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Tolerance Pagan
Tolerance for and among Pagans

Many Pagans remain "in the Closet" for fear of the intolerance of others. We also find that intolerance can be an issue among varying Pagan groups who feel that they are "right". This intolerance must stop!

Many Pagans are forced to hide their religious and spiritual beliefs for fear of the intolerance of others. Many are afraid of others' reactions to themselves and their families. Intolerance oftens finds a home within many Pagan groups, also. Often, we are preconditioned by previous experiences to be intolerant of other's beliefs and to assume that only we have the right answers. No one should ever be afraid to express such pure and meaningful emotions! A person's spirit should be free to grow and evolve without fear. Intolerance must be overcome.

Theresa_Lynne -11/1/2000
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7/28/2003 10:06

Goddess, please remove hate & misunderstanding between people and let spiritual truth overcome religous dogma. Remind us to have compassion to all.

10/12/2003 06:39


I pray that the Wiccan community comes together as one. I pray for tolerance. I pray for understanding and acceptence. I pray for Love.

Until Later,

Floating DarkMoon
Hut Sut Ra

2/14/2004 03:24

I pray for tolerance, justice, and peace for all of the children of the god and goddess
~Blessed Be~

5/22/2004 17:29

Great Goddess,
I ask that we as Pagansmay come to be more tolerant of others and that they may become more tolerant of us. May those of us who've been hurt not hurt others. May the Lady and Lord hold all those who have been wounded by uncaring or hateful souls close to their hearts.
Blessed Be,

8/3/2004 08:56

Lady Cerridwen, Lord Herne,

I pray to you now that people everywhere, be they Pagan or Christian, Muslim or Atheist, or any other spiritual path, will come to realise the folly of hatred. I ask that you help to guide them so that they are able, not to merely tolerate, but to accept people despite the differences they may have. Only by working together as one people will we be able to restore the balance and community that should be here.

I ask that your light guide those who need it, and your blessings lay upon all, even those who act against their fellows, for it is these who need your blessings most of all.

Blessed Be,

Your Servant,

8/10/2004 20:15

Goddess Mother,

I pray thee wipe out all intolerance between myself and others. To be one family, as you willed, it would be impossible to interact with one another with this between us. I am guilty of intolerance myself, and I pray the karma come back on me. I feel I need it.

May all enjoy the light and love born to them, Blessed be.

9/1/2004 06:42

May I forgive others.And may I forgive myself like others. Let love and understanding be between us.
May the fire of inspiration give us strength
May the deep wisdom of the well guide us. May Giamos en Samos come together in the tree of life and let the Awen flow threw us. May the blessing of the stars and earth be upon us.

Ow, Nature, grant us protection
And in protection strength
And in strenght understanding
And in understanding knowledge
And in knowledge the knowledge of justice
And in the kenowledge of justice the love for it.
And in the love for it, love for all existents
And in the love for all existence, the love from Nature, our mother.

10/15/2004 18:13

God(ess)I know you love us all equally regardless of how we worship you and I pray that those speak against my beliefs will someday see that. Truly intolerance closes their minds so that they cannot see the beauty of the world you have created for all living creatures. I don't not hate them, but pitty their hate as it blinds them to the love you offer us all. Blessed Are We.

12/20/2004 15:17

Let all of us remember, whatever path we may follow, that there is more than one in the world. Let us all approach each other with both an open mind and heart. Let us be patient and calm in dealing with differences. And may we all, in this great season where everyone takes time for peace, remeber to forgive when others forget to do so.
Brightest Blessings to Everyone!

2/2/2005 22:03

Bless all these loving Pagans and help all religions to love in the same way.

3/2/2005 17:18

Blessed Immortals, grant the ignorant wisdom

6/21/2005 18:21

Great Goddess and Horned One -

Grant me patience for those who do not yet understand that all acts of kindness that I do are a reflection of walking in your grace and light.

Grant me strength to be your champion and your voice against those who would wrong and harm what they don't understand.

Grant me love that I might forgive those who are ignorant of the wrong they do.

Grant us your blessings, that our daughters and sons might walk in your path and make our world better than their predecessors.

Blessings and honor to you in all things =)

7/18/2005 16:18

Dear Lord, Please lead, guide and direct us all and help us to do what is right according to your will. Please help us to be kind to one another regardless of our opinions of each others religious beliefs. In Jesus name, Amen.

7/27/2005 18:21

After a thousand years of opression
Let the berserks rise again
Let the world hear these words once more:
"Save us, oh lord, from the wrath of the Norseman"

8/30/2005 23:03

May the All, the Lord and Lady Bless those of us who truly know that ONE religion does not carry all the answers and to be truly open we must embrace all that is good in ALL religions in order for balance and consensus among all humans on this planet. We must learn to realize in order to progress to a higher spiritual plane which is what we are here to do,if I am correct, then we must be open to all paths and understand one another and not be closed-hearted or close-minded.
Namaste !

11/17/2005 20:54

Goddess, My Mother

May those who have done me harm be forgiven. I may have a disapilaty that others mistake for mental illness, and may those who misunderstand what I believe be forgiven as well. My family may not understand my faith, but pray that one day I will be able to talk to them about it. I pray that they will not judge me, but accept me for who am. I hope they can see through the lies of others.

Blessed Be!

12/3/2005 13:59

Ní neart go cur le chéile.
There is no strength without unity

12/7/2005 20:50

Lord and Lady, I ask that you surround all of your creation with your love and protection. Remind us that all are connected in the magick that is your universe. Bring warmth and love into the minds and hearts of all mankind and help all human beings to recognize, in whatever path they may follow, while our journeys may be different, our goals are the same. Thank you Lord and Lady for your loyalty and love in all times and all places. Blessed be!

1/2/2006 11:34

God and Goddess,

I have the chance to break down some walls of intolerance within my own small family.

Please let me make the most of this chance.

Blessed Be

2/7/2006 20:10

I pray to the Divine to help me understand those who persucute me and find others like me.
I pray for the courage to be able to withstand religious persecution from my family as well as others and not let my mind be clouded with anger towards them.
I pray for understanding, peace and love above all.
In the name of the Divine, I pray.

2/18/2006 00:16

May those of every faith and every community who see the beauty of the myriad in one shine as a light to those around them. With their lights, the rhythms of Nature and connections and interconnections in of and between dissolve the illusions of division that the love and beauty of the Divine Dancers, embracing all life in their love!

2/19/2006 23:31

Dear God, may complete religious tolerance become a reality very soon.
we all believe in a higher power/powers, and I know that that is what matters, not what particular faith one belongs to. may you guide the intolerant toward tolerance and understanding, and let them realize that all good people of all faiths are admirable in your eyes.

5/27/2006 22:47

dear God, may it be that all people of all religions will come to see that all spiritual paths originate from you, and that therefore all paths are good in your eyes. they all seek to honor a divine presence or higher power, and they all share some universal teachings. therefore, they all honor you, and so no practitioner of any religion should discriminate against religions different from their own. peace and love are your greatest teachings, and peace and love entail tolerance.

6/4/2006 16:59

I pray for tolerance among all people of all faiths. May I not judge others by how they believe, but by the actions that they take against others and themselves. Help me to remember that all beliefs lead to the same place.

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