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Shane Whalen
This Prayer Circle is Dedicated to my son Shane Whalen Who Passed Away On March 15, 1999 at the Age of 24, & All Other Children

Start a prayer circle for bereaved parents who have lost a child.

There are many of us out there who have lost a child, and it is devastating. It changes the outlook on life, plunges you into a depression, and you think that the feelings and thoughts you have nobody else could possibly relate to. I think a prayer circle for bereaved parents would only benefit us and help us on our journey of grief. This Circle is one of Love, where a Grieving Parent can safely come to for Prayers, and to talk about their feelings.

Shaner -10/14/2000
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8/25/2005 19:39

Hi dear Jen,
You're getting your kids ready for back to school too, well of course Mom, when its our money they can spend no problem, you know that by now, :-)
You have fibromyalgia too - my s-i-l has it very bad also, so I know how debilitating it can be, try to rest (easier said than done) but yes, Praise God for your wonderful mother-in-law!
You can be sure of our prayers,
Much love, prayers & Angel Hugs,

8/25/2005 19:44

Hi dear AngelMom sisters, friends of the Circle, our dear sister Selva is asking prayers for safety for her, family and everyone else in the path of Hurricane Katrina, the Eye of the Hurricane touched down in Miami Broward County an hour ago, she's lost power now, and the other thing is, they didn't hurricane-proof the house this time, (no shutters up around windows) so may Our Dear Lord send His Angels of protection to be around her and Nancy and anyone else who was caught unprepared,
love you our dear sister and praying for you and Nancy,
Love, prayers, hugs to all,

8/25/2005 23:46

Hey Sandy, ~ Thanks for posting the prayer request for our dear sister, her family, and all who are in the eye of the storm. I join you and the other angel moms in praying for their safety. Thank also for your advice about the meds. I have started back on taking them and will talk to my doctor; hopefully, by tomorrow about the side effects. Maybe she won't fuss too much when I tell her I stopped taking them for a few days. The main problem is ... I just don't like taking meds period! Usually, when I start feeling better, I take that to mean that I no longer need whatever it is she has me on; but of course I KNOW BETTER! :) So, from now on, I promise [AGAIN] to be good and take the meds as prescribed! Selva, when you read this, please don't feel bad. I understood what you were saying; but at that time, I needed to pretend that I didn't because I get so tired of taking meds! So, you have my word on this. :) I will now do as both you and Sandy have advised, That is, I will take all my meds, and talk it over with my doctor if I have a concern. Just don't tell on me! :) Several years ago when I decided to take myself off some meds she had prescribed for me; she refused to see me UNTIL I promised to take my meds! Haha! So, Ya'll keep me in your prayers! :)

I'd better end this and get some much needed rest. I am so far behind on submitting post, but again, I pray for all [off and on daily]! So please know that post or no post, you all are covered in my prayers! Jennifer, I am so very sorry for all the pain you are going through. I hope you've had a chance to check your email. I did a search on fibromyalgia and sent some information to you last night or early this morning. I also have two other friends who suffer from this and they have also shared just how painful the condition is. So please know I will say an extra prayer for you, dear one! Phyllis, I haven't had a chance to go back and read much lately, but I did read your most recent post and recalled much of what you have been going through. Please know that I am storming heaven with prayer for you too! :)

This, and I'll close. :) Angel moms, today is Felecia's birthday! She felt well enough to celebrate by going out to dinner. :) Thank you all soooo very much for praying for her. Much like fibromyalgia, there is no known cure for scleroderma. Still ... We know that with God, all things are possible. :) Marci, Cindy, Angela, Sue, Eva, Jill, Jennifer, Yvonne, Barb, Lisa, Maryanne, Bob, Angelo, ... And all others who post here or just come to read, and are in need of prayer for whatever reason ... Please hang in there, and keep the faith because no matter what you are going through, God loves you and so do I. :)

Love and Tender Hugs,


8/27/2005 08:24

Hello All!
I heard from our dear sister, her power is back on and she and Nancy are OK, she want's to thank everyone for their prayers for safety.
They lost their BBQ, Gazebo, all the Avocadoes and the trees, Miami is in a big mess, 7 people did perish, God rest their souls, I'm sure she will post when she has time, but we are very thankful as is our dear sister, that they are fine, Praise be to God!

Lots of love & Angel Hugs,

8/28/2005 07:20

In a message dated 8/27/2005 5:12:05 PM Central America Standard Tim, SMene43737 writes:
Hi my dear sister.
Hey Sis, :( I've just finished reading about the path of the hurricane. I will copy/past this email and submit at our circle of love so that everyone will be updated; especially on the hurricane that's headed our way! This is so stressful and frightening for many. We must continue to pray for all, ... that this powerful hurricane will not claim anymore lives. :(

I thank God for answering our prayers to keep you and family safe. My dear Sister, it goes without saying that our hearts go out to the victims, and surviving families of those who did not make it through the storm in your area. I will always believe that the sadness and compassion we feel in our hearts so deeply during times like these, exemplifies on a tiny scale the awesome love and compassion our Father God has for all of his children. We may not be able to see Him while in the mist of life's storms, but we can see Him clearly as we begin to pick up the pieces after the storm! That thought, and my undying faith in God Our Father, restores my soul ... and my peace of mind during times like these. Lest we forget, "His grace in always sufficient, no matter how great the loss!" :)

We are in northwest Louisiana, but have relatives who live in New Orleans, and Lake Charles, Louisiana. On the news last evening, it was reported that all major highways had been made one-way headed north. But there are many in low lying areas who do not have cars or the means to get out of harms way. And, of course, the high cost of gas is also a factor for the poor, plus gas supplies are running low. It is a scary situation for many, so we must continue to storm heaven with prayer for all.

Below are a couple of links I copied from AOL Main earlier this morning. After a very busy day with all three grandchildren ... Steven, Antone,' and little Ashley, [hubby and I claim them all] :) I literally crashed around 6 PM and did not wake up until around 3 am this morning! I spent the afternoon helping my Rue prepare lesson plans for next week, while hubby took the grand kids to one of those skateboard places! Both Steven and Antone' had August birthdays, and that is what they chose to do as an extra treat from Papaw! They knew my nerves could not take it so I was not invited! :) I had fun, however, visiting and planning with my Rue. Their schedule is usually so busy, we don't get together often. Once I made it back to our side of the river, made snacks for all, watch them get super excited over a quick thunderstorm with high winds, ... [high enough to knock out our TV cable service], ... I could hardly keep my eyes open. So hubby [thank God] told me he'd handle getting the kids squared away! :) Talk about grateful!!! :) I barely remember laying down! Haha! I could not believe how long I slept! That is very unusual for me. But, I had not been feeling up to par for the past couple of weeks, so I guess I needed to; as the kids say, "Chill out" a while! :) I must admit, I felt a lot better upon awakening ... once I had that first cup of Java!

OK, enough rambling! :)

Dear Angel Moms/Dads/Prayer Warriors ... I know in my heart that all of you will keep the entire state of Louisiana and it's residents in your heartfelt prayers. And, for that, I/We thank you!

Much love & angel hugs,


PS: Hopefully, the following links will open when copied into your browser. :)

Click here: AOL News - Hurricane Katrina Heading Toward Second Landfall

Click here: AOL News - Bush Declares Emergency in Louisiana

8/29/2005 02:53

I used to live in Louisiana infact my late Husband is buried in Louisiana. I thank God I don`t live there anymore but do pray for the ones who do live there. I just got out of the hospital today ( Sunday ). Another bout with my diebetes. So I need prayer for my trip this Friday to go see my Grandsons. I also send prayer for all of you. Much Love in Jesus name. Phyllis

8/29/2005 23:57

Dear Angel Moms/Prayer Warriors, ~ Things are still quiet in Shreveport/Bossier area where family and I live. We are so thankful that Katrina spared us; but sadden by the deaths and devastation that it left in it's path. Hopefully the death toll will remain small. I don't know if you're getting the same news bulletins that we are so I decided to send another link of what's being shown of AOL Main page. Thus far, Sue and I and our families have made it through the storm. Sue and I checked on each other earlier today via email. I've also heard from all of my sweet dependable angel moms. I know you know how much having the comfort of knowing that Ya'll are praying for all of us means to me during this stressful time. Please know that you all remain in my heartfelt prayers.

Phyllis, I pray that your health improves, and that God will protect and keep you and family safe throughout your trip there and back and throughout visit with your beloved Grandsons.
Much love & Angel Hugs,

Click here: AOL News - Large Death Toll From Floods Feared

8/30/2005 14:12

What terrible devastation from this Hurricane, I just can't imagine what these people are going through!
One man in Mississippi told his story on the news, the water had risen as high as the Rafters in their house, they couldn't get out, so he put their 3 children on the cross-beams and held onto his wife with the other hand. He was having a great deal of trouble keeping the children safe and holding onto his wife, so she said, "Honey, please let go of me, one of us has to survive to look after the kids". After a while he did, poor man, crying all the while telling his story. He and the children made it, help finally arrived, too late for the wife and mother though. God bless her and may she rest in our Saviour's arms for her unselfish act of love.
Yes, Miss V, very happy that you and Susan are OK, no sorry, the link doesn't work, but I'm sure we're all aware of the latest news coming out from that area, God be with them all.

Yes, Phyllis, prayers for a wonderful, safe trip to see your grandchildren, have a terrific time,
Much love, prayers & Angel Hugs,

8/31/2005 04:51

Let us all bow our heads and hearts in prayer for everyone in the hurricane May they all survive and the ones who didnot survive be comforted in Jesus` arms right now. I remember those hurricanes and tornados in Louisiana from when I lived there from 1977 until 1980. I remember having to go to higher ground we lived on the Bayou so we went to Houma.
Well my trip is almost here we will be leaving around noon friday and get there saturday afternoon if everything goes right and I have faith in our Lord that everything will be alright.I have E Mailed my Grandson what motel and room number we will be in. Please pray for us to make it there safelyand our Grandson`s be well.My prayers are with everyone in the hurricane. May our precious God be with us one and all.
Love & prayers Phyllis

8/31/2005 08:15

Our dear Miss V, thinking of you with love and prayers today as you mark another one of your precious Diane's Anniversaries, God love you. It doesn't matter in the least how much time has passed, time means nothing when you have a piece of your heart missing.
Lots of love & Angel Hugs,
p.s. pray that you find your niece

8/31/2005 08:17

Yes, our dear sister Selva send's you her love and prayers as well Miss V, she's thinking of you today of course,
Love Sandy

8/31/2005 22:03

Hi my dear sister, I finally could get into Beliefnet today from my home. Ms V, I have prayed today like crazy, I think God is just saying, yeah yeah, let Selva come in, I have you all in my heart and prayers, I know that today is a special day for you and yes I know that no matter how many months your heart still aches, just wanted you to know that my prayers and love are with you, and also with all our Angel Moms. I know about hurricanes, but this one is really the worse that I have seen, I lived through Andrew which was the number one killer in the US but Katrina has been even worse, my 24/7 prayers are with those survivors, the ones that went to Heaven are better than theones that are still on this Earth are living in Hell right now, please my sisters, whatever you can donate, even if it is one dollar, send it to the Red Cross or whatever, but please lets help, those people are in need, they lost everything, not only their houses and material things, but their relatives, and OMG their children, please lets get together on this one and please help. I will be out of touch until next tuesday, I am going to a workshop at Omega, upstate NY , where I will be praying for all of you and those persons in La and Miss, but my prayers will be there with you and all 24/7. Love Selva

8/31/2005 23:55

Miss V,
Please know that are heartfilled prayers are with you and your family. May God continue to Bless you with his loving comfort and peace. Your Diane is a beautiful girl! I am sure that she looked up my son Sean-Michael and introduced herself and let him know that their mommas are friends! Special blessings to you, our dear Miss V!
With love,

9/1/2005 00:06

My dear angelsisters,
My heart has been broken so many times I don't think it will ever be the same... This Hurricane is too much! My hubby (a very loving man) questioned God in this. "What kind of God would let this happen - so many families and lives destroyed" I think we are all so overwhelmed from the devastation and destruction. Of course we all know that God is our comfort and support.

We have a swimmer who is in New Orleans for college. First time away from home and look what happens! We know she is safe they (the swim team and coaches) headed to florida as soon as they heard that Katrina was headed there. I can just imagine how parents must feel whose sons and daughters are away at school. We pray for the safety of everyone.

God Bless,

9/1/2005 22:40

Hello to all, I havent had a chance to be on the computer much due to school and after school activities. Monday my daughter had a seizure and then another one again today.Today was not as bad as Monday. She came home from school and then went back to school after she slept it off.She was on the school bus this time and called me at work on her cell phone while on the bus to tell me. I had her daddy to meet the bus at the school and she cried because she did'nt want to miss school. Well atleast she got to go to school part of the day. Just keep her in your prayers.
I along with everyone else am just devaststed at what has happened in Miss. and La. My heart just hurts deep down in side for these people. I do feel the same as Selva in the fact that those that died and went to heaven are in a much better place than we are and the people left behind to live in the hell that they are in. I feel like this is just the begining of the end. It does say in the bible that in the last days that people will be beging for God to end there lives and he will not do it. Things are only going to get worse for everyone.

I want to share with you all what my 6 year old son said to me this morning.
He told me that God was coming back real soon and then asked me if I was scared. I told him that yes I was because I did'nt feeel like I was living exactly the way God would have me to live. He then informed me that he was scared also. When I asked him why, he said," because I'm not sure if God loves me and sometimes I'm a bad boy." This my dear friends made tears pour down my face. My 6 year old son understands what and who God is and I never relized how deeply he understood. Don't get me wrong, I have raised my children in church and have preached the word of God to them ever since they were little but to know that my son is scared, that breaks my heart. He also told me that he was'nt sure if God loved him or not. Well, this lead to a long discussion with him. Sunday in church I am having him prayed for. I don't want anyone of my children to be scared that they are not going to heaven. Zackary has never been saved but I intend to sit him down and explain to him about asking Jesus into your heart.No one is ever to young and I want him to know that Jesus will forgive him when he is a bad boy sometimes because our God is a forgiving God and he is good all the time and there for us when we call on him.
While at work today a little old lady in her 80's told me she belived that God was trying to tell his people to get ready to show all the world that he was still God and still in charge and I belive she is right. God is a forgiving God but he will only take so much and I feel like all those who have not givin there lives to christ to do so now because he is coming soon and very soon at that.
Love to All,

9/5/2005 00:24

And, The Holy Spirit said ... "Go write this down!"

In The Eye of The Storm

Dear God in heaven ... Father of all
Please turn your face towards
Survivors in New Orleans ... and other victims of Katrina
Oh please hear our heartfelt call!

Their lives are torn and shattered
They feel helpless and don't know what to do
Dear God please hear our humble cries ...
Lord, like never before ... We are depending on you!

We turn to you as prayer warriors ...
Down on our bending knees
We pray for the survivors of this hell on earth
Father won't you help them please?

We know that the ones you took home with you
Were spared this horrific hell left behind
We know that they were with you from the moment they left
But what sorrow their leaving left behind!

The hearts of loved ones left behind ...
Are confused and so filled with grief and pain
We know that in time you will heal their shattered hearts
We know that our prayers are not in vain!

We believe in the power of prayer dear Lord
We have faith that you've heard our humble cry ...
We believe you'll continue to dispatch your band of Earth Angels
To help these victims ... From your heavenly home on high!

By Verna R. Clay
All Rights Reserved

9/5/2005 13:48

Hello dear sisters,
Back from our weekend away - had a great time as usual, thank You Lord, my dear son Chris and Jialing really take good care of us, :-). Weather was fantastic, we watched a Hot-air Balloon Club go up in their highly decorative Balloons - looks like fun!
Last long Holiday weekend of the summer, next Holiday is Thanksgiving. Tomorrow our kids go back to school, my little niece Selena already has her backpack ready, :-).
I deliberately stayed away from the news while we were away, I was just too angry by Thursday at the lack of help. I see now that things are better, Praise God! Much more need's to be done, though.
Well, other's get today off, but its a working day for me, just wanted to drop in and say "Hi, I'm back." :-)
Praying for all to have peace, comfort in their hearts,
Lots of love & Angel Hugs,

9/8/2005 04:37

Here I am folks requesting prayer. My Daughter passed away on our trip to see my Grandson`s Saturday morning, September3. They think it was a heart attack but she was so young just turned 40. My son-in-law started a rumor that I gave her pain pills which The Lord knows I did not, now he says he is sorry but the damage has been done, please pray for me and my Husband. My 9 year old GranDaughter was sitting in the car beside her Mom,she is taking it pretty good and does understand. We were in Post Falls, Idaho and did go on to Bonners Ferry, Idaho to see my Grandsons, they are taking it pretty good, the oldest one is a Christian. We got back home to Washington State, Tuesday morning. I can not cry, I loved her so much. I truly need alot of prayer. In Jesus Name

9/9/2005 19:46

My dear Phyllis, my (our) prayers will be there for you 24/7. Try to cry let it all out, and be sure that our prayers will be there for you, 24/7. Love Selva

9/10/2005 12:04

Oh, dear Phyllis, I'm so sorry to read that your daughter passed away! How devastating, particularly on the way to see the children. Yes, as Selva say's don't hold your grief in, let it out, you're probably numb right now but when those tears come, let them. My love and prayers are with you,
Much love, prayrs & Angel Hugs,

9/10/2005 13:56

This is Friday's Beliefnet Prayer of the Day, it's from this Circle and was posted very early on, thank you anacleo for this beautiful prayer:

Prayer for Bereaved Parents

God, you sacrificed your son so that we and our children would transcend physical death. We know that you grieved when he was crucified and that you grieve over all the atrocities done by men -- especially in your name. You know and understand grief as you know and understand all. You know best how to comfort these parents. Lift their hearts up to you and fill them with your peace. Your understanding is beyond our human comprehension, but give them the knowledge and faith to endure even that which they can't understand. Let them be aware of you always God, and help them to remember that your Love is Life that can never really be taken away.

- Beliefnet member anacleo7

9/11/2005 07:42

Good morning all Angel moms, I hope this finds all of you doing well. It.s been awhile since I've posted but the children are running me around like mad.

First I'd like to say to Phyllis; my heart goes out to you. I will be praying for you and your family. As with what Selva and Sandy said, let it all out when you feel you can. Holding it in can be very damageing to your soul. I know first hand and I will pray that God will allow you to grieve and release your sorrow.

As we all know today is the 4th year after 9/11 and I'm sure that everyone will be saying there own prayer this morning in chruch as their hearts and minds can never forget such a horrrific crime. Let us also remember all the people in MISS and LA. Today is such an emotional day for me for some reason. I recently aloud God to lift a burden from my heart. One I have been carrying for a long time and gave him the guilt along with it. I can't begin to explain how I feel now. This week for me has been spritualy uplifting.
Sandy and Verna, the two of you know what I'm talking about and one day I will share this with the reat of you. Church is going to start soon and I have 3 children to get ready along with myself. My husband is a big boy and can do for himself except the ironing.

I pray that each of you will have a wounderful day and my God bless each an everyone of you as you start your day out. My he keep you in his loving arms and keep you out of harms way.
All my Love and Butterfly Hugs,

9/11/2005 12:15

i cannot imagine a greater grief than losing a child, my thoughts and prayers are with you always

9/12/2005 01:31

Heavenly Father, I pray so that you may restore peace and strength onto my friend Rita and her household. Dear Lord the time has come for them to start the trial against the murdered of her son. I ask Dear Lord that the Jury is hand picked by you and that your will may be done during the trial. Dear Lord I pray for the salvation of the young man who took Adam from his Family. In Jesus mighty name I claim Victory over the case, and any other case that is pending. Dear Heavenly Father I trust and believe that Justice will be served. Dear Lord I thank you for your blessings and love that has brought Rita's family together. Continue to speak to her and encourage her. Without you Lord nothing is possible. I praise you and worhsip you. I pray in the mighty name of Jesus Amen.

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