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J.G. A.
Pray for my son, God release him from his addictions!

I am asking that anyone that can , please pray for my son J.G., that he will leave his addiction of drugs and alcohol behind him. That he will find inner peace, release the angers that dwell within himself.

Dear Lord, please release my son from the angers that dwell inside of him. Almighty Father, take him in your hands and guide him to better choices, for a life without the need for drugs or alcohol. That the trouble that he is now facing, is left behind him. Lord, J.G. is a wonderful young man, give him the courage and the faith to believe in himself, and realize how much he is loved and cherished. Father, hear my prayers for him and all others that are living the same kind of life. Heal them Lord, let them rejoice in a life of self respect, love for themselves, and most of all the Glory of your love. I know in you, that he and all the others can find peace and happiness. O' God our Father, please hear my prayers. Amen.
carefree -8/1/2001
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12/13/2001 19:55

God bless this mother and child. Keep the angels from above in their presence day in and day out. Please bring love and understanding into Josh's heart. Carefree is one of my special angels and for that I thank you Lord Jesus Christ...Amen

12/20/2001 21:47

Father, may Your beacon of love continue to be the light that lifts Josh out of the darkness. Let the love of his mother be his comfort when times are tough. Thank You Father for loving us so much. Amen.

12/25/2001 14:58

Happy holidays to you and your family. may God continue to bless you.

1/1/2002 12:56

May Josh have a woderful New Year and let him continue his journey for a healthy lifestyle!!!!!

1/22/2002 22:52

Father, I pray that all is going well for Josh and his mother. Continue to guide him along life's way and keep him strong in spirit. Keep all temptations of evil away from him so that he might grow into the man you have planned for him to be since his birth. Amen.

1/23/2002 11:12

Father thank you for marilyn and marahet!! They always find the time to pray for me and mine, they are truely graced by you!! May they be continually blessed by you.

Father, Josh is doing great as far as what is expected by the courts. I still worry, please Lord keep him in your loving arms, and even when all this is behind us, let your graces guide him in his life!! I don't know why he doesn't want to be home with us Lord, you know that at first we thought it would be easier if he stayed with his grandparents and aunts, so that his chances of running into the kids that he was having the problems with, would be less; but, he hardly ever comes home, and he very seldom talks about anything of his counseling, or what's going on with him personally. Lord, let him know that we are here to help, and if he doesn't communicate to us, how can we help him or explain things that may be bothering him. Lord open his heart to us. In the name of Jesus, I pray, AMen.

2/1/2002 10:46

Heavenly father,
I just say thank. I pray that you will touch this young man's mind in a way that he has never been touched. I pray that the touch will be so strong until he can't ignore your calling. I pray that he will surrender unto you Lord and that you will guide him and direct him along the way. I pray that he will be able to get the necessary help to get over this addiction. I pray for strength for his family. In Jesus name I pray.

2/14/2002 12:58

I would like to thank my new angel shaunee, your prayer is great, and I hope you will continue to keep us in your prayers. Thank you Lord for marahet and marilyn, they get me through very hard times.

Father, continue to guide Josh, keep him wrapped in your loving arms. Bring to him GOOD people as friends and Christians that will bring him to you Lord for all his thanks and needs. Amen

2/20/2002 15:42

Father, Monday the 25th is Josh's sentencing date. Please Lord, let the judge and the probation board be fair and lenient with him. Father, he is young and made a mistake, please don't let them use him as an example, and let them know that he has been working hard to keep on the right road. Lord, grant him your mercies. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

2/21/2002 16:32

God watches over J.G. and your family,
turn- his problems over to God and pray
for him. What you can do for yourself
is to start going to Family's anonymous
or Al-Anon, which are both affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotics
Anonymous. You can go to the World Service website at www.alanon/, look for information on meeting schedules. I am
a greatful memeber of Al-Anon now for
16 years this past January. This has helped
me grow up and be a better person, and will help you and your family detach with Love. God Watch over this family.

2/21/2002 22:20

God Bless Joshua Dear Heavenly Father. Be with him during these meaningful days. This peace, security and triumph over opposition is his inheritance as Your child. This is the righteousness which he obtains from you,Father,which you impart to him as his justification. He is far from even the thought of destruction, for he shall not fear and terror shall not come near him.
Father, you say you will establish him in the end--keep him steadfast, give him strength, and guarantee his vindication, that is, be his warrant against all accusation or indictment.
I pray you will give him strength and wisdom and always he will remember that you are with him in every struggle and every heartache and he can depend on you being by his side--God Bless Joshua Lord, in Jesus name I pray, Amen

2/25/2002 13:18

Lord, I first will ask for forgivness and mercy for the sins in which I have committed and the shortcomings that I have.

Praise to you oh Lord, for you are awesome, you gave your only son, to take our sins upon himself, Thank you for our savior.

Marilyn, marahet, faithfulness, afg1986, and all the other angels, thank you for all your prayers and support, I am blessed 10 fold.

Lord, I am getting ready to leave to the hearing, please hear my prayers and those of all the angels you have sent to me. Let the judge be full of your spirit, speak the words to him that he will be understanding, caring and forgiving. Let him see that Josh is a good person, that he is and will continue to pay for his mistake. Lord enter the soul of this man, that he grant Josh freedom from jail and put him in a successful treatment program. In the name of sweet Jesus, Amen.

2/25/2002 23:51

Carefree, I read through all of your prayers and those for you and Josh and I was so touched because of your faith and your constant devotion. As a mother myself I felt for you. As a person, I am in much the same situation as your son. My boyfriend and I are in this situation together. We have prayed and prayed for each other and today we pray for you and your son although praying is still new to us right now I believe that he hears every one.
I pray for your son that God has mercy and that he is granted the right to be home with his family and loved ones. I pray that he stays close to you as you seem very close to God to me. I pray that he has faith and trust in God and that he has peace within himself. I pray for his supply of strength and courage to stay full so that he can continue to do well with his treatment. I pray that your family can have peace.
I pray for myself that I can learn to pray like you.
God Bless.

2/26/2002 11:14

Hi LissaW, thank you for your prayers. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and know that the Lord is there always. What I have learned, is that he may not always answer our prayers in exactly the way we requested them, but in the way he knows will be the best. It's hard when that happens, because you fill like he didn't listen, but he really has, and as it is stated, he doesn't intervene in the choices that we make, he leads us to the answers and gives us his own light into the circumstance. Yesterday, we went to court and although I've had so many awesome people praying for Josh and I, the outcome was not what we planned. He was sentenced to 3-4 months of Boot Camp; however he could have spent 1-6 years in jail. Right now, I am just like so many others; angry, how could our Father forsake us! With ALL the praying, him changing his life for the better, how could this happen. But, I know deep in my heart that it could have been so much worse. It just seems as though he was torn from me, and he really is a very good young man. I've asked God to forgive my anger, but I'm not doing a very good job at keeping my end. I know in time I will be fine with God, and he does understand the feelings that I have right now.

Lord, give LissaW and her boyfriend all the wonders of your love. Let them live their lives the way that you would have them, to be in your glory. Heal them Lord, and bring them to people that will mentor them with your teachings.

Lord, keep Josh safe, don't let anything happen to him in there. He's never been away anywhere without his family, keep those that would want to harm him, or lead him to the wrong path, away from him. Lord, shine your light on him, keep him wrapped in your arms for protection now and forever. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

3/4/2002 11:46

Lord, I don't know why things turned out the way that it did. Only you know the answers, and the reasons, but Lord, I beg your mercies for my son. Lord, if this is a learning road for him, please make him open to your wisdom. Lord, keep your arms of love and safety wrapped tightly around him, so that no one can cause him harm or bring him down. Do not let satan enter where he is, rebuke the serpent from being anywhere near Josh. Lord, give hime the strength, courage, wisdom, patience, and focus to get through these next few months, so that he can come home. Let all that you do for him carry through to his entire life here on earth. In the name of sweet Jesus, Amen.

3/16/2002 10:42

My dear friend...I am praying for your inner peace to surface! I am now going through issues with my son. I am right with you!!!! Bonding, loving mom's will always be the strongest medicine in this world!!!! Your praying friend Marilyn....May God Bless!!!! Amen

3/18/2002 12:57

God, continue to wrap your loving arms around Josh. Please keep him safe. Let your love rush through every inche of his body. My he listen with his heart, so that he will hear your voice. Lord and please do the same for Marilyns son. Bring them to us Lord, so that we can help them through their young adulthoods. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

3/26/2002 12:30

PRAISE GOD!! HE IS AWESOME. Father, I lay down before you, I thank you for your glory. You have such awesome love for us. You are with us always. Please forgive me my sins, help me to keep on the road that you lay out in front of me. I ask the same mercies for Joshua. Father, I know I have asked so much from you, and here I still seek your mercies, please God, let the judge change the outcome of Josh's sentence. Let him put him in some other program, rehab, something that will help Josh to continue his life in a positive way, not in prison, that will make him hard and bitter. Father, you are all loving, caring and giving, please let Josh have this second chance to live a life that you would be proud of. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

4/1/2002 20:48

Father, release Carefree from the anguish she is feeling over Josh. Restore peace to her soul as she supports her son during this difficult time. Father, touch Josh's heart to, not only hear You, but to hear the pain of his mother. Let this pain be the thing that guides him the next time temptation comes his way. This faithful mother has stood by her son during good times and bad. Let her well-being be more important than negative influences and actions. Draw Josh closer to You...let him know that You are the reason that he has choices to make and guide him to make better choices when he is released from bootcamp. Let this be a time of healing and learning, not a time for more negativity. God, please bless Josh and his mother and keep them safe. Amen.

4/14/2002 19:05

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for guiding Josh into writing me back. Josh has filled my heart with hope again. His words just made me cry with happiness that he understands you now! Thank you and keep Josh safe! Amen

4/16/2002 13:10

Lord I was visiting the original prayer circle just now, and saw a posting that I hope is not correct; but, if it is I am praying for this website to you now. Lord, please this website means soo much to so many of us, please do not let it perish. Please bring the financial needs that the owner of this wonderful website needs. You have brought so many of us together here, we have become family, and this is where so many of us come to praise and worship you, and also pray for one another. When the rest of the world does not understand our needs, we are able to come here and know that we are always here for one another; hear my prayers Father, that you intervene and let this website stay with us forever. In the name of Jesus, amen.

4/16/2002 13:11

Lord I was visiting the original prayer circle just now, and saw a posting that I hope is not correct; but, if it is I am praying for this website to you now. Lord, please this website means soo much to so many of us, please do not let it perish. Please bring the financial needs that the owner of this wonderful website needs. You have brought so many of us together here, we have become family, and this is where so many of us come to praise and worship you, and also pray for one another. When the rest of the world does not understand our needs, we are able to come here and know that we are always here for one another; hear my prayers Father, that you intervene and let this website stay with us forever. In the name of Jesus, amen.

4/17/2002 13:14

Lord, forgive me my sins that I come here today with. Help me with all my faults, my easy anger, my bad mouth, for I know that my mouth is my biggest sin. Sometimes the words come without anythought as to what I am going to say, and I immediately regret many things that seem to slip out. Father give me the courage to respond to people when they speak things that shouldn't be said, I tend to let them continue speaking without cutting them off, letting them know that I don't like the things that they say, and do not want to hear those things. Lord, grant me wisdom to always say the right things, at the right time, so that I may help others live your word, that I may be able to make changes in others life for the better.

Lord, grant peace on this earth, let those of the holy land, reap in peace. Let the fighting stop, and let the love bring unity to all. In the name of our Lord, Amen.

4/18/2002 12:52

Lord I come here today to thank you for all that you blessed me with. Wonderful family, great friends, all the riches a person could ever need on this earth. I look around me, and with so much pain and sorrow all around me, I can only give you my humanly thanks, because you are always with me and my loved ones. You are SO AWESOME!! I praise your glory, I pray that I will be amongst those you choose at the end of this life, to enter into your heavenly kingdom. Thank you Father, and please continue to bless me with you graces. In the name of our Lord, Amen.

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