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For those with chronic diseases and illnesses
Chronic Diseases Prayer Circle

This circle is for all who suffer with chronic diseases and disorders and in need of prayer and support from others.

There are many who are afflicted with chronic diseases such as lupus, MS, fibromylagia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and others, or may have children or other family members and friends who suffer with these conditions. The prayer circle can be here for the many ups and downs that come with these illnesses, as well as the tests that most have to go through when having a flare or time of activity in their symptoms. This can be a place to come for prayers when support is needed and also to give thanks and praise to God for remissions and times that we feel well.
dolphin-1015 -12/3/2000
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10/16/2001 12:07

Dolphin, thank you for this site. I found it today and will make it a part of my daily prayer time.

10/16/2001 23:01

I'm so glad to find a group with similar beliefs in God and similar problems.

I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS which causes extreme cramping and pain along with severe constipation and diaherra. This makes my body controlling me instead of otherwise.

We live far from a town and have not establised a church yet. I miss the love and care I found with my bible study in my former city of Denver.

I pray that someone in this circle will
help me pray to Jesus for help with this problem and if it comes to pass that I can't get relief that I'll be able to find comfort in Jesus.

I love you all and pray for all who suffer.


10/17/2001 03:26

Dear Lord,
May this humble servant be worthy to call upon your name in this hour. In my heart I am depressed due to the chronic and genetic illnesses I endure daily. Lord, help me to pray for those that suffer as I do, and in doing so may my soul and spirit be lightened with your grace and peace. Keep me from pitying myself. Give me the strength to accept what I must, and the where with all to have compassion for others in my prayers. Please teach me to pray for those with chronic illness often. Help me to remember my fellow man in prayer, and to be a better steward of your word. May every person who calls upon your name in suffering be given peace in their hearts with the knowledge of your love. May their burdens be lightened and depression thrown out of their lives. Thank you dear Lord for letting me express to you in prayer my inner heart and thoughts. Thank you for letting me have another days journey. I praise the' with all my heart and soul Lord. For with you all things are possible, but without you nothing is possible. Amen.

10/18/2001 02:17

May the Gods and Goddesses shine Their love and healing light on my Honey Bear, who has MS and chronic pain from a workplace accident. I ask Hermes to heal her, I ask Zeus to send her His strength, and I ask all the Olympians to remember her in Their hearts.

10/18/2001 07:52

My Husband has ALS, Lou Gerhig's disease. He is failing fast. Right now we are trying to get our affairs in order. He is trying to sell his business, because the Dr. has told him to quit work. He isn't capapble of working any way at this point. But he has his own business and we do not want to declare bankruptcy. So he continues to go out everyday, with the help of a very good friend. We have a prospective buyer for the business. They met with my husband last Wednesday. But we haven't heard anything since. Please pray that we hear back from these people one way or another. We need to move on to another idea, before he no longer can get about. I know the Lord has a plan for us, and all will work out for the best. But I do believe in the power of prayer. Please pray for the rest of my family 4 children, 1 married son, one college son, one high school daughter, and one high school son. I am unable to work because of previous illness. Breast Cancer, but I have not had any reaccurances, but the chemo, left me having seizures, and my legs are numb from the Knees down. We are truly in a fix, but I believe in miricals as well. Please pray for my family. Thank you all in advance. Hope 50.

10/19/2001 18:03

I am a diebetic with nerothapy, this is very painful with no cure I believe God will heal me and need people to agree with me that God will heal me. For I believe God will heal all that believe him I rebuke this disease that is in my body and everyone else to have healing too. Praise to God and Thankyou Lord Jesus Thankyou Amen Amen

10/19/2001 20:18

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. My sister has recently been given a car and can now transport Pua, my neice with SLE to school, doctor's appts., and volleyball games when she is not working. Wonderful things have happened. Pua is able to participate in the volleyball games with success. I know this would not all be possible without the help of this Prayer Circle. I pray that all of you with chronic illnesses will also receive the graces of God. Mahalo nui loa ke Akua! Again you have been there with all your glory. We praise and glorify your name Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Please continue to shower us with your love and goodness. As a wonderful lady said to my ohana (family), TOGETHER WE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS.....IN GOD WE TRUST. Mahalo Mom for your love and support. I know you are always looking down at us from heaven.

10/19/2001 22:24

I pray for ALL who are suffering in this world that the Lord Jesus Christ will have mercy on their souls and bring them relief and JOY in the morning so that they(WE) might enter into his gates with thanksgiving and prase. It is with thanksgiving and Praise that we are to approach our Lord with worship,honor,glory which passes ALL uderstanding and then in his presence we are to ask Forgiveness of any and all of our sins; those known to us and those we aren't aware of so that he can cleanse us with his blood and make us worthy to receive. I pray that God will send his mcy,forgiveness and HEALING power in the MIGHTY name of JESUS! ALL Paise,Glory and Honor are yours Lord forever and ever!

As I ask your forgiveness Lord for ALL my sins, I ask for prayers and HEALING in my body and Spirit. I as you Lord to make my kidney strong,bring my diabetes into control so tha no more protein will be spilled. Help me Lord to be stong and to follow a diet so that my weight might drop to an acceptable level;Lord take control of my blood pressure and bring it into line where it should be normal. Lord most of all help me through all this and not around it so that I might GLORIFY your name to all and be a witness to your healing power today! I PRAY THIS IN JESUS CHRIST NAME BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT not only for myself but for all who are believing on your name for a healing. GLORY!

10/20/2001 14:20

I add my prayer for all who suffer from chronic pain. I myself suffer from a degenerating condition, and I have no path except that my pain will be everlasting and will be ever increasing. I pray that those like me find the strength and the inner peace and faith to endure, and that we find the blessings in daily life that we need to continue offering hope and light and laughter to others.

10/21/2001 11:25

Thank God for being so mindful of us and for His mercy.I requested your prayers for my husband and daughter and for myself and God has seen our need and helped my husband and daughter and they are both feeling better.Thank you Lord for hearing and answering prayer.I ask God to supply the needs of those on this list and to help them and those that care for them to have faith, believing that God is hearing our prayers.Thank you all for your prayers and please continue to lift us up to Him and remember that the Bible teaches that we have not because we ask not.Nothing is too big or too small.God bless each and every one who call upon His name.Love in Him

10/21/2001 11:39

Great spirit,

Send your blessings of light and love to all those in need. Help us to remember our blessings and share in the beauty of this life. Let our love and compassion spread over those who suffer like a blanket and let us not forget that we are sisters and brothers on this journey.
Peace, love, and light to all.

10/22/2001 01:14

Thank you for this wonderful site. I would like to request prayers for my neice who has 3 kids, the middle one was a 6 month preemie who is now 5. D.J. has many many health problems, Cerbral Palsey, has feeding tube, and other complications. My neice, Kristin and her husband have shown great courage and have prayed and helped others with preemie complications. I have a friend who's mother is going thru chemo for colon cancer, a cousin who has breast cancer and a very dear friend who not only raised her kids, but took in foster children who has just been diagnosed with servere heart problems........I pray for all and ask for you prayers. May God Bless all.

10/22/2001 20:42

Hi Dolphin, I really enjoy your prayer line. I don't understand what the numbers 1-27 means??My name is User name is Heimberger and I pray for all
with chronic diseases as I know from living with my husband how overwelming this can be for the other spouse and they need prayer also. Please pray for my husband as he Industrial chronic burnout, diabetic type 2, ulcers, depression, paranoid, nerves, he falls, has glucoma, and on about 30 pills a day. Also I ask prayer for myself who is ill, and my grandson who may have
brain surgery for seizures and I pray that the Lord will have mercy upon him and rid him of ADBD and MRDD. He is 13.
I pray for all unspoken prayers and for
divided families, as I have walked the walk. My Sister hates me since our mothers death in 1995. I have not seen her since and she is a widow. Thanks everyone for your prayers. I can't pray
eloquently, just in simple words but God understands and knows my and your needs. Heimberger

10/22/2001 22:48

I love this site the support is fantastic, I have a chronic illness called Myathenia Gravis. I had it for two years. I just spent a month in the hospital, I had two cardiac arrest, due to breathing muscle failure. Thanks to God, he spared my life, and I will pray for everyone with a chronic illness the power of prayer is awesome it pulled me through. All you have to do is "Trust in the Lord"
(God Bless you all)

10/24/2001 08:23

Please pray for all of us who suffer from RLS ( restless leg syndrome). A condition that very little is known about. The doctors don't know what causes or how to treat it. It is a maddening disease that makes you need to move your legs constantly, it's so frustrating that most of us are very depressed all the time. I ask everyone prays for a cure. Thank you for this prayer circle. I will pray for everyone.

10/24/2001 14:32

What a blessing to discover this site! God is ALWAYS with us guiding our hearts and life journey if we give our lives to him. I suffer from Hepatitis C and pray daily for healing for myself and all other sufferers. I pray, dear father, for patience, calmness, courage, and strength. I pray for good health and peace in my heart. I pray dear lord for you to reach out and touch the hearts of all those suffering with pain, loss, and the unknown. Bring us hope, peace, and joy, that we may KNOW your presence in all we do. In the name of your son, we pray, Amen

10/26/2001 00:29

My husband is to have a colonoscopy tomorow, Please pray that everything will be ok. He had radiation for prostat cancer last year at this time and I am afraid there might be some ill effects from that.Also, I have another family memeber who has terminal cancer he seems to be doing better. Please keep him comfortable and help his wife in these trying times. Bless you all.

10/26/2001 09:19

God, so far you have gotten (us) through over 3years of Cauda Equina Syndrome. It is getting worse, and I am scared for Rick. Please help us and anyone else who suffers from this silent deadly, chronic pain. Please help with the nerve damage, and that morphine pump. God Help Dr. Michael Smith in Akron, OHIO who errored during surgery on my Rick. This man has hurt so many patients in surgery. He has crippled my love for his life. God help this Doctor to not hurt anymore patients. God help Rick to live as long as he can hold on. I love him and I love you. You have been with me through all of this evil pain and torture. When does this doctor feel the pain? WHEN??????????????????????????????????
Thank you for my life with Rick.

10/27/2001 00:40

Heavenly Father, Your comfort and encouragement is needed by those enduring chronic illness like mine (lupus), relief from pain and diseffects from medicines, and some enduring relationships to ease the loneliness. Thank you Lord for removing any fear of death but help us to live fully in the light of Your Love. In Jesus Name, Shalom, Marian

10/28/2001 02:38

I pray that Jesus' healing hand touch each and every brother and sister that is suffering a chronic condition. I beseech the heavenly father to ease the pain and give them peace. In the name of Jesus our lord and savior. Amen.

10/30/2001 10:02

Please pray for my 29 year old daughter who has TMJ, Fibromyalgia, Colon problems, and ,of course, depression!I also have Fibromyalgia but I would take her pain with mine in a heartbeat if she could get well. I trust in the Lord to do His healing powers on all of you.

10/30/2001 23:59

I am 37, recently married...and diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, Fibromyalgia, Pelvic floor disorder, Bladder outlet obstruction, urethritis and now am having pitted edema. My primary care doctor isn't doing much, and now I need to be tested for Lupus and Congestive Heart Failure. I believe that the Lord can and will heal me, I am trying Not to be afraid...but I have been in pain for over a year and on so many prescriptions that I feel I can't function. Please pray for me. Thanks.

11/1/2001 15:19

I have very severe hypertension which has been almost impossible to control. I also have Sjogrens Syndrome, Vasculitis, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Fibromyalgia and arthritis. I am recovering from a ruptured lumbar disk and have a rotator cuff full tear. A lot of severe pain goes with these conditions. Faith and prayer has kept me going so far with hope that things will improve or that Jesus will come soon.
Please pray for me to find a doctor who understands these blood pressure problems as it relates to me and can provide knowledgeable help. God Bless.

11/1/2001 15:29

Dear Lord I know you suffer with us when sickness attacks our chronic health. I pray that you will touch my husband who has been ill since 1984 with Industrial burnout, nerves, depression, paranoid, ulcers, glucoma, arthritis and falling, and diabeties 2.
Also Dear Lord I ask you again to be with my grandson who is 13 and a handsome blue eyed blonde. That the doctors will be lead by you on whether
to do surgery on his left side of his brain (a leision is there and every seizure he has destroys a part of that
side of his brain.. His parents will know in January 02, what the decision will be. Since he has multiple seizures
I pray that you will touch him so the
leision won't spread to the right side
of his brain. Also God he is ADBD and
MRDD, and I pray that you will intervine
here as I feel in my heart that one day
he will be of great service to you. I pray according to your will and in Jesus
Name, AMEN


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