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Anne A

Bless bless my grandmother who is sick with cancer and my father who suffers from alcoholism, but does not admit it. Please bless my family and keep us safe and happy.

Please pray that God's will be done in my job search. I pray that soon I will find a job where I am happy and stable.
Please pray that the right job will come soon for me and my family. Please pray for my grandmother who was just diagnosed with cancer and my father who is consumed by alcohol. Please Lord, hold them in the palm of your hand. Help us all to know your love and healing.

portlandlady -10/30/2001
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1/25/2002 22:18

Father, I join with Anne and our prayer partners at beliefnet and ask that you remove the need for alcohol from her father and bring him into your light. Lift any burdens from his soul that cause him to turn to alcohol instead of leaning on You and the love of his precious daughter. Father, let him want to be sober and re-experience life the way that You meant for him to. If it is Your will Father, heal this grandmother of her cancer. Let her have peace and comfort as she goes through her treatments. Father, I pray that Anne has found a job that meets her financial and emotional needs. Bring her comfort and security in this difficult time. We thank You Father for hearing and answering our prayers. Amen.

1/27/2002 10:18

Dear Lord,
I have been praying and thinking about this family as you well know. I ask not much for myself, but for my friends. Please take away this disease of alcoholism and guide this person into treatment of either AA or a hospital. It is a disease and needs attention!!! The cancer is also is a disease and I realize this, however with today's medicine their are miracles. Please show your loving grace! Please make Anne feel secure with this new job. I am praying that with one day at a time this will all fall into place and peace will come. You are such a sweet forgiving Lord...Amen

1/28/2002 01:27

If it is your will, help me to do well in my new job. Take away the nervousness that I feel. Help my father Lord, I don't know how else to pray for him. Thank you for this opportunity to work and for my wonderful husband. In your name I pray. Amen.

1/28/2002 22:50

Thank You thank You thank You for blessing Portlandlady with this job! I pray that it is what she's been looking for. Ease her anxieties so that she may do her job well and with confidence.
Please help her father to give up alcohol and seek help. He has to be tiring of this lifestyle...please guide him to the right resources for help.
Please be with Portlandlady's friends right now as they are suffering the loss of their baby. If it's in Your will, please bless them with a new little life when the time is right. Bring them peace, wisdom, and understanding to deal with this heartache.
In Christ's name, amen

2/1/2002 22:00

We praise You Father for the new job in Anne's her comfort and her guide as she begins this new chapter in her life! Take away the "jitters" and let her feel confident...just the way her new employers must have felt about her when they hired her. Father, hear our prayers for this family...rid them of alcohol and cancer and bring them peace. Amen.

2/3/2002 00:00

Thank you Lord for everything you have given me. Help me to be grateful for all the blessigs in my life. I have a wonderful family and friends and a place to live. So many have so much less. In your name I pray. Amen.

2/3/2002 09:20

Portlandlady....Our Father listens to those who pray!!! I am so grateful myself to see the miracles that God gives us!!! It is one step at a time on the other issues. I am married to a recovering alcoholic. I totally understand the frustrations and emotions that come with this disease...but the beauty of all this is that there is a way to beat it!!!!! Prayer!!!
Not just prayer, but hard work! This disease does not develop overnight...If you must, try going to an Al-Anon will learn how to manage your life!!!!I have a book I would like to send you...If you would like..It is called " Courage to Change." It has saved me from letting someone else's disease destroy me too!!! It makes so much sense. If you are interested please email me at, and I will be happy to give you this book. In recovery process, the beauty is to be able to help someone else. It would make me feel good for you to have it!!!!
Lord help and protect this woman from her sadness!!!!! Amen
Congrats on your job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

2/6/2002 13:05

Thank You for never letting our cries go unheard. You are intimately familiar with our emotions, and You know just what we need to be happy. Please rescue Anne's father from his alcoholism. Please keep him safe from himself and lead him to the right people and resources for help.
Thank You for giving Anne reasons to rejoice, with her beautiful family, friends and her new job! :) Please give her the confidence she needs to do her job well. :)
In Christ, amen.

2/15/2002 01:03

thank you for this opportunity to work. It has been what I have been looking for. Please help me to be confident and do well.
Lord, my new friend is struggling to find his way in life. Please help him, lead him to where he needs to be.
Help my grandmother who is struggling with cancer, and now a brain tumor. If it is your will, please heal her. Help her to deal with this horrible disease.
Help my father who struggles daily with alcoholism. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to tell him or how to help him. Help me Lord.
In your name I pray. Amen.

2/16/2002 07:18

Dear Lord,
Please send your angels down to keep Annes' faith growing strong! There is a light at the end of all this! Trust me..I know!!!! Please Lord help heal these diseases that surround this woman, and may they all have your blessings!! Amen

2/16/2002 23:21

Father, I pray that you will help Anne remain strong in the face of adversity. Cancer and alcoholism are two very dark illnesses that many of us face today. My father was an alcoholic for most of his life and my sister is recovering from cervical cancer. I know firsthand how your soul can be tormented when loved ones are afflicted with one or the other. The only thing that helped me was to pray for my family members and myself, as well. I finally had to let go of all the anger I felt for my father and all the fear I felt for my sister and turn things over to the only One who would be able to handle these things...God. There were still many pain filled days, but I was able to "let go and let God". My father has now passed on to his heavenly home and was alcohol free for four years prior to his death and my sister is entering her five year mark for her cancer. My family has been truly blessed in many ways. I pray (and I know) that God will do the same with your family...the hard part is that He will do it in his time. So, keep praying and hang on to all the beauty in your life...things will get better in time. God bless you now and always.

2/27/2002 19:53

Father, I ask for Your continued blessings for Anne and her family. Amen.

2/28/2002 22:25

Thank You for the enjoyment Anne is now feeling in this new job--a true testament to the fact that when one door shuts, another opens! Thank You for the mysterious ways in which You work. Please help Anne to be strong in faith as she endures the pain of watching her loved ones suffer. Give her strength, not only for her own well-being but for her family as well. Lord, if it is in Your will, heal her grandmother of her cancer and brain tumor. Please ease her physical and mental anguish as she faces this trial. Please inspire Anne with the right words at the right time when it comes to talking with her father. Please lead him into finding help for his addiction. Give Anne wisdom to face all things, and reward her with a closer relationship with You, Lord.
In Christ, amen

3/16/2002 10:24

Dear Anne,
You have been in my prayers! I have not been able to use my pc the way I would have liked too! You have a lot in common with me. My husband is in AA..( I keep my fingers crossed), and my sister was ill with cancer and killed herself. Yikes! So much to have to deal with! You know what though...God really does love us and will make things better..You might not see it right away..but it will come! Have faith!
May God Bless You and Your Entire Family!! Amen

3/16/2002 10:31

Please bless these women who have been praying for me. Please help my family as they struggle. Thank you Lord for the blessings you have given me. Help me to be faithful in you. In your name I pray.amen.

3/23/2002 21:50

Heavenly Father, we thank You for all the wonderful things You do for us each day. Your love for us is never ending and we thank You for that. Father, continue to bless Anne and hear her prayers as she prays for her grandmother, father , and her friend. Father, bring healing and peace to these people. Draw them closer to You and let them feel the power of Your love as we do. Give them the strength and the courage to face their demons and cast them out of their lives for You to deal with. In Your name we pray. Amen.

3/29/2002 00:52

Please be with Anne's family right now and they face their struggles. Lead them to Your love and wisdom as they face these challenges. Let them emerge victorious, as they rely on You for strength. How amazing You are, Lord! I know You can do this for Anne and her family. Draw them nearer to You with every trial, so they can rejoice even in the midst of pain.
In Christ, amen

4/1/2002 20:08

Father, I pray that Anne and her family are doing well in the face of their troubles. Let them triumph over health and addiction issues and let Anne continue to enjoy her job. Father, I thank You for this new prayer partner and friend. She has brought great comfort to my life with her thoughts and prayers. In Your name I pray, Amen.

4/14/2002 16:12

Father, continue to bless and comfort Anne in every way. Be the beacon of light that guides her through any times of darkness. Hold her close to Your heart and keep her safe. Amen.

4/14/2002 19:12

Dear Lord,
I have been away from Beliefnet, but not away from prayer! Please take care of Anne and bring her peace and good times in her life. Bless this woman, as you have blessed me with what I have. I have faith that you will continue to guide my friends here! Amen!

4/19/2002 21:14

Thank you for those who pray for me, although I may never meet them, they have been such a blessing in my life. Please help my husbands grandmother as she struggles with cancer. Help her not to feel lonely or scared. Help my fahter battle his alcoholism, and realize that he is only hurting himself and our family. Help my sister to melt the ice that has formed over her heart when it comes to my mother. Help them to see that they are family and should reconcile their problems. Thank you Lord for my family, whatever problems we may have. Thank you for my loving husband. Help me to be grateful and thankful everyday that I am alive. In your name I pray. Amen.

5/11/2002 09:31

Dear Anne,
Before I came to post a prayer here for you, I went to post a prayer for my friends here! How ironic that I want to meet all of you!!!! I guess that is the frustrating part of this prayer connection we have all managed to find! God works in mysterious ways, but he sure knows his stuff!!!! I read your requests for help when it comes to alcoholism!!! I suffered many years of hurt from this terrible disease. My husband is now 3 years sober! Before this period it was a living hell!!! The one thing that I have learned from this, is that loved ones need to take care of themselves or you will go down too!!!! It is not your fault, and you cannot stop the person. They have to do it! All you can do is pray for them!!!
It took me a long, long time to realize that! Be STRONG! Today, I have to bite my tongue when my husband is away from home so much to attend meetings. Sure it is frustrating, but when it is your father's time to turn it over to God, you will know it! I have prayed for him, and I will pray for your father!!!!
I just know that when I die, I will be known in heaven as the pain in butt who called out to every angel out there!!!!
As for the cancer issue, I will pray for inner peace to come!
Dear Lord,
Please keep this family safe & continue to heal the wounds that affect this family!!! Make sure you let Anne know in her heart that I Marilyn who lives miles away will continue to pray for her!!!Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peace to you Anne... :)

5/13/2002 01:22

Dear Father,
Please ease the pain of all the family members who have been hurt by this disease of alcoholism, both directly and indirectly. Help Anne's father to see how this disease is hurting him and those he loves--please help him to turn to You to fill the voids that he is trying to fill with alcohol. Thank You for continuing to bless Anne--please keep her safe from harm and contented with her life.
In Christ, amen.

5/18/2002 15:43

Father, bless this woman and her family as they struggle with many issues. Keep Anne strong and at peace with all the turmoil that threatens to defeat her. Lord, let her faith in You ease her pain. Bless her family members who struggle with cancer and alcoholism. Bring them peace of mind, keep them pain free, and let them cotinue to be strong in the face of adversity. If it is Your will Father, heal them of their afflictions and free them from the chains that bind them. In Your name...Amen.

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