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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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1/21/2002 19:56

I thank God for his strength... But I need prayer for my marriage that is falling apart... My husband of 15 years has cheated on me and still involved. He doesn't know if he wants to remain married.. I love him and wish he would go to a marriage counselor for help... I don't want to throw in the towel without trying to save our marriage by doing everything.. We need all prayers to help repair our marriage.. We also have 2 teenagers that will be greatly affected. I don't want to make the wrong decisions...He doesn't seem like he did anything wrong by breaking our wedding vows.. Confused and don't know what to do? CT

1/22/2002 08:04

Please pray for Glenda, she is in an
mentlly abusive situation, her husband
is a deacon but does not let his light shine, she just recently gave her life
to the LORD and I feel her husband is a stumbling block to say the least. He makes a difference in their son and
daughters. He gets mad at Glenda and
takes it out on the twins. He has even threaten to quit his job and not support
his family. I have prayed for her and ask all who read this interced for her,
Her parents aren't saved and they side
with their son-in-law because they don't
want to be inconvienced by a divorce.

1/22/2002 10:16

please pray for me and my family. i was marraid to kris and we have two beautiful daughters and we divorced in 96 because of my evil ways but got back together 7 months later and had our normal ups and downs but nothing major. and was planning our wedding for this past new years eve but kris asked me to move out on the 20th of october.this is hard for me since we were both just recently saved. weve been together for 12 1/2 years. please pray for me and my family and for satan to let go of kris' thoughts. kris i do love you honey and pray for God to watch over you and the girls while im not there. thank you Jesus

1/22/2002 10:23

My heart and prayers go out to Glenda. It is not God's will for anyone of his children to be in abusive relationships.
I use to be in one, so I know what she is going through. I ask in Jesus name that he will turn this painful situation around and bring it into the realm of his light. I ask that he will be her strenght and give her wisdom on what to do.
I ask My lord Jesus that a miracle will happen in Glenda's life. God please take her heart in your hands.
That when her husband goes to open his mouth to speak abusively, that confusion
will come upon him. Deliver him from abuse!! Or mmy Lord Guide her to find her way out. Send people that know you and love you to be placed in her path,
And find her way in the path to true love annd happiness in Jesus name Amen

1/22/2002 11:00

I need for the saints that really know the power of intercession and prayer to lifted my marriage up, as we all know the devil come to steal kill and destroy as far as the devil is concerned what better way to destroy a marriage then to kill it ? Why because he knows that God ordained the marriage. When two get together as one touching and agreeing that puts the devil on the run. So I'm asking all of the saints out there to pray with me, to interceed with me, believe with me, that all marriages will become stronger as we get more power from God

1/22/2002 12:05

I pray for all of you on this site. For the Lord to restore these marriages hurting by the evil devil who roams this earth in search of souls. "Therefore I will hedge up his way with thorns, and I will build a wall against him so that he cannot find his paths. And he will pursue his lovers, but will not overtake them; and he will seek them, but will not find them. Then he will say, "i will go back to my wife. For it was better for me then than now! Therefore I will alhere him, bring him into the wilderness and speak kindly to him. Then the Lord said to me, "Go again, love a man yet an adulterer." Hosea 6

1/22/2002 15:17

This is my first time posting a message, I hope I do it right :) Well Iv'e been married for 5 years. The first 2 years were wonderful, at least to me they were, the last 3 years have been very hard. I admit I WAS a very mean and selfish person up until 7 months ago. I use to yell at my husband for everything, put him down, and try to control everything he did. I never let him go anywhere and if he did there was always a huge fight because of it. Anyways, one night 7 months ago, after a huge fight, he called me and told me he wasnt gonna come home and that i knew why. the next morning he called and i asked him if he had been with someone else, and he said yes. At that moment a peace came over me and everything i thought id do, say, and feel if in this predicament was changed. in fact i did the total opposite. of course i asked him why and he told me he couldnt take the relationship anymore and knew no other way to get out (by the way i always use to tell him if he cheated hed be left so quick hed wouldnt know what to do). i told him to come home so we can talk and he was crying and scared cause he said he thought i was gonna go crazy on him. well i couldnt cry, i was in shock, and i believe now looking back that GOD was with me guiding me through every decision and emotion I was feeling. When he came home we just looked at eachother and I hugged him. I never heard my husband cry the way he cried that morning. i still couldnt. he told me he was sorry, that he could never take back what he did, but that there were no other options he could think of to get out of being with me. thats what hurt the most, that he didnt want me anymore. well from that moment on i knew and felt that i had to change and I have and i knew how much i truly loved him so i told him, i love you i can change we can make this work give me a chance to prove to you that i can change he told me after what he did there is no way id change and i told him to please try. well 3 days later he agreed to try, for 3 days he wanted to be apart from me to see how he felt, i cried and cried and cried. i couldnt and cant imagine my life without him. well we have kinda worked it out, i have changed for the good i belive, but now he's changed and its not good. he started going out like 3 times a week with his friends, doing drugs, and who knows what else. im scared of him cause i feel like he can leave me just like that and i cant deal with that. for the first 4 months things were really bad but ive had talks with him and its gets better slowy but surely. he just doesnt let me say anything about his actions. if he does something wrong he tells me im still the same and that really hurts cause i feel like ive changed so much. i dont know what to think anymore about his cheating cause i think if he did it cause i was so bad and now im good why does he keep hurting me? we have a son and hes a good father when hes around. i need prayers for strength to stay or go and do the right thing. i belive he loves me alot but hes going through something that i dont think has anything to do with me. i try to talk to him and he gets so defensive and angry, but in the end he tells me hed die without me and that he loves me alot. i belive him!!! i want to stick it out but dont know if its gonna work out. i pray for everyone and anyone else who is going thorugh this. GOD will pull us thorough i know, he guides us the right way, and i believe he is with me every step of the way. any advice is appreciated

1/22/2002 19:46

my husband of twentyfour years, have been divorced for five years. Without going into much detail, we were not good to each other. I left and married another.The problem is I still love my ex so desperately and want to go home to him. He has taught me so much in life and have the greatest admiration for him.I ask for your prayers to touched by the hand of god. I would so much like to restore our family. Three children and one beautiful grandchild. He does love me, Im not sure it is the right kind of love anymore, more like the way you love a child.I want to be beside him when we meet our maker, and to grow old with him. Thank you lord for this opportunity, to share my story and be included in everyones prayers.

1/23/2002 06:40

Pray for Jan and myself we are both senior citizens, I'm 69, she is 64. We both just got married. Need pray for help in adjusting to each other

1/23/2002 07:11

Good morning it's been a while since I said this to the prayer circle. And I have missed you all. You don't know the pain that I'm feeling right now, it's just so hard to go into now with you all. But yes it's need for all of you to say a prayer for me today and everyday. A prayer to get me thought my days and night. I'm hurting so bad emotionally, till I just want to give up. But I know I can't do that. And I'm not giving up on God, so I need you guys to pray with me and for me. Help me though my storm. In Jesus Name Amen

1/23/2002 09:19

Please pray for my husband Tim. We have been married for almost 13 years and recently he has been having trouble with his blood pressure. It has gotten so high that he's almost had a stroke and sometimes it drops so low that he almost passes out. The doctors can't seem to find the right medication for him and his drastic mood swings and temper tantrums are really putting a strain on our marriage. I love him dearly and I would really appreciate anyone praying for us. God bless you all.

1/23/2002 09:33

hello everyone, i really need your prayers today for me and kris. she just found out that ive been speaking with the pastor of our church.(she didnt want me there nomore) and thought i stoped going but i was talking to him for support. any way now she is very upset that people know are business and she told me today that from now on i only get the girls every other weekend. i need prayer for strenght cause i cant go that long without seeing my daughters (they are 6 and 9) please pray for me and my family and for kris to open her heart again. she feels betrayed like i went behind her back.

1/23/2002 10:24

Dear friends, Please pray for my hsuband and myself. We have been separated for a year and are now trying to find our way back towards each other. I am meeting with great resistance from my family as I do this but I have asked for guidance and I feel this is where my path lies. Please pray that my family remains true and loving and that I do not have to choose one over the other. Thank you.

1/23/2002 11:23

dear jayneeb i will pray for you as i ask you to pray for me. cause i know kris is also worried about what her one sister will think if we try. her sister has been after her to leave me for 12years and i know the tension a family member can put on a relationship. i do feel for you and everyone on here. i know god will show kris the right way cause there is noway he would give me all this new love just to take it way from me. love don

1/23/2002 11:27

Please pray for my marriage. I've been married for almost 20 years. I married my husband straight out of school at age 17. I've been with him longer than I have been with my parents. He doesn't know if he loves me. He doesn't talk to me unless he has to. He avoids me as much as possible. He hangs around with his brother who does not want anything to do with religion. I believe he has a large influence on my husband. All of my husbands siblings and parents have been through divorces. I still love my husband. Our problem began over the disagreement of our daughter moving out and the fact that they hid it from me because she moving into a household where the adults were living together, have wild parties, don't go to church, and go out to night clubs. They knew I would not be pleased. By the way the household is my husbands brother. I pray my husband will hear Godly advice befor it's to late. I'm also seeing an effect of this on our 13 yr old son who talks back to me. Please pray for my families healing.

1/23/2002 11:37

Thank you, Dear Lord, for the chance that my husband I are being given to be a family again. I know that we have a long way to go, but with you, we will make it.

Dear Lord, I come to you today to pray for all the families that are being torn apart by satan. I pray that your will be done for them and that all the families become one again. Please Dear Lord, continue to work you miracles on me and Dean. I know that our lives have changed dramatically and that we will continue to prosper in you.
I pray that we all have the joys in life that were intended for us to have. Please keep us all close in your name and make us see that you are the only one that can make our spouses change. All these things I pray in your name. AMEN

1/23/2002 13:19

Dear Lord I just want to thank youfor bringing so many of us suffering with to this wonderfull site. Thank you God for bringing us together so we can fight for Your will.

1/24/2002 07:46

Say a prayer for me and my marriage. I don't know what I am going to do right now. I know that it's over for sure. But I feel so strange I want to hurt him for hurting me so much. Pray for me to keep my spirit up and my belief in Christ and this way I won't go after him. I'm trying and praying that Satan don't step in and take over. I need the strength of all prayers to keep this from happening to me. I'm loosing my son to jail and now this man is asking for a divoice. I'm hurting Lord.
and I should not be feeling this way. Please Lord take these sinful feeling out of my mind In Jesus Name I pray.

1/24/2002 08:55

I have a praise today Thank you Lord!
I first came to this site when my marriage was going bad... i mean it was to the point of no hope. My husband told me he did not love me anymore and that he wanted out. I ask for prayer and I have been praying non-stop for months. yesterday he told me he was sorry and that he does love me that he does not know why he did what he did and he feels really bad about it... i can't even believe it!!!!!!!! I am so happy and so thankful that God really does answer prayer!!!!!! It is a powerful tool so don't stop because let me tell you my marriage was bad! I just trusted God I gave all my cares and concerns to him and mostly i learned that I am not in control of my life God is. So keep the faith God is good. Let go and let God do his work on your husbands and wives. Thank you Lord for healing my marriage and for opening my husbands eyes to the truth. Bless our marriage and make it stronger than ever. Bless all those who are still hurting give them hope through my message. In the wonderful name of Jesus. Amen hang in there your blessing is about to happen if you have faith! thanks for praying for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1/24/2002 10:13

Dear Lord, open my husband's eyes to see Your way and truth. Enlarge his ability to believe in You, Your Word, Your promises, Your ways, and Your power. Put a longing in his heart to talk with You and hear Your voice. Soften his heart to me and help him fight temptation. Deliver him quickly from this obsession and addiction. Lift him away from the hands of the enemy. Help him understand this is the devil at work and not Your way. Bring him to a place of understanding where he can recognize the work of evil and cry out to You for help. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in You. I thank you for many blessing.

1/24/2002 19:39

Dear Lord I am so thankful that Cindy posted her message that her prayers have been answered and that her husband has returned to the marriage. This gives me so much hope. I'm meeting with my husband next weekend so we can talk. He tells me not to expect too much as I will be disappointed. I just want him to be honest and I pray that he will realize how good we are together. I have hope as he picked the weekend and its right before our anniversary. I know you are a loving God and that everything happens for a reason. I pray that you will continue to bless us all with good health and that all these men and women here in the prayer circle will be blessed with the return of their loved ones.

1/24/2002 22:34

As some of you already know my husband was going to file for divorce this week. he didn't and know he is reconsidering fighting for our marriage.I wanted to tahnk you all for praying for us, nad to tell you that our prayers are slowly being answered. I thank God everyday for the wonderful friends I made here. Without your support I would haev probably given up. You guys are little angels send from Heaven :) Anyways, please keep on prayingthat God is able to touch my husband's heart and brign him back hom eto me and most of all to God. As you already know but if you are new here I am here for everryone that needs a prayer partner or whatever email me at May prayers stay with you :) Dear Lord please guide us all through your path. Let us see that our pain has a purpose and a reason. Let us learn from our trials. Thank you Dear Lord for everything you have done for those I pray for and for those who pray for me. Don't forget to rejoice Our Lord and to keep him first in your priorities because he can be jealous at times :) and besides what or who is more important than our Creator? You guys have a great one :)

1/25/2002 07:34

Yes it's me Cheryl Lord, and I come again to pray that you save my marriage. Mend us back together as one. Make us that husband and wife team that you blessed us as over twenty three years ago. Make us renew those vows as husband and wife till death do us apart in sickness, rich or poor. I will continue to pray for our marriage to be restore. I ask that the prayer circle pray with me and for me and my husband to make it back together. I also ask for you to pray for my son. I will continue to pray with and for you all in this circle until we meet. God Bless You All. Amen

1/25/2002 11:52

To all of you, as long as you keep God as number 1 in your lives he will continue to bless all of your marriages. it may not be the answer we are looking for but his will . I also have had problems with my husband of 5yrs. He was a drug attic, alcoholic, and more. but it took me and my son leaving him for him to realize what he was really loosing. I know that God was there for me and also for you. I was of God he was of world. big difference for a Godly marriage. I realized when God answered my prayers that it was his will not mine. My husband is now a stronger christian than myself. He was sent by God to a Godly based facility that put God in front of him. now im glad to say that he is great. I know my situation is different from a lot of yours but it also came with the pain and then God replaced it with a new and improved Godly man. I will continue to pray for you all and hope that God shows you his will . in deep prayer now someone who cares.

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