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Thomas W. Glenn Jr.
Tommy was a wonderful man. He was charming, intelligent, charismatic and good-hearted. He could always put a smile on your face.

This prayer circle is for all of those who are suffering from the disease of addiction, dealing with a family members addiction, or those of us who have lost a loved one to addiction. In loving memory of Tommy. September 2,1975-January 27,2001. God Bless

This prayer circle is in memory of Thomas W. Glenn Jr. Tommy was an intelligent, articulate, charming and good-hearted young man. His life ended short at the young age of 25. A true genius, the things he could have achieved if given the chance. On a cold Januay morning he passed away from "bad heroin". His family and loved ones miss him desperately and need prayers. Also, in honor of Tommy the prayers are being said for all of those suffering from the disease drug addiction, families dealing with addiction and loved ones of those who have passed on due to addiction. Tom was a conquerer, if this could beat could beat anyone. Please help one another. Please Lord, give me the strength to continue to fight for this cause. God bless you.


Tom, you are in the Lords hands now and one day we will meet again For now, I pray for you all the peace and happiness in heaven.

renee25 -6/28/2001
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7/29/2003 16:10

Hi all and welcome Ethan,
Like Quigley said, you get on her to write daily then you all end up friends. I pray for your son, for you and your family to have strength. I pray the Lord helps him somehow get off the crack.I had a girlfriend and oneday she just quit couldn't take it anymore. Thank God! THink positive and we will all be praying for you. Kris PRAISE GOD your mom finally gets to come home. I'm very happy for you. Renee I pray you get thru this rough time about Tommy. Quigly.UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM....My ex husband was like that...THe red flags are starting to show>>>WARNING...Dont mean to sound aggressive but I agree with Kris..NO MAN mad or not calls a woman he loves a whore, slut etc... That is an insecure man and very jealous and thats how the control starts. I no My EX was the same way.I will pray lots for you. It is hard but this is not right bye any means, don't let him make you feel this is ok to call you these names and punch cars etc..You have to respect yourself first for anyone respects you back, he has no right to treat you this way. Mad or not my finace has NEVER called me a slut, whore, etc...just a bitch which we all can be at times.This relationship sounds like too much effort if your having to constantly try to change things. It should come naturally, Honey I no your trying to quit drinking, drugs, but the stress with the Ex and now the new questions about new b'f will cause even more stress.You have to get YOURSELF worked out for you and your daughter then worry about b'f..IF it's meant to be GOD will see you thru this, but I do believe he is giving you warning signs and YES I do believe your b'f has hidden anger and is abusive( mild now) but could get worse( look how his son treats him) we learn by our parents. I will pray:
Dear Lord, I come to you in Jesus name, I pray for you to head Quigley in the right direction in her life, please help her with alcohol and drugs to get off them, please ease her job so she can have a good atmosphere while at work,please keep her safe and out of any harm from her new boyfriend and ex..I pray that you let her no in her heart if this guy is wrong for her and you give her strength and confidence to move forward to a better life ...In Jesus name I pray.. As for the rest of you, I pray things all work out for everyone this week and may you all be healthy, happy and at peace..May God bless each and everyone of you and help you in all your needs, Im doing good this week PRAISE JESUS~~~~~
GOd BLess,

7/29/2003 18:47

Hi BA,

Wanted to say thanks for the advice - you know, sometimes life just gets so messy and unfair - right now I want to whine about it but I know it could be worse - I just wanted this to work out so bad because I didn't think I could feel this strongly about someone this soon. I'm going to talk to him tonight and let him know how I feel - wish me luck - i'm off tomorrow so will talk to y'all Thursday - glad you're doing good - Love you all - thank you for your prayers - It's supposed to be 107 tomorrow - I'll be thinking of you while I'm laying by the pool (drinking water of course!) God Bless

7/30/2003 09:10

Good Morning Everyone,
Kris, I am so happy for you & your family. In one of your earlier posts,you were talking about your mom & she wasn't doing too well at the time. You said, "I still believe in miracles"
I admire your incredible Faith & strength.
Kimmie is Tommy's only sibling. (Although I think of them both as my brother & sister) I'm sure you can tell by my posts that we spent most of our years growing up together. He also has a beautiful niece & nephew. I could never put into words how much they mean to me. When we first lost Tommy, Kimmie brought the kids and stayed with me for awhile. I don't know what would have happned to me if they didn't. I always told Tommy that if he died, I wouldn't be able to go on living. Those kids showed me happiness in the most simple of things. They gave me strength. I didn't think the world was any good. I didn't think that there was a God that would allow this to happen. Those first few months were so rough. I saw the innocence in their young faces & words. It helped me to realize the world wasn't as cold as it seemed. I am forever grateful to Kim & her children for just being here. Always, Thankyou for keeping us in your prayers and You & your family will forever be in my heart & prayers. God Bless. Love, Ren

7/30/2003 09:48

Quigley, sorry I missed your question before. Sometimes, these pages go so fast, it's hard to keep up with everything. It was Bristol, PA. A small town where me & Kim got our first apartment. We still have some friends up there, one of whom we lost, in a way that is so hard to understand. Maybe he was high, maybe he was drinking, maybe he just lost control. I don't know why but he shot himself & 2 others, one was his girlfriend, the other her male friend. I knew he had a temper but I still can't imagine him doing what he did. I am sure that his girlfriend never thought he was capable of that either. This is a man I've known since I was 15. We were all shocked. I actually told his brother he was lying when he called & told me. I don't know what hapened that day but I know none of us though he was capable of doing what he did. Dan.. I pray that his soul is at peace. I pray that he is forgiven for his sins. He did a lot of good. He had a good heart. He was there for me plenty of times. A good friend. Every once in awhile you may see Jaos pray here, that is his brother, who will always be close to my heart.
Ready for another sermon?? lol I don't know your situation well enough to tell you what to do but I can offer my advice. Those are definitely warning signs of what is to come. But, if You love him & want to be with him, see if there is another way to make it work. How long have you been together? I would ask him if he is willing to work on some of his anger issues. Let him know that it is unacceptable to EVER call you names. Let him know now, that he is not allowed to put his hands on you & that you are unhappy with the way he expresses his anger. Talk to him about taking an anger management class. I have quite a temper myself. It has got better. I took some anger management classes, I meditate & do yoga & dance. In two weeks I am starting a Tai Kwon Doe class. That is all about self - discipline. I am hoping it will give me the strength to quit smoking.
I hope that You find a way to help him work through this, if not you may have to let him go. That added stress is not helping You with drinking. A lot of times a relationship can be a trigger. Does he drink? If he does that may also be a trigger for you to drink. In the end, it's your decision. I believe that you will do what's right, whatever that may be. Stay Strong, Enjoy your weekend & have a glass of water for me (wink) You will both be in my prayers. Love, Ren

7/30/2003 10:15

Ethan, Thankyou for taking the time to look over Tommy's prayer site. I am not a parent so I don't know your pain but I do know the pain of watching someone you love give up everything for drugs. I know the feeling of being absolutely helpless. I know it hurts, I know it's hard. I know you want him back to his old self. I wanted that for Tommy. Tommy was who I always looked up to. He would amaze people with his intelligence. He could charm an entire room by just entering it. Heroin took that away from him. And it took him away from all us, who loved him so much!
I pray that you never have to know that pain. I would give anything in the world to have Tommy back & have another chance to make things different. To tell him again just how much he's loved. Sadly, I will never have that chance. But You still do. I don't know if you read the post about my friends' husband but he is using heroin. I was talking to him one night & he told me it was too late. I carry a locket with a picture of me & Tommy in it. I handed it to him, and as he opened it, I told him it's not too late yet. I know he probably doesn't even seem like the son you know but like Kris said, he is in there, it's just the drugs that you see now. Have faith that he will be strong enough to overcome this.

Dear Lord, Please stay with Ethan's son. Keep him safe, show him that he is loved. Show him another way to deal with his emotions. Give him strength. Lead him to recovery and walk the path with him. Let him see that getting high is only making his life so hard & not doing any good for him. Bring him back to his family. Comfort Ethan and all of his loved ones. Amen.

7/30/2003 10:27

Lord, please be with Spudds today, let him know & feel just how much I love him. Let everything go well for him today. Amen.

7/30/2003 22:05

Hi all,
Hope everyone is doing well. Quigley hope your talk went well with Brian and things work out for you. Kris hope your health is improving, should be less stress off you now that your mom is back home:-) Renee, I pray that yu loose the diesire to smoke, I no it's hard I still chew the gum, but at least no cigs!!!! I pray you get thru this rough time with Tommy and missing him, remember he is always a wisper away and always here in spirit, just talk too him..I pray Ethan your son gets off drugs and finds peace in his life. I wish you all happiness and inner peace and keep the Faith in God ( our only hope)..Times dont seem fair but as Kris says these are Tribulations and Trials to test us and I no I dont like them but somehow we seem to make it thru them.Hope you all have a great week, I no it's a hot one here 102~~~~ Take care all,
God Bless,

7/31/2003 11:48

Good morning everyone,

Thought about you all yesterday. It was 110 here yesterday - and that was in the shade. We finally went swimming at 4:00 in the afternoon - I was afraid the kids would gt heat stroke -

Renee, yes Brett does drink once in a while - not much but he was drinking when that happened. The story you told made my stomach do a flip flop - I can't imagine someone losing it like that. That is very sad and scary. I hope you are doing better - it makes me want to call my brother when you talk about Tommy - I should - Actually I think I will. Oh ya, & between you and Kris's sermons maybe I'll learn a thing or two lol somebody has to keep me in line!

Kris, How are things? Hope you are feeling ok - haven't seen you write real recently - you must be busy w/ your mom & all - hope things are going smoothly

BA - My talk went good w/ Brett - he apologized & said he would never call me that again - he told me he was raised in a family that thinks nothing of calling each other bitch or stuff like that - which I believe - he is a little rough around the edges.
I'm trying to make amends w/ my ex - his mom told me last night she thought he just said he was taking me back to court out of anger - I hope she's being honest - she said she would talk to him. I hope your doing ok on not drinking -

Ethan, I hope you are doing ok. Any progress with your son?

Well, time for the morning prayer and then to work -

Dear Lord,

Please watch over my friends, BA, Kris, Renee & Ethan -  I ask that you bless and touch each and everyone of them the faith, love and wisdom that we all need to make it in all our different issues that we are facing and please
continue to remind us of the fact that we are never alone and all is possible with you. Please help me to continue to focus and do a good job at work, I pray that if Brett and I are meant to be that you help us find a way to bridge our differences, please help Taylor to overcome her weight problem - we are all starting to worry about her -and please help my ex and I to come to some understanding and not go back to court - I pray that you give me strength and willpower to say no to alcohol and direct me on the path you meant for me to take in life. Amen

God bless all

7/31/2003 16:56

Good afternoon everybody,
Kris hope all is well, haven't seen you on here in awhile. Is your mom still doing good? How is your health? Quigley, hope work is going better for you, have you had a chance to vist Dr. Phil's site yet? Ask him about your boyfriend and he'll e-mail you back~~but you may not like what he has to say~~heheheheheh~~I pray for Taylor and all those suffering weight problems and health issues, In Jesus name I pray for those suffering from addictions such as nicotine, alcohol, drugs, and all be set free from this painful and destroying addictions..I pray as friends in this site we all grow stronger in the Lord and learn to do his will for our life, I pray Lord you lead me in the right direction and path and stay away from the alcohol that once ruined my life, I pray the desire to drink again and smoke stays away and that I stay healthy and sober one day at a time, Dear lord give us all the strength and courage to get thru each day, In Jesus name I pray,
God BLess,

7/31/2003 18:27

I just watched Dr. Phil...It was on relationships~~~If the person your with isnt making you happy or improving your self-esteem then its the wrong relationship due to FEAR which then causes the choices we make, he says we stick with people that call us names, use us etc..because its better than being alone~~~He says first get yourself together, love yourself completely, then another can love you just as you are. We spend 7 days a week in a relationship or a job either contributing to that relationship or destroying that relationship~~~He says its all what we expect of ourselfes and our personal truths about ourselves, so if we dont feel we are worthy we wont attract another worthy person, inless we acceppt ourselves and tell ourselves we deserve better we will never get what we truly want~~~~OK OK enough preaching~~~~anyways it was a good show, wish you could of seen it, it was also on over weight people...Have a good day, talk soon

Bettyann :-)

8/1/2003 11:19

Good Morning everyone
I have tried 3 times yesterday to submitt a post, and I get this message back that it didn't post. So I will try again!It may end up in two parts!
First, Thank you all so very much! Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. It is unbelieveable the emotion I feel that others are praying for my son. He is 23 years old, and according to his brothers he tried crack for the first time when he was 13. I don't know when he became addicted. Maybe then. So I have been on this road for a long time.I couldn't even post anything the first day I read you guy's post. Overwhelemed by emotion, and tears!I DO see my son, and NOT the drugs (I've learned that), and maybe that makes it harder. He too like Tommy is very intelligent, and very charming. A big teddy bear. Lots of talent wasted by drug abuse.I'm going to try to post this, and then finish if it works!

8/1/2003 11:32

COOL! It posted! My son has a 3 year old son, who is litterly an ANGEL! So precious! I get to keep him alot ~Praise God! He never wants to leave my house when they come to pick him up. My sons girlfriend (5 years) is an enabler, and smokes pot, and drinks(not too much drink), and my son is also addicted to pot.They have been very abusive to each other in the past(physically), but not to my grandson. But the emotional, and mental abuse that goes along with that is unbearable for me at times.Hes been in and out of rehabs. Just uses again.We have a pretty open relationship, and I can tell when hes using, just by him walking in the room. He also knows how I feel about the drugs, lifestyle. I know he is miserable, but like most addicts, they don't know what else to do, and thats scary to them, so they keep doing what everybody expects! Its hell for them as well as those who love them. He knows I love him unconditionally, and he still says "I love you Mom" I've done lots of research on addictions, and gone to al~anon, and prayed,prayed,prayed! I had to do those things to preserve my own sanity! I know I can't fix him.

8/1/2003 12:10

Hope this answer your questions, and gives you a little better insight.
Kris, I am glad you Mom is home! I know how important Moms are. Mine was my best friend. I lost her in 94. I still think about her, and miss her every day. Hope you are feeling better too. Father, I pray for Kris and Kris' Mom that You keep Your hand on them - that You keep them both healthy, better to serve You and give You the praise and glory for it. Be with them in their daily lives, and let them know You are with them. In Jesus name I pray. Amen
Bettyann Hope you are doing O.K. I also know the road of alcoholism, as my husband has been clean and sober for 4years,and3 months. Would have been 5 years, but 4 years ago he drank after 10 months of sobrity.Old patterns and old habits DO die hard, but they CAN die! Father God, I come to You in Jesus name, and I ask That You help BA with this, and that You in Your infinite wisdom direct her paths, and help her to resist temptation. Give her the strength and will to do Your will in her life. Thank You in Jesus name. Amen
Renee Thank you so very much for having this site. It is truly a blessing!I am deeply sorry for your loss of Tommy. I don't know the loss of a cousin, but I do know the loss of a brother, and my best friend due to alchol. It nothing less than tragic. I'm sure Tommy would be very proud of you for what you have done here, and I'm sure he smiles down on you for it too. Father, I thank You for Renee, and the work she has done here. Thank You for giving her the strength to do this. Help to ease her pain Lord, and let her know if this site helps just one person overcome the evils os addiction that it is all worth it. I pray that You guide her, and give her the wisdom and strength she needs to carry on. Thank You In Jesus name.Amen
Quigley I must agree with your friends here ~~RED WARNING FLAGS~~ I know from personal experience, that the way a person is raised goes way down deep, and those roots are VERY strong. Ynless that person WANTS to change the way they behave, it usually doesn't happen. You said you didn't think you could have feelings for someone so soon.Maybe thats why you do. Just food for thought. Also YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD!!! You nor anyone deserves to be called names of any kind!!!(Unless of course its Angel, sweetie etc..)If he has anger issues, and this is how he acts them out, sooner or later it will be in front of your child too. I know this is not what you want for your child. Its hard to step outside, and look at the whole picture, but I think its something we need to do, to keep us in perspective.You also said you talked to him, and he said he was sorry, and it wouldn't happen again. Before you talked to him, did you go over it in your mind, and ask yourself " I wonder what he will say?" Did you expect him not to appoligize? I know we usually SEE, HEAR, and FEEL what we WANT to see,hear,and feel. I know its hard too and seems so complicated at times. But thats why we have JESUS!! Hecan make it so clear to us. If we are willing to listen. I know I get in the way all the time, and it seems like I'm forever saying sorry God, I'll try harder to stay out of Your way, and listen more!!Please be careful. I hate to see anyone get hurt. Hope I haven't offended you. It was not my intention. Just stuff I have learned the hard way! Father I come to You and lift Quigley up to You. Help her Lord in the desisions she faces. Help her to know your will in her life, and help her to make the best choices for herself, and her child.Help her also Father to stay away from the elements of drugs, and alcohol. Set her free Lord. In Jesus name. Amen
Thank You all again
talk later
Cindy is my name

8/1/2003 18:26


I haven't had a chance to visit the site yet, things are really busy at work but I'll try on Monday - I just wanted to say have a good alcohol & nicotine free weekend! I've been off and on - which I know I can do better but it is a lot bette rthan I was doing - so keep praying for me! Everyone's prayers seem to be working for me and my job because I haven't been yelled at, belittled or repremanded once this week - and they seem to be letting up a little - I'm almost scared to say that - keep praying, please!! Have a good weekend love & God Bless

Dear Lord,

Lord please keep Bettyann strong with the willpower to say no to the urges of drinking alcohol and smoking - God Bless my friend and watch over her Amen

8/1/2003 20:25


I know how you felt when you first read these posts. I felt the same way - it warms your heart to know that other people care and are praying for you. I feel that way every time I read a prayer that someone wrote for me. Thank you for your prayers - I need them. It's just so hard to let someone go when you care so much about them. Things are better - I just pray that I make the right decision whatever that may be.

Dear Lord,

Please watch over Cindy's son. Please help him see that there is more to life than drugs - Please be with his loved ones and keep them strong - God Bless

Hi Kris & Renee,

Hope all is well - have a great weekend - it's 5:30 gotta go !!!

love & God Bless

8/1/2003 23:52

Welcome back Angel~~~~ Hi Quigley, Renee, Kris,
Hope you all are doing well, esp...Kris havent seen you on in here in days..Cindy thanks for your lovely prayer:-)..Yes Alcololism is tough but can be done..Im still drinking O'duls this past week.I pray your son finds inner peace, strength and self worth..If we are not happy with ourselves we turn to drugs, alchol, cigs, food, etc..It's all to cover up emotions but which I found out in the past it doesnt help in the long run, these addictions just cause more problems..Like you this site has really helped me.I was in a short term out patient re-hab last year for pain pills and alchol..Was addicted to Vikadin for 2 yrs before and after my back surgery, thank GOD I got over that one with no problem~~~ It seems lately the more I trust GOD and turn over all my worries and problems the eaiser it gets..Having meeting all of you in here has really helped , it's nice to hear others and try to encourage them and be there for them,I went back to drinking 3 weeks after re-hab but do much better now with all of you and now having GOD in my life.I just take one day at a time and hope for the best each and every day like it was my last. Lord Jesus, I pray you send the Holy Spirit to come into Cindys son's life and heal him, guide him and his g/f or wife and get them both of all drugs. I pray the violence stops in there relationship and that they meet the right people to help them in the right Direction, we all make mistakes Dear Lord but only you can help us change our ways and choices in life, they are lost but there spirit is still crying out for help, May you watch over them, protect them and help them loose their desire for all drugs, also please be with Cindy and her husband and let them no they can only love their son, the rest is up to him. I pray you give them inner strength and hlep them to no this problem is not their fault, for we all make are own choices. I pray you be with Kris, Quigley, Renee this weekend and hope they have no struggles or trials and see them thru whatever they may be going thru. Be with Kris and her mom, I pray they are both doing ok, I pray you lead Quigley in the right path, Help her to Sober up and be drug free and feel that void with something positive in her life, Lead us all into the right Direction in life Lord and feel us up with Love, Joy and most important Faith and Peace, May we all be blessed in your name, In Jesus name I pray..AMEN...Hope you all take care and have a good weekend, just working again:-)
God Bless,
Bettyann :-)

8/3/2003 16:03

Lord, thank You for bleesing me with such wonderful gifts, mostly the opportunity to start a new day and be with one who loves me so much, i know You want the best in us, so with today i will try again to be just that. Thank You, Amen.

8/3/2003 17:22

Thanks God for everything. I didn't know Tommy personally but reading these prayers and posts I feel I do know him. I thank you for showing me the path to recovery and the peace and acceptance it brings to me. I pray for all those in active addiction. That you may help them to stop using/drinking.I pray fpor my friend Samantha that she continues to seek her own truth and for Julie that she stops isolating and is able to get to a few meetings this week. Thank you God for your gift of grace to me.

8/4/2003 11:10

Morning all,

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine wasn't so great - I decided to take a break from the boyfriend - or I guess we both decided - I feel heartbroken but things weren't going very smooth. I wonder why I had to get hurt so soon after being hurt so bad the first time - I wish I knew what lesson God was trying to teach me - I just want to crawl back in bed..

Dear Lord,

I pray that you can make me strong and help me through this heartache. I pray I am making the right decision by breaking up with Brett and if I'm not Lord, help me to see what needs to be done - Be with me today Lord and help me focus on my job - because I know that is what I need to do and it's the last thing I want to do. I pray that Taylor forgives me for being so grumpy with her yesterday - please help her to understand if Brett is not in her life anymore - Amen

8/4/2003 22:27

I no it hurts, but don't worry it will work out the best in the long run.Like Iv'e said, God wants US to get ourselves together first then we can be strong for another and have a healthy relationship, maby God didn't feel this was healthy for you. Hang in there, it will get better and there is the right man for you out there, just focus on YOU right now, building yourself up, doing for yourself, talking time for yourself and daughter and keep praying..You will go in the right direction, better now to get hurt than in the long run. Like I said,Its just a feeling of being alone that hurts not the breaking up part, you have to learn to be alone for awhile as I did to learn to love and appreciate yourself and the things that matter. When you are happy and strong and healthy GOD will give you the right man that the 2 of you can grow together as a healthy couple and spiritually as one. I will continue to pray, hope work is going better and I hope Kris comes back soon, starting to worry havent seen her on here in a few days and thats not like her to miss more than 3 days..Take care,
GOd Bless,

8/4/2003 23:52

Quigley, hope that your spirits are up some. You made a difficult decision but I believe it was the right one. You know what is best for You & your daughter better than anyone. I agree with Bettyanne that it's better now than later. The more you become attached to one another & each others families, the more difficult it will be to leave later. If you are having such serious doubts now then you are probably right. Trust that you made the right decision. I know what you mean about not understanding why God chose this for you. I wonder that myself often. I wonder it about Tommy & a lot of other people in my life who I care about. I decided that You just have to have faith that everything happens for a reason & take what you have learned from the experience. A lot of times our trials in life are really blessings or lessons to be learned. Unfortunately, we don't always understand why at the time.

Lord, please be with quigley while she is going through this time, let her know that she is never alone. Show her your love, the love of her daughter and family & friends. Amen.

8/5/2003 00:06

Bettyanne, Glad to see you are doing well & very happy to see that you are still drinking O'dulls. I pray that you stay as strong as you have been & continue to be an inspiration to others. Thankyou for keeping me in your prayers, I think I really needed them the past few days.
It makes me so happy to see you say that Tommy's site has helped you with sobriety. Words couldn't explain. But I Thank all of you here & I Thank my Cuz. It helps me to see others finding comfort through his prayer site.
I am worried about Kris as well. Has anyone tried to e-mail her? I am going to send her one. I hope that she is doing okay & we all hear from her soon.

8/5/2003 00:26

Cindy, Thankyou for sharing your story with us. It touched me very deeply & like you I was unable to reply immediately. You and your family have been in my prayers. Your post brought me to tears, I still don't quite know how to verbalize my emotions. But I Thank you. To see you say that Tommy is smiling down on me & proud of me.. nothing could bring me more joy. Thankyou, I found a lot of comfort in your words. I have so much more to say but it's very late & I am so tired.

Lord, bless Cindy and her family. Give her strength to continue being such a loving mother & grandmother. Please protect her son from harm and give him strength to find his way back to you. Amen.

8/5/2003 00:34

Lord, thankyou for blessing me with such a loving and patient man. Thankyou for giving him the strength to stay at my side through the most difficult time in my life. Let him know just how much he is loved and appreciated. I know too that You want the best in us and will try to strive for that every day. Let our love continue to grow stronger every day. Amen

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