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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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1/16/2002 13:38

Dear heavenly father,

i come before you today to pray for all who are experiencing hardships in their marriages. Please be with them dear lord. As humans, we stray alot and we give in to temptation a lot of times. please help us father in being strong and doing the right things. Please help all those who want their marriages to work out. Please help them resist the temptations of sinning by leaving their loved ones or straying in other ways. please bless them and help them have stonger marriages in your name. may they all ask you for guidance. please help them strengthen their faith in you. in today's world, it feels like the chances that a marriage will survive forever are very low. i guess what we see around us is pretty scary. its so amazing when you hear about marriages that are actually working out, and thats only once in a while. father please help us as we involve ourselves in the great institution on marriage. you know everything and without your consent even a leaf can't move. father please help those who are in need of improving their relationships in their marriages. please help those who are trying to work out their relationships and please help those who need to start working on that. father guide us please, we are lost without your guidance. thank you you love father. we love you

1/16/2002 15:59

dear mmw392. just just hang in there. you are his wife no matter how anybody cuts the slice. i have been holding on for almost four years. my husband is living with someone else for now, but i know that he will be back. dont forget every thing that goes up must come down.
may God give you peace.

1/16/2002 16:05

hi, hrgirl4 if you look back since the beginning of your troubles with your marriage, you will see that you have come a long way. just hold one a little bit longer. just wait for that mirracle i know i am. i have gone through so much since my husband left. but it took this to get me closer to God and to alow me to grow. I was told that maybe God has to do something in my husbands life, maybe he has to do something in your husbands life also.

hold on!!! with love

1/16/2002 21:10

Dear friends
Today is my first visit to this site. I was reminded of just how close I was to ending my marriage in September. My husband and I have been married 4 years and we have no children. We are in our early 20's and realize we married too early. Temptation lies everywhere and it doesn't help he is in the navy and is gone more than he is home. Here are some scriptures that helped me and I pray they will help ease your mind also.
Proverbs 5 and 7
1 Corinthians 7
I also prayed to be a Proverbs 31:10-31 wife.
We love each other and have decided to stay committed to each other as we vowed. I pray the Lord continues to bless our marriage and yours.

1/17/2002 09:28

To all of you. I will pray that everything works out. These poor little children need to see their parents together living under a christian roof where GOD is working.
Bless all of you

1/17/2002 22:19

today I have come to terms that I am the cause of the failure of my marriage. i am the one that hurts, and i am the one that makes it impossible for my husband to love me. I ask you that you all pray for me to stay strong in the path of God, that I become a serious stander for my marriage. I know I am good i n sharing the Word of God nad at times even to comfort , but I am a very weak person when it comes to act on the Word. Well, if any of you want to contact me for any reason (mine or yours) please feel free. My email is
Let us all become the wife that God wants us to be. Let's defeat the wicked powers over all marriages. Take the challenge with me.
May God bless us all suffering spouses. Dear Lord i ask in name of your son jesus Christ to give us the wisdom, the strenght , patient and humility to stand for our marriage. to be oebdient to you or our husbands, whichever is the case of your wish. Dear Lord guide us through your path. Help us all win against divorce and the wicked aways. Amem

1/17/2002 22:56

i would like prayer for my marriage i am not sure if i did it for the right reason and i know i love him very much but we have had a rocky relationship and i am not sure if i can trust him. i am afraid he will fall out of love with me and become unattractive to me sooner or later and i dont want that . i really love him and i know he loves me

1/18/2002 13:19

God I don't know why you want me to carry this load,I can see no good in it and it's awfully heavy, But if you want me to carry it I will.For God doesnt' call the qualified he qualifies the called.
God today is not a good day for me.I pray you give me the will to go on.I have a wonderful daughter who needs me to be strong.I can't be with out you Jesus.I pray to you to make my family one again.
God I pray to place a hedge of throns around Boe so anyone who is interested in him will lose interest and leave,Bring your Holy Spirit to him and trun his heart back to Blair and I.Please take the evil satan out of his body and mind.For he is your son and needs your protection.
Jesus I place all my trust in you.

1/18/2002 13:25

God I ask you to shine your everlasting light upon us all who are in need.I ask everyone of you to pray for one another for in the end we will all be happy once again.
In Jesus' name I pray this.

1/18/2002 14:49

Patience. Thats all God has for us and thats what we need to search for in our marriage troubles. The Lord never forgets what he promised you. Trust in the Lord not your spouse. People will let you down but He never will. Look at yourself and pray for yourself. Dont think you are being selfish if you ask everyday for something. Thats what God is there for, to hear our request. Dont think or say anything negative because then you give satan reign over your problems. So right now I thank God for fixing my marriage and protecting my children. One day I know my husband and I will be one with God. I just have to wait for God to deal with my husband first!! There is a reason for all things you just have to search hard into the word. Everyday thank him for fixing your problems. Not just once a day as many times as you think of it. Dont be depressed over you situation because youre letting satan win. If you think positive the circumstances will be postive!! and only throught Christ Jesus can everything work out. God wants to bless all of us but only if we ask!! Thank you Lord for this sight and all these people and please bless them as well as me and my family. Patience...

1/18/2002 23:21

As hard as it may seem somedays, give thanks each and every day to the Lord for all your blessings, big and small - an attitude of gratitude. That is what our Lord Almighty deserves - look what he did for us through the Cross and Resurrection!!!! I thank you, Lord, for today - for the safe 2-hour drive to pick up my son, for the good news we received about the scholarship, for my daughter's acceptance letter into college, for a friend to go to the movie with this evening, and for your promise that Jesus will be walking with me, and even carrying me when I need Him to. Thank you for the signs that I needed to know that you care for me, a sinner who is at your mercy each and every day. Strengthen my faith, dear Lord, and give me the courage and grace to face one day at a time. I place my husband in your healing hands, Father. You are the perfect One and I trust that you will do your work on your timetable. All thanks and praise to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit!

1/19/2002 16:23

Pray for my marriage will be restored soon ,we would have been married 28 year's but something happend,he say's it's not me it's him,he tell's me he love's me and i love him,he was seeing someone but that's over i belive but he want's to find out why he hurt's me like that before we get back together.but it's real hard on me,to wait ,as i was praying thelord told me that the wait is worth the wait, but it's hard!!! Ibelive the lord is working on this. I want prayer for my ex-husband of 3mo. to find out soon so we can get remarried and this will never happen again and we will be in love more then everbefore. I give Jesus all the glory for all he is doing at this time even if i can't see anything yet,thank you Jesus!!! keep praying for me- us,i will lift all on here up in my prayer today,tonight,the wee hour's of the moring, thank's for your prayer too.may the lord bless each of you and keep you.thank's again ann..

1/19/2002 18:46

Hello it is me Natasha again, I am in desperate need of prayer. I really feel like I cant go on any further. On my previous prayer I told everyone that my husband was living with another woman. All this time I never thought of her as a threat. I figure she was a obstacle that the devil had put into place. I knew with the Lord on my side that it could be overcome. I also always felt like my husband truly loved me but now I feel like I am no longer a part of his life and never will be again. I also feel like he doesnt care for me or love me at all. If he did how could he be putting me through all this pain. The woman he is with has 4 children and live with her mother and that is where he is at instead of with me where we could be building a life together. I cant understand his choices in any of this. How could he dishonor me so much and our vows. Sometimes I feel like laying down and sleeping all the time so I wont think about it but he is in my dreams. I had a dream last night that we got back together and I was pregnant and we were so happy. That is all I ever wanted but it is just so hard. Lord I am needing you right now to ease my pain. Please give me the wisdom to know things or to see things that are not the obvious. Grant me the serenity to accept the things that I can not change and to be able to deal with it. Is my marriage salvageable or is it worth standing for when it seams that your husband may love another woman and not you. How can I go on, please help me. My whole life is a mess emotionally, physically, and financially please give me your guidance. I really need sustaining. I feel like I cant pick myself back up again. Lord I know you can do anything if I ask anything according to your will and it shall be done. I am coming before you today on my knees to sustain my spirit to be able to be the powerful praying wife to save my husband and forgive him and to save and restore our marriage. I know you are the Alpha and the Omega and the Almighty. YOu are the only one that can do this for me. Please I need help. Thank you Lord, you are so wonderful and I magnify your name. In Jesus name, Amen

1/20/2002 00:45

Dearest Jesus~
We are having such a hard time in our marriage, mainly due to alcohol. My husband is such a kind man, but the devil is doing his best to take that away from him. My husband is dealing with many problems because of it and does not see it happening. Please help him to open his eyes and his heart and realize what is happening. Please lead him to you Lord. I am trying really hard to "hang in there" but I feel like my life is being robbed from me and my 5 yr old daughter. I feel like I should be protecting her from this, and the only way I know of doing that is to get her and I away from here. Please guide me Lord. I am so scared. Thank you for being with each couple who is having problems and thank you for giving us the answers we so hopefully seek. I love you. Lani

1/20/2002 09:20

Please pray for my marriage of almost 23 years. I left home almost a year ago due to his infidelities, he has gone to therapy and has joined a church, now doing all the things I always wanted him to do. I have never stopped loving him and would like to go home. The problem is he has met a woman at his church and has become involved. He knows my feelings for him and says he is praying to make the right decision. Please pray that he will make a decision that he can live with for the rest of his life. I love him so much and this is killing me. I pray to you almighty God to bring my family back together.

1/20/2002 09:28

My husband has left me and two teenage daughters. My oldest one is due in three weeks and I am scared that I may not be able to afford diapers and other things for the grandbaby. I can not even by grocies to feed the two girls most of the time. We need all of your prayes for this family.
I pray that God will give me the strength that I need to take care of my two girls and the grandbaby. I pray that the lord will let us be able to do everything on our own so that we do not need to ask my husband for anything at all, until we are reunited as one again. I ask you god to do what you see fit for this family and that you may fine it in your heart to let us save this marriage and let us live for you. I pray that at the end you will let everything be ok with all of us and that you will take care of my girls and not let them hurt anymore, you know that everytime they talk to him them get depress and I just want you to take all of my worries and troubles and do what you see fit to do with our lifes. I know you know how much more I can take, and that you will only give me what I can handled but at times I feel like I can not handled much more before I lose it. ask you lord that you can fine it in your heart to let him come around to see the girls but not just when he wants something from the house like he has been doing. You know he is doing the same things as he did before and that is calling and coming over until he gets what he needs or whats from here then he doesn't call or come by again until he needs something else.I have asked all these things in your name. Amen


1/20/2002 15:30

Please Pray for me and My family..I once had a very close walk with Jesus and I have back slidden..I know that he is still with me and has never left my side..I beleive and trust that I will find my way back to My christian family..I am also having alot of troubles in my marriage,I have been with my husband for 12 years and love him so much,we have 2 son's and none of us are going to church right now..I want to,but find it very hard when my family is not intrested in going..I know this is no excuse for me not going,but satan is working on me and my family and it seems that sometimes he may win...Me and My husband do not have a close relationship,even tho its what I long for,his love and communication with me...He has always been a very strong man,never showing if he was hurting or any feelings.About a month in ahalf ago he broke down and cried like a baby,he said that he needed to see a special doctor,because he had issues from way back to when he was 4 years old till now..It broke my heart to see him like this and ask that he share his problems with me or even to Pray about them..He has multi personalities and is aware of this..He was going to church at one time also and was going to study to become a minister..I know this is the work of satan,because he does not want us to be close to Our Heavenly Father..I want my marriage,My walk with Our Father and My Life back..And I know thru the power of Prayer and Faith I can have all of this Back...Please Pray for us...I want for either my marriage to work or just be over with..I struggle with alot of stress and depression,because of my marriage...In Jesus name I ask for stregnth,Faith and the power of Prayer,amen.God Bless all of you Brothers and Sisters who Pray for me and My

1/20/2002 17:25

Please pray for me and my marriage.
I have 5 children, and been married for 16 years. I've been leading a double life, and have been having numerous affairs during the marriage. Some physical, some cyber. I have asked God for forgiveness, and my spouse as well.
Please pray for strength for me and my spouse that we can work things out through counselling. I have started a new life, and wish to stay married. I am asking for God to do His will, and help me make the right decisions. I'm asking for God to open the heart of my spouse so that my soul and true intentions can be reveiled... so that I might be forgiven and given another chance....
Please pray

1/20/2002 18:14

please pray for the Lord to soften my husband, Carl's heart to show him that he needs to come home and work on his marriage. We have been married 2 years and have 3 small children between us 7, 8, and 10, the 8 yr old (boy) is mine and his kids live in another state but visit frequently, they all love being a family, we went bankrupt, i had 2 major surgeries and we lived in a one room cabin with no plumbing, etc in rural Montana, we have been separated 3 times, for months on end and are currently separated, when things get tough, he leaves, we are both Christians, and love the Lord, at times I want out too, please pray a hedge of protection around our family and make him realize that he can't run. Thank you so much, In Jesus, Wendy

1/20/2002 20:53

my 1st marraige failed and now i am getting remarried may 11,2002.the lord has given many messages for us to not live in sin any longer and we're trying to be active in our church.i want to please god and love my fiance but we fight,and he has addiction issues and i have a hard time giving it all to god...please pray for us to chose the right and not let satan divide what jesus unites

1/20/2002 20:53

Well i said prayer for you all last night and today at church, if at least one of you if not all of you could pray for my marriage will be reunited soon and that i will have the stringh to wait, and robert will know what the problem is so we can get remarried,28 year's is a long time to give up on,we have 3 girl's with 5 grandchildren and the kid's don't understand and it's hard on them.So please pray for us,god bless you all,thank's Ann.

1/20/2002 22:08

I want to thank you for Praying for me and all the others that are in need of Prayer...I truly beleive that there is nothing stronger than holding one another up in Pray to Jesus..I have had many struggles and hard times in life and I never gave up and I sure do not plan to this time..I know Jesus will let his will be done in all our lives..God Bless everyone and I will keep ya all in My Daily Prayers..
Christian Love To All

1/20/2002 23:44

Hello everyone, First I would like to say the I will pray for each and everyone of you. I have a prey request: I was married on June 9, 2001 a week and a half later my husband said it was over. Prior to our marriage our relationship was wonderful, filled will love and kindness. He gave me no explaination, he just simply asked me to leave. This came to me without any warning. All of our family and friends were in total shock. I tried speaking with my husbenad serveral times but he refused to speak with me. He had totally cut me off from his life as if he never knew me. We were so happy what happened? Didn't God see our relationship over the past year? What is going on? It's been over 6 months and I haven't heard a word from my husband. For a little while I was holding on to hope, my friends and family were encouraging me to hold on. Now they are back to their own lives. I'm in shock! I feel my life is over, I pray and meditate daily and nothing seems to be working. Please pray that I hold on another day. Maybe God will hear your preys. I know many of you are feeling the same way I'm feeling, I wish is weren't so. I truly do! I hope the Lord will take your pain away.

1/21/2002 04:57

I finially became a born again Christian in August. I lost my job and my life has been hell ever since. I found out that my wife has having affairs with men behind my back. I admit before I was saved I was an abusive man, both physical and emotional. I always called her a slut and a whore, and would go out of my way to make sure she knows how I felt about her. As I started to get back in church and begin to give my lifeto him, I slipped and my old ways came back a couple of times, I would say things, and a couple of time I became physically abusive. It all came to head Friday when I found out about her latest affair with a man she met at her job in the bar. I made my stand and asked her to leave Sunday. She came back last night and I feel in my heart that she had sex with him. She is never intimate with me, anymore. I am thinking about filing for divorce, and taking my kids and leaving her to do what she wants. There are days I hav to admit I wish I would of never given my life to God, maybe my marriage would be better than what it is. But I know this is not true. There arenights I wonder why did hew put me and her together, why did he give me two beautiful children with her. In the past four years we hav been married she has had 2 miscarriages, and 2 affairs, on the other hand I have had one affair, and seriously thiking about starting another one. I do not believe in getting even wih people, but I wish that God would reveal himself in my marriage. She believes in God but she is unsaaved. My prayer is that we rekindle our lost love for each other, that I will not have to resort to a divorce lawyer, and that shebecomes saved, and that God fulfills what he has in store of both of us in our lives, that I am able to control our anger toward each other. Thank you.

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