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Prayers for a Better Year
That in 2002 we may put our fears behind us and move forward into a year filled with peace and security

On Dec. 31, we end a year that many Americans will count among the worst in their lifetimes.

Even those not in New York City or Washington, DC, have been profoundly affected by the attacks on September 11, and all of us continue to struggle with the ramifications.

In addition, over the past year, tens of thousands of individuals lost their jobs and perhaps their savings. Even among the still-employed, economic insecurity and anxiety have risen.

Yet 2001 also offered wonderful examples of the resilience and generosity of the human spirit and should remind us of the values we hold dear: that we can find heroes among ordinary people; that tolerance is a tradition worth guarding; and that family and friends are what help us to continue on with life.

It is our sincere hope that 2002 will be a happy, peaceful year for America and the world.

Please join our prayers for a better year by adding your own below.

beliefnet -12/20/2001
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1/6/2002 02:28

Dear God,
I pray that you will help everyone to live their lives the way that you intended, each and every day. I pray that you will let people overlook their differences to realise that we are all the same - vulnerable and in need of guidance. I pray that anyone who is suffering for any reason at all will find peace and happiness, and that those who are searching for lost love will find it again.
In Jesus' name,

1/6/2002 02:33

FatherGod Oh Father We Praise you and thankyou Lord God. I Pray that the year 2002 Will see an end to this war of terrorism and I also pray that it will bring the lost souls to you that thier Eyes will open, Father God You are so holy, so worthy of praise.Only you hold the future and know what tomarrow brings for this country I pray for your protection over our country and over our men over ther fighting this war that they might come home safe. I ask Fether that you help me spiritualy help me to grow closser to you. that my children will grow closser to you as they learn more about you. I pray for all of the people on belifnet that they will have a good year, stay in good health. and draw closer to you than ever.
Father God I love you with all my heart you are the only one who is worthy the creator, the Alpha and omega, you are so Holy I praise and worship you . In
Jesus Name A-men

1/6/2002 12:52

question on the prayers for 2002.

It is really no different, except the Lord's prayer, "give us this day our daily bread".

1/7/2002 08:33

Most gracious father full of grace,peace and hope. You have been grateful unto us for ages past. We pray that your mercies and grace that has brought us this far will take us throught this year and the years ahead. We pray for your protection and guidance and we pray for a world full of peace b'cos you are the Prince of Peace. Above aall we pray that we will know you more and more and walk in your direction and in your ways. This I pray in the mighty name of Jesus


1/7/2002 14:19

I am a student studying for the mission field.I am a senior I am due to graduate in May. Them I must go to Seminary.I am 37 years old. The mission board requires a masters degree and be less than 42 years old to be placed on the mission field full time. I have been married for seventeen years we have two daughters. We are having major money problems.We just got our home out of fore closure. If money does not come soon I will have to drop out of school. I need God to give us the money we need so I can finish school and go to the mission field. Please pray for us. If anyone wants to contact me for more information contact me at

1/7/2002 16:29

Father we thank you for everything you have done to our lifes thru out the year, we thank you for the lifes we have around us we thank you for sending your son to die for our sinns father now that we are starting a new year we ask you God to brieng peace to the nations we ask you protect our leads, give them courage in there work protect them,give them knowledge on how to lead your people, father may your will be, done grant us this day us per you wish God thank you father thank you for everything thank you in jesus name Amen

1/7/2002 22:16

Oh precious and almighty father I thank you for awaking me each day. Thank you for giving me air to breath and the will to move on closer to the day of our union. Father I thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a difference in your creation, to fellowship and love, to feel and give, and to be alive. Father I ask that you bless those who are seaching and and pull them closer to you. I pray, my God that I receive some of those blessings as wll because I too am still searching. father I pray that you forgive me for my sins as well and help me learn your way through my mistakes. Thank you my God for those temporary souls that you have blessed me with that keep me company and give me love.
You have truly provided for me and I want to say that I thank you and I love you- endlessly. I need you. forever Amen.

1/8/2002 01:09

Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus sweet name. Well, Lord I want to first say thank you for the year that you have given us, of course many people have lost their lives because of the act of Satan, but we are greater than he that in the world, we are more than conqueror, we are the kings children, God did not say that every day would be sunshine in our lives and I praise God in spite of what Satan did in the year of 2001,We must suffer as Christ did but the word of God is not bound, therefore We must endure all things for the elect's sake, that they may also obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with etenal glory.We must stand and fight the good fight of faith and we must not take down for nothing, we trust you God with everything we have.Let us as people of God become one in unity and fight our enemies, we must recognize who our enemies really are, we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against something much more this is a spiritual battle. My prayer is that God's will be done in the year of 2002. Amen

1/8/2002 01:33

Heavenly Father/Soveriegn Mother thank you for the great blessings of life and spiritual liberty. Thank you for bringing me here at this most auspiscious time on this planet. I pray for peace and tranquility for me and my brothers and sisters. I pray that we may quiet the terrorist in each our own hearts. I pray that we may make the 'great transition' with grace and ease, and that we may manifest Your Divine plan here in our thoughts, words and works. You have brought us here for Your own reason. Teach us to surrender to Your most merciful plan that we may reflect Your Glory here on earth. In the name of That Which Called Us Here. amen

1/8/2002 01:49

Father God, my prayer this year 2002 is for u to bless our people indeed and expand our territory(ministries) put ur hand upon our lives and keep us from evil. This is what i pray today!!!! In Jesus Holy name, Amen.

1/8/2002 02:00

I pray for peace, but I also pray that people will stop hating each other and wanting to hurt each other. I pray that people will live and let live, and stop expecting everyone to be just like them. We are all different for a reason, and God loves us just the way he made us, and I wish we would understand that.I pray for families to understand that God wants them to love and respect each other, and to take care of each other, and for friends to really be friends in the good and the bad times, in the happy and the sad times. I pray that justice will become a way for life for all people, and that people will become fair in their dealings, instead of the almighty buck being their God.I pray that we all learn to be more thankful and grateful and appreciate what we have and the people in our life, and stop all the moaning and groaning. I pray that more people will stand up for what is right and not sit on their best intentions. I pray that those of us who are Christian will start to act like it and follow the example of Jesus, instead of the world's ways, to learn to hate the sin but never the sinner for we have all sinned and fallen short of God's glory.I pray and hope that God will change those things that need to be changed in me to make me a better person. I pray for the peace of my own family. I pray Lord I will learn to follow you more and more, and love you more and more above everyone else, and all else in life.

1/8/2002 09:25

Dear Heavenly Father,
I pray that for the New Year of 2002 that we all will have a closer walk with you and that we will allow youi to lead, guide and direct our lifes. Lord I ask that we will trust and believe that you will do just what we ask and take care of all our needs both spiritually and physical. Lord we realize that you are our only hope for these times. Teach how to forgive and to move on with you o God. We need your guidance forever and ask that you take full control of our life and let us depend on you only. Lord teach us how to pray and what to pray for. We also ask you father to forgive us for all our short coming. We need you Lord and we reference that. So bless us all and keep us in your constant care allow our guardian angel to watch over us. Lord if I failed to ask for anything that we stand in need of I ask that you will grant it and heal us completedly from the inside out. Please save the unsaved and give new directions to them. We ask this in your Jesus we pray. A-men.

1/9/2002 13:50

I pray for a new home for me and my children. I new vechicle as I hit a deer with my van and now it requires a lot of work and I need it for work. I'm a single parent raising 2 children by myself and it's a struggle everyday but as long as I have the Good Lord on my side I know I will make it.

1/9/2002 15:45

Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask that this 2002, that your glory reign in your people. That all who have sinned come to know you in the pardon of their sins, repent and be baptized in your name according to your word. I pray that every church that lifts up your name become filled with doers of your word. I pray that the Pastors of every denomination the preach the name of Jesus will come together as one body in your preccious name. I pray for health and prosperity spiritually and naturally for your people. I pray for the homeless to find permanant shelter, the unloved to be loved. For broken marriages. For our children to know you in a mighty way. For our world leaders to acknowledge you in all their ways. Hope for the hopeless. For those in prison to come to know you as a saviour. Those in the hospital to know you as a healer, those in institutions to know you as a mind regulator. I pray for world peace. I pray that we as a nation seek you the more. For God without you we are nothing. It's because of you that we move, live and have our being. Please Jesus don't leave or forsake us, we need you know as never before. We bind the enemy in the mighty name of Jesus, we render him helpless, we cancel every assignment of the devil NOW!!!! HALLELUJAH!!! IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!!! And we'll give you all the glory and all the honor nad all the praise is thine in Jesus name we pray and we say Amen!!! Thank God!!!

1/9/2002 17:05

A prayer for this day

Thank You my dear God
for every breath I take.

Thank You my dear God
for the sun that warms my skin.

Thank You my dear God
for the wind that brings me peace.

Thank You my dear God
for the lives I have known.

Thank You my dear God
for the lives that have known me.

Thank You my dear God
for the strangeness of life.

Thank You my dear God
for the passions of this life.

Thank You my dear God
for the pain of this life.

Thank You my dear God
for the pleasures of this my life.

Thank You my dear God
for the children of my life.

Thank You my dear God
for my children of this life.

Thank You my dear God
for the lives I have touched.

Thank You my dear God
for all those lives that have touched mine.

Thank You my dear God
for all the things I have done.

Thank You my dear God
for all the talents you have me given.

Thank You my dear God
for all the times I have sinned.

Thank You my dear God
for the times, many they are, that you have accepted my return.

Thank You my dear God
Sir Kenneth Scarborough, Sinner

1/10/2002 01:50

This i pray to you dear GOD,for this year and forever:Great abundance of joy,happiness,wealth for the poor,good health for my friends,my relatives and myself. To all who are without homes,dear God please let them not be in bitter cold,and help us to help them.
To those who have in the past lost loved ones,with disease or accident please give them comfort and knowledge,for you know lord,they need it.To those who have prayed to you so hard to find an answer,please help them find one.The majority of the world prays for someone everyday,and we ask of you ,o' Lord,to please hear our prayers,because we love and care for them so much. Also,God,we pray that our younger generation will abide with respect and honor,and that the teenagers of today will also start having respect for the parents,the elderly,the graveyards of their ancestors,the people around them,respect
other's properties and to also start having respect for themselves, because,
Lord,the teenagers and younger kids of today,really need help if they are to be the future of our world,they also need prayer..and lastly, please pray for me,as i am still mourning the loss
of my mother,from the yr.2000 in August.
She was the last of my parents to go.We
watched her pass away,but she suffered
greatly for 2wks.before passing.She was
not deserving of it,for she mothered her own 11children,never got drunk,
always made sure we were clean,had clean clothes,always stayed home to look after her children....and it was really heartwrenching to see her pass
the way she did...but as i looked down
at her lifeless body,she seeemed at
peace,and i said a little last prayer
before final goodbye...and would anyone
believe it?,,,that i actually saw a glow around my mother's lifeless body,
and at that i knew she was with the Lord,because she left that hospital on
an angel's wing.I was glad,she would not
suffer no longer,but i still have so
much and many questions for her. Now,I
pray for her and my father,he passed away 13yrs ago,and then,it took me almost actually say goodbye to
him,for he was my hero...good father he, i still pray for them both.
And i always pray God to keep them safe
and warm in his heavenly paradise.
Thank you GOD<>
also,i would appreciate prayers for my
son Roy,not by his fault,a problem in the courts,and for my 14yr.old son,to keep out and from trouble,as he has just started high-school this year,and
lastly,for my 24yr.old son,to get good
job,keep it..and to settle down and let go of marajuana problem...and also prayers for myself and my husband for help with our i pray for
all of you ,myself. Thank you all so
much. PrettyBrownEyes
LoveandPeace to you all<>

1/10/2002 08:01

Dear Father God in Heaven:
Thank you so very much for my salvation. I realize how undeserving that I am and how unclean that I was and still am. Help me this year to proclaim your name, power and greatness in all that I do and say. I know that I am still a sinner and I ask for your holy spirits guidance to convict me when I sin. I thank you for that guidance. Help all of your children look forward to the RAPTURE and help us to remember that you concured this world and so will your children. Help us to be more like JESUS in this year. Help us to have compassion and to be forgiving to our enemys..just as JESUS did. Help us to honor and keep commitments that we have made for ourselves this year. Help us to keep our bodies as temples in honor of your and your sacarfices. Thank you LORD JESUS for loving us and giving your life for us.(ME). I love you Lord and I will honor and worship you. BECAUSE HE LIVES I CAN FACE TOMORROW, BECAUSE HE LIVES ALL FEAR IS GONE, BECAUSE I KNOW HE HOLDS THE FUTURE, LIFE IS WORTH THE LIVING, JUST BECAUSE 'HE' LIVES. AMEN
May GOD bless all who read this.
Love in Christ,

1/10/2002 12:12

THANK YOU JESUS! For another year, for our health and our families, for bringing us through 2001 with renewed faith. Guide us and protect us all in this new year, that we may become more loving, peaceful and patient. Lord, I ask that you continue to let your blessings flow on us all, so much that we won't have room enough to receive them. THANK YOU for being a forgiving GOD, always looking beyond our faults and always fulfilling our needs. 9/11 was a wake up call for all that don't know you and it also reminded us that tomorrow is not promised. My prayer for 2002 is to bring wisdom and understanding into the hearts of all your children that we may know that JESUS died for our sins and we may be saved. IN JESUS NAME, AMEN.

1/11/2002 01:40

Dear father help me get off drugs and be a better person on this earth.And take better care of my children and get a JOB
if i'm not okI can't take good care of my kids. please in the name of jesus help me. AMEN

1/11/2002 03:16

Dear Heavenly Father i come to you asking for your salvation in the year 2002 asking for hope and a better tomorrow for what the world endured in 2001 was a great tragedy that shook some of your childrens faith i ask you for the strength and courage to face the upcoming year knowing that you are lord and savior and with you we should not have any fear against the enemy that we leave it in your hands and know in our hearts that you will heal all pain and protect us against all harm and that walking with you is the steps to recovery in our present lives as well as our future i pray that this nation will come together as one family and join together in prayer to uplift your name and up lift our spirits. i also would like to send my prayers out to those who had a personal lost and i want them to know that god is there for you and believe that he watches over you and he is now taking care of your loved ones. In jesus name i pray. Amen

1/11/2002 17:54

Dear Father in Heaven:
I thank you for the many blessings you have seen fit to give me, an unworthy sinner. Please continue to hold us near to you and your Blessed Mother. May we made worthy of all your promises. I pray for peace, good health,reconciliation, love,and if it is not asking too much, a little financial security or at least enugh to meet all our needs. I ask in the name of your son Jesus and, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to fill our hearts with goodness and to enable us to always put our trust in you. Give me strength and wisdom to do those things that will bring me closer to you. All that I am and have comes from you father. Keep my children safe and close to you,help them to know your love. Amen

1/12/2002 13:21

Pray for Peace
Holy Mary, Mother of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Jesus gave you to the world when from the cross He said to St. John, "Son, behold thy mother." You are the Mother of us all, regardless of race or creed, belief or non-belief, and you want nothing more than to bring us all to your Son. We beg Your intercession under the title of "Mother of World Peace." Bring your Motherly comfort and consolation to those who are suffering. Enlighten and strengthen all world leaders, that they may be committed to peace. Change the hearts of terrorists and others who wish to destroy human life. Protect us from the moment of conception until natural death. Finally, Dearest Mother, give us the knowledge, the grace, and the courage to forgive all who have harmed us and to seek forgiveness from those we may have harmed - that we may have peace in our hearts. Then with that peace, accept our prayers for peace in our families, our nation and the whole world. We ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

1/18/2002 15:19


How I pray that you will hold the innocent new borns who will be born without knowing their biological parents. May their new step parents be ones who will be nurturing. May you give the new "single" parent a fresh mind to emotionally be able to raise the child or children to be productive and prosperous adults.
Father, I know there is a reason to all things. May good come from this tragedy. Only you know the true reasons behind such senseless actions.
Father, I pray for each one who reads this board. May you keep them from harm and may your peace be with them.

1/29/2002 15:31

Gracious Heavenly Father, Please help me and all others who carry the burden of fear, worry and care. At times I lay my burden's at your feet and I know that you can bring peace and guidance and provision. For the times when I am not strong enough to do this, please give me strength. We are in the world but not of the world and we become consumed with the worries and tribulations of living in the world. Grant me and all of us, hope, faith, trust, and peace along with a clear vision that you are the savior, you are the redeemer, you are the deliverer from pain and hurt and oppression of all kinds.
Thank you Father

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