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Please pray that the Lord gives me favor on my job search. Lord God,I pray that you see my need and bless me as your word said you would. I believe and have faith that you are able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we can ever hope, ask or think. Please lead and guide me in the direction and path you have set for me since the beginning of time. I look to you for strength, guidance, mercy and assurance that all will be well and that my children and I shall never suffer lack. Thank you Lord for all your saints who stand faithfully with me in this prayer, and bless them merely for caring and praying for and with me now in my hour of need. I give all praise, glory, and honor to you Lord and thank you in advance for this new position you have placed me in. Amen.

MASONAGE -6/29/2001
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5/28/2003 19:54

I am a single parent as well with a hard 50-50 history.. My husband is in jail for 32 years.. and I have been alone for 8 1/2 years.. and I have 3 daughters..15,13,12...And Lord I could use your help.. with them now... and my 15 year old daughter is gonna have a baby.. and I will get no help... because she is a minor... Lord I ask that you bless me and them.. and Let them learn to love the new person that I am trying to be with.. I know that you placed him in my life Lord.. please teach them to get along... and bring peace to my home.. help me with my finances... You are the king of silver and gold.. you never leave me,,, Lord... ayuda me senor ten piedad de mi.. Senor.. se me hace bien duro.. hoy ser semehante a ti y como tu quiere que yo sea.. ayuda me.. con mis cosas.. financiales.. please Lord.. no me deje en este momento.. hace me fuerte para lo que tu quieras en mi vida.. Perdona me por no ser la hija que tu te mereces.. SI mis ojos pudiera verte.. y mi cuerpo darte un a braso.. senor.. nesesito un a braso.. fuerte mi Dios.. Senor te pido paz con mi hija mayor.. y con el para... que no hayga.. playto.. tu lo puedes hacer.. senor.. Tranquilisame Senor.... con tu paz y amor.. y ayuda.. me hacer fuerte como tu quiere.. hace me Senor valiente... y no cobarde.. como siempre lo soy.. yo no soy Valiente.. mi corazon esta en pedasos.. senor.... y ya no puedo... Pero me rindo... a tu's pies.. Senor.. thank you lord.. gracia's Senor.. que tu nos ama... gracia' por mis hijas.. y su buen corazon... gracia... y perdoname por queharme tanto.. Father God you are faithful and just and your word tells us to submit to you.. and all those things shall be added un to you.. seek ye first the kingdom of God.. I place it in your hands Lord.. when ever you want it... that's what I have to wait for.. your time.. Thank you for forgiving our sins Lord and never leaving us.. amen.... I thank you... Padre.. gracia por ser tan fiel a mi... AMEN... te quiero Mirelis y bebe.. Monet... Keishla.. and Evis.. sorry love Mommy. (god bless you's)

5/28/2003 20:02

Father I pray for this mother that you provide her a job Lord... that she may learn to trust in you.. lord and teach us Lord to give you what is your's Lord.. teach us to tideth... so that you may bless us... so that the devil does not take what we work hard for... Lord give her a big hug... for she cry's out for your help... blessing for those children for they are your Lord.. and you take excellent care of your children Lord.... Father bless and protect her.. financially, spiritually.. physically.. Gracia's Lord.. because you are faithful and just.. I pray that you reap blessing and showers of love.. amen.
love a single parent with children too..

7/23/2003 18:49

Pray for me and I will Pray for you.I need all Kinds of FAVOR.I know I am blessed.Humble and Change.Waiting on the Lord in Whom I trust...

7/29/2003 13:16

I to am a signle mom of a sixteen year old. I am getting out of a bad marriage. I am trying to earn a degree online. I do have a job but it is not enough to live on. Without my parents opening up their home to me i could not survive. I need your prayers and support to help me through my bad time. I am thatnkful for the blessings God does give me on the way. But i need prayers for finacial security and to help me get my son through college in a year. I prayers to help guide me to a relationship that is meant to be. I need prayers to help guide me down the road I need to be on.

8/6/2003 14:56

May blessings pour upon your house and upon your head, and your children. May you find employment that feeds your soul, pays your bills, makes you happy, and still gives you time to be with your children. With harm to none, so mote it be!

8/17/2003 22:47

I pray that my prayers be answered.

9/15/2003 05:31

Dear God. Thank you for the lives you have given these people. Thank you for the guides you have sent to them and the guides you will send. I pray they Lord, please ease the pain from their heart and loneliness from their souls. Please brush their head with a soft warm breeze to give them the ears to hear and eyes to see the way they are to go. Please send a smell of flowers to lighten their hearts and souls, reminding them of good days ahead, better times, and that they are never alone. Please send them apples, grapes, peaches, and pare, to remind them it is a fruit of life, that are so sweet with energy and love. Please give cool water over their feet, so that the feet will feel fresh so that can continue their journey. I pray thee Father for the energy of them and their families, that they be held together during the trials of which they go from one stepping stone to another.May there always be a roof over their heads, food in their stomach, shoes upon their feet, a friend to help with their burdens. Amen

10/13/2003 20:18

Please my GOD be this mom's rock of strenght, her shield of protection, her light of hope... guide her, bless her in her search... keep a roof under her head, food on her table, clothing to keep her from the weather, love to give her a reason to fight, hope to never quit tryin, and angels to help her anytime... give her ur love... stay in her home, in her family and in her heart. amen

11/29/2003 11:46

I am a single mom of 3 sons, who lost their father 2 months apart 4 years ago. God had been good to us and we are truly blessed. Over the past 2 years mom I have been some bad choices in relationships and finances. My oldest is a freshman at Virginia State University and my two younger sons are just average good kids. I had to make a decision that affects my family, I decided that I could longer afford to pay for oldest sons' college education because of the bad choices I made. It hurt me to have to tell him and my other sons' that money is going to tight and I cannot do everything. This stress over my finances have affect my health and emotional stability. I am lossing weight, worry all the time, can't sleep, and let my mind wander on things that don't matter that affect my daily living. I am asking everyone to pray for me and my family that moms gains some emotional and financial stability. I have faith in God that this a learning process for me but sometimes being a mom and making decisions that affect our children can emotionally draining. Please pray for me and my sons.

1/6/2004 16:10

I will pray for you as I'm divorced mom of 8 and have been through alot.Praying will give you strengh when needed.
God Bless

3/16/2004 11:21

Single does not equal alone.

I remember well what it felt like to be single mother with three children, though I am no longer in those circumstances.

Remember how it felt to give birth? How your body knew what to do even if your consciousness didn't? God made you strong. His power is no less in you now than it was that day.

Everyday I think of you my Sisters. Knowing what you go through ~ though our belief's may not be the same, I ask for strength...providence... prosperity... and the knowledge for you to know that you have not been forgotten, nor never will be.

"The Wonders of the World are no longer pristine, well conditioned ~ and yet they are STILL the ~WONDERS~ of the world. So too are you"

In hope and deep respect,

4/3/2004 09:19

Please pray for me...I'm Leah, 25 single mom to a 7 month old baby. please do pray for us that we will be able to overcome the trials along the way...being a sigle mom is difficult and hard but im trying my best to be strong especially for my baby..i did not get married because the man was not responsible and did not care about us..i was so devasted that time. i was on the peak of my not hypocrite but there was the time when i think about "will i continue" this pregnancy and be able to lost everything...Thank God i continue the pregnancy willing to faced the shame of being pregnant without marriage...All i was thinking that time was "LET IT BE DONE"...SO im happy to say that we been in ups and downs...i have been in tremendous holocoust of guilt because my baby is not with me now she is in the philippines with my was the hardest decision that i have to make in my life but i have to so i can work for our future...everything happen so fast that sometimes i have to take time to think about things that was happening to my life but at the same time im so thankful that my parents, friends and relatives supported and continue loving me inspite of my imperfections, faults and mistakes...i can trully say that I am now a BETTER and STRONGER i realized that GOd will not give you problem that you cannot withstand and everything happen for a reason just put your faith and trust in him..Lord i now believe that you will not give a problem that i cannot handle...Lord i ask for your guidance, strength, wisdom and also gud health for my baby. This i ask through Chirst our Lord...AMen.

4/15/2004 08:18

bless you, thelord will do is work, i pray your life begins to be on even ground. to the lord we give our praise!

5/21/2004 14:10

Thank you everyone for posting your prayers here. It made me feel like I am not alone. I too am a single mom of one beautiful soul, she is the sweetest thing and my miracle. I believe that God had sent her to me to help keep me upbeat and sane. about 4 years before she was born, my boyfriend had died in a terrible accident. I met him and he had 4 boys which I very much loved and adored. He said that he wanted to have a baby girl and that I would be the one to give it to him. Then the tradegy hit. I was so devastated. Well when my daughter was born, Bob was the first person that I thought of. He asked God to send my little girl to me. I feel bad at times that I can not afford to buy her what other children have, all I have to give her is my love and my time. Even though we don't have a lot of material possessions, I feel we are blessed with each other. We make each other laugh all the time especially when one of us is feeling down. I have raised her on my own since she was born. Her father is now a full blown alcoholic and is disabled. So I don't get much from him in the way of support. I carry the full burden of taking care of her and now with the help of my partner. She is now 12 and I look back and can't believe we have been on our own for so may years. I have been through alot over the years, it was a horrifing day, I went into the hospital for an outpatient surgery and ended up in intensive care for two weeks, I lost my job because my employer was not very understanding and said he had a business to run. Well a day later I took a turn for the worse and they called in my family to see me and I am so grateful to this day that my mom insisted that my daughter see me, at the time she was only 4 and my daughter spoke to me and as young as she was prayed to God to let mommy come home and within the hour, I awoke and saw all my family around me and as usual got up and started joking. I believe this to be a true miracle, another one that is mine. As I stated before I lost my job and my home that i worked so hard for. I was trying to get well and find a new job and was getting very frustrated, when God sent me another angel to save me, that is when I met my boyfriend and we are now together for 7 years now. I have my daughter and my partner to help me through the tough times along with my family. I want so much to feel closer to God though. When I got divorced, my Church turned me away and I feel very angry with that fact. They say that I can participate in the church, but can not take the sacraments. I want to feel differently about my Church but it is so hard. I have gone to other churches and I have not found one that I feel comfortable attending. I really feel the need to be closer, but don't know how to. I once again lost my job, the second time in three years, and hurting financially. My partner finally went back to work after two years of being without employment. I am praying real hard that God is finding the right job for me. I lost my last position for being a good mom and taking my child from doctor to doctor to try and find out what was wrong with her. The doctors were all scratching theirs heads, till finally they discovered she had gallbladder disease and high cholesteral, they finally removed her gallbladder and she is getting on her feet. I only missed 2 days for her surgery, but my boss said if I can't be there everyday, then don't bother coming back. I know that God won't give me anything that I can't handle, but sometimes it really hurts. She now has to take medication which is very costly and I am hurting inside when I can't afford to get it for her. She just says, mom I understand, I can suffer a little bit for all you suffered for me. Thank you everyone for listening and praying. I will keep everyone in my prayers and maybe together we will all do God's will. I feel so much better right now. Thank you for listening and may God's graces and blessings be upon you all. I just needed to talk with someone. Thanks again for listening. Blessings to all.

6/28/2004 16:43

May the Lord bless and keep you and your family. May your faith continue to shine and may you recognize the He alone provides- if He can provide for the birds, he can provide for your family- just have faith.
God, keep this woman safe and close to your heart. Bless her and her children during this time of need. Give them grace, Lord, and we pray that you provide them with the means to meet their needs. In the most powerful name of your loving Son, Jesus, Amen.

7/10/2004 17:14

Jesus you know what each of us need in our life, you said in your word, that if we ask, we will receive, with a humble heart and spirit I ask for mercy for all of us who are addicted, frighten and lost. You knew us before we were ever born. Our path was already chosen, if we fall short or get off track, you use that to make us strong and allow us to rediscover that we will always need you. Please read James chapter 1 verses 1-18 Jesus name I pray AMEN!

11/5/2004 07:57

dear heavenly father I pray for our sister who is need of your love and comfort, I ask You OUR LORD to please ease her pain and anxieties let her not be weary for with you Heavenly FATHER nothing is impossible and as I pray to lift up this family of yours Lord. Thank you All mighty GOD for all your bounties and may you always guide us with your loving arms in JESUS NAME GOD BLESS you sister, dont ever loose faith!!

12/21/2004 12:33

Lord you know our needs and wants i pray that you provide for this mother who has to be mother and father to her children give her the strength bless her family help her to find a wonderful job that she will enjoy but also a job that will enable her to still have time for her children amen

1/9/2005 01:08

I pray for your strength and for your sucess. Bless you and your family.

3/14/2005 23:50

I am a single mother of a 4 year old living with my parents im in need of a job..Im on assistance. but i need more..a job and plan on going to college for a LPN so please pray for me and my son to get stronger and get through this and pray for my parents who have been helping me support my son and myself....

3/26/2005 11:36

Father God, I pray for all single parents as we understand these hardships of so many. Lord I pray you bless each individual in this transitional period in their life. Understanding that single parents are now the "orphans and widows" of today's society, I pray you provide abundantly. In Your Name and Honor and Glory, Amen

7/8/2005 17:00

I am not a mother, but my mother is raising 4 children on her own. I understand the hardships a single mother faces. You and your children are in my prayers. You are a wonderful person and I believe great blessings are coming your way.

8/17/2005 15:40

Father in Jesus Name let this cry be heard in your kingdom As she is seeking to be obedient in your command to work. I pray this path that she has choosen will led her in a closer walk with you and that the spirit of the lord will resided in her at all times.amen

8/31/2005 13:26

i pray that you be lead by the power of the Holy Spirit to the place of employment that god has destined just for you. i pray that he anointing of speed be upon this and all the prayers that are going forth on your behalf. i pray that you be still and know that God is God and let Him be just that to you and you shall good results. know that when you cast all your cares upon Him because He cares about you He will be your all in all.

i pray that you allow the power and the presence of the Holy spirit lead you to the job that God has destined just for you. ipray that you be still and know that God is god and let Him be God to you, ipray that you cast all your cares and burdens, whatsoever it is that does concern you upon Him for He cares about you. When you get discouraged i pray God take it away, and lead you to His word that He spoke to Hager in the book of Genisis, when she to feard for the welfare of her son and herself. i pray that in the process of time that God be just as good to you and better than He has been to me, for he has been taking care of me for the last ten years without the benifit of a paying Job. i back then didn't think that i could make it, BUT GOD, He knew better and here i am to testify of that FACT. May the Lord our God allow His face to shine upon you and your son, in ways that you will not believe unless you have the experience for yourself. Like Moses told the childern of Israel when they stood at the Red Sea, Stand still and you will see the salvation of the Lord our God come to pass. Be blessed you are God's child and He loves you with all His heart, and i do to. i pray that the anointing of speed be upon each and every prayer that is going forth on your behale In jesus Name

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