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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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7/30/2001 14:38

Please pray for my husband and myself who's only been married for a few months. He has a serious problem controlling his anger and tends to lash out at me at times. I want to be a good wife according to the Word. I want to be submissive to my husband but I find it hard to do because of his behavior. At times I'm afraid of him because of his anger. He refuses to trust me and believes that I'm cheating on him when I'm not. Please pray that God will open his eyes and have him realize that satan is attacking him and he would change. I will keep you all in my prayers as well. Thank you & God bless.

7/30/2001 15:18

i found this prayer on a link (covenant keepers) from i hope it helps, i know it helps me. i'm going to pray this every day.
confession against the spirit of divorce
divorce you can't live in my home. i'm saying to you in Jesus' Name, remove yourself from me and go into the depths of the sea. no divorce can live in my home because Jesus is my miracle worker. Jesus you are performing a miracle for me now, you are removing divorce from my marriage. my marriage is free from divorce in Jesus' Name. divorce you are cursed. the roots of you have been cursed. you are dead-dead-dead. divorce you are dead, get out inJesus' Name. the Lord Jesus Christ is my miracle worker and He is performing a miracle for me now. Jesus,You are my miracle worker. Mark 11:24

7/30/2001 17:17

Thank you Folk698 for your prayer. I believe that we should all stand against the spirit of divorce. I also want to thank you for the web site I visited it today and was enlightened. During the past few months, I am constantly reading books about relationships (bibically endorsed) and marriages. I also like to surf the internet for web sites that support marriages and not "life is too short, just leave, etc."

I would like to recommend a book to everyone the views this web site, THE POWER OF THE PRAYING WIFE (also written THE POWER OF THE PRAYING HUSBAND.) This book has been so helpful to me and believe that it would help many of you. I also recommend any books written by Gary Smalley and Gary Chapman, both are Christians who give terrific insight to our circumstances.

I firmly believe that with the help of Jesus (if we let him)will see us through these trials we are walking through.

Thanks again Folk698 for the encouraging prayer. It gave me a real boost. Shannon (p.s. I am still praying for each of you, please continue your prayers for me.)

7/30/2001 17:46

I need a special prayer. I have been in a relationship with this man for 16 years off and on. We finally got married
last june. Now that we are married things has canged for the worst. at this time I am very Ill. He get upset when he have to take me to the doctor. He fills that he souldn't have to take care of a grown women that is sick. He also thinks its ok to visit with his ex-girlfriends. We don't do alot of things together. We have a 10 year old son that
he takes over to his ex-girlfriends houses. He always complain about everything I do.

7/30/2001 18:29

Please pray for me and my husband. We are both saved. We've been married 14 years and we have 1 son together. My husband's love for me seems as if it's not there anymore. We don't pray, read the Bible and spend time alone or together as a family like we use to. I know Satan is out to destroy the family home. I know it's by the grace of God we are still together. I ask that for you all to pray for me and my family through Jesus Christ name.

7/30/2001 20:38

God, please dwell in our house, in our hearts and in the midst of our relationships. May You help us to see the Truth and Light in every moment when we are with our spouse, and may You guide us in our thoughts, our words and our actions so that we will not drive our spouses to other women's arms. Lord, please strengthen our spouses so that they can withstand temptations and that they be committed to the marriage. Lord, we need You and we need our families to be whole. May You give us the strength to be sweet, the wisdom to act and do what is right and necessary. Jesus, You performed Your first miracle at the wedding at Canaan; please be with our marriages constantly.. we need You always. In this very troubled times when others are seducing our husbands and our husbands are allowing their temptations to take over - Jesus, please give our husbands strength, and please show the women that they can find happiness finding the partners You have chosen for them. No one should steal another woman's spouse and no one should steal anything. God, I commend all these marriages in your hands - we need You so very much. Lord, please protect our children most of all - they are innocent and they suffer most when a marriage is in trouble. God, please guide us parents so that no matter what happens, we do not hurt our children and we do not hurt each other.
In Jesus Most Precious Name.. Amen.

7/30/2001 22:31

thank you amanda for the prayer. you really lifted my spirits. we need to stand united against satan and the demons he is trying to surround our marriages with. lord we ask that you put a hedge of your protection around our marriages and our families. fill us with your Holy Spirit to be the wives and mothers that you want us to be. we ask this in Jesus' name. amen

7/31/2001 11:58

I am wondering if it is really Satan destroying our marriages or maybe it is just us?! I ask that because we willingly cheat and lie and even though, yes we know that Satan is always around and trying to destroy what we try so hard to keep afloat, but I am just curious and wonder if its us the individuals whom destroy our own lives and marriages. For example the men who leave with women from chat lines, evidently the man has become bored with his mate and is looking to move in another direction--even though it may be the wrong direction the man is making a conscious decision to do this. I think that we just need God to pray and ask us what does he want us to do next even though it hurts so bad to see our loved ones leave, we just need to leave it in God's hand because if we know that we truely did all that we could do than there is nothing else left.

I am asking for prayers for my family. My husband and I ran into some rocky times before we ever even got married. There was cheating and all sorts of things going on...well to make a long story short we survived all that and finally got married. Well now my husband seems to be unhappy in the marriage and I fear that he will cheat on me--which will simply break my heart. He constantly says stuff like, "I am only here because of our son," in front of guess when he's mad. I am always embarressed and later extremely upset. I ask him if he doesn't want to be here with me than why is he here? He never has a clear answer. So I am starting to believe that maybe he is just unhappy and Satan has nothing to do with his feelings--only my husband knows how he feels and where he wants to be. So I pray and I say God--let your will be done in Heaven as it is in Earth.

7/31/2001 14:39

Please Dear Jesus, I place all my trust in you. Help my husband to live by Your Word and bring the Holy Spirit back to him. Place a Hedge of Thornes around my husband so that anyone who is interested in him will loose interest and leave. I thank you Father for hearing and answering my prayer. Amen.

7/31/2001 21:36

God, be in our midst in this very troubled times. Temptations come in may disguises and more often than not, evil seems to trumph over right. But this is not true we know - this is only temporary for God, only You will win.
Lord, we need you. In the weaknesses of our spouses, the evil intentions, deliberate or unintentional from other parties, in the mundane tiring of our everyday lives, in the lack luster of our relationships, in the burdens that we carry in a household or as parents - God, we need You. Please be in our midst, in our trials and please God, let us taste Your strength, let us feel Your Peace and let us see Your wisdom. We need you to speak the right words to turn our spouses to our hearts and arms again. We need you to show us to be the pillar of strength our children need us to be.
Satan can put his forces to tempt - but God, You will triumph. We trust in You and commit ourselves to pray for You to work in our midst. Lord, do what You see fit in Your time and in the mean time - Lord, we ask You to comfort us.

8/1/2001 07:44

my man and i have our good days and our bad days,we have been married 24 years, 8 months ago all suspions(sp) came true that he was having an affair,but since her mother dead he was all full of negative thoughts and lots of hostility.when he got got that he was lying about the affair,his answer was we stopped and i love you. But he has seen the woman sveral times since then and call her all the time.He is drinking more and staying away from our house more i believe it will get worse cause the last kid at home goes to college and i work 5 nights a week my hours are 10:30pm to 6:30 am I told him that he needs counsel and that out of the question sometimes we have talking together but alot of times he says the problem is I dont clean house good enough or I keep all the money to myself but for all the years my money has brought all things needed for the house and paid all the bills, i pray but feel like God doesnt answer.I have brought so many books on relationship ,lovers that that have affairs,and etc. I understand that maybe 8 out of 10 marriage some spouse will have and affair,some get thru it.But in my case I feel that my husband has become a very dangerous man,I need a stronger prayer circle,the love and trust i had for my man is now not there.Becky

8/1/2001 08:44

Lord, we pray for the marriages that are represented on these pages. we know that through You our marriages will be restored and the You will give us the love and trust that we once had for our spouse. help us to see them not only as our husbands but as Your sons, whom You love just as much as You love us. bind satan from our lives, thoughts, homes and words. we know that all things are possible through You, and that when we join our voices in prayer for anything, it shall be granted by You. Lord, we join our voices now....restore our marriages, return love and trust to our relationship, take away the hurt and anger replacing it with forgiveness and joy. we ask this in Your Holy Name. amen

8/1/2001 08:50

becky, i'm sorry this is happening to you. have you checked out www. i have read surviving an affair and his needs her needs both by willard harley. he hosts the web site. i have also counseled with his son steve and it does help. my husband said he would never go to a counselor but (praise God) he talked to steve last week, even though he said he only did it to help me get through our separation, i know that steve planted seeds that God will help grow in in his mind and heart. check it out :)

8/1/2001 08:51

becky, i'm sorry this is happening to you. have you checked out www. i have read surviving an affair and his needs her needs both by willard harley. he hosts the web site. i have also counseled with his son steve and it does help. my husband said he would never go to a counselor but (praise God) he talked to steve last week, even though he said he only did it to help me get through our separation, i know that steve planted seeds that God will help grow in in his mind and heart. check it out :)

8/1/2001 12:00

My father, I would like to first thank you for allowing me to see another day in your world. I would also like to thank you for opening my eyes and for letting me begin to understand that nothing in this world is perfect. We all want the perfect marriage, the perfect mate. Help us all to understand that even though we become one once we are married, we are still individuals in your eyes. You don't expect us all to think the same way. If so, what a dull world this would be. Help us all to remember that marriage and unity takes time. Nothing ever happens over night. Help us all to remember that every day of our lives is a learning experience and that you are never too old to learn from someone else. It takes a man and a woman to to create a marriage and it takes a man and a woman to build a family and to make it work. Thank you for showing me that the key to a lasting marriage is love an faith in you. Thank you for giving me the strength to stay in my marriage and for making me understand that it is normal to go through hard times. You never promised us that it would be easy. Thank you for teaching my husband and I how to communicate with one another. Thank you for creating anger because without it, we would have never learned about forgiveness. Thank you for teaching me that everyone makes mistakes but, the key to living is what you do after you have admitted that a mistake has been made. Thank you for giving me the courage to say that I'm sorry and for giving me a chance to correct the things that I have done wrong in my life. I pray that you show others grace, humility and most of all patience. I also want to ask you to help those who are having trouble in their marriage and that they just sit down and think very hard before they end their marriages. I pray that they will do what is best for them and not for their friends and family because when it is all over, they are going to be the ones who will have to answer to you for what they have done in their lives. May we always look to you for answers because, only our faith in you will see us through. Amen...

8/1/2001 15:05

I am asking for your prayers for my marriage. Specifically that my husband will begin reading the word, going to church and being the husband that I need. I also ask for prayer for myself to forget and forgive, controlling anger and resentment and to be the wife he needs and that God has called me to be. I ask for prayer and support to NOT GIVE UP and NOT GIVE IN TO THE ENEMY! I will pray for you too, God Bless each and every one of you.

8/1/2001 17:58

Everyone - think postive - everyone go now and do something nice for yourselves. As little as taking a bubble bath. Ladies- we need to relax - and take care of ourselves as well. God wants us to take care of ourselves. Let go and Let God. I pray for everyone on this site that the heaviness in your hearts - is lightened. Take care! Love, Carol

8/1/2001 18:44

Father in the precious name of Jesus, I pray for each and everyone who has submitted a prayer request seeking your healing in our marriages. Help us recognize your awesome love for us and for our spouses. I ask for patience for all who are experiencing trials in our marriages. Help us to remember to seek you and your kingdom first and all these things will be added unto us. Father in the name of Jesus we wait patiently for you realizing that greater is he who is in us than he who is in the world. Your word says that you will never leave us nor forsake us. I claim victory in these marriages in the powerful name of Jesus. I stand against Satan and all his spirits that are not of God. Father help us to keep our eyes focused on you instead of our problems as we anxiously await your blessings. Help us also to hold every negative thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. Thank you Father for your awesome love. Thank you for your Holy Spirit that resides in us. Thank you for sending your Spirit to help guide us to your Glory. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.

8/2/2001 10:21

My name is Jamie and my heart goes out for all of the marriages that are suffering. You are in my prayers! My marriage is not how it suppose to be either. I work 8 hrs a day and when i get off i go and pick up my children and we go home. Well my husband is already at home by the time i come home because he gets off before i do. I don't go out and i hardly ever get phone calls, but he does not trust me at all. He has this complex about if he does not make me happy or if he comes home late; that i will cheat on him. He says all of the time "are you cheating on me because i can't seem to make you happy." That is not fair to me at all. I try to be a good wife but sometimes it is hard because i don't do anything or give him any reason to think that i am cheating but he thinks that i am anyway because of what he does or do not do! He is on probation and he continues to spoke marijuana and he expects me to say nothing. We go to church and we talk about getting better and doing what we know that God wants us to do, but we sometimes fall back and get carried away when we are arguing. I know that i am not perfect but i know that i am not a cheater! I pray continuously that we may get better and that he may stop accusing me of cheating and start being more responsible when it comes to what he knows that he should be doing. I love him so much and i do not want a divorce, but i have told him so many times that if he continues to not trust me for no apparent reason and if he keeps on spoking marijuana then i will divorce him. We've only been married for one yr. but we've been together for three and a half years. He could go to jail for spoking marijuana and driving without a license but he won't listen to me so i've tried to give it all over to God, but it is very hard. We have two children 2yrs/9yrs. Would you please pray for my husband and also my family? Thanks, Jamie
If you have something in common with what i'm going through and would like to talk about it, please e-mail me at

8/2/2001 14:10

please praye for my Son and His Family
they are in the process of separating
they both say there is no hope however,
I believe that God is in the business of restoring marriages , not helping to break them up, however he has to have the cooperation of both. Please pray for
both him and his wife and two wonderful children, pray that none be lost. That
Love will be restored to that Home.

8/2/2001 20:04

a friend gave me this prayer years ago, but it seems like it pertains to alot of us right now.
give me the strength o Lord; to accept my place in your world. i am not your only child, may i not rebel against the sorrow, pain and burdens that come into my life as you work with your other children.

i will continue to pray for all of our families and our marriages. may the be restored to the loving relationships that God wants them to be. in His Holy Name. amen

8/2/2001 21:03

I have read alot of your prayers and concerns about marriage, I have been 24 years and I have been through alot with my husband, I don't remember a time when he wasn't doing something that could bring crisis to our lives, spending, drinking, gambling, affairs, but I stayed, I believe God hates divorces and his will is that we stay married, but there are many place where he says flee from evil, let the unsaved go if he choices, because wife you don't know you or will save him, God only knows, but God is gentleman, Jesus never interfered or stepped in until we asked, look at the woman who suffered many years with a issue of blood, and lost almost everything in what she did, till she touch him and he healed her. Jesus needs to touch all of us who have been bleeding for many years, whether it is because of us or our partners. I believe the truth sets us free, and each of us need to look into what or why we married who we did, and what the pay off is to stay married, or stay with them. We need to become strong inside ourselves with Gods help so we can stand against the storms. God allowed divorce because of the harding of our hearts, and unfortunately when a spouse leaves it is because they have hardened their heart, and God does not hold us accountable for the mistakes of others. I am examing my own life, how God fits in and where my marriage is, but I believe I don't love myself but allowing my husband to do damaging things to my life. I need to love myself to love others. I know there are no greener pastures out there. But I know God calls each and everyone use to follow peach, even if that means leaving the one we love and our dreams behind. To each of you, my heart goes out to you, I will pray for you and keep you in my prayers, and I hope you will do the same for me. God bless. OR

8/4/2001 13:49

Ninat, i know exactly what youa re going throuhg. My husband and I are also separated because of his military life, and now that we are close of living together again ,he says he does not love me anymore. That he loves me as a friend but he does not which to continue marreid to me. It is very heart-breaking, but I pray everyday that he will realized that although we are young we are not missing out on anything, we are just enjoying life together.

8/5/2001 19:22

hrgirl4,I wish you will pray for yourself isntead of your husband. The pain is jsut a consequence of your acts. Pray to the Lord to mercy and teach you how to see his light through the storm. And remember taht every thing takes double the time it took to harm. Your marriage will be restore if you have faith, but it will take time. I pray for you to have the strenght to foucs on you and not in your husbands act. Dear Lord please allow this child of yours to see the failures and not to worry about her husband.May this child look and find within herslef your light of restoation, so she ca be the gracefully wife you wish her to be Amen

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