayer and support from others.

There are many who are afflicted with chronic diseases such as lupus, MS, fibromylagia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and others, or may have children or other family members and friends who suffer with these conditions. The prayer circle can be here for the many ups and downs that come with these illnesses, as well as the tests that most have to go through when having a flare or time of activity in their symptoms. This can be a place to come for prayers when support is needed and also to give thanks and praise to God for remissions and times that we feel well.
dolphin-1015 -12/3/2000
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2/9/2002 10:19

Thank you, my angel, for your heartfelt prayers. I heard you, and I know it was God talking through you. I am still alive,depressed and not sure what to do with myself. I am in so much pain, and yet I can't lay around any more. It hurts to move, but it hurts to stay laying down and inactive too. But when I get up, the pain is simply unbearable. I know this is past of the cycle that i am stuck in. Alcohol would temporarily releive me of some pain, and I wouldn't have to be alone. This is when I choose to go out, and then alcohol is only the beginning. My mind, though, I am so depressed and alone and lonely, that getting out and being around people helps me to not go completely insane. At this point, I see no other answers.I have no other choices. If I stay in and down, alone and feeling like this, I fear my other option. Maybe i should just do it and get it over with.

2/9/2002 10:24

Dear Lord, I too thank you for this site. It gives us a great opportunity to share and show we care. Lord, be with those who are in pain. Hold them in your tender arms and give them both physical and emotional relief. Help those who suffer daily and give them the courage to keep on going - knowing that they are of great witness to you when they show how courageous they are in the midst of trial and suffering. Bring forth joy from their circumstances and help them to realize that, even though they are suffering, the Holy Spirit is working on their heart and prepaing them for a better time and a better place without pain and suffering. Help them see God's presence in their lives and realize how powerful prayer really is. God wants to help all of us with our daily suffering but in His time and His way. We have to have faith that His plan is the best for us. May the Lord bless you and keep you in His care. Amen

2/9/2002 20:00

Dear Lord I pray that you bring relief for jlheard as I know her pain for I have fibromyalgia myself. Lord be her shoulder to lean on and may your wings shelter her through the storms. I know it is hard to bear but please hang in there. My heart cries for her Lord and I pray the misery she keeps will disappear and light will shine through her love for others that she can minister to. She will be able to know the pain that keeps others bondaged. Release the bondage that keeps jlheard in this mighty pain and bring a miracle to her pain. Show your face in the darkest times and help to ease her through. Lord if you will me to be her guiding light show me the way. Let her have peace and contentment through Jesus. He is the way the truth and the light. Amen

2/10/2002 11:08

I am glad I found this ~ as I have lumbar intervertal dis syndrome an a touch of arthritis in my back also.
My husband was burned 13 yrs ago ~ 80 percent of his body!! They gave him a 15 percent chance of survival ~ the pain he has gone thru an still does on a day to day basis is unreal ~ he did go back to his job after a year ~ alot of prayers an a very stubborn person indeed!!! They told him the pain was as bad as a person with cancer ~ no painpills to take!!
Praise The Lord for whoever developed these patches that both him and i wear now for pain ~ I am praying they will make it available to all patients as its for people with Workmens Comp. right now ~ but it is so wonderful compared to taking pills!!
I have an ulcer so was worried about
taking so many different pills and now with these patches I feel alot better~
as you wear it for twelve hours then off twelve hours!!
My husband was worried I would lose my job and we would lose our home ~ I told him that material things are not important to me as long as we have one another and can take care of each other thats what counts in this life.
I will be praying for everyone ~ it
is so hard ~ but there is a better life to come!
Please pray for my sister-in-law who
has lupus and had to get divorced just to keep some programs that would help pay for the expenses of medicine and care.
Prayers also for our government to
start helping us so we don't lose everything we have just to medical costs.
I almost forgot I have a sister who
has fibromylagia and has turned to taking more pills than she should and drinking on top of it all. She is in so much pain and has no insurance where she works ~ also is very limited in funds as her pay is not alot.Wish i could do more for her,but all I can do is pray for her pain to be taken away so she doesn't abuse the pills and drinking to cover this up.
Thank-you so much for this site!!
God Bless You All
Prayers For Ya'll Everyday!
Love In Christ

2/11/2002 08:55

Jlheard, you are the focus of my prayers today. There ARE answers and THERE IS HOPE. Open up your heart to the Lord and ask him for healing. Ask for Him to bring comfort and peace in your circumstances. My heart goes out to you and I will continue to pray for jlheard as well as all others who are in so much physical and emotional pain. Also, Lord, help others who aren't in daily misery to be more compassionate and understanding of the hardships in life, we, with ongoing daily pain experience. Jlheard, the Lord is with you and He hears when you call to Him. May He bless you and keep you in his tender loving arms.
In Him, Michele

2/11/2002 13:09

Thank you, Michele. My heart feels cold and empty, although, I know what it feels like to be full of the love of Jesus Christ. I want it again. I am praying for acceptance and willingness. I am also thanking God for bringing you into my life. I go back to this sight many times a day, just to re read the loving words and to continue to remember on a daily basis that others are thinking of me and praying for me. IT HELPS!!!!Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

2/11/2002 20:55

this is an inspiration for jlheard from angelshery:You Are Special!
>Your presence is a present to the world
>You're unique and one of a kind
>Your life can be what you want it to be
>Take the days just one at a time
>Count your blessings, not your troubles
>You'll make it through whatever comes along
>Within you are so many answers
>Understand, have courage, be strong
>Don't put limits on yourself
>So many dreams are waiting to be realized
>Decisions are too important to leave to chance
>Reach for your peak, your goal, your prize
>Nothing wastes more energy than worrying
>The longer one carries a problem, the heavier it gets
>Don't take things too seriously
>Live a life of serenity, not a life of regrets
>Remember that a little love goes a long way
>Remember that a lot... goes forever
>Remember that friendship is a wise investment
>Life's treasures are people... together
>Realize that it's never too late
>Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way
>Have health and hope and happiness
>Take time to wish upon a star
>And don't ever forget...
>Even for a day...
>How very special you are.

2/12/2002 11:39

Please pray for me. I have Bipolar Disorder and have very few good days. I will remember you all and your intentions as well. Thank you.

2/12/2002 15:41

I pray for james and Lord I pray that you show him how to have more good days as you did for my husband. Give his heart a hunger for the word you have given us to get closer to you. Shelter him with your wings of love. Bless him and others around him so he can become what your will is for his life. amen

2/12/2002 21:51


2/13/2002 07:10

I would ask for prayer that I'm suffering from depression for five year ago,in these five year, I'm so hard to go ahead, I really understand that I need our lord, beside him, no one can help, recently,I feel recurrent that long term illness, I have isomnia for a month, I really really fear about this illness recurrent, but many friend told me that I have already become normal. At this moment, I feel the relationship between our lord and me is so far, I lost the direstion again, I really so anxious about this situation.
Please Pray for me Thanks

2/13/2002 21:31

Dear Lord, precious Almighty - Please be with Jamesstonge, racheltang and jlheard and all others who suffer pain (both physical and emotional). These people are just as special to you as all perfectly healthy people. Please, if it is Your will, please set these people free from the constant grip of pain. Help them see Your mercy and grace in the miracle of their healing. Lord, I pray from the deepest part of my heart, that You wipe away all hurt - leaving instead a profound testimony for them to share - of Your neverending love for us. Thank you Lord, you have blessed us so much. Amen

2/14/2002 18:02

Hello Everyone,
It has been so long since I posted and it makes me feel so good to see that the Circle not only is still going, but is growing and adding new members all the time. I am sorry that the way we have met is through our pain and chronic illnesses, but I am glad that we have this place to come and share with one another our good days as well as our bad ones. I have been off of here so long because at Christmas I had a bad case of asthmatic bronchitis which turned into a nasty infection being that my immune system is in such a bad way because of the lupus. I did not come online for a couple of weeks, and even when I was getting better, the fatigue was so bad that I did not have the strength to read and reply. I did not stop thinking or praying for all here who are experiencing pain and illnesses, and those who may feel emotionally down because of it. It is easy to get that way when dealing with a longtime sickness; however, what held me together was my faith that God was not going to let this go on for no reason. I think that the time that I was out of things gave me the opportunity to do a lot of praying and reflecting, and instead of being depressed, I felt that my faith had actually deepened. I am feeling better now - I still have chronic pain to deal with - but I feel stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. I have not read all the sharings that are on the board since I was last here, but I am going to do that now. Take care everyone and remember that God is with us during these bad times. Don't give up hope and pray for those who come to the Circle and somehow that makes our own burdens a little lighter when we can give support to others who need it.

Love & Prayers,

2/14/2002 23:54

Thanks for our lord give me to know this Circle, in this site we can share and pray for other who suffering the physical or emotional pain.
Although I'm the one suffering from the long term illness, during these day I got the energy from our Lord and the Holy spirit let me know he will treat our pain on his time and place. Also, he let me remember the love of Jessue Christ is long lasting, endless love.
By the way, I want to thank the other Prayer Partner who pray for us.
I wish, we can support each other in pray from the love of God

Love in Christ

2/15/2002 01:21

racheltang: I know what y ou are experiencing when it comes to depression. I have had chronic illness for such a long time that I did not realize that I was also suffering from depression. It is common for people with our problems to become depressed; however, my doctor felt that I was clinically depressed and encouraged me to go on medication. It took about four weeks to see any difference, and I really thought it was not going to work, but it did, and I am feeling much better now. Sometimes something is needed to help us with depression. Have you spoken with your doctor?

Angelshery: I just wanted to write and tell you how nice and inspirational your sharing of: You Are Special is and that I got a real lift from reading it, and I am sure others here who have also read it have felt an uplift. Thank you for posting it. May God Bless you and Racheltang and all who come here to give and receive support.

Love & Prayers,

2/15/2002 04:32

Fristly, thanks for your concerned about my situation, your point is good for me, but I'm really anxious about the medication will affect my job, before that I hv take the medication for a short period during the first time I got this illness, but on that time it makes me like slow motion guy including speaking , action. In fact I'm a nurse scare about it would happen again. Also, I hv made a decision to go to see the doctor, but I don't know how to talk with him, because the depression is not come from my job, it's not come from the stress by the people. How to say that........
The truely reason is come the message lift in my pager 5 years ago. The guy lift it in the special festival. The message really hurt me, even he lift it for me as a big joke.However,it really hurt me.From the time being, I learn a lot of think from lord, I also forgive this guy, and forget him in my life. But I can't stand up from this bad message, during this five year I'm so scare to face that day. Lucky many people stay with me before or I lock myself in the nightshift. Unfortunity, this year, maybe the lord need me to face the scar positively, but I can't.
Also my best friend who also is my colleque in the hospital, she also hurt me, even she want to help me with the physcologic method, but they don't know it hurt me again and make me so down.
Tomorrow, I 'll lock myself in the pray, I think it will come better, if not I promise that I 'll go to see the doctor as soon as possible.
Thanks for your care.

2/15/2002 12:13

Only God gives me the words to share so it is him I must thank for all he gives and does for me. I have been in alot of pain this past week and even now but my main focus is to give glory to God and do his will. He has given me such precious people to encourage and I just pray that a major healing starts in all of us . In the meantime we need to share our pain and lift up the people that really need our sharing. Ipray that we that are in pain or depression or whatever chronic illness you have will be used for God's glory. I pray his light shines on you all and that the warmth of it gives you strength. We Lord need your wings of protection against our weakened body for your strength and guidance can lead us. Thank you Lord for the positive uplifting reports and I pray that your work continues here. Amen

2/15/2002 16:30

Hi. It was so good to see your post, Dolphin! Did you get a chance to read the other posts, yet, while you were away? Your words are what kept me coming back to this sight and reading, which led to me finally making my own post....I was so worried about you when you stopped writing! I'm so glad to see you are back! You were not here, but God sent me and ANGEL, and I am so grateful! I am doing better, mentally. The prayers have helped ALOT! I KNOW THAT IT IS GOD!!!!!!!I actually went to physical therapy today...I have been getting out this week. I went to school, am almost caught up on school work and I'm not so depressed. It has been a produtive week. I am still in a tremendous amount of pain, tho. That is not subsiding at all. The pt hurt me worse so I can stay for long. But I wanted to thank everyone again and let you know that I'm praying for you also! PRAYER WORKS!!!!!

2/16/2002 08:46

Please pray that my Lupus which is causing many complications will go back into remission. I am suffering from Vasculitis now and severe ulcers from the Lupus. Please offer prayers that I can accept God's will for me. Thank you

2/16/2002 08:54

jlheard...I read with compassion some of your words, but I see you recover at the words of others in this prayer circle. It is so hard to be up every day. Know that God is always there and will give you help through others on this earth. I know pain, also, and it is so hard to have your spirits up during that time. Mine is Lupus and severe joint pain and now leg ulcers. I am thinking of you, jlheard, and in prayer, also. God love you. Letterall

2/17/2002 10:28

Thank you, letterall, and I am praying for you as well. You are so right...I am do see God in and through other people. When I get so far down, it's hard to hold onto faith and beleive. I need flesh, something I can see and know for sure it is there and that is other people who I can see God working through. It's so hard to beleive that God cares about me when I am in so much pain. I cannot figure out why He would want me to suffer so. Why does he not take away the pain, like He says He will. He is the healer and yet, here I am in tremendous, disabling pain. Am I not ggod enough, worthy of His healing? What am I doing wrong, that He would want me to suffer like this? Is this punishment and why is it so severe? I must really have made Him mad!
I knew when I went to PT on Friday that that they hurt me worse, but I didn't know to what extent. My back is in so much pain.....IT HAS NEVER BEEN THIS BAD OR EVEN FELT CLOSE TO THIS!!!!!!!!!It hurts so much, I'm crying as I write this and I am not a cryer... It was a new PT place and they had to evaluate me. Supposedly they know ALL about fibromyalgia and will be able to help me......I no longer beleive that, or in their ability to help me. If they knew how to treat fibro, they would not have done this to my body. No strain, no pain. It is not necessary to poke and prode someone with fobro, of course they hurt at all the spots and trigger points. It's a given. One and a half hours they poked, proded and made me strain mt muscles,"to see my weak spots and to see how my muscles responded". They are responding with screams of pain. I'm seriously thinking about going to the hospital today, I need something for the pain. But i hate to go to the er, they don't know how to treat me. Each new DR. , well, they are just idiots! I don't have the patience when I am in so much pain to teach them their job. Today, Father, I pray for knowledgable and caring health practitioners. I pray for understanding people today and for compassion. I ask you, Lord, one more time, PLEASE HEAL ME....TAKE AWAY MY PAIN, GOD, AS ONLY YOU CAN!!!!!!! I beleive, God, I have faith, Lord, please bring me relief, not only from pain, but from myself! Thank you for listening.

2/17/2002 13:36

this is for all who suffer from severe pain. Your Inspiration: If I Could Catch A Rainbow

2/17/2002 13:44

I pray Lord that your work begins in us who are suffering and need your touch. The love that you give us for each other here is a miracle. I know the pain and suffering I go through and Lord you still use me for others. I thank you for the wonderful people in this prayer circle who are crying out to you and do not know you are there.
I pray that you would bring mercy and grace to us whom you love and show us the way to recovery. jlheard I know the pain you have and can only guess the way the therapy went. As you said it was a new session and they needed to find out where you were at. I have been to doctors that actually told me I needed to learn to live with the pain. I do daily but only through Christ who strengthens me. I pray for strength for each of us here and the knowledge we need to get us through. amen

2/17/2002 13:53

i pray to maruti to give us all the strength to cope up with the illness and sufferings of our loved ones and give us the will and courage to help support them and keep up our hopes high for cure and all the advances in medical field which shall offer cure and solutions to all of those medical puzzles which may frighten the sufferers and agonize the loved ones.
i hope god makes us understand that we all are perishable and hence each day is an important treasure which should be nourished and cherished in a good and truthful way.

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