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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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5/27/2009 14:41

MOMOFTWINS~In response to your posting on 5/27/09: Father God, if her husband does leave, I pray that he will come to terms with how he's been acting towards her. I pray that Your Holy Spirit will convict him of the error of his ways and that he will seek forgiveness of his sins. I thank You for healing as only You can. May You do a work in both of them, Lord. When they speak, may the speak TO each other instead of AT one another or over each other. When they forgive, may they do so wholeheartedly, and not just with the words of "I forgive you". When they love, may they love each other unconditionally, with the agape-kind of love that You love us with. I thank You for this and all blessings, in Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.


5/28/2009 15:05

I am so tired and frustrated, i've tried everything. I can't do this stand for my husband anymore. I have given up on this marriage, I'm sorry I've let you down friends but maybe this just wasnt meant for me. I've played the doormat, done the fasting, every single thing, only to be screamed at, rejected, and treated like i wasn't a human. Maybe this just won't work for me...I pray 24/7 everyday, even pray over my husband, tried to make my heart right...and nothing..I asked the Lord to protect me from the blows but I only get more and more. I am left so emotionally scarred, insecure, and like a fool...I don't know what more to do..

5/28/2009 15:22

KERRYBJORN~In response to your posting on 5/28/09: Your blessing must be right around the corner. My pastor said, when the intensity of the battle gets worse, and you feel like giving up, that is when you're the closest to your blessing. I pray that you will take hold of this and STAND for the healing and restoration of your marriage. No, it is by no means an easy task. But you can do it. How do I know? Because you can do ALL (not some, not most) things through Christ Who strengthens you. Give the Lord an opportunity to put His 'super' on your 'natural'. You can do this.

My thoughts and prayers are with you always. Be blessed!


5/28/2009 16:53

kerrybjorn-The Lord is on your side, do not give in to the enemy. Fight the good, fight of Faith. The devil is upset because you are believing the Lord for healing and restoration of your marriage. I cover your emotions with the blood of Jesus. We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed, we are perplexed, but not in despair, Persecuted, but not forsaken, cast down, but not destroyed.(2 Corinthians 4:8,9). In Jesus Name. Amen

5/28/2009 20:05

Dear lmbookerossi,
Thank you so much for your prayer and kind words for my family and I.I would also like everyone to know on this prayer circle that I pray for each and everyone of you every morning and every evening before I sleep.I also prayer for marriages and families everywhere.This is such a difficult time for anyone going thru this pain.I do have to say tho since May 25th I don't know if maybe I have changed within myself so much that Mike is responding to me in a more positive way or if god is actually working on him.I wld like to think its a little of both.In the past 2yrs he has not been remorseful,regretful,or sorry for what he has done to me and our family,but in the past two days he actually has said this to me.All I can say is to anyone out there who feels today like I did on May 25th keep praying &pray for others as well becuz things will turn around.I promise.It it is helping me and my family I couldn't see how it would be possible that it couldn't help you.A few days ago I was at the lowest point I could go but today I'm doing ok.I feel a new peace within myself that I can't explain.I'm still hurting sure,but I'm not so angry,resentful,and revengeful.I'm just trying to live everyday as happily and peaceful as I can for my children.But I couldn't have done that last wk.I cried every single day,sometimes all day.Don't get me wrong I do have my moments but thats all it is anymore is a moment and I couldn't have done that without this website and your kind words and prayers.. I can't begin to thank you all enough..I'll keep praying you all as well.... God Bless you and Thank you. You are all a treasure in my life now....


5/28/2009 22:17

dawn03-You have entrusted your marriage to the Lord. Your focus is on pleasing the Lord, and not so much on your Husband. I believe that your Husband sees a PEACE in you that he has never seen. You are not easily provoked anymore with his actions. Continue to TRUST the Lord for your Marriage, and to change what needs to be changed in you. Keep the FAITH. Mary

5/29/2009 12:28

DAWN03~You're welcome. And ISA.263 couldn't have said it better. Continue to trust in the Lord. Keep Him first and all else will fall into place in due season. Be blessed!


5/29/2009 16:48

Thank you ladies,
I am praying everyday for everyone as well as myself and family.I have even purchased a King James Bible.I was reading the scriptures online that you guys were referencing to.I just find it easier to read from the book then online.But just wanted to jump online today say my prayers for everyone and to update you on my situation.Today wasnt such a good day for he and I.The past 3days it felt like we were finally getting somewhere and then last night all the sudden back to his old cold,I don't care about anyone or anything but myself attitude.He is still with this attitude again today.But the thing that remains is my attitude.Usually I feed back on what he feeds me.If he's not so nice to me then I'm not so nice to him.He says hurtful things then I would say something hurtful back.Well I wasnt like that today or last night.I just continued to stay on the page I was on 3days ago.I don't know if my renewed faith is being challenged and this is a test or what.But if it was a test I think I'm passing.Because as hard as it is I'm not getting angry,or revengeful like I usually do.I'm not saying cruel things to him nor am I treating him cruely.So thats a huge step for me.I'm really trying to stay positive and not trying to always figure him out,nor am I sitting her wondering what I may have did or said wrong to make him react to me this way.At this point I'd being feeling pretty low and insecure.I am not going to lie I don't feel good about it but I'm not curled up in a ball bawling either.So big Step for me.I just have to keep praying to god that he gives me the strength I need and to keep it in my mind that the lord knows what he's doing and there is a reason for all this.Although I cant seem to figure out what reasoning there would be for splitting up a marriage,family and hurting our children but there is a reason.Just trying to keep my head up and tomorrow is another day.Keep me in your prayers ladies.Sorry for the rambling I just had to get it out.So again thank you for all your prayers and I'm saying my prayers for you all as well.... will leave update again tomorrow...

Thank you all and may god bless you and your families.


5/29/2009 22:19

dawn03-The enemy is trying to push all of your buttons, so to speak, using your Husband because it use to work, but it is not working anymore. Keep your Peace, and try to stay stable in your mind,will,and emotions. The Lord is giving you strength everyday, renew your mind with the Word of God. The Lord does not want to break up the family, the devil does. And let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.(Galatians 6:9). When you have time
Read Philippians 4:6-8. Be encouraged. Talk to you later. Mary

5/30/2009 12:50

DAWN03~In response to your posting on 5/29/09: I am proud of you for not giving him back what he's dishing out to you. Strife is a huge avenue that Satan uses to get a foothold in marriages. So, you go through your storm quietly. I know it's easier said than done, but you've proved to yourself already that you are capable of doing it.

God doesn't destroy marriages--He hates divorce. This is Satan's doing. But, God will be with you every step of the way, no matter what. He will never leave or forsake you.

May God give you increased wisdom, knowledge, understanding, revelation and discernment when reading His Word. He loves you and He cares about you and the desires of your heart.

Have a wonderful weekend in the Lord!


5/31/2009 10:11

Dear God
I pray for my marriage. I pray for my husband that he may see your ways. I pray for myself to stand strong and bring the marriage together again through your guidence. I pray for my two children. They deserve to have a happy peaceful environment to live in. They deserve to have parents teching them through modeling how to treat a spouse. I know you will hear my pray and answer when the time is right. I pray that the answer comes soon. My self-confidence is fading, my children are feeling the impact, and my husband continues to run instead of seeking an answer. In your name, Amen.

5/31/2009 16:45

om2twom-May you be strengthen in the inner most part of your being. I cover your household with the blood of Jesus. Continue to keep the FAITH. I pray that the Lord will put a Godly Man in your Husband life to minister to him. The Lord has to change a persons heart, and we wrestle not against flesh and blood.(Ephesians 6:10-18). Be strong in the Lord, and the POWER OF HIS MIGHT. In Jesus Name. Amen

5/31/2009 19:35

Today I wrote my Husband a letter, pouring out every hope I have for him. But this wa unlike every letter I have written, it was so peaceful. I feel good about that email and I pray that he reads it will full understanding. I had a terrible day, today his family gathered for a pre-wedding brunch. They invited me, I didn't want to face it but I did. I saw my husband he was there, he ignored me as usual, it was s hard to be in a room full of love and not be able to share love with him. So I left before it was over, tomorrow is the wedding and I am wavering if I should go, because its too much emotions of the dream wedding I wanted with him. I am trusting the Lord will take me thrugh this day by day. But I don't think I should go, I think I should spare myself the embarrassment of family asking me where is my husband, of the cold stares of his, everyone being happy and me rotting inside because of my misery. Pray for me ladies.

5/31/2009 20:38

This was a very hard weekend for me.After all week my husband and I seemed to finally move forward.He told me feelings of his that I never knew he had.It really seemed like we were finally starting to move forward.Then out of nowhere he totally did a turn around and it felt like the five steps we took forward only seemed to backfire and we took 10 back.After speaking to each other several times aday all week long we barely spoke once since thurs.When he dropped the kids off today from his weekend.He could barely look at me and was in and out very fast.I just don't understand y he would take such a risk and move that close to me again only to take it all back and ignore me a few days later.It just makes no sense to me at all.I'm really trying to remember that there is a reason for everything and god had a reason for this and I have to trust he knows what he is doing.but its so painful going thru this.I have a 3 and 2yr old and my youngest daughter is handicap and I'm just so lonely and scared all the time.I just want my family back as a whole.I cant look at my son in the face one more time when he asks why daddy doesn't sleep at our house.why does daddy sleep at Heather's house.Which is of course the woman he cheated on me with.You know I also have another question,who do the women and men think they are coming in between a family this way.What gives them the right to think its ok for them to sleep with someone elses husband or wife? Y do they get a way with this behavior? I try to live everyday by the word of our lord,and my family has been torn apart by a person like this.I am unhappy and hurting like crazy and these ppl that do such horrible things are happy and don't have a care in the world nor have to pay any consequences for what they have done.How is this so? Could someone help me understand this please?

thank you

5/31/2009 23:06

Dawn I totally agree with you. I ask these same questions too. As I woman I would be filled with so much guilt to know that I have torn up a home. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but we ask these questions and feel like there are no answers. However there are answer but it is up to you to seek God to find them. Its all in His word, and not only does His word answer these questions but give us advice. I know its hard Dawn. I am here battling my own Demons, and the more I feel like a breakthrough is coming the more darts he fires. I give to burden to God because its not a warfare of the flesh but a battle of the spirits. Luckily we are on the right side, the side that shall be the victor. I have pleaded with God, given up numerous times, and literally thought the only way out of this misery would be to end my life! But the Lord has not given up on me somehow He may have something great for me, because why would He save someone like me?? I am not going to preach it to you because someone else's enlightenment may be difficult for you. Trust me I know, people make it seem like its so easy to give up the burdens, have faith, its hard, and alot of hard work. Dawn you have a long road ahead of you, and what I see your husband doing is battling his flesh with the spirit of God. God is actually working on your marriage, but its like your husband is testing the waters. You have done all you can do, so sit back and focus on yur children, and serving God, I know you feel lonely, when I feel lonely I play with my daughter, sleep, pray, listen to music or give my time to helping others, even reading. Equip yourself more and more, think of it as a training camp, preparing for war. Try to mentally block out your circumtances, I usually try not to talk about it much, and avoid people who try to give me their worldly advice because they do not understand our warfare. Dawn everything will work out, and trust me, it has been one year since my husband has been in and out but one thing I regret in my stand is that when he comes back I get too comfortable and things revert to its old self. Dawn when he comes back thats when your concerns should be in overdrive, not by pleeding him down to open up but to be patient and listen and bring every concern into your prayer closet. Let him see you in a different light.

Father, I come to you with my sister Dawn, asking that you renew her spirit dear Lord. For yu are awesome and miraculous, You see her husband as a lamb, who is lost and crying out to you. Seek him dear Lord and bind him of his sinful ways, for what is bound on earth is bound in heaven and whatever is loosened on earth so it be in heaven. Put on the whole Armor of God on my sister Dawn, give her rest, be her husband for the season, and heal her lonliness. I thank you for your mercies and believe that We have recieved Your blessings in Jesus name, Amen.

Read your scriptures Girl, and claim it. Claim the covenant of your marriage for it is God's will. Stand by His will.

6/1/2009 13:52

All I can say Kerrybjorn is wow.You have opened up your heart and feelings to me when you yourself are going thru so much pain of your own.You have no idea what that means to me that you took the time to address my questions and hurts.I read about the strife of your weekend and I am so sorry that you had to be put in that position and even sorrier that he dared to treat you that way.I wish I had all the prayers right on the tip of my tongue like all you others.You all say such beautiful things.I do pray for each and everyone of you.I read scriptures and I pray not only for myself but for all of you as well as every marriage out there going thru warfare.When I read about the turmoil you were in this weekend I did pray for the lord to help you make the right decision not only for yourself but in a way that you wouldn't offend or hurt any family as well,and to make your husband see how horrible it is for him to treat you that way especially when you two were at a family function.A seperation/divorce is hard enough that you don't need witness to your horror.that the lord give you the strength and be there for you in whatever dicision you made.I'm sure it was hard either way.Go would have been so horrible for you if he was going to be there and not going I would think would be equally as hard.Your missing someone you love dearly in one of the most important moments of their life.Either way your losing something of yourself.But I hope whatever decision you made you can live with happily and without pain.
I am also so sorry to hear that you once question your own life on this earth.I think we all go thru that at some point in our lives.I know I did for months after my husband and I split.I felt like their was a death in my family.Thats how badly I hurt,and I guess in away their was.The sad trueth is that the only reason I am sitting here today is because of my babies.They need me and I love them so much more than myself.I will live every single second,minute,hour,and day for them.I'm glad that your are here today.Thank you so much for caring about others so much to reach out and help get us thru our horrible days.I appreciate you more than you know right now....


6/1/2009 15:30

kerrybjorn-I am so sorry for all the hurt and pain you are going through right now. You have to know that no one is getting away with anything, the Lord sees all and knows all, even the secret things, words,thoughts,and deeds. We have to make sure our hearts are pure and right toward God and others. Man looks at the outside, but God sees the Heart. Put on the garment of Praise, for the spirit of heaviness. Be led by the Holy Spirit.

6/1/2009 15:33

OM2TWOM~In response to your posting on 5/31/09: Father God, I pray for salvation and deliverance where it's needed. I pray for healing and comfort where it's needed. I thank You that her husband will die to self and live for righteousness. I thank You that he will be a godly man and good role model for his children, to train them up in the way they should go. I thank You for increased strength and peace of mind. May Your Will be done, in Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.


6/1/2009 15:42

DAWN03~In response to your posting on 5/31/09: To answer your question(s)... the reason why some people feel it's okay to sleep with another person's spouse is simply this...SELFISHNESS. They are consumed with self--what they want, when they want it, etc...and don't care about the feelings of others. I know it's a very hard thing to do, but in order for healing to begin to take place, you are going to not only have to turn your husband over to the Lord, but the other woman, too. You must pray for her salvation and deliverance, just as you pray for your husband's salvation and deliverance. You are going to have to forgive her of her wrong doings, just like you have to pray for your husband's. Like your husband, she is also being blinded and deceived by the enemy. Once those blinders are removed and she is truly repentant for her actions, she will let your husband go, because she'll realize that what she's doing is wrong and she won't want to keep making the same mistake. She will be convicted by the Holy Spirit and will want to do the right thing.

As I said before, this is easier said than done...but it's very necessary.

Father God, I thank You for giving Dawn the strength and ability to let go of the resentment, bitterness and anger. I thank You that she will release the other woman and her husband and surrender them both to You--for You can do a mighty work in their lives, Lord. May You be glorified through this mess, Lord. I know You know the end from the beginning and You've already seen how Dawn will come out victorious. May she fully trust in You and allow You to do Your perfect Will in Your perfect timing. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.


6/1/2009 15:45

dawn03-You have to remember that the devil is trying to keep YOU upset and in doubt about everything. There are consequences to ALL of our actions, no one is getting away with anything. Let the Lord comfort you, like only he can. The Joy of the Lord is your strength. Take care.

6/1/2009 17:49

isa and lashonda,

Thank you both for your support to each one of us on this board. Both of you are such a blessing and we are all thankfull to know you. You have to know that you lift us up when we are feeling alone and scared, you both seem to know the exact things to say and which scriptures to quote. Again, just a big THANK YOU to each of you.
Love and blessings,

6/1/2009 17:51

Girls, here is another web site that I have found for encouragement

6/1/2009 18:08

jules3d6-Thank you, I try to be mindful of being led by the Holy Spirit in what I write and say. Thank you for sending info about the other web sites. Stay encouraged in the Lord. Talk to you later. Mary

6/1/2009 22:50

Hi prayer circle and prayer warriors. I keep having trouble logging in. Still standing and praying for my marriage. We will be married 22 years this month and sadly my husband's affair is going on 1 year. I have been working on turning this over to God and pray that this divorce will be stalled and stopped. My husband has not talked to either of our daughters and he has blocked out everyone because lately it is all about money or lack of. He only worries about getting more money to carry on the affair and he has spent everything that he has had. I pray for him, I sometimes pray for her and pray for my girls. This has been devastation for us and I try to stay strong. Isa and Lashonda and all the others please remember my little family in your prayers. I pray for others here and I am still here.

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