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Shane Whalen
This Prayer Circle is Dedicated to my son Shane Whalen Who Passed Away On March 15, 1999 at the Age of 24, & All Other Children

Start a prayer circle for bereaved parents who have lost a child.

There are many of us out there who have lost a child, and it is devastating. It changes the outlook on life, plunges you into a depression, and you think that the feelings and thoughts you have nobody else could possibly relate to. I think a prayer circle for bereaved parents would only benefit us and help us on our journey of grief. This Circle is one of Love, where a Grieving Parent can safely come to for Prayers, and to talk about their feelings.

Shaner -10/14/2000
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8/28/2004 01:59

My Dearest friends and sisters,
Please except my heartfelt gratitude for your compassion in remembering the anniversary of my beloved son Sean-Michaels’s passing on August 9th. I can not believe that one year has already passed. July 15th was his 18th birthday and we buried him on August 15th, 2003. I honestly can not explain how I feel except to say that it feels like yesterday.

This is the biggest and toughest elephant that I have ever attempted to take a bite out of. I wish that we could choose our journey, that as parents we would never have to say good-by to our children. It is only with God’s loving grace that we can survive. I know that I have been angry at God for taking my son. I felt that I had done my part in prayer and service. I was his loyal and trusting subject. All I ever wanted to do was raise up soldiers for the Lord. I told my children that our citizenship was in Heaven, not earth. I prayed that God would bless my children with his loving grace, that they would come to know him on their own. I prayed that he would someday bless them with supportive Christian mates. I felt totally betrayed. I am slowly coming to terms with my own beliefs and ideals. I know that bad things do happen to the most undeserving people. God is here to comfort us. God does not intervene in our trivial earthly struggles. I used to pray that God would send his angels down to protect my children. I know now that we live in a free-will world. What happens in this world is the outcome or consequence of someone’s or something’s actions or reactions. It’s up to us to strive to be the most honorable and moral people we can be. To overcome all obstacles that keeps us from being the best that we can be. God is here to wipe the tears from our eyes and give us strength love and compassion. He knows our pain. He promises to walk us through it, and carry us when we can no longer walk.

How do we eat an elephant that has a tough hide? We ask God to make it tender and take one bite at a time.

With much love to all,

8/28/2004 02:12

Dear Susan,
Thank you for your loving kindness in remembering my son Sean. He does love swimming. Everyone says he has already organized a swim meet in Heaven! It was his goal to represent the USA at the Olympics. Michael Phelps (Olympic swimmer) reminds us all of Sean. Same age, character and values, neither afraid to work hard to achieve their goals.
It means so much to me to know that you thought of us and placed a rose in the waves of ocean. I love the sea. I feel at peace at the beach. I have always said that all things come from the sea. Thank you.

With much love and prayers,

PS. Email me… Sandy has my address.

8/28/2004 19:35

God will repay you two fold. Mikes mom is getting better every day, real perky today ! going to rehab next week till she gets full strength back to go home.
Heaven will have to wait.
love & payers Chris

8/28/2004 22:28

Hello our dear Marci,
It's so nice to see a Post from you, you've been missed around here, but I understand that sometimes we need our own space for a while, trying to sort out all the oh so many emotions, feelings that our grief brings up in us, trying to make sense out of chaos.
You were hit very hard this past month, Sean's Birthday, Anniversary, Burial Day, little wonder my dear sister that the elephant's hide has gotten tough.
Everyone can shake their head in knowing when you speak about your anger at God, feelings of betrayal, we question our faith beliefs along with everything else. Losing a beloved child of ours shakes our whole world.
Yes, bad things can and do happen to good people, we were never promised a life without trials (and this is the biggest) but God has promised us that He'll never, ever leave us, and He will comfort you, dry your tears, give you strength and carry you when you just can't walk anymore.
Yes, that was so sweet of Susan to do that for you and Sean, I was touched as well when I read what she'd done.
Take each day one at a time dear Marci, this is a gawdawful thing to go through, and always remember you're not alone, we're all here for you always.
Much love, prayers & Hugs,

8/28/2004 22:32

Hi our dear Chris, wonderful news again!
Thank You again dear Lord for all prayers said for Mike's mom!
Much love & Hugs,

8/29/2004 19:49

Hi my dear hermana Marci.You buried Sean the same time my Solange was born to Heaven, and guess what? I'm still angry at God. I'm sorry but I am still coping with my loss and yes (my ear sister I am very honest) why?, guess what no matter what God tell us, we will not accept it, that it is why He does not give us the answer, only when we die and be together with our child we will understand that answer, in the meantime , yes I am still angry. My pain is 24/7, I just hope that He will help me to carry on this 24/7 pain. Love you mi hermana. Selva

8/30/2004 19:47

Hi my dear Angel sister. I need a favor. Could you pray for me (and all of Miami), we have a really killer hurricane coming our way, it should be here by saturday( hopefully NOT) but we are in hurricane watch, you have no idea what that it means, you have to go to the supermarket and buy stuff for 7 days, that includes water, pet food, clorox, lots of tuna fish and can food, then put everything that you have outside, like plants, etc everything that could fly, we have a gazebo, plants, swiming pool, lots of pots and a shed that we have to secure, we will wait until wednesday , then we will have a better idea, and by then the supermarkets will have a line a mile long, to buy water and etc. So please keep us in your prayers so that we can get rid of this one.This will be a category 5, Andrew in 1994 almost got rid of Miami and it was a category 4. So please my dear sister, pray that we will be safe from this one. Thank you all. Love Selva

8/30/2004 21:03

(((((Mi Hermana)))))

I am posting this on CF&L prayer request thread and sending out to prayer warriors....

ang. xo

8/31/2004 02:29

Hi my dear Sister, ~ I just rec'd your prayer request from Angela xoxo. You can count on my heartfelt prayers for you & family, and all who may be in harms way. Please my sister, I pray that everyone will heed the warnings and don't take any chances and remain in harms way! I am about to fwd your prayer request on to others on my email list.
God's peace & blessings,

8/31/2004 07:38

Ah yes, our dear sister, prayers for this Storm/Hurricane to be averted and sent out to Sea, and for everyone's safety!
Much love & Angel Hugs

8/31/2004 07:44

Our dear Miss V, thinking of you today with love and prayers on your Diane's Anniversary. Time may take away the 24/7 pain we've all gone through, or are going through, but it never diminish's the love or sense of loss, how could it when it's one of our beloved children. Pray your memories today beside's being bittersweet are also some good one's, and know we're all here for you, soar high, Diane!
Much love & Angel Hugs,

8/31/2004 08:33

Hi my dear sister Verna. I know today will bring lots of memories I pray that you will be thinking of the beautiful memories you shared with Diane. I know she is always with you, and specially today. Muy prayers are with you my dear sister, may God continues to Bless Diane and you. Love Selva

8/31/2004 08:35

Hi my dear dear Angel sister. I want to thank you for your prayers and love. Yes it seems that hurricane is going to come too close for comfort, but I'm sure that with all our prayers, we will be spare of huge losses. Thanks Ang, you are so very kind for sharing it with the Prayers Warriors. i know God listens to our prayers and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Love Selva

8/31/2004 15:20

Dear Angel Moms, Prayer Warriors, Beliefnet Staff, and All others who visit our circle of love: ~ Thank you for the prayers and support you give so freely to all who have lost a beloved child or other loved one or friend. Without your prayers and support, today would be a lot more difficult for me as I celebrate Diane's 8th heavenly birthday. Knowing that I don't have to face this day alone makes it so much easier to bear. I thank God everyday for restoring my will to go on living, and for allowing me to give back the love, compassion, and support which I have received from so many over the pass 8 years. For all of the above, ... I am forever grateful! :) God's peace and blessings to all!

Love & Angel Hugs,

8/31/2004 16:59


Remembering you in my heart today and Diane too...candle burning for Dear Diane and you Sis....

I'm very proud of you Sis for the positive post you made, but I want you to know it's okay to crumble too...

I'm proud of you for giving your burdens to your Heavenly Father and for seeing the positive in this heart-wrenching day....and I think and believe Diane is proud of you for how you are getting thru and handling it too...(I say I think b/c I do not want to insult you by saying I Know b/c I do not know Sis, I do not walk your path so do not want to insult your pain)...I have the greatest and utmost respect for all angel mom's and dad's and please, if I ever say anything to offend it is out of ignorance and not of intent...

Love to all of you...

Angela xoxo

9/2/2004 14:51

Our dear Miss V and her husband David were interviewed by their Newspaper about the painful loss of their Diane caused by a driver who was intoxicated.
The Newspaper chose them and their story to serve as a painful reminder for the upcoming Labor Day weekend, that drinking and driving can have disastrous consequences.
The article speak's for itself:
Drinking, Driving & The Labor Day Weekend
Very proud of you and David, Miss V, it certainly wasn't an easy thing to do, but by sharing your own story, you're helping to save countless lives!
Much love & Angel Hugs,

9/2/2004 15:05

Also our dear sister Selva has been sent home from work, the Hurricane is bearing down on them, they've already made some preservations, this afternoon they're getting their shutters up over their windows as well as other major things that have to be done. Of course we're worried about our dear sister and all those in the path of this terrible Hurricane, I know I speak for the Circle when I say our utmost prayers are with you our dear sister, as well as everyone else in the path.
Much love & Angel Hugs,

9/2/2004 19:20

My dear sister Verna, I am so damn proud of you and David, you are an inspiration for us newly bereaved mothers, you make me strong, you give me hope, you make me think twice about commiting suicide, yes I have comtelplated it, but i know Solange will not be happy about it, so I will endure all the pain and sorrow in honor of my Solange, just as you did for Diane. I am so proud to be your sister!. Love you very much and my prayers are with you and the family ALWAYS. Love you my sister. Selva

9/2/2004 19:34

Hi all my dear Angel sisters. I want to thank you all for your prayers about the hurricane. We just finished cleaning up the backyard, we left the front yard for tomorrow, my back is giving up on me. We are all prepared, have the shutters up, water, can goods, flashlights, battteries and all. I want to thank you all so much, and specially you my sister Angela, you have been such a tremendous help, and guess what? I think that Thanks to all of your prayers we will be spare of the eye of the hurricane, that means will we be having winds of maybe 70 or 80 MPH and also maybe a tornadoe but nothing compare with the eye of the hurrricane 145 to 160 MPH winds, we are still praying until tomorrow at 11:30 am we will have a better idea of where its going to hit. We are still praying that it will go out to sea and don't hit anybody but unfortenaly it looks that it will hit Fla anyhow. I will keep you posted and once again I want to thank you all for your prayers. I Know prayers works, I can see it with my own eyes, right now, we were supposed to be hit with winds of 150 MPH, that goes along with tornadoes, and now we think we will be spare, just maybe 70MPH, so I want to thank you all me dear sisters for your so much needed prayers. Love you all Selva (please excuse my spelling I am a nervous wreck)

9/3/2004 01:06

Hello dearest AngelMoms,
I haven't posted much lately; I have noticed that my husband is behaving differently. I have been trying to spend lots of time with him, giving him extra TLC and just trying to let him know that it is ok to talk to me; I won't fall apart. It is still hard for us to share our true-deep down feelings of sadness with each other. We can talk about Alex, but for some reason we cannot talk about our feelings about him being gone. I had to force myself to open up in hopes that he would also, and little by little he has been. He told me last night that he knows he will never feel joy again. I tried to remind him that there will be happy times for us, we have 2 beautiful grandcuties and hopefully more to come when Weston and Savannah get older. I told him we will always have each other and nice long days ahead of us when we are sitting in our porch swing outside holding hands. He says he knows all of that but there will be no joy in it. I read in the newspaper that there will be a group at a local church that will be offering grief counseling and I have signed us up. More for him than for me, even though I told him to please do it for me. He has beautiful twinkling blue eyes and I cannot bear to see them dull like they are now.
Miss V, I always read The Times online because I can never get a paper delivered "out in the sticks". What a wonderful thing you have done, sharing your journey in grief with everyone. How hard that must have been! I now know that you are as beautiful on the outside as on the inside!
My prayers are for everyone in Florida who will be affected by the hurricane. May God protect everyone still there and bring back those who were evacuated safe and sound.
Marci, your post was so powerful and so very true. When Alex died, I could not understand why God chose him. I still have a hard time with this, but one thing I know for sure...when God calls me home and I am reunited with Alex and I ask Jesus why Alex was taken so soon, He will tell me and I will understand completely.
I wish I could post more; but I am sooo sleepy. What a BLESSING it is to sleep at night; the only downside is it takes away from my computer time.
God's Peace to you all,

9/3/2004 17:03

Dear Angel Moms, ~ First of all, I'd like to thank each and everyone for praying for me and family and surrounding us with love, compassion, and the kind of support that any angel mom or dad need during what we all know is by far the most emotional of our "special days!" Together, you were the wind beneath my wings through it all!

Oh how I desire to post individually to each and every one of you! But God has assured me, by way of His Holy Spirit, that you already know! Still, my heart is heavy, because I desire to do so. When I got up this morning and fell down on my knees; first praising God in prayer, I asked for guidance for today, and that God's will be done in my life, and the life of all angel moms and dads here and all over the world. Then, after talking with God and turning everything over to Him, ... And, ending my prayer with: "Thy will be done, ... I headed straight down the hall to the dinning room where my computer is set up. As soon as I sat down, ... And reached down to turn on my computer, ... I heard my the voice of the Holy Spirit say, "Now, wait a minute! Didn't you just pray and ask God for guidance throughout your day? Going online is important, but that is NOT what you were instructed to do! The first thing you were instructed to do was to go take your meds immediately, ... Then, open your eyes wide enough to go and plug in the coffee pot!" Ha-ha! I answered with, "But Lord, ... I gotta go check on Selva and the other angel moms, and ... That is when I heard, ... "LOOK! ... If you gonna pray, don't worry! If you gonna worry, ... don't pray!" :) Then, I heard the telephone ring! The person on the other end of the line was Jody Lowery, a reporter from KTBS channel 3! Whew! She wanted to know if they could come by for an interview! When I asked how soon, ... She said, "In a few minutes!" Ha-ha! So, ... To make a Longggggggg story short, I panicked, called my sister, Pearl, and asked her to come around immediately to help her poor sister get ready for the interview! And, she did. :)
The interview is over now, and I believe it went well. They both expressed their sorrow for my loss, and gave me a big hug! It will be on the 6 o'clock local news this evening.

Sandy, she said what you said in your email to me the other day: That by sharing my story of what happened to my beloved Diane, I am helping to save lives, and preventing others from ever having to live with such grief and pain! So, my emotional response was, ... "Thank you both, ... and the news media for helping MADD, [Mothers Against Drunk Driving], in our efforts to help save lives!" And, I hasten to say, ... "To God be the glory!"

Angel Moms, and all who support us, ... Please know that I thank God for you 24/7. You inspire me to continue to do God's work! I will begin working on individual posts to each of you, as these old hands will allow, this weekend!

God's Peace & Blessings ... To All!
Love & Angel Hugs,
Yo Miss V. :)
Diane's mom![I love you Rue!] :)
8/16/60 ~ 8/31/96
Always remembered, ... Always loved! :)

9/3/2004 17:54

My dear Angel sister Miss V. Wow what a sign!, see the Lord was telling you, Ok Miss V take your medicine because you have a lot to do, and yes the news reporter called you, see my dear sister? You have to take care of your health, because there is still a lot for you to do out here and I am one of them, selfish? maybe, but honestly yes I need you, and so does your family and all of your Angel sisters, So priority, take care of those good old hands, like I always tell you we still have to go to Oprah, that is one of my missions here on Earth, so please get on with your book because I am ready to finish with all my missions and go to Solange, just kidding no preassure on you my dear sister and remember you are also The wind beneath my wings. Loveyou Selva

9/3/2004 18:01

Hi Susan. I am so glad that you are slowly but surely getting along with THE PAIN, don't rush, it will come slowly, after a child goes to Heaven, there are very complicated emotions among husbands and wifes, we all greif in a different way, don't try to compare your grief with your hubby, men usually grief differently, but they still feel this awful pain, the time will come when you tow will be able to talk about Alex, right now, each of you have to grieve in your own ways. Just keep asking God for help and He will my dear sister, one day at a time, one bite at a time, this is a very complicated pain, and we are all here to pray for you both, and remember if God put us through it He will pulls us through it. Love Selva

9/3/2004 18:08

Hi all my dear dear sisters. This will be my last post at least until sunday, the weather here in Miami its getting worse, we still have some sunshyne but now it is starting to rain and the heavy winds are starting to go, this is only the beginning, the worse will come around 4 or 5 am and it will last until 6 or 7pm wo I might not have electricity, still I want you to know that my prayers are always with you that is my priority. I miss my Solange as ussual, I keep thinking about calling her cell and ask her to immediately come home because of the weather and traffic, and then reality tries to sink in , then I know she is here with me, all locked up (she did not liked that) but heck we live in Miami, the Sun City of the world, so we have a price to pay. I love you all my sisters and please keep us in your prayers. Thanks Love Selva

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