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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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2/6/2002 10:36

Please pray for my brother, Eric. His wife Amy wants a divorce. They have a little three year old boy, Tabor. Apparantly they have been having struggles for two years. We had no idea. They both belong to a church and go sometimes but I don't know where they are spiritually. I know Amy can be cold and hard-hearted and Eric can be immature, wants to play all the time and do things for himself. Pray for Amy's heart to be softened, for Eric to find his strength as head of the family and that Tabor be protected through all this. Pray that they both find Jesus and that they gain a burning desire to follow God's plan for marriage: that they truly become one. Pray for my husband and me as we try to do what we can to help them, and that we be a Godly example of marriage to them. Pray that God clears a path for them go to the Family Life Marriage Conference that is coming up, that they will both want to go and learn about God's plan for marriage. Thank you all.

2/6/2002 11:08

Please pray for me, my husband and I are on the verge of seperating. Right now he's unemployed and I'm the only one who is working paying what I can on the bill. We have to leave our house that we have been in for over a year and a half to go to an apartment because I can not handle all the bill by myself. He goes out sometimes to look for a job, but always have doubts that no one will hire him. I work from 8 to 5 and I have to come home to a dirt house, he will not clean and sometimes he cooks. I feel like just giving up on him because he doesn't care and al he wants to do is get high on marijunia. We move into the apartment this friday and he will not even help pack while I'm at work. I have to come home and do what I can because I'm tired from a long day at work. I just thank God that we have no kids. I just feel like crying all the time because I believe once your married, your married for life. I just pry for him and leave him in God's hand because I can't take it any more. I go to work upset and sometimes I go to the bathroom and cry my eyes out. What can I do, Lord please take the pain away. I've been struggling for the past 5 months and if it wasn't for God I don't know where I would be right now. I have tears in my eyes right now. So should I leave him or keep supporting someone who only cares for himself. If anyone out there reads this please e-mail me at, I could really use a friend in God right now.

2/6/2002 21:54

Please pray for my husband to find a job. The Lord has given me peace tabout this..we are doing all we can, trusting in the Lord, I pray that he doesn't get discouraged. We have 4 children and I am a sahm. I know God has a bigger plan for us than we could ever imagine, just don't want my husband to feel bad about getting laid off..bless his heart. Just got laid off last week and has already had 2interviews! He is trying so hard, just want him to trust in the Lord and live in the "rest" of God. Thank you:)

2/6/2002 22:38

Dear Friends,
I would like to ask for your prayer for my husband Mike who is lost in the world of sin and drugs and heaven knows what else. We have been separated for nearly two years and the children misses him. I am somewhat numb in my feelings for him, but I still pray for him nonetheless that God would heal him and deliver him from that life. Please pray with me and four me and my four children.

2/7/2002 08:26

Lord, restore our marriage. Make it the marriage and lifwe together that You made it to be. In Your Name Jesus.Amen

2/7/2002 09:14

dear circle this don again, i am praying for everyone on here and i ask for your prayers for my relationship. its so hard not being with kris and my daughters. i feel so weak with out them and its been 3 1/2 months and the pain is getting worse and im falling deeper in love with kris everyday. i found god in july of 01 and she found him in may of 01 and i just cant believe that he would give me all these feelings just to take away the three things i love the most. why do i love her so much and love her more everyday if its wrong. i have hurt her in the past but that was years ago and i am a different person just two weeks before she asked me to move out she was crying to me how much she loves me. and yesterday i called her on her cell phone and she was at lunch with a guy and it hurts so bad. i know that there is not to many guys on here but guys hurt to. any e-mails are excepted thanks everyone and Jesus i ask that you touch kris' heart and bring our lives back together as a family i pray this in your name Jesus Amen

2/7/2002 12:22

my sister and huer husband are having a rough time and it is affecting her 10yr old daughter. I ask that you pray for the will of God be done and for the strength of niece and that peace is entered into her yound and tender mind.

2/7/2002 15:06

Please keep my husband and I in prayer. We were married June 26 last year and are having great difficulties. He has not attended church since we married. He was saved while we were courting and used to party a lot. Now he wants to go back to that life style and It is grieving me alot. I believe that God is trying to pull him back but Satan also is drawing at him and so We need as much prayer as can be sent up. Thanks. Gerri

2/7/2002 16:23

Please Lord take our pain away. Our son has just been told that his wife is pregnant by another man. They have two small children whom she left with our son. Please give him the strength to do what has to be done.

2/7/2002 17:27

Continued prayers for my husband in his job search..asking for His will to be done.
Praying for you all as well. Take care.

2/7/2002 22:12

My Dear Lord, please help all these couples who are hurting so badly. Bring your Holy Spirit onto them and lift their hearts in this saden time. Flush out all evil and help them fight temptation. We know this devil is so strong but You are the great Lord. Flush this evil spirit into the fires of hell we pray to You in the Body and Blood of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. I ask you Lord to rebuck and bind Satan in Your name and the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Build a hedge of thorns around all wayward spouses including my husband. Soften their hearts and turn them back to their families. I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

2/8/2002 07:57

Lord, I've been praying and praying and Satan just keep trying to get me as he have my husband. I feel sometimes that I've been slipping his ways by the way I feel sometimes. I sit and start thinking about what my husband have done to me and evil thoughts comes into my mind. I know that it's just Satan temping me. I will continue to fight Satan for my husband and myself as well. One of us have to be strong enough to let our prayers overpower Satan in order for our marriage to be restored. But You know what Lord, I feel that I am the only one that what's this, I am beginning to feel that my husband don't want our marriage to be restore by You Jesus. But I will pray in Your Name Jesus that his love gets stronger for me each day that You bless us both even if it's apart from one another. And sooner the marriage that You Lord planned for us twenty three years ago will be restore. I will not stop believing this. You did not have us stay together all these years to tear us apart from one another overnight like this. We still have to much to live together for. In Jesus name i pray. And I pray for all of the sisters and brothers in the circle to have a bless and safe week end. and may your marriage be saved in Jesus we pray.Amen

2/8/2002 12:16

Dear Lord please pray for me and my husband and please help us fight Satan from destroying our marriage. I love my husband and I want him to come home, but I am trying to give him the space to heal, but it is so hard. Please give me the strength to make it everyday until he returns home.

2/8/2002 13:23

Hello fellow prayer warriors,
i need prayer for my husband and family,
My husband likes to go to bars and drink and sometimes won't come home until 2 or 3 in the morning,He is in a band too with 2 other guys and they want to start playing shows in bars and clubs all over the state we live in. I pray that the lord will lead him in other directions than this whole band thing. We have a 9 month old daughter i worry about her alot and the shape my marriage is in. I pray that the lord will heal our marriage and our family and lead us in the direction that is best for our family.
thank you all,
email me if you want to talk


2/10/2002 09:54

My Dear Sweet Jesus, I know you are there for all of us in need. My heart goes out to all these men and women everywhere who are praying to have their marriages restored. I, too, fall into this category. My husband and I are talking more right now than we have in months. I just pray that he doesn't take too long to come to his senses. I am standing for my marriage and want to be reunited, but how long does it take to decide which woman you want to be with? As much as I'd like to "hate" the other woman I pray for her and I hope that she will find peace. Please pray for me that I will continue to find the strength to stand. I have found a very special friend here who is an Angel - thank you Clarrisa for all your prayers.

2/10/2002 18:53

My heart goes out to all of you, I too know the pain of a broken marriage. My husband David and I have been together for almost 11 years. He came home new years day and told me he did not feel the same way anymore. He said he has been unhappy for awhile now and just did not have the guts to tell me he did not love me. Three was another woman calling our house for awhile beore this and he had called her as well. I love him very much and would love to have him come home regardless of all that has gone on. I know that the devil is at work here and pray that the lord will beable to save our marriage if it is his will. Please pray for our marriage and My heart and prayers go out to all of you. If you would like to e mail me so we can support eachother please do at God bless us all

2/10/2002 19:17

please pray for change of heart with my husband, Carl. We have been together 3 years and married 2, have 3 small children between us, moved, started a business that failed, lost everything, and have been separated more than together. Whenever things get tough, he leaves. We are currently separated, by a month and a half, and now he wants a divorce. We are both Christians, he no longer attends church, Pray that he would seek Godly men and Godly counsel, that he would be willing to seek counsel with me. I love him and want our marriage to work. Neither of us have committed adultery. I will continue to "stand" for marriages everywhere, and pray for yours as well.
Thank you, in Jesus name. Wendy

2/11/2002 09:36

Please pray for me and my husband. We communicate one day and don't talk the next. I really miss him and want him to come home, but says he is still in pain. Please Lord pray that my hsuband comes home to his family soon and so we can get our marriage back together. I know it will be hard road, but I am willing to do anything for my marriage. Everyday is so hard for me all I do is pray and put my marriage int he Lord's hands and I hope with my faith in God, my marriage will be restored.

2/11/2002 12:50

Please pray for Dave and Val who have been married for 17 years and are facing very difficult times right now. Pray that we can find our way back to each other and continue our dream to grow old TOGETHER!

2/11/2002 18:43

vtgogreen I'm praying for Val and Dave and everyone else on this prayer circle. It seem that we all are face with the same trouble. I gave my trouble to the Lord, and I'm going to sit and wait on Him. I will continue to pray everyday for the marriage to be restore and for us to find our way back to each other. I will continue to pray to the Lord to show us the way. I 'm not going to give up on The Lord I believe that we will one day soon be reunited as husband and wife. So to all of us on the circle let's continue our prayer for one another and please don't give into Satan by giving up on God. God is worthy and He alone can and will answer our prayers.

2/12/2002 07:57

I ask for your prayers for my husband and I. Like so many of you here we are struggling. Satan is working overtime and my husband is having a very difficult time resisting. He is a wonderful man and we have both always believed that God brought us together 15 years ago. We have a beautiful 8 year old daughter that has the most incredible faith. She has grown my faith by her example in so many ways since her birth. Please pray with us for God's grace and will to be done. For the strenght to allow His will in our lifes and to turn from evil. I know God's work and love and my faith is not in jeopardy. But your prayers for my marriage and the return of faith for my husband are appreciated. God's peace to you all.

2/12/2002 10:15

I've been married for 4 almost 5 years now and I just recently left my husband. I don't believe in divorces but this marriage was weighing me down and became a health risk to me. I also got married young. I was 17. I really don't want this to end but my husband has never really grown up and everything has been left up to me. We do have a daughter and I hate putting her through this because I had to go through it. I feel as if my life is spinning out of control. Right now my husband has harbored so much hate in his heart for me right now and I pray that he eventually let's that go so that he won't become consume with it. I pray that he instead becomes closer to God. I love him dearly but I can't stay. I just him to mature so that we can have a healthy relationship and I mean healthy in the literal since. Please some one help me and pray for me and my family. I am currently going to school and I work so I hardly have time for my daughter. I pray everything works out. But please stay in prayer for my situation. Lord let thy will be done in all things.

2/12/2002 13:58

please pray for me and my marrige for i dont think it will work if my husbands mother in law lives with us much longer she has lived with us for 4 years now and she has control of everthing in my home even money and my kids please pray for me that this will all work out i have alot of stress due to this situation.sinceraly pam doolen if any one has adive foe me you can reach me at

2/12/2002 20:06

This prayer is for my husband of 15 years. He seems to be going through some problems that is very troubling to him... His marriage and family are suffering.. I pray that he finds his way to ask the lord for help. His family loves him and miss him. We have separated from him for almost a month without any contact... Please help pray for him to have the strentgh to communicate with us and feel his love for us. I pray for everybody who are going through tough times..Give all your problems to the Lord for he knows your pain and will hold your hand. He will walk with you through the storm..Bless all..

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