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9/15/2001 17:39

Dear Jesus,
I just took a collect call from Jacqueline, and asked for me to send her the rest of her things! She told me she in not coming back. I just wired her money to purchase a ticket back to Chicago...She is not coming back...I am shaking as I type this. Please God, keep her from using this money to fund any use of drugs for herself. Guide her into making the right choice. She has bipolar and is out of control with her emotions. I could tell in the tone of her voice, that something is not right with her. She is bitter, and has changed from our last conversation. I am so tired from what has happened in our country. I have been praying non-stop for everyone. Please answer this one prayer, and keep her away from drugs......Amen

9/16/2001 22:40

Heavenly Father, I stand in faith with Marilyn and ask that you hear our prayer for Jacqueline. Please intervene in this crisis and bring her home to the love and care of her mother. Bring her home so that she can get the care that she needs right now. Bring her home so that she will not be under the control of someone who does not have her best interest at heart. She needs Your help and Your intervention Lord. I pray that You bind the evil that has control of her life right now and cast is away. Restore her mental well being so that she can make the right choices for herself. Remove any urge to take drugs and remove any access she may have to these drugs. Let the bright light of Your love penetrate the wall she has built around herself and free her from the darkness. Lord hear our prayers as we stand in faith before You. Please bring Jacqueline home. Please intervene on behalf of this loving mother and speak to Jacqueline's heart so that she will change her mind about not coming home. Heavenly Father, please intercede on behalf of this mother. In Your name I pray these things. Amen.

Marilyn, I am so sorry that you are going through this! I will pray for Jacqueline each waking hour. I hope with all my heart that she will change her mind and return home as planned next week. God bless you and your family.

9/17/2001 14:43

Father in heaven, give Jacqueline the wisdom to make her journey to her mother. A mother is in very much sorrow. Lead her home Lord, keep her safe from the drugs. Open her heart Jesus, to see the right road. For all of us that are suffering from the choices that our children are making, Lord Our Father, grant them peace, to deal with the demons that reside within them, banish them Lord from our hurting children. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Marilyn, please have faith, like you have said to me, many times; the Lord will guide our children back to us. Remember, that you are in my prayers always, and you are one of my shining Angels. We are here for strength from each other. God be with you.

9/17/2001 19:32

My dear Marahet and Carefree, you both are true angels. With all the people that I come in contact with in my everyday life, I recieve so much support from you both. I thank everyone here that has , and continues to pray. I feel as if you are family. I pray for our children every minute. This week has been so terrible. I knew someone that crashed into the Pentagon. I never ever thought that this much sorrow would hit again. My focus is spread , and my prayers are in higher demand. I love you all for all that you are...Peace

9/19/2001 21:15

My dear Lord...I am sitting here on the night before Jackie's 18th birthday. I have not heard from her in days now. All I can think about, is when she was born. It is playing in my head like a movie. My heart is so empty, and hurt. I do not know where she is, nor do I know if she is safe. I have to give my worry to you dear Jesus. I have to raise my two other children Jillian, and Robert. If I fall apart, they will lose their mom. I need your strength now. I pray for guidance. I need to know she is alright. God bless all the souls that died on September 11th. Take care of their loved ones. Thank you for all my friends here at Beliefnet that show me love, and concern. Please take care of their families...Praise be to God....Amen

9/20/2001 11:33

Dear Marilyn, my heart goes to you, in such a sad time. Remember, that our beautiful children when they do these things that hurt us so much, that it really is Satan, he is trying to have them, but we need to keep our faith in our God, we need to keep on praying. Keep your memories of the very good times with Jacqueline, so that it will help through this frustrating times. Lord God our Father, lead Jacqueline home to be united with the family that loves her unconditionally. Heal Marilyn's sorrows, bring her peace. Give her the strength to go on each day, let the children that she still has at home, be her guiding force. Let her continue shining for them. May Jacqueline, open her eyes to the love that is awaiting for her at home. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

9/20/2001 18:31

Dear Lord, I pray that You answer Marilyn's prayers and bring Jacqueline home tomorrow as planned. If this is not Your will or it is not the right moment, then have her reach out to her mother and let her know that she is safe. Keep her from the vices that bring havoc and chaos into her life. Restore her health so that she can make wise choices. Return her to the arms of her loving mother who needs her as much as she needs her mother. Let Your love replace the emptiness in Jacqueline's soul so that she may, again, see the beauty in her life. Give her life peace and stability. Amen.

9/21/2001 18:39

My dear Lord..This is the day after Jacqueline's birthday. I managed to attend Jillian's junior year parent night at school last night. I was strong for Jill's needs, so that she knows,that I care enough to go on as normal. After the meeting, we went to dinner. In the meanwhile, my son Robert was at home. I noticed when I came home, that on the caller id, was a collect call made here. Out of anger, my son refused the charges. My heart sank. Just shortly after this, we had a very bad rain storm. My phone line was down. I am praying to you, my dear Lord, to give Jacqueline the courage to try again, and not to feel that I have rejected her. I need your assistance in this time of dispair. Christ have mercy...Peace to all families of the victims in New York, and Washington..My prayers are with all...Amen

9/21/2001 22:12

Father, I ask that You reunite mother and daughter even if only by phone. Bridge the gap of pain and confusion that separates them. Let Marilyn's phone ring this weekend and let Jacqueline's voice reassure her mother that she is well and , if it is Your will at this time, coming home. You know the anguish in her heart...please comfort Marilyn in this difficult time. Let Jacqueline HEAR the anguished prayers of a mother for her child. Let her heart long for the comfort of her mother's arms. Give her strength to break free of the chains that bind her so tightly. Lord, bring this young daughter home to safety. In Your name, I pray that Jacqueline will come home in the next few days or weeks. I pray that her mother be given the chance hold her daughter in her arms and offer her comfort and guidance. I stand in Faith before You with Marilyn and ask You these things. Amen.

9/22/2001 23:08

Oh heavenly do listen to prayers. I feel like I am surrounded by guardian angels. I sense this, because just as I was praying last night, the phone rang. Thank you for Jacqueline calling me, and letting me know she is alright. She even apologized for her actions. I am in more shock, because she was calling from a job she found. She is saving her own money to come back to Chicago, I could not believe my ears, when she said that I have spent too much money on her already. She even wants to send back the money, I wired her to come home with. She promised me that she is not pregnant, and will come home in time. I praise you Jesus Christ for all that you are, and for all my close new friends that have taken their minds, and hearts to pray with me. Their are angels amongst me. God Bless you with all my soul....Please watch over my dear friends here at Beliefnet, that have truly made an impact in my life.....Amen to you ...Christ have mercy........

9/23/2001 21:03

Thank You Dear Lord for answering our prayers for Jacqueline. Your love and kindess are unmatched. Praise You Father. Continue to watch over my friend Marilyn and her daughter Jacqueline, as well as the rest of her family. Keep them safe and at peace. In Your name, Amen.

9/25/2001 11:06

Holy Lord, you are so awesome. Let's celebrate that Jacqueline,is okay. Marilyn, I am so happy that she has called. May the Lord now guide her home soon. With God at our side, there is nothing that isn't possible. Praise God, in all his awesome work.

9/25/2001 20:34

Dear Lord have brought me two special angels..they are Mahahet, and Carefree...All my dear friends here that have posted prayers for my child are very important too..Please do not get me wrong, but I have felt the power of prayer so hard from these two special angels of mine...Thank you God for not only introducing them to me, but for letting me have such special people in my life...I pray for all here at Beliefnet that have taken the time to read my heart, as I pour out my soul for the world to read...Jacqueline has no access to a computer, so has no idea of the wonderful prayers that are posted. I told her about it, and she was so silent. She thanked me for even starting a prayer for her. This alone is a sign that she knows people can love...Thank you dear Lord for all that you are in my life....Amen

9/26/2001 22:58

My gracious Lord,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful conversation that I had with Jacqueline late last night. She sounded good, and asked how I felt. She asked to speak with her brother. I heard her talking to him, as he stood next to me. She told him she loved him, and to be good to me. She asked to speak with her sister, but she was not home yet. Thank you dear Jesus..I love you dearly..Thank you for all my dear friends here at Beliefnet...May God Bless them all forever....Amen

9/27/2001 20:04

Marilyn, I am glad to hear your good news. I pray that God keeps these lines of communication open for you and Jacqueline. I have had a couple of good moments with Danielle, but it seems like everytime I feel progress is being made, something happens and the cycle starts all over again. I am thankful, though, for any positive movement in Danielle's life. God bless you and Jacqueline and your entie family. You are always in my prayers.

10/1/2001 15:38

Marilyn, I am so happy to hear that Jacqueline has called. May the Lord guide her on her journey to her home safely. Our Father is all merciful and loving, he will be with her always. Father, keep our childrens safe and out of the reach of Satan. Heal Marilyn's family needs. Bring peace amongst her and her children and husband. let them open thier hearts to your voice Father, let them rejoice in peace and happiness. Let them know that with you all is possible and that true happiness awaits them. In the name of our Lord and SAvior, Amen.

10/1/2001 21:34

Thank you dear God for the angels that you send me. It is a true reminder that you listen when I speak to you. I feel better knowing that Jackie is doing fine at this time. I wish she were home with her family, but I will take what is given to me, because I trust that you have a plan....Lord have mercy..

10/2/2001 21:36

My dear God almighty,
Thank you for the call I just took from Jacqueline. She was very happy sounding, and told me that she has made arrangments to rent her own apartment on Nov.1, and she also just got a raise from her job. She wants to show me that she can take care of herself. She plans on coming up for the holidays. She swares that she is drug-free, and is working over-time as well..If this is the plan layed out for her, then I have to be happy for her. She has promised me to finish school. She will be signing her very first lease soon..Compared to last year, she was recovering from an overdose. I am thankful dear Lord for what has emerged....Thank you, and keep protecting all my friends here at Beliefnet. Please watch out for Norma Khan that I knew, who died 9-11-01 while crashing into the Pentagon..Lord hear my prayers...Amen

10/3/2001 14:22

Marilyn, I am so happy to hear that Jacqueline is doing so good, our Father is watching over her. I pray to you God, that you continue to reach her, that you continue to keep your arms wrapped around her, so that the temptations do not get to her. Lord, you are all glorifying, all loving and all forgiving. Keep this child and all the rest with the same needs safe. Amen.

10/3/2001 22:07

Oh my Lord,
Continue to answer my prayers for my daughter. I have been so faithful to you Lord, and in return you have given me positive results. I continue to put my faith in you, and spread the word that you are great, and loving...Please take care of friends such as Carefree, Josh, Marahet, Danielle, Debra Jones, Susan Erbacher, Karasue, and Rhondy..They are all my blessed angels...Peace to my prayer sisters...I love you all...Amen

10/4/2001 20:26

Dear God, please keep my eldest daughter safe during these sad times..Amen

10/5/2001 01:04

Heavenly Father, I pray that Jacqueline is doing well tonight. I pray that she keeps the lines of communication open with her mother as I know first hand what a blessing that can be. I pray that she is dong well on her new job and I ask that You use this avenue to bring good friends and mentors into her life so that she may grow in a positive way. I pray that her health is good and that Jacqueline takes the responsibility to do the things she must do to remain healty and in a good frame of mind. I thank You for these small changes we have seen in Danielle and Jacqueline in the last few days. I pray that these changes pave the way to them both choosing a positive direction for their lives. I pray that they will continue to evaluate the choices that have brought them pain and make wiser choices in the future. I know they must learn from experience, but I pray that they be delivered from the temptations, addictions, immaturity, and negativity that has made their lives hell in the past. I pray that they come to see the love of their families as a positive and not controlling thing. I pray that we are all able to enjoy one another in Your love instead of being divided by evil. In Your name, I pray for peace for both of our daughters and a reuniting of family for us and all who are praying for children lost in the world tonight. Amen.

10/6/2001 09:04

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the stream of positive feedback that I recieved last night. My conversation with Jackie went well again. She was able to talk with her sister Jill, and Jill was so cute by sharing with Jackie how well she is doing in school. They even joked about some teachers that they have both had. This to me is a miracle compared to what has been in the past. They ended their conversations by telling each other that they love each other. I feel like a little child at Christmas..Your love and faith that you instill in me, is my peace of mind on earth..Thank you Lord for all my dear friends that pray for us as a family, for they have become my new family...Love you Lord, and thank you....Amen

10/6/2001 22:44

Father, we praise You and thank You for these wonderful changes that have been taking place. Because of Your love for us we are having conversations, dinners, and even laughter with our children. What a tremendous blessing we have received. I thank You Lord and I ask that You continue to watch over these children as they struggle to come to terms with their lives. Keep them safe and keep them "thinking" of the bright futures they have before them. In Your name I pray. Amen.

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