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My friend Terry(age 12) has a bad bladder conrol problem and gets abused alot

I have an online friend named terry. He is 12 and has a bladder control problem.Because of that, he has to wear Diapers all the time. His parents, esp his dad who get angry alot, punish and spank him alot. He also gets teased pretty badly at school by other kids and even his teachers, who have no pateince for this sorta thing. He plays baseball and gets teased by the others kids there and thierparents even. He has no friends and is sad and very lonely. He spends most of the time in his room crying.
he prays everynight for help. I pray for him too. can you also pray for him?

tylerb12 -4/2/2001
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9/19/2002 02:08

It's me again, this time I ask that you keep Terry and his little brother in Your loving care. Allow them to be encircled by friends that care, friends like Tyler, may their lives be long and prosperous and May the three of these young men touch others because they have lived in Your love thru their friendship. Amen.

10/20/2002 14:48

Great Spirit, Good Father, giver of all life, i ask a prayer for these two very young souls--that you will pick them up out of their situation and place them with loving parents who will be able to help them 'rise above' their present circumstance. They need a miracle, which can only come from you...i ask for your angels to protect them from the meanness and cruelty of others and that they will find a better life in the days to come. We believe in the power of prayer and that it reaches beyond what we see to what we can be...bless these little children, they need your love and protection. In Jesus name i pray, Amen.

10/24/2002 10:52

Please call child abuse hotline if you see any marks or signs of physical abuse. Lord send waring angels to slay the unclean spirits in that house,,,give parents patience in dealing with this situation,,,Lord heal him in the name of Jesus,,,we accept the healing and praise and honor your Holy Name!!

10/29/2002 21:28

I am praying for Terry and Steve and the family; I know a chiropractor can help with bladder control problems. I hope his parents will see this and take Terry to a chiropractor

1/9/2003 19:38

I am new to belief net and I know that this posting is dated but my prayers go out to Terry and his brother. What a wonderful blessing to have a friend like you. Has there been any improvement?

1/17/2003 20:36

May the Lord bless John with many friends. God bless you for being such a good friend and Angel in Johns' life. With God on his side - Keep your head up to the sky. In Jesus name, Amen.

1/30/2003 15:12

I am so sorry for your friend Terry. I grew up with bladder problems and it was very embarrassing wetting the bed and having people make fun of me. My parents were very strict and made me feel terrible about my problem. Amazingly, the first year I moved out of their house, I was "cured". I do not know what religion you or Terry is, but Jesus is his friend. I pray that he will be healed, especially by the emotional scars that are more painful than any physical problem. God Bless.

2/13/2003 14:12

Father God we lift Terry up before you Lord Touch his life Lord God. We pray you heal and strenghten him body and soul.Lord God touch his family to have more compassion and sentivity.Oh Jesus you have seen the tears of this young man.We pray for your Divine intervention in this matter.May he have a Blessed Life Lord.We thank you Lord for moving in this situation.Touch his family oh lord in a mighty way.Keep him in your constant care Lord.In Jesus name amen

2/14/2003 11:35

Sweet Mother, you have created all of us on this planet and have given us the people we are near for love and support. Look upon the hurt of this young boy. Let him know that he is loved and compassion is out there. Let his father see the error of his ways. Let his peers at school, as they mature, begin to understand and have compassion. May they also not be inclined to follow in the footsteps of their parents as they also are walking down the wrong path. Blessed Mother, look upon your children and protect them in their hours of darkness. Blessed Be.

2/17/2003 16:25

Hi, my heart goes out to Terry, I as a child I expierienced the same problems. The pain and disgrace that we feel destroys our soul. Please let Terry know about this web site and if he dosen't have a computer, let him use your's. He needs to see that people love him, and care about him. More importantly he needs to know how much God loves him. He needs to know what God says about him. He needs to hear encouraging words. Terry it's not your fault that you wet the bed. The things that are being done to you are wrong and you need to tell someone you can trust. Go to a relative you can trust. Go to your youth pastor if you are in a church. I know you will be afraid to do what I am suggesting, but if you do it afraid God will step in and help you. If you suffer in silience you are limiting what God wants to do for you. Your family needs counseling on a better way to handel issues. I know you love your family and don't want to hurt them, but you are hurting them and yourself if you don't speak out. Let God use you to be the one to end the cycle of abuse in your family. Father, please reveal the wrong being done to this boy. His spirit is being broken, and he needs your divine protection, and guidence. Father I pray that you reveal what is neccessary to the right person or persons to get help to this family. Godly people who will help them heal and be whole. I ask this in Jesus name. AMEN!!

6/5/2003 10:54

I pray that God sends his angels over Terry. If he can find a church in his area that has a youth group they would welcome him. Because of these stories I pray more christians would join and support the childrens ministry; even myself. My prayers go out to Terry and all the children of the world that suffer abuse, In Jesus' Name,

7/7/2003 12:46

Terry, you are a true friend. Tell your friend that common allergies can cause loss of bladder control. My stepson was allergic to cigarette smoke and was exposed to it in the house. He had bladder control problems for years until the cigarette smoke was gone from his immediate environment. His healing was a simple as that. May God bless you and your friend.

8/30/2003 17:07

Lord,I come before you in prayer,once again to ask that your loving mercy and grace surround these children,that you reach down and touch them,and let them know that everything will be ok because they are also your children,please watch over them and bless them,and show these people that are mistreating this child how wrong they are,and teach them the right way,We ask that you fill them with the Holy Spirit,so that they may know how to love and care for this child as you do...If you boys need someone to talk to,I am here...I suffered abuse as a child and early adulthood as well,until my mother and God pulled me out of it,I ask that He will do the same for the both of you!!!!!Feel free to e-mail me as often as you'd like...I am willing to talk to you and offer you encouragement as GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!!!

9/10/2003 20:48

dear lord,please watch over this child and help his parents find more understanding in their hearts.Please keep him strong and never let go of his hand.AMEN

10/2/2003 20:27

Hi Tyler,
Wow you sound like a GREAT FRIEND! I will definately keep Terry in my prayers!!! I'm a young mother of 3 kids and I want to say that you are the type of child that any mom would be proud of!Many adults would be Thankful to have a friend as true as you! Just be that Rock for Terry! I'm also a professional who works with children and the "adults" that treat Terry this way are "COMPLETELY WRONG"! Keep an eye on your friend and if he's being harmed then KEEP TALKING ABOUT THE SITUATION UNTIL SOMEONE LISTENS!!!I will also say a prayer for those "adults" who haven't GROWN UP YET!!!!!!!!
Please share this with Terry and let him know that there are strangers who'll be praying for each of you!
"For he will command his angels
concerning you
to gaurd you in all your ways."
Psalm 91:11
"I sought the Lord, and he answered me,
and delivered me from all my fears."
Psalm 34:4

10/14/2003 10:06

Praying for you from my heart

4/15/2004 05:47

I had bladder problems as a child and felt shamed by my mother. Thank god they went away. There are exercises called Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This helps with bladder control. God, please let Terry know you love him. God, please use your angels to lead Terry to compassionate friends and teachers. People need to help each other. I pray that Terry will get the help he needs. Amen.

6/6/2004 17:41

Lord, our father, I pray for Terry that he may find comfort in your love. I pray that he finds a friend who will understand what he is going through and give him the support he needs. May he know that you will always be his friend even if no one else will at this moment. May you give wisdom to his parents, especially his father, that may learn to control his temper and not take his anger out on Terry. May you give him patience and understanding.

6/23/2004 04:48

To Tylerb and Terry also Terry's brother.....May Allah swt gives u all courage and strength to love those who abuse you...God loves you all though by this difficltof times God send u to each other path....and friendships built..Friendships in bad times is the kind of friendships i long for. and Alhamdulillah i found them.Consider me as your friend too, younger friends...You should reach for others help when you can not solve this problemby yourself , promise me? Have faith in God and use your inner eyes to find who can help you on this stage..the stage when you can do is reach for other mature soul's help.I believe that you connect all the time to GOD whole day guys...please do ..i love you, younger friends..

7/13/2004 11:40

Make a list of all the things in your life over which you have some control, such as prayer, quiet times, work. Thank God for these things and do your best toward good outcomes. Now, make a list of things you cannot control, such as behavior of a loved one, someone else's attitude, the weather. Then as Reinhold Niebuhr, suggests ask God to grant you serenity to accept the things you cannot change (the second list) and the wisdom to know the difference. Tell your friend to do the same. Leave the results to God.

9/27/2004 13:32

Lord please help Terry to understand he is not alone in the world. God bless you Terry.

12/9/2004 09:35

Jesus let those who make fun of this child, think for a mimute this could be them or a love one. Know one knows why this is happening but you lord so bind the spirt of ritacure in Jesus name. for Terry

12/25/2004 19:03

I hope that Terry will get whatever help he needs and that he can have strength against the people who torment him for something he can't control. I am around his age (almost 13) so if he wants to talk to me too my IM is heahippie124 on Yahoo but i hardly ever IM so he can email me at first.

12/30/2004 14:58

hey, what a stroong character you have and so does your friend Terry.Character and wisdom to seek out help until someone hears you - guts. We can not choose our parents only FRIENDS and that is a gift from God. It is easier to forgive kids that hurt you than your dad who is not able to help Terry express his feelings because his dad cant deal with his own self. I want you kids to know I am very proud of you all. I know there is many issues involved but we are only responsible for our own actions. Terry and lil guy are not guilty those that harm them are. In turn God is the one who will deal with thosse that hurt these kids. Through prayer for your enemy blessings come to you. God created these boys and you for a divine purpose and bullys are really afraid so they attack what makes them afraid. The father cant give love and understanding to the kids if he doesnt have it to give. I know from my own upbringing and sorrow of ailienation from peers for what ever fickle reason. These boys need to find mentors as role models. Trust your gut for what to do here. I am a survivor from my own home life and as an adult with my own kids to raise>I have to love the lil girl inside that needed sso much and didnt get it and take care and love myself so I can not take it out on others. if you keep hearing all the negative hurt in your head and re living it over and over - the beastards win because they have control over you. If you demand that you are a child of God and one day when grown you can kick all their asses and live the life God wants for you. I pray the boys wil see the truth they are strong and leaders and to use their experience to care about humanity and strive for an understanding world and grow up to PROTECT their children and family. To every child are many mothers - I love you boys in Jesus name - Amee.

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