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Shane Whalen
This Prayer Circle is Dedicated to my son Shane Whalen Who Passed Away On March 15, 1999 at the Age of 24, & All Other Children

Start a prayer circle for bereaved parents who have lost a child.

There are many of us out there who have lost a child, and it is devastating. It changes the outlook on life, plunges you into a depression, and you think that the feelings and thoughts you have nobody else could possibly relate to. I think a prayer circle for bereaved parents would only benefit us and help us on our journey of grief. This Circle is one of Love, where a Grieving Parent can safely come to for Prayers, and to talk about their feelings.

Shaner -10/14/2000
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6/26/2004 11:07

Hi our dear Susan, great to see you posting again, love reading your Post's too, yes, it's been a challenging week, hasn't it! I pray too that Mattie's Mom find's some peace and comfort from Our Lord, she too has a great faith, but we all know how she must be feeling right now, God bless her.
It's still raining there?? I hope today is a sunshiny day for you and Miss V, weather like that does affect your spirit's, doesn't it.
Much love, prayers & Angel hugs,

6/26/2004 19:23

Hi Susan, sorry you are still having bad weather, we need some of that in Fla, the grass is turning brown but I know that we will get our share of it, hopeful not a hurricane, everybody is talking about it, the weather is so hot, 93 with the humidity factor is 103, so old people are saying, yeaph this year we are due for one, God Help us, I hope they are wrong. Marc Anthony yes I like him, even though I don't listen to much music anymore, the time will come, he got married to JLo, big scandal in the latin community, he divorced his wife, Ms Universe, 2 days before, but what the heck that is their life, he is still a great singer.Did you ever get together with Ms V?, you live in the same town I think.I'm still in valley days, aren't we all?. Love you my sister. Selva

6/27/2004 06:12

Hi Sandy, Selva, & Sue! ~ Don't worry, I am being good, although I didn't really mean too! :) This time, however, I don't really have much of a choice. The pain and swelling have convinced me that I had better take care and follow doctor's orders. I know yall understand and I do thank you for your prayers and thoughfulness.

Sue, do you think the rain will ever go away? I did get to walk in our community park very early before it started, but later in the afternoon we had a big downpour. So, I slept most of the afternoon. I get so depressed when it rains day after day, but I know we will probably be praying for rain in the next couple of months! :) I, too, felt a lot of aches in my bones, but unlike you, I have the age qualification,[Lol], so I knew exactly what was bringing it on! Ha-ha! I am so looking forward to our getting together. Hopefully, we will have a sunny day soon!

Thanks again angel moms for all the fwd pages. I am still not caught up on reading, but will play catch up soon. Sandy, you can believe I have learned my lesson, ... so you won't have to tell on me this time! :) Selva, please let us know how your little niece is coming along. I am still keeping her in my prayers, God bless her. Sue, Selva, and all newly bereaved angel moms; Thanks for sharing here on a regular basis, even as you continue to grieve. And thanks to all those earth angels who support us who have lost a child or in some cases, children. As our dear Sandy reminds us; There's strength in numbers. We angel moms/dads, all have experienced the ultimate pain of losing a child, so let us continue to support each other on our valley days and special days.

I, too, thank our Lord and Savior for bringing us together in our circle of love, and for giving us the opportunity to pray for our new moms/dads as they join us here. Like Sandy, Selva, Sue, Marci, & the other angel moms who continue to read, and check in when time permits, it has made a world of difference in how I deal with my own valley days and special days. Yes, there is power in numbers and there is power in prayer! To God be the glory! As always, I pray that God will give each of you longer periods of peaceful moments, and keep you all in His loving care! In Jesus' name, Amen
Much love & Angel Hugs,
Miss V.

6/27/2004 08:42

Good Sunday Morning Everyone,
Oh no, dear Susan and our Miss V, I switched the tv over to CNN this morning and they said MORE rain today for LA. You have to be up to here by now with your rainfall! I hope it doesn't bother either of your 'growing pains'. That many rainy days would make me depressed, ugh, we've had bout's like that with our weather too, and it affect's everyone after a while. We're like our dear sister Selva here, lot's of heat, sun, and no rain. NO, don't send it up here, :-).

We have a new addition to our family, his name is P.J., he's 9 months old, sing's beautifully and is all yellow - yep, we now have a Canary, ha, ha! He's so cute, a little yellow puffball, haven't let him out of his cage just yet, we were told to give him 2-3 day's to get used to us and his new surrounding's, so we will.

Hubby and I went to the Casino yesterday, haven't been there in age's, probably because I don't like gambling and losing money, ha, ha! We went 'big time' and played the quarter slots :-) After being there an hour (time goes quickly when you're losing) my machine went off, bells, whistles, Palmer grabbed my arm and said 'You won 5 x the amount!' The number's kept rolling up, up, finally stopped at 873. I said how much did I win?? We were too excited to figure it out, ha, ha, so I got my calculator out and it amounted to $187.00. We were then 'up' by about $100 so it was time to leave while the going was good and come home, :-). The lady sitting next to me was French, couldn't speak any English, and said "tu viens, tu viens!" (mean's you won, you won) I kept saying Oui, Oui,!

Glad you're listening dear Miss V, ok, no need to tattle on you, :-).

Yes, it's wonderful that we all have this special Circle of Love to come to, to God be the Glory, we know we can rely on each other for support, love and prayers, we can vent, be angry, and know we'll be understood! May God bless you all today and everyday of your live's. I came across this little saying by a bereaved parent, and it remind's me of this Circle of our's,

We Are, Each of us,
An Angel
With only one Wing.
And we can fly only
by embracing each other

Much love to all & lots of Angel Hugs,

6/27/2004 16:19

My dear sister, how right you are, we have only one wing, the other went with our childrenbut we still have each other's wings, I know for sure, for I always try to ride trying to reach that other wing. Thank you my sister, you are the wing beneath my wind. Love Selva

6/27/2004 16:22

Hi Ms V, please try not to post, you know we arealways here for you, give your arms a rest, remember we need you and we still have to go to Oprah, how is the book going? remember I am waiting for it to go to Oprah, for sure my sister, even if I have to go there myself and wait at the door, I wll do it. Love you my sister, please whenever you can let us know about my grandson and Felecia, you all are always in my prayers. Love Selva

6/27/2004 23:15

Yes, my dear sister, together we can all fly, soar through this, still hurting and longing, but together as we all do here at this Circle of Love. We know we don't have to do it alone here,
we have God and we always have each other, love you too,
Tender Hugs,

6/28/2004 15:54

Our dear Marci, miss you and worried too, I know your schedule is full, but please drop in and post, even if it's just a little, I have a feeling you're not doing very well,
Lots of love & Angel Hugs,

6/28/2004 19:30

Yes my dear hermana Marci, we miss you, I know its summer so you must be busy, but whenever you have a chance please port, we do miss you. So you too Eva, Lisa, Yvonne,Debby we know your are busy with the twins, we miss you all. Selva

6/28/2004 19:31

Sue, we miss you too, what is the outcome of all the tests? please let us know. Love Selva

6/29/2004 08:43

Yes, our dear Soo, where are you?? Hope you Post too, miss you also!!

Much love & Angel Hugs,

6/30/2004 01:16

Hello Angel Moms Sandy and Selva, :( Looks like I'll on the lookout for a new computer soon, although I am still unable to post often. Keep getting the popup that says I am dangerously low on memory. I'm always tempted to respond with, "What else is new!" :) But I figured I needed to save enough memory to post here to let yall know what's going on just in case this thing crashes. For the first time, I had to reboot this thing 4 or 5 times before it would let me online. :( Trying to save a lot of important files on disk before all is lost. Will post again soon to let yall know when the problem is fixed or when I get a new computer. James says it's cheaper to get a new computer than to keep patching this one up, so I guess I'll go looking soon. Also, yall, I promise I am not over doing it. I have been working on this rambler for several days now. :)

6/30/2004 01:18

Selva, I had my Rue, [Cheryl]:) to call and leave a message for my book project manager [Leia] to call or email me to set up an appointment for next week. I will try to pull up my last email correspondence from her that will give you an idea of how the editing of the manuscript is coming along. I can hardly wait to here the words, "It is finished!" :) Also, I gave your grandson a big hug from his grandma Selva. :) He will be ten years old on Aug. 23rd and is really getting tall.

6/30/2004 01:22

OK Marci, Sou, Eva, Lisa, Debbie, Sue ... Calling all angel moms! :) We need to know that you are OK. Just drop in and say hi to let everyone know that all is well or that it's big valley time. Or, maybe some of you are on vacation and just having the time of your life! Sure hope so.

Sandy, congratulations on your big win at the casino!!! You go girl! :) You mean to tell me you guys actually took some of your winnings home! Ha-ha! The last time I won a little bit, I played almost half of it back. Bet-cha I won't do that again. Ha-ha! Of course I didn't tell hubby! His philosophy is; If you win $20 over what you have played, ... TAKE IT, AND GET OUT OF THERE!" Ha-ha! Boy,... If he only knew! Ha-ha! But once I lose too many times, I stay away for a while. Then, they allow me to win a little of it back. I think I just enjoy getting the excitement of playing, win or lose. But of course, I can only afford to play the nickels. Ha-ha! And I am usually playing my earned bonus points that they send to me in the mail. But, when I do win, I go crazy! :)

6/30/2004 01:27

My last BIG win was a couple of weeks ago. I was playing maximum coins, ... [3 nickels] at a time; when all of a sudden, I saw a 7 with 2 Five Time Gold symbols on the line! I had just taken another sip of my coffee and was about to swallow! Ha-ha! So, I jumped up, and ran out into the isle, pointing back at my machine. Once I managed to finish swallowing, I laughed, and asked the lady sitting next to my machine to please look at the ticket that was just hanging there in the slot machine, and tell me how much it was. Talking about laughing, everyone in that section thought my reaction was sooo funny! I explained to them later that under normal circumstances, I usually just sit there and say, "Yes!" when I win enough for the lights to blink and the TA-TA-TA noise sounds off. But since I needed to complete my swallow, I wasn't able to do that. But when the lady told me I had won $281, ... I yelled, "Yes!" And, with the right, left, right hand motion that goes along with it, ... I yelled, "You go girl!" Ha-ha! Then, I cashed in, ... and went right on to another floor and lost about 60 bucks playing the quarter machines! Ha-ha! So the next time they allow me to win a few nickels, I'm gonna take hubby's advice, to "TAKE IT, ... AND GET OUT OF THERE!!!" Ha-ha!
Much love & Angel Hugs,
Yo Krazee Miss V.

6/30/2004 01:44

PS: A good report on Felecia; She had a very good day today! She most all of her food, and her voice is getting stronger, and she is not hooked up to any of the IV's or anything! Praise God! My sister called this evening and said Don had someone to come in to do her nails and give her a pediacure today. :) No longer in intensive care, but still on dialysis 3 times a week, we are still keeping the faith that God's will is to heal her. Family and I thank every one for praying for our dear Felecia. Though her condition is said to have no cure, we praise Him for allowing her to remain with us a while longer. No matter what happens in the future, we know that God will be with us and give us the strength to endure. There is power in prayer!

6/30/2004 02:42

Hi AngelMoms,
Sandy and Miss V, I loved hearing your casino stories. When I first moved to Louisiana 11 years ago, I worked at the 2nd casino to open here, the Isle of Capri. I started out as a cage cashier and eventually worked my way into the vault. I worked the graveyard shift, but after a couple of years working 60+ hours a week and just getting tired of working and being responsible for 50 million dollars during my shift, I quit. I was burnt out. I never really wanted to work, but my youngest was in Kindergarten so I thought it was the thing to do. When Casino Magic opened, my old boss called me and asked if I wanted to work for her there; promised me the sun, moon and stars. Well, I believed her and ended up doing the double the work there. I would work from 11pm until 9-10am in the casino vault, then help train new cashiers until 1pm. All I was doing was working and sleeping. I didn't like the person I was becoming; Graveyard casino workers are a party crowd (most of them)and it just became too much. Paychecks were MAGNIFICANT!!!! But I was too tired and stressed out to enjoy it. So, I went back to being Momma. Haven't been to a casino to gamble since. I go to see the concerts though.
Well the sun made an appearance today. As soon as I saw it, I hit the road!! I had a dream about Alex Saturday night that was so disturbing, it's taken me days to get over it. I don't even think I can talk about it yet. It was a huge setback for me. But with prayer and God's grace I am doing better. Seeing the sun today also lifted my spirits.
I hope that the other AngelMoms are doing okay. Everyone is always in my prayers!
Selva, My mom called me at 3 o'clock in the morning to tell me that Marc Anthony and J-Lo got married. My poor husband is sitting in bed beside me worried to death that something is wrong because my Mom is calling so late and when I told him why, he gave me one of those "well now I know where you get your craziness from" looks. Mom and I were giggling like 2 locas!!
You all have a good night!

6/30/2004 20:16

Hi Miss V. I still think you are over doing it, but thanks for keeping us updated specially about Felecia, yes God hears our prayers, after all He owes Us, I think, Thank God that Felecia is doing much betterOh I will remeber our grandson's birthday on the 23 of Aug, I will make sure I will send him a birthday card, and I am so very proud of him!. I can't wait for the book to be ready and I will start my job with Oprah, I am a very percistant (it is that how you spell it?) but you know what I mean, you will be there. Love you my sister but please take it easy with your hands and yes I agree with James, it is cheaper to buy a new computer that to patch up the old ones, just donate it to the school. Go back to the casino and when you get some extra money , quit, and buy a new computer. Love you my sister. Selva

6/30/2004 20:21

Hi Susan, yeaph they got married, you should see the spanish networks, some of them say that she is pregnat and that is why they got married so soon, his ex wife Miss Universe was furious, she said in a spanish program here that she will never forgive him, he was in South Beach (Miami) about 2 weeks ago in a club, promoting his latest album, and JLo was there, well lets wait to see how they will last????, I confess, they make a perfect couple if you know about latins. Love Selva

7/1/2004 16:35

Ha, Ha, it was fun reading about your escaped's at the Casino too, Miss V, that was the first time in my life I had ever won anything, so I quit while the quitting was good, :-). I KNOW and I don't blame you for going for the excitement, problem with me is, I'm a sore loser when it come's to hard-earned greenback's, ha, ha!! I remember watching that move "Casino" and one of the line's in the Movie was "the House always win's" so that's why we hightailed it outta there when we were finally up some money!! They also had some prizes to give as winning's, new cars and Harley Davidson Motorcycles, I said to Palmer, I want to win a Harley, hee, hee, I'd look pretty kewel driving one of those around the city, he just gave me one of those look's, :-). I couldn't even hold the darn thing up, let alone ride it, ha, ha! I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon, but it was fun for a change, :-) we got the biggest laugh out of playing and then winning, - as for you Miss V, you go girl! Yes, win enough to buy a new PC!! Good to hear Felicia Kay is coming along so good too,
Much love & Angel Hugs,

7/1/2004 16:56

Hi dear Susan,
Fun to read about you working at one, wow yes, long hour's, but big paycheck's! Oh my gosh, I can't even fathom what $50 million dollars would look like, or even how large it would be, at least you got to see that!! It must have been fun for a little way, but I don't blame you for quitting, it was all work and no time really for your family with those hrs.! You probably saw some sad stories too there, at the slots they have an LED scroll running across the top saying "Know your limit - call Gambler's Anonymous if you need help".
Some people can ruin themselves financially and also their families if it turn's into an addiction, sadly.
Aw, I'm so sorry sweetie you had one of those awful dreams, you wake up so shaken from them, I'm glad the sun came out that day to help chase it away from your thought's. I think we all have them now and then, but they're so unsettling, it take's you a good day or so to get over them. That's OK if you can't talk about it, no pressure, just remember it was a dream and nothing more. Yes, God is so good to us grieving Moms, He's our Rock, I could have never made it this far without His love and help.

Well, here is is Canada Day, Chris & Jialing left this morning to go to Toronto until Saturday, and it's pouring rain here!! I hope it clear's up tonight for the fireworks, etc., there's a big Celebration planned for downtown and we'll be going (if the rain stop's!).

p.s. Anybody want to make a 'friendly bet' on how long JLo stay's married this time?, :-)

Lots of love, prayers & Hugs to all,

7/1/2004 19:22

HAPPY CANADA DAY my dear sister. Love you all. Selva

7/1/2004 23:09

Hi my dear sister, thank's, yep, HAPPY CANADA DAY!!
The rain did stop and we did go out and watch the firework's, listen to the music in the Park, course had to wear Red and White, :-)

I did get your Card, thank you my dear sister, and thank you Susan for your's too!!
I'm having problem's with my Yahoo Account, ugh, I can read, but for some reason I can't send out, I'll have to see what I can and can't do tomorrow to fix the problem, :-) I'm such a tech pro - NOT, ha, ha!

Lots of love & lots of Hugs,
Oh Canada....

7/2/2004 01:51

Good morning my dear sisters and angelmoms!

Please forgive me for not checking in sooner. My plate has been way too full.

It's always trauma happening! We travel quite a bit to swim meets that last anywhere from 2-5 days. As always there must be something that goes wrong...this time the transmission in my SUV went. It's a 2002 with 40,000 miles on it! The warranty is for 3 years or 36,000 miles, which ever comes first! Who would have thought?! Anyway, we had to rush it into the shop, and after $2000 and a new and hopefully better “tranny” we were on our way to the meet.

I must let you all know that I accidentally smashed the middle finger of my right hand by trying to move a 40 lb boulder in my yard. I am truly embarrassed by this because every one asks me if I am “accident” prone! That’s not the case at all! I’m not afraid of anything and sometimes I pay for it! My finger magically grew three times the size and turned every shade of yuck imaginable! I’ve had to wear a splint for the past two weeks and have two more weeks to go. It’s only a small thing but sometimes the smallest of “ouchies” are the ones that give us the most trouble!

Our swim team’s #1 major fundraiser is selling “safe and sane” fireworks. The city allows local nonprofit groups to set up shop for 7 days (after paying the necessary permits). Local distributors set up the booths (30ft by 10ft)and furnish them with the works…Any profit will be made after the rental fees, permits and the cost of the fireworks are paid. No money is needed up front, everything is paid for after the sales. It’s a big help to the many small youth organizations in our community. The only drawback is that it does take work. The booth is open for 7 days from the hours of 10:00am till 10:00pm, not including the before and after chores! We have anywhere from 2 to 8 people “manning” the booth daily. We are required by the city to have someone there 24 hours a day. My oldest son Matthew stays up to “guard the goods” he sleeps a couple of hours in the am and his off to work! I am there 12 hours for 7 days! We can sell anywhere from $1,000 – $10,000 worth of fireworks daily! What keeps us going is the fact that it benefits the kids. All proceeds go towards the purchase of much needed equipment.
continued next post

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