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For those with chronic diseases and illnesses
Chronic Diseases Prayer Circle

This circle is for all who suffer with chronic diseases and disorders and in need of prayer and support from others.

There are many who are afflicted with chronic diseases such as lupus, MS, fibromylagia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and others, or may have children or other family members and friends who suffer with these conditions. The prayer circle can be here for the many ups and downs that come with these illnesses, as well as the tests that most have to go through when having a flare or time of activity in their symptoms. This can be a place to come for prayers when support is needed and also to give thanks and praise to God for remissions and times that we feel well.
dolphin-1015 -12/3/2000
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12/25/2001 00:27

I pray for all of these people who are now suffering. I also want to pray for my dear aunt in Venezuela, Maruja who has lung cancer. Please, Lord, make her pain lessen and give her serenity also to my cousin, Sandra.
Tell them I love them.

12/25/2001 14:42

Please pray for my husband who is an alcoholic. I am really desperate for his healing, I have been praying for the last 25 years for his healing, but this is one of my life God does not want to seem to touch. I am desperate and I am tired of doing it my myself. I am requesting prayer and believing that God can do it, if not by my prayer alone then by a special group who knows what it is like to have an addiction, and the love one who also have to suffer through it. God is great and I know that he can do it, but I want praying help. God bless you and all those who are going through the same sufferings. I pray for complete deliverance.

12/25/2001 18:36


12/26/2001 06:54

Heavenly father I come before you asking that your will be done in each of our lives Lord God give each one of us the spirit of love, peace and understanding and that the many of us that suffer with different chronic illnesses that you will give us the strenght to go on daily May your blessings be with the family members as well in The Mighty Name Of Jesus I Pray Amen

12/27/2001 02:57

Dear Heavenly Father.. I thank you first off for being the kind and loving god that you are.. My prayer is that anyone who has wrote on this page be blessed lord... our prayers go out to those of you with chronic diease and we pray for health healing and restoration.. We prayer for pain relief and just anything that anyone on these pages are praying for... Thank you Jesus and God Bless

12/29/2001 12:17

My prayers are with any person with a chronic illness, I know how it feels as I have lupus and other problems.I also know how it feel when others don't understand how you are feeling, and push you to do what you can't anymore, and the guilt that can put on you.I know the feelings of depression that can hit, and lonliness you can feel at times.Please though be assured of my prayers, for God has brought me through a lot, and I am believing for my healing, and I will be believing for others to . God is the only true friend we can depend on no matter what 24/7. God bless you all.

12/30/2001 14:32

I see many prayers here, some repetively. But His Word tells us to keep coming to Him, to some miracle healings take place, some are in the process of time.It was Paul who walked and ministered while the thorn caused him grief each day. God said we do not have The Mind Of Christ, yet we are His Children. Rightous? We'll not be forsaken. His will for our lives lay written in His Word, I must remember that His clock does not run as mine. But I cry out in agony for Him to deliver us from our pain and suffering. He will!!!! During this time,through wiping away the tears of others and my own, and so many losses, I have grown complacent, For this O Lord I pray for the most, for I have also grown afraid and alone, and at times it would seem unfeeling. Your presence is not with me,as You once were, not Your fault, but my own, Not much vigor left in me these days. I do know the many things You have done in my life and I thank you Lord, and What You Will Do for Others in this Circle.Amen

12/31/2001 03:06

Dear Lord, please bless my son and help him to find his way after the loss of his transplanted kidney. I know that was a very hard loss for him and I also know that dialysis three times a week is leaving him very weak. He had to give up his job, his school, his apartment and he is very bitter. Please Lord open his heart to let you in. Help him to find peace in his heart and let go of the anger and resentment that he carries. Lord I pray to you. Bless him, love him and fill him with strength and understanding, resignation and love.

12/31/2001 05:11

Heavenly Father, I ask you in behalf of this son,Father so many times we have read where you have walked along side of us,even carried us,for some bitterness comes easy, others a process of time. Whatever the case may be here,please have mercy upon, this young man, prepare his heart Lord, and send to him as a witness, a walking testamony of your great mercies, and miracules healings. Renew his vision,for without it You say a man does parish,and You have not brought him this far,for nothing, let your will be done, and give this sister an inner peace,In Jesus Name we pray.

1/5/2002 18:47

I ask for prayers for my mother,Ruth, who has been in ICU for almost 2 months. Her main problem is lung capacity and damage,but drs do not know what else is underlying her inability to get off of the respirator. Please pray for her recovery to good health or a peaceful passing,with God's presence being known to her during this time. My brothers and I thank you all for any and all prayers on her behalf and we send our heartfelt prayers in return. With humble thanks...Kathy and family

1/6/2002 07:57

what a great page...i have juvenile diabetes although im nearly 30 now it has at times been a long journey God has walked with me every step though and has blessed me with a wonderful friend and family support system and a very dear husband who is very patient..also praise be to God after 7 years of Drs saying it wouldnt hapeen i have a beautiful 4 year old daughter...she does have asthma and reflux...but other than that is perfectly healthy we have been very blessed that as far as chronic conditions go although they are at times unbearable in general they can be mostly controlled and i thank God for thwarting satan on trying to bring us all down with these horrible disease...and one day Thank God none of these will touch us anymore...

1/6/2002 09:25

Please pray for my son, who has had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for about 10 years. Also please pray for my Mother who has arthritis and osteoporosis, and for my Sister-in-law who has MS, and my Mother-in-law who is in pain after hip surgery. God Bless all of those suffering and help them to have the strength and endurance to handle each day. God Bless all of the caregivers and give us patience and understanding. I pray that friends and family understand and give their support. Amen.

1/6/2002 19:54

I have a request for my partner, Mark. Five years ago, just 6 days after my Mother passed away at the age of 64 from breast cancer, Mark came down with a strange malady that had a number of symptoms. He had significant band of pain in his back, which radiated around his sides (which has intensified through the years), blurred vision, incontinence, numbness & tingling in his extremities, cognition problems and a host of other symptoms, many of which have come and
gone. He has had countless CAT scans and spinal taps and other tests (often thought to have been taken from Medieval torture manuals). What the doctors have finally determined 3 years hence after considering MS, ALS, etc. was that he had vaccine induced Transverse Myelitis. Several months before mark exhibited his first symptom, he was bitten by a feral cat in downtown Austin and the ER doctor recommended that he take the rabies series since it was unlikely that we could recover the cat (oh, if we had only known what this would come to mean) He did and after many years and many trips to several major clinics (Mayo, Methodist Hospital in Houston) the doctors have told us that Mark will have this condition (a cousin to MS) for the rest of his life with all of the incumbent symptoms. He is in constant pain and is in a pain management program and he is taking several SIGNIFICANT pain medications (which have their own unpleasant side effects). He has seizures occasionally and he falls on occasion too - his legs just give way. My request is that y'all(yeah, we're from Texas) pray for him and for a cure for this and all of the other central nervous system maladies, MS, ALS and others too many to mention. Also pray for breast cancer research too. Thank you for listening - it gets very lonely being a caregiver when no one else really knows how extensive his difficulties are. Also, pray for him to remain hopeful - at times I realy worry about this.

1/7/2002 01:48

This prayer is for my friend Paula who has lived with lupus and other diseases nearly all of her life. God be near her. Let her know you suffer with her and give her peace, comfort and joy in her days hear on earth.

1/7/2002 02:46

I am seeking prayer as a person with a compulsive eating disorder with severe diabetes. I am addicted/attracted compusively to foods that will kill me.Keeping it all under control is a full time occupation, I know God can help me but it is necessary for me to surrender my eating completely to His will and I am having problems doing that, I eat without even being aware of what I am doing. Prayers for all compulsive eaters and diabetics I send here, and for those of us with both, may God offer special mercy and grace.

1/7/2002 08:19

Dear Prayer Partners,
And that's what we all are, in this Circle. We are Prayer Warriors who are touching and agreeing for the healing of our love ones in body, spirit and mind. When people come together, on one accord, there is Power in that assembly. I Thank GOD for ALL of you!
Now I'm making a request. My sister is the reason that I joined the Prayer circle in the first place. She has PAN (Polyarteritis Nodosa) and she is very ill. She has been near death many times, but GOD has kept her. And I believe with my whole heart that it is the Prayers of many that have sustained her. She wanted to live to see her grandson born, she has. He is now 3 years old. She also has a new grand daughter by her other child, 7 months old. They are the love of her life. My sister is in pain every day of her life. Her illness is also destroying her internal organs, one at a time, ot seems. But we still believe GOD.
Dori, is having surgery tomorrow. They are going in to her back. There is a grat chance for paralysis, but they have no choice because several nerves and arteries are being compromised so she's getting water on the brain and seizures. Please, let's come into agreement.

Father GOD, In the precious Name of Jesus, It's just a few of your believers coming together to say Thank You. We Thank You for bringing us thru another year. We Thank You for Your many blessings. We Thank You even for our love ones who have gone on. We Thank You for the time that they were in our life and we know that they are in a better place now, with YOU. I'm asking for Your Guidance and care. I'm asking for Your extra special intervention at the surgery table for my sister. Guide the surgeon's hands as they work. Annoint him with a skill that only YOU have because You are the Great Physician! Bring healing to her body, dear GOD and minimize her pain. These bodyies are Your machine. You have the blueprint. You know every hair on our head. Heal her Lord.
And when we have done everything that You have for us to do, give us a home on high with YOU.
In Jesus Name I submit this Prayer.

1/7/2002 08:39

I pray for all who suffer and their families;I pray that through all our trials we will feel the love and strength of our Lord, and remain strong in the faith that we will all have our prayers answered in God's time. Please pray for my mother, Ruth , who has been ill since August,2001, and is now on a respirator due to her diminished lung capacity. She still has the ability to recover according to Drs., but so far(over a month) she has not been able to get off the respirator. Please pray for God's presence to surround her during this time, that she not be afraid, and that His will be done in a way that she not suffer. Humble thanks and prayers to all....Kathy

1/7/2002 09:30

Mapple and Creekwoman,
GOD can do ANYTHING BUT FAIL! I love you and my Prayers are with you. Mapple, when you have time, go into Discussions, Health and wellness, Personal Stories. "I am an Alcoholic."

You said in Your Word that Anything we bind on earth, You would bind in Heaven and Anything we loose on earth, You would loose in Heaven. We're asking that You would bind up anything in this man's life that is not of You. He has a loving, Praying wife, and You said in Your Word that the Effectual, Fervant Prayers of a righteous man(woman) AVAILETH MUCH! So were standing on Your Promise. Loose in this man's life, an AMOUR CLAD DELIVERANCE from alcohol. We ask this, Dear Father, not just for our own benefit, we ask this not just for the well-being of this man, but we ask this Deliverance, In the Name of JESUS; so that this dear soul will be a TESTIMONY to Your Awesomeness. others will look at him and see that YOU are a DELIVER and HEALER. This will further the building of Your Kingdom as they MARVEL at his RECOVERY! Lord we Thank You in advance for his DELIVERANCE.
In Jesus Name we submit this Prayer.

I just want to give you a testimony. my stepmother was in a Coma for 6 months. She had a Massive heart attack, they did a quadruple bypass. Her lungs collaspe and she was on life support. She lingered in a coma, she was blown up 10 times her regular size, she was unrecognizable. The doctors finally said, "we're just keeping her comfortable". She only had one kidney and it had failed,and her lungs had collasped. They had given her a medicine to keep her from trying to move because she was fighting hard for her life. While under the medication, she had slipped into a real coma. My friends and I formed a Prayer circle around her bed holding her hands, also. We Prayed for her healing, either on this side OR on the OTHER SIDE. Well, that was in 1996. She's celebrating her
71st on February 28th. She moved to a warmer climate and started a New Life. Also, she gave her life to the Lord, instead of the racetrack:)
Kathy, we are standing in agreement with You for the Healing of your love one. And GOD we Thank You in advance for the Healing because we have Faith in You and however You choose to heal, Dear Lord, we'll be satisfied. Lord we thank You and we Praise You. In Jesus Name.

1/7/2002 13:08

Please pray for my father, he found out that he has cancer, we are all worried but we know that God will help him also. Please pray for him to be able to come home from the hospital and spend time with his family and to do the things that he loves. My mother died from cancer about 12 years ago he has been like our mother and father every since. Please help me pray.

1/8/2002 14:52

My prayers go out to all who suffer chronic illness and the hardships they bear, but in particular for my friend Nancy who suffers from Juvenile onset diabetes and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. She is an inspirational, kind and generous person who never complains despite her chronic pain and lack of independence. Please pray that the Lord stays with her to give her strength and faith to endure her physical challenges and to fill her life with joy despite her illness.

1/8/2002 22:47

please include in your prayers my husband who has lymphoma cancer. He did chemo and radiation in 2000. Recently when he went in for a check up the found a enlarge lymphnod and it has been diagnosed with b cell lymphnoma. Of course he is everything to me and our three children. Please help me find the prayers i need to make him well again. thank you

1/9/2002 09:06

I beleve we must always pray, if it be
thy will o Lord. However God grace is
real and there ffor you to endure. I
have felt the touched of the Master Hand
maney times in my life. Sometimes we
have not because we don't asked. Our
Heavenly Father will give his children
the good things of life, but we must lived a concentrated life for him. Read God's word and pray, keep the sayings of the holy book. Confess our sins daily. We are all quilty of doing
things we should not do. To have power
with God we must walk in the spirit, talk in the spirit, and see in the spirit, Keep our minds on God. Pray to
the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.
I have learned this since I became disable in 1993 , God will take care of his children. Trust him. No one of us
have been promished to live forever or to be free from pain all the time. Look
at the life of Christ and he was a perfect Son of God, the say ,
who am I? There is Grace to lived by and Grace to die by, and I know this.

1/9/2002 22:54

I am suffering from cocxycodynia from the last 3 years and Its un bearable and difficult to cope with the intense pain ,Everyone reading this please pray for me .Its wonderfull to share thoughts here with you all who can understand and feel the pain.God bless you all and provide you all the relieve from suffering.Thankyou very much ,May god be with us all.Amin

1/11/2002 07:40

Please pray for the Collier family,
a member has terminal cancer, pray
the LORD to not let him suffer, and
strength for the christian menbers
and salvation for the lost.

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