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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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1/4/2002 08:21

Dear Lord - please in the name of Jesus restore my marriage to Gregory. We spent Xmas together and had a great time. He is in Atlanta for business (over New Year's) There is something drawing him there. Another woman?/ He tells me no. He tells me he wants to be a family. But it seems he is not fighting for it with passion. It seems he is going through the motions. I want him to be in love with me. Please pray - I am having a hard time. My email is Please email me - I feel as though I am having a nervous breakdown. I am raising the baby by myself. He turns one on Jan 15.

1/4/2002 10:02

This is different for me, I have over the past year come back to GOD and the church, A year and a half ago I believed I had the perfect loving wife and mother, I had to go to a military school, Special Forces school, a choice I made with my wife, we have been married for 10yrs, I return from the school 2 months later to find out she had a affair with a young man just 21.
I have stuck out through the broken part of this relationship, she was not nice when confronted about the affair or what she did to our children two beautiful girls and my boy, the girls 10yrs and 8yrs know of what mommy did they where the ones to tell daddy, Please pray that GOD's will, will stand out for me, I dont believe I can Love my Wife like I did in the past, I see her in a different way in everything, We do attend the church, but she has not gone forward to talk to the pastor, or gone to any counseling, I need did I need to I was going to brake into small parts. Please pray for me. GOD BLESS AND MAY GODS WILL BE DONE

1/4/2002 17:20

Dear Lord I ask you to give me patience and to teach how to look to the toehr side when something upsets me. Dear Lord help me see others specially my husband through Your Loving Eyes.

1/5/2002 06:41

My husband wants to end our marriage, we have two beautiful girls. I want God to do what he needs to do to strengthing our relationship. We have been married for 21 years. He rencently had an affair and I have forgiven him, but he has not forgiven himself. Please say prayers for us. Thank you.

1/5/2002 23:54

I have been married for 4 1/2 years and have never seen my husband act as he has during the last 6 months. I feel that Satan has a hold on him and it's a strong one. He isn't "all" there with me. I just pray for some peace. I am a good person and he's treating me with disrespect and hatred. I just pray for healing, as well for our marriage. I pray that healing is not too late.

1/6/2002 12:37

I've been married now for 6 years. In the beginning there was nothing anyone could say to make me feel this wasn't the man I'd prayed for. How do I summarize 8 years of many good, yet many bad events? I don't know, but I need badly today to put down some thoughts. My husband 'IS' a good man, a good friend, a good brother, a good father and compared to others - a good husband. His problem, in my eyes, is that he can't except the fact that he can not and will not be correct all the time. I am an insecure, jealous and depressed woman. My history both with family and relationships have not been the best. I married a man who loves the attention of women and has mostly female associates, which I'm never to question him about. To shorten this, last year I found my husband at the home of one of his female associates when in fact he told me he was going someplace else. Prior to this incident he told me he'd never met this woman only spoke with her on the telephone and I later found out that he'd been visiting this woman for more than a year and this woman had expessed great feelings for my husband. I left this day, broken up and felt my marriage was over, but my husband turned things around to make me feel I'd wronged him by coming to this woman's home and not trusting him. This happened before Christmas 2000 and my husband and I have made fake attempts to mend this marriage, even have tried therapy/counseling. My problem is I've never gotten an answer as to whether he had feelings for this woman, whether they are still in contact, as a matter of fact, I left this woman's home that day and my husband stayed. This crushed me. So much has happened in a year, deaths of family and many close friends have kept me from really dealing with this situation. We've never really talked about it, because he doesn't want to. Now we are about to purchase a home TOGETHER and I'm not sure this is right, but I'm just going through the motions. I'm very empty inside and don't know where I stand in his life, in his heart for that matter. To be honest, I really don't know where he is in my life or heart. I do love him, and care, but I don't think I like him very much, nor do I trust him. I can't let go of the incident last Christmas and how he refused to discuss the problem. I was just given an order to not mention it again and to move on. Another thing, I hear him constantly tell other family members and close associates that he 'LOVES' them and misses them but he never tells me this without my asking. I don't know what to do and I'm not really asking for an answer - I just needed to express this hurt I'm holding on to. I constantly pray for peace, which I'm getting loads of, but lately feel I've been praying for the wrong thing. I need healing of my heart and mind, then maybe I'll find out where I fit in his heart and mind. I sometimes feel I must not like myself for allowing this, but I go on without change. Everyday I am just simply existing - Thanks Be To God.

1/7/2002 08:04

Please pray for me to receive an answer to my marital problem. My husband is full of anger and takes it out on me and my children. Not physically but mentally. It is destroying this marriage of 32 years. I am going to council but he will not. His family all have mental and depression problems. He believes he is the only one that doesn't. If he doesn't come to council with me, I am going to have to divorce him. I cannot live this way anymore. My older son said to me a few weeks back "Mom, don't you think you deserve to be happy?" this really plays on my mind. Please pray that God sends me an answer and the strengh to go on by myself if need be. I pray that God helps all of us with marital problems as it is very very stressful. I too, need some peace in my life. Thanks to all.

1/7/2002 09:48

Lord, I pray for Your protection on my husband's mind. Shiel him from the lies of the enemy. Help him to clearly discern between Your voice and any other, and show him how to take every thought captive as You have instructed us to do. May he thirst for Your Word and huger for Your truth so that he can recognize wrong thinking. Give him strength to resist lying thoughts. Where the enemy's lies have already invaded his thoughts and heart, I push them back by inviting the power of the Holy Spirit to cleanse his mind and heart. Lord, You have given me authority "over all the power of the enemy". By that authority given to me in Jesus Christ, I command all lying spirits away from my husband's mind and heart. I proclaim that God has given him a sound mind. He will not entertain confusion, but live in clarity. He will not be tormented with impure, evil, negative, or sinful thoughts, but be transformed by the renewing of his mind, that he may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. from the book "The Power of a Praying Wife" by Stormie Omartian.

1/7/2002 09:51

Lord, remove the spirits of unfaithfulness, anger, lying spirit, deceiving spirit, disobedience and rebellious spirits and replace them with the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in You.

1/7/2002 16:31

Please pray for my marriage and my family. We are having a difficult time right now and I feel like I am the only one trying to keep us together. I try to stay strong and I pray constantly. But still I feel so lonely and empty. My children are my motivation and my strength right now. So please pray for us, for I will be praying also.

1/8/2002 10:22

Father God,

I pray let your Glory Fill Marriages everywhere overflow with the Anointing, Father please except our Praise we, give it as a sacrifice to You, with Supllication, forgive us of our sins, Father help us, without Your Presence, we can do nothing, and we have nothing, Father, we beg You that you show up land show out on this day, we pray for Understanding, Peace, WIsdom, as we seek Your Face. We lift Your Name on High, as we offer up this Sacrifical Praise unto You as We Bow down before you, Please help us on this Day, this Hour this , Season, this Time frame this WInd, FATHER HELP US,!!!!!! PLEASE SHOW YOU PRESENCE!!!!!!!!!! AMEN...

1/8/2002 12:38


1/8/2002 12:46

Please pray for my marriage. My husbannd and I have been married for 17+ years, with 3 beautiful daughters. We have had many problems. Now my husband says he is not sure he still loves me. He is still living in the past we both know that you can't do that but it is so hard to let go. Also our daughters have issues with him because of the past and he feels they hate him and he doesn't want to live with them if that is how they feel. I know we could work all this out, because God has told me so, but I just can't get my husband to listen. He is working out of town and won't return my phone calls. I know his heart is broken but so is mine. Please pray that his heart as well as our girls soften so the Lord my speak to them as well. I love all of them and I want all of us to live together in the happiness of Gods Love. Thank you, I will continue to pray for all of you too.

1/8/2002 14:37

I pray for guidance. My husband has been seeing another woman for over 3 years now and although he says he doesn't want a divorce continues in this relationship. I have prayed for our marriage to succeed and for this relationship to end to no avail, and this leads me to beleive that maybe God's plan for me is to move on. So I pray for guidance to find my path and know the right thing to do for myself, my husband and my daughter. I pray for my husband to know what it is he really wants in his life and find happiness. I pray that whatever God has in store for me he will help me through the worst of it and enable me to help my daughter deal with it. I also pray that all these marriages find resolution and peace. Amen.

1/8/2002 19:33

I have been married to a great lady
now for 23 yrs. Back in Jan. 2002, she
began having serious mental problems and
she left me on Jan. 20th and was gone for 5 months and came back home in June.
Now she says she does not love me anymore and the only reason she came back is because she has no other place
to go. Please say a prayer for my marriage to this lady. I love her very much.



1/8/2002 20:39

I know God is with all of us in good times and bad times. so pray to him for all of you brothers and sisters who are going through a rough time in their marriage. just like in my situation. may God comfort us all, and "lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil" Amen

1/9/2002 09:25

Father God,

If You have to reach way down to fix a situation You are able, there is not one person who can do what You do. You , we have to stand this test the pain we must endure to be more like You. Father help us to ednure, for there is so much for us to gain. One day the storm will be over, the sunshine will shine again, Your Glory will be manifested. For this we Praise You, Father is a season of joy that will come, Thank YOU for all that YOu do. AMen!!!!!!!!

1/9/2002 13:27

Oh dear God, Please bless my husband and I. Lord we've only been married for a couple of months and things are hard. Lord he's recovering from an addiction and does not work. Lord it's hard providing for the house and the kids. Lord give me strength. Father I pray that you clean him from the inside out. Please bless Lord. Father I love my husband dearly Lord I pray that you keep him from temptation Lord. Father help me to be patient with him. Lord help me to say the right words to him to support him Lord. Thank you Lord for being there when I needed you. Father thank you for what you are doing that I don't know about. Lord by faith I know things will be alright. Lord trials come to make us strong Oh Lord and you will never put more on me than I could bare. Thank you Father for these last couple of days. He has shown tremendous improvement Lord. Father we're planning to move to Kentucky shortly Oh Lord. Please allow us to have a safe trip Lord.

Saints I ask that you all please pray for my family. In the name of Jesus Amen.

1/9/2002 19:00

Hello my name is Natasha and I have been married for 6 months and it has been nothing but problems from day one. Before me and my husband were married we were not technically together. We were broke up for a year and he was seeing another woman and I was seeing other people as well. He called me one day and said that he wanted to get back together but I told him that I was not going to settle for the same game before with each of us in and out of eachother lives. I said I wanted all or nothing. I told him I wanted to get married and unbelievingly we were married less than a week later. After us only being together as a married couple for a week he told me that he wanted to leave because he thought that he still had feelings for his exgirlfriend, so we got into a big fight and I called the police on him. When they came they had him call a ride to leave and since I thought he was calling the other woman I added some things to the story and had him arrested. He begged me and pleaded but I let them take him. Since then we had been in and out of eachother's lives. We got back together again right before christmas and spent the Holidays together. When the New Year came in he told me that this year was going to be ours and he was committed to making it work. Just this past weekend he left and stayed gone until Monday and came and got his things with the "exgirlfriend" outside waiting in her car. His excuse was that was his only way to our house. I told him that he doesnt love me and he said that was not true and I know what he is going through. He said he hasnt been able to forgive me for having him arrested. I couldnt understand how on Friday he can put a ring on my finger saying that he loved me a whole lot and was committed to making it work then leave without a explanation. All he could say was that he didnt know why he kept hurting me. I have been praying for my marriage hard from day one and just when I think things are gonna be different they are just the same. I was so hurt on Monday that I just didnt feel like getting out of bed. How can a person say that they love you so much but hurt them over and over. Sometimes I wonder if our marriage is worth saving or if this is the Lords way of telling me that. Everyone says to let it go but I love him so much that I cant see my future without him. We talked about having a family but we cant even be together as husband and wife. I need help and prayer because I feel like I am falling into a depression that I cant get out of. Email me at

1/10/2002 11:54

Dear sadone and btrme23, I know what you are going through. My husband had an affair after we had been married for 4 years. The same week of this affair I found out I was pregnant with our son. We never really discussed anything about what had happened. Our son was born and we then moved, and after 2 years my husband couldn't come to grips with what he had done and decided to move out. I had began a new job and moved my son and I to a new apartment. I prayed a lot, that is the only way I got through anything. I didn't go to church during this time, but I prayed A LOT!!! My husband ended up moving about 1,000 miles away from us during that second year, and we only had contact through phone. I had started seeing someone for a short time, and my husband decided how selfish he had been and forgave himself and wanted us to try again. This was the biggest step I have ever taken. I said OK and that was a year and a half ago. Things are going good, I had found out I was pregnant, but then lost the baby at 4 months. It is hard trying to go back to doing the same things, after 2 years apart. We are having some problems right now, he can't find a job, and I guess I feel like he isn't trying hard enough. I guess I am a bit of a control freak, I have a part time job now, but feel that if I went out for one day I could get another job right away. It is very frustrating, I feel like I am doing everything. Keep prayer in your lives!! The best will work out for you! I am anxious about starting back to church again. And I hope things will start looking up for you and myself! God bless!

1/10/2002 20:17

Dear Shuffman, Thanks for your encouraging words and for sharing your situation. It's so very true how prayer works for what's 'best' for you, but when you're hurting it's easy to fall into Satan's trap. You know, we have to be honest and look at ourselves and what we offer and may or may not... Praying comforts me, but I still fall into the 'Poor Poor Wounded Me' mood. I am truly grateful that I Believe in the Lord, I just wish my husband believed as much. You know what they say, 'A Family That Prays Together - Stays Together' and 'There is Strength in Numbers'. Sometimes I'm selfish and I get a little angry that my husband is benefiting from my prayers and belief, but I catch myself and say - I'm a loving child of God, I wish only good for 'all' of His children. I can't find peace that I don't feel he (my husband) has been honest with me in this marriage we 'both' at one time, felt was made in heaven. I'm so grateful this prayer circle is available. It's cheaper than talking with a counselor. (smile) Again, thank you for sharing. Praise Be To God.

1/10/2002 20:33

Dear InspiredBeliver1 (Natasha) depression is hard - you've got to try not to allow it to take control of you. I say often, that woman love 'too hard'. If we could be a bit tougher on ourselves (in a positive way) we could make it through it all. Prayer is part of the answer but belief in yourself and your worth is part of the answer also. Sometimes we inadvertently attempt to trap people into pitying us, or worse we tell ourselves 'we can't go on without this 'special' person in our lives. The truth is that we want what we want and when and how we want it. I'm rambling because I too have had your cry about depression. Stay strong in your faith and be honest with yourself - You are a very important person to 1) God; 2) Yourself & 3) Anyone who comes in contact with you! Remember what has been said and is very true - 'Be Careful What You Pray For'. I've been praying for the pass 8 years for patience, and boy oh boy I laugh now and ask God why has He given me so much patience and I answer myself - 'It's What I've Been Praying For'.... Be Blessed

1/11/2002 00:04

I pray that the Lord be with everyone who reads this page and heart is touched by all the struggles that have been endured and inspirational messages sent. I too am a victim of "slue-foot",as my mother would call it. I have been married 5 years and have endured much grief as well. The first year of my marriage was hell, the second was worst..i found out my husband cheated on me. most people grabbed my stuff and left.We were seperated for 2 mo.and decided to make it work. I believe my husband is a good man..but loves women and likes the attention. At first we were doing good...but eventually things fell apart again. We have two children and I want my children to have a family but how much do u have to endure without saying enough is he is doing good..but the trust is not there and I dont feel connected at all to him anymore..its more like going through the motions of what we should be doing...should i continue to press on now that he is trying to make an effort or should i just leave well enough alone..

1/11/2002 05:40

I myself have been married for one year and found out my husband was unfaithful before marriage, as guilt and shame had consumed me until i opened my heart to god .myself and my husband are struggling with trust issues,but our faith is growing stronger everyday.I know times are tough, but i know through prayer i will remain strong. I would also like to say, without alcohol in our lives has made the greatest difference. Still in pain,but feels good to be honest and not feel trapped with guilt. Thank-You lord for listening.

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