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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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12/19/2001 19:59

Dear prayer warriors, please pray for Matt and his wife Jenny. May Gid bring these two together as they vowed at their weddign. May God fill their hearts with forgiviness, love, patience, and understanding. May these two be united for the sake of our borhter in Christ. Int he name of your SOn, Dear LOrd, I ask you to keep your promise and honor our prayers.Amen

12/20/2001 14:00

Thank You Lord,

For life and strength, Lord we thank You for just who You are. If we had ten thousand tongues and they all were saying PRAISE YE THE LORD!!! it still wouldn't be enough, Oh how we Thank YOU for Saving our Soul and making us Whole. We say Thank YOU, Glory to YOUR NAME!!!!! As we come together in accords to YOur Word, asking that You move and do a new thing in Marriages. For truly it is wholly in Your sight, fatheer we don't want to Comitt Adultery, Fornication, WHoremonging we have a desire to live right, we can't do anything without you. Thank YOu Jesus, for moving and keeping us covered under the Blood of the Lamb. Father don't let us loose sight of what we are trying to accomplish, a WHOLLY LIFE BEFORE YOU. Thank YOU!!!! Thanks Father for MOVING. AMEN!!!!!!!!!

12/20/2001 18:57

Hi, there prayer warriors! I hope we all are still able to see the little light through our storms,a nd if not ask Our Lord to teach us to see it. It is not fair to get ourselves stuck on the bad side of things and just ignore the little things that bring us joy and happiness, or even innerpeace, or maybe even a reassurance that things are changing... slowly...almost stopping:) but surely. I know it has been mentioned tons of times before but I encourage all the spouses out there to visit and read their books How God Can and WIll Restore your Marriage ( if you are a man that is a masculine version of it) and the respective workbook. These two books are based on the Word of God. No useless counseling. Just the Words of our best counselor God. That is what you want right?! The Best help. SO seek it on the right place on the Bible of course :) Anyways, those books have been very helpfull to me and I know it will help you too.
May all of us remain in the path of our Lord,
If you need someone to team up to pray, opr whatever feel free to email me at Please state Beliefnet as the subject, or something like that so I won't miss it.
MY prayers will be with all of you suffering spouses ;)

12/21/2001 21:19

Everynight I try to write something to comfort or to encourage, but today it is kind of hard and weird. I had a really odd day. I gave in to my anger and blew up!! It was worse than an atomic bomb. And Ithought that couldn't happen, but it was. Out of this odd day of anger, I learned that evil can sneak up on you quickly, no even giving you time to think about what you are doing or why you are actually doing that.It was a total chaos and I was so angry and frustrated at my husband and my life that I didn't even care to sit and ask GOd why am I doing this? Or what is this teaching me? After hours of fighting with myself since my husband was jsut trying to calm me down, I finally set down and ask GOd why do Ihave to go through all this trials? Why do YOu think iam soo strong? And I remember that everynight I pray for God to give me the pain of other suffering spouses, because I am strong and I don;t have kids or a job to deal with. And HE gave it to me, and since God never gives us more than we can handle, I was finally able to Thank Our Father for answering my prayers. You know it is weird how much you can learn from the most ridiculous things in life. I guess I learned not to keep my emotions down, that yes I shall not argue with my enemies,but I shouldn't bottle it up inside me.
I wish you all a very good and calm night.
May God get us all through the trials we face.

12/22/2001 00:39

I feel my marraige is failing after 25 years of marriage.I don't know what I have done wrong, but each year seems to get worse.I have done everthing in my power to restore the love we once had,but nothing seems to work.I took care of my mother-in-law for 3 years,she was not able to care for herself at all.It was a 24 hour job and I wouldn't change it for anything.I loved her dearly. But after she passed my husband wasn't the same. I don't know if he feels I did something wrong in caring for her or what. He will not talk it over with me.I feel he has no love at all for me.Please pray we can restore the love we once had and god bless everyone amen.

12/22/2001 02:44

please pray for my marriage. i have been married for 6 years and just when i think the hardest times are suppose to be over satan hits me again. i dated my husband 19 years ago and loved him very much. he drank alot and i had 3 small children from a previous marraige. my father married an alcoholic and i wasn't going to put my children through what we had gone through, so i left him. about 15 years later we got back together and married. recently we move to a private lake and i thought it was going to be great.i was wrong.almost everyone my husband runs with is an alcoholic and now he drinks every night. he doesn't come home until late and i don't know whatto do. i've prayed for God to take these problems and not let me take them back and to do his will.i love my husband and he says he loves me but if i can't accept him like he is i need to move on.please pray that God show me what to do. there are so many pages of prayersthat i ask God right now to do his will in all of them andhelp us allaccept whatever he chooses for us. thank you and may God bless all those who say a prayer for

12/23/2001 00:35

Peace and the grace of the Lord be with you. Reading these stories helps me, I am tempted to be discouraged now because my 23 year wedding anniversary is arriving and I too wonder if there is life left in this mother in law is sick, my husband has clammed up and has a flashing temper, does uncaring things..but we can pray and that is better than most couples have Blessings and hope to you all. We stuggle but we do not fail unless we decide to give up! What I discovered this evening is that maybe I forgot that Christ is the bridegroom, and no human, even the one I married can know my heart and be loving in the way my savior can love. As our faults become more tedious to bear ( years of tolerance wears thin) it is good to remember at least for me that no human can fill that cross shaped void in my heart--only love of Christ can do it. I believe the message He gives me is to love like Christ loved, and expect nothing, but the seeds sown will grow, not because I am "trying" but because He is and is in me. Praying for all of us, for all we endure and for all our hurts and lonliness. Blessings, Barefie

12/23/2001 16:12

Dear Lord I ask you today to sooth our pain, to help us hold on strong and calm to your plans.Amem

12/23/2001 17:51

Hello all, this is my first time here. I have been separated for over a year & a half. We had only been married 2 yrs 9 months when we separated. We both knew we were not "in love" anymore but I would have still stayed together since we have 2 small children (an almost 4 yr old girl & a 2 yr old boy). We have been on & off during this separation. At the beginning, we both felt we needed a break but I knew that I wanted to get back together. He didnt know what he wanted. Now he wants to work things out but now Im the one who dosent know what I want. I love him but am not in love with him at all. I pray that I fall in love with him all the time. I want us to be a family again. But I dont want to go back into a marriage where I dont feel anything for my husband. I wonder if I ever did truly love him. We only married because I got pregnant. I want to find my soul mate. I pray that my husband would be that man but I know he is not. I dont know what I should do! Get back together with him for our family's sake or stay separated? I pray that God guides me in the right direction.

12/24/2001 00:16

Hi evryone I am praying that all Marriages be healed it seems as though that is where Satan is hitting us now. Please remember me in your prayers also. Iam a 19 yr old mother to a 3month old daughter and my husband has left me. I dont know exactly what is on his mind but he says he just isnt happy anymore and that is pretty much it besides the fact that he doesnt love me anymore. I love him more than anything and want our family and life together to work out. I dont know if he is on drugs or just has demons but please pray that he get back on the right track and that we both get closer to God. He really needs God right now

12/24/2001 00:18

and so do I

12/24/2001 10:30

Please pray for me to be a forgiving soul towards my mother in law and father in law. My husband and I took our kids over to their house last night to see them and my father in law got up and left the house. He told me that under no circumstances was I welcome over at his house. That really hurt my husband. It hurt me too, but it hurt me because of my husband and children. I could care less if I ever go over there again or not. But now my husband said that he would not go over there anymore either. Nor would our kids. Please pray for my father in law to see that he is being stubborn and not being a good father to his children. I was told that I was not welcome over there because of me and my husband being seperated and the mistakes we made before we got married. We corrected our mistakes and worked out our lives so we can be a family. We are in the process of getting back together and living in the same household again. I pray that my father in law will see that he is not perfect either. My husband does not drink, do drugs, smoke, or cuss. The only thing he does is take care of his family. My sister in law lives with my mother in law and she has her 3 kids down for the holidays and they all are druggies and smoke and do all the devils work. They are allowed over there. I guess I am not the kind of person my father in law would like to influence his family with. I don't drink, do drugs, smoke, or cuss either. All I do is work and take care of my kids. Life sure does throw you some curve balls sometimes.
Please remember us in your prayers.

12/24/2001 13:19

My prayers are with all of you...I pray that Jesus be at the center of every marriage.

12/24/2001 13:25

Please pray for me. My husband and I have been married for 18years and we need God to intervene to save our marriage. He has totally ignored his family and no longer wants to be married. He has shifted all his loyalty to his Pastor (female) and away from me and our covenant relationship. I ask for prayer that his eyes be opened to the manipulation and control she possesses.

12/24/2001 16:26

This is my very first time participating and adding my prayers. After reading several of the prayers that were posted, I feel moved to let you each of you know that I have said my prayers for everyone. I too am being challenged in my marriage. It may end in divorce and I can't help but be wounded by the thought of parting my spouse. I don't think that God wants me to be miserable, yet I don't think that God supports divorce either. Needless to say, I am confused and I also need the support of you prayers. God has deilivered me from a bad time in my marriage and I fear that we are returning to the verbal abuse and the arguements. God cant be happy with that. How can someone who can cause such happiness in your life, cause you such misery. Unfortunatley, my husband doesn't hold the same level of faith that I have and I believe that the devil is riding my husbands back, thoughts and mind everyday and the arguements and fights come when he (and I) give in to the devil's desire to see us separate and be miserable. All that I ask is that anyone that can keep me in their prayers whenever possible and I will keep you all in my prayers as well. God supports marriage and doesn't want the family to separate. I am told, by clergy, that if asked God can chane even the worst people and situations. God Bless!

12/26/2001 09:16

Dear Ladies, I too have been through all of trials you have described. Only those of us who have gone through this can understand the depth of the agony of pain.
Now I want to offer you hope...
In the 5 years since my husband left me I have:
1) Grown closer to God than ever before. (One of my friends said that one dsy I'd quit saying "why me"? and start to say "thank God I was chosen." I have come to that point!
2)Through distance and objectivity I have been able to see my husband as he really is & I thank God for removing me from that sistuation.
3) I have had the most exciting and wonderful romance of my life. I met him on the chrisitan connection matchmaker. I may have been 48, but i felt like I was 16!!!
4) I am now married to that wonderful man and am now experienceing a "real" marriage. Jim's wife died 5 months before we met, we dated 2 years and we've been married 1.5 years. God's timing in regard to my children, my first husbands financial condition and Jim's availability was perfect!
5) I have learned to forgive and realize that God loves my former husband and his new wife as much as he loves me. We are all his children and he will use this situation for our greater good.
6) I have never been so happy in my life!!! I thank God everyday for giving me this life with my darling husband!
7)the pain you're experiencing now is the birthing pains for something so incredilbe and wonderful as soon as you let go of the anger and resentment. It will take a close walk with God to do that which also has tremendous benefits!
You can get through this. You are stronger than you think. Without a doubt the devil has his hand in this, but Gods strength is mightier and he is preparing something greater for you.
Walk in love...M

12/26/2001 14:36

Please pray for my 18 year marriage. I have been accusing my husband of having an affair and I have been asking for a divorce. I may be wrong, but it seems so true to me right now. We are seperated but living in the same house. I love him and want Satan out of our lives. He loves me and needs the Lord's help in this.

12/26/2001 22:03

Please pray that my husbund of 15 years...we have been having problems...he wants to leave me and our children ages 12 and 9...he works out of town...comes on weekends...we miss him...we want him home fulltime...please pray for our marriege...and family
I pray for all marrieges that are going thru the same or worse...may God Bless Our Homes....

12/27/2001 11:23

Dear Father;

You are the source of out strength, You are the strength of our life, for this we lift our hands to You, as a sign of Praise and Surrender. Father we need Your help, please help us to be not weary in well doing, giving all to You with Prayer, Supplication with Thanksgiving,,,,,, Father we are believing by Faith,, that all we pray for is done in your name. Fahter,,, send Gabriel, Michael, the Archangels to fight through the atmosphere to deliver the message to us. Father, there is a true story , that tells how Daniel prayed for twenty one days, and the prince of this world tried to keep the answer from reaching him, You allowed Michael the Archangel fight the enemy, when Michael reached Daniel he told him of the Spiritual Battle that was going on and how the answer was sent 21 days ago. Michael told Daniel that he had to return to help fight the message was delivered. We are just asking for some comfirmation to the prayers that are going up before you, just some encouragement. We Praise You for this. Prayer Warriors let's not forget to pray for each other. GMAC

12/27/2001 18:54

Dear friends: Please pray for my marriage. My husband is being taunted by his ex wife. I dont know if we are separating. I love him dearly. We have a 15 month old baby boy. I dont want to loose my marriage. I pray for all of you, please put me in your prayers.

12/27/2001 19:29

six months ago my wife of 12 years left me,god has blessed us with 2 wonderful kids. a boy at age 13 and a gril at age 7 she took our little girl but left our son with me, since she has left us, me and my kids gave our life to the lord,my little gril still does not understand what she has done but she says she loves christ,and i believe someday she will understand why she loves him,my family is very important to me but i did not know how much until it was gone i love my wife so very much and i want to do gods will, please pray for us that god will restore our family i do understand the pain that some of you feel because i hurt so bad inside everyday, but god gets me though it, i want to give up alot but i will not let satan win because he already lost when christ died on the cross. you all will be in my prayers and may god bless you and your familys always peace be with you

12/27/2001 21:21

Dear friends I am asking for two special prayer requests. The first one is for my husband, we were recently married one year ago, before we got married he had a difficult time being faithful to me and was seeing his ex-girlfriend. Now he is back in contact with her and she is coming in between our marriage. He says that they are just friends but to much trust was broken in the past with the same lady. Please pray that this woman will be removed from our marriage so it will be blessed. I am also asking for special prayers on conceiving a child, we have been married for over a year, and has not been able to get pregnant. Please pray that our marriage will be blessed and fruitful. Please send prayers to my email address thankyou. And may you all be blessed.

12/27/2001 21:25

Sandie, fight for your husband in God, pray to him and know that with him nothing is impossible. May God be with you, take care and stay strong. I am experiencing the same thing with my husband, and realize that I am not fighting with a person, but know that it is a spiritual warfare.

12/28/2001 15:09

Dear God!!!

Help us to stand, right now I believe we that are on this signt and off need to be courage. I know that I need you warriors to continue to pray for me and I know you need me to pray for you, so let's continue to send prayers up before God!!! don't let it die, you may be saying, I don't know what it is like to experience what you are going through, I may not we all have to experience different ways of life, it is just our test. I know what it is like to pray, and it seems as though God is not saying or doing anything, a person once said to me, that is when GOD is moving. Though, we may not see it saints, I just have to have just a little faith, the word says, that size of a mustard seed is all we need. Lets hold on together and stay strong in the Poer of HIS MIGHT!!!! GMAC

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