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Shane Whalen
This Prayer Circle is Dedicated to my son Shane Whalen Who Passed Away On March 15, 1999 at the Age of 24, & All Other Children

Start a prayer circle for bereaved parents who have lost a child.

There are many of us out there who have lost a child, and it is devastating. It changes the outlook on life, plunges you into a depression, and you think that the feelings and thoughts you have nobody else could possibly relate to. I think a prayer circle for bereaved parents would only benefit us and help us on our journey of grief. This Circle is one of Love, where a Grieving Parent can safely come to for Prayers, and to talk about their feelings.

Shaner -10/14/2000
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6/1/2004 06:03

Dear Lisa, Sou, Susan, Billie, Debby, our prayer warrior, Angela and all other ANGELMOMS!

Thank you for acknowledging, agreeing, praying for me or praying with me.

Every ripple causes a wave effect…Together we make a Tsunami!
I know that God hears our prayers and knows our hearts. Please know that when you are unable to pray for yourself, we pray for you.

May God Bless you and keep you in his care.

With Love and Prayers to all,

6/1/2004 16:09

Hello our dear Marci! Yes, you've been missed here too, I thought 'Do I have to send out another call', :-). Now I know why we haven't been able to hear from you, but's it's so great to see some Posting's from you!
Oh yes, with your DSL down, it had to be extremely frustrating and big time anxiety for the high school and college student's, studying for finals! They need the resources of the Internet now, it's gone way past the 'fun thing' to have in this day and age. Ah, thank you sweetie for your love and prayers for Shane's b'day, we're all so blessed here at this Circle of Love.
Isn't the price of gas crazy? It was 91.4 a litre last week, (our long weeknd) but it's dropped to 82.5 this week, so a gallon cost's us $3.30. Everybody is screaming at the Gov't about it, but in the meantime, you have to pay it if you want to drive your vehicle. That horse and buggy's looking good right now, :-). A disposable digital camera? Er..I don't think they sell them here in Canada, ha, ha, OK, I'll buy one and while we're on the topic, where's YOUR picture?? I'll be happily looking for it in my e-mail!
Whew, of course you are, my sister, Sean Michael's b'day, and then the event's leading up to his passing, it is scary, this is his 1st Anniversary, and everything surrounding his passing is still so very fresh in your mind and heart. Not an easy one to deal with, and like our dear Deb, you've got them both in the same month, God love you.
With God's grace, strength and love as well as our love and prayers, you will get through it, as painful and as scary as you're now feeling. We'll start our storming now to help you with it, our dear one. Thank's so much for sharing the elephant story again, and thank you dear Sean Michael, I'll never forget that joke, and what it's come to mean. May God bless you dear Marci as well as your family, and you know by now we're all in this together, you have our undying support, love and prayers,
Much love to you & lots of Hugs,

6/2/2004 18:52

Hi my dear Angel Moms, I'm sorry I have not posted lately, so many things going on. SUE, it is great to hear from you, guess what I have a niece who is trying to have a baby for the last 8 years, they had tried everything, her husband is a Dr. and believe me they have tried, guess what they found out that there is something wrong with her thyroids, but they told her that with a treatment maybe she could get pregnant, so don't loose your hope and remember Sarah is also helping, I am sure she wants to look after a sister or brother, leave it all to God, He will help. MADISONMOMMY, welcome to this Circle of Love and understanding, we are new at this pain, I am in my 21st month, I visited Madison's site, she is an Angel a very beautiful and sweet Angel, yes we ask why,and we don't get an answer, we have to rely in our faith and sometimes that fails, we will be here for you, like all the other Angel moms have been here for me, I get angry, sad, and angry again, but with their prayers we will get on, like our sister Marci says, ONE BITE AT A TIME, there is nothing else we can do but rely on God and Prayers. I get so angry at times that I use a punching bag and hit it so hard that my arms ache, but God puts you though it, He will HELP you through it. Please come back as often as you feel, we all understand the pain. Love Selva

6/2/2004 18:59

Hi my dear sister Marci. Yes it is tough, but remember "count your blessings" I have no one, no grandchildren, no husband, no other kids, so as hard as it is you are blessed, and yes we have to take a bite at a time, I know that no one will replace Sean, that is a hole in your heart that nothing can replace, we all understand, even if I have no other children I am sure if I did, none of them could replace Solange. I will send a picture of her tonight, wow I think that if they meet in Heaven they will make a beautiful couple, ha, I wonder , solange has her ways, whenever she came to a room, the LIGHT always followed her, and Sean is so handsome that I think they already met. August is a very rough time for me, Solange went to Heaven Aug 15, this will be the second year, and believe me it is harder thant the first. Hang on my dear sister. Love you Selva

6/2/2004 19:04

Hi my dear Debby. You make me so happy, imagine we are all going to be aunts, and twins, Ay my dear sister, what a joy, well by today you should know , boy and girl, or girl and girl, whatever , I am sure that mother and dad are so very happy, and so are all the aunties, God Bless you my dear sister, I will be praying that they will be healthy and fine. Please keep us informed. Love Selva

6/3/2004 04:56

Hello AngelMoms,
This is a special post going out to Miss Verna. I know she lives in the same part of Louisiana that I do and we have been experiencing very bad weather these last couple of nights. 60-70 mph winds with very heavy rain. There has been lots of damage with trees being uprooted and falling on peoples houses and cars. We made it through safely. The worst that has happened to us is my porch swing ended by the street(I have a REALLY long driveway) We also lost power for about 8 hrs. If I knew where Miss Verna lived, I would go check on her myself. I pray all is safe with her and her loved ones.
Love and prayers to all,

6/3/2004 07:26

Oh no, Susan, that's awful! Thank God you weren't hit too badly! Hm, I haven't heard from Miss V in a couple of day's, I wonder if her power is down?
I'll try e-mailing her and tell her to Post, put everyone's mind at ease. She live's in Shreveport, but I can't seem to find her address right now. You stay safe!!
Much love & Angel Hugs,

6/3/2004 12:40

Hi Everyone, ~ I'm OK, Thank God, family and I survived the terrible storms that ripped through our area last night and in the wee hours the night before! It's been a long time since I witness weather like that in Shreveport. It was really very frightening! Our power was off for a few hours both nights but was eventually restored. There were no street lights in our community that first night, or on I-49 for as far as I could see! It was really spooky! My sister, who lives only a block and a half from me still has not had her power restored. She, hubby, and little Ashley spent the night with us last night. Thanks, Susan, for thinking of me and family. :) I thought of you, too, and told my sister that I sure hoped you and family were OK. Y'all know I appreciate all your prayers and concern. When I took the grandkids out yesterday afternoon, I was amazed at the amount of wind damage that had occurred all over the city. I mean there were large trees uprooted and traffic lights out everywhere!!! Some power lines were down so streets had to be blocked off. I've been out picking up limbs that blew off a large oak tree in our back yard. Hubby leaves for work very early, so picked up a few and left the other twigs for the grandkids to finish when they finish breakfast. Cheryl, Steven, and Ashley are already here... Cheryl fixed breakfast for everyone and Pearl just left to go back around to her house to get more food items out of her freezer to bring around here to put in my freezer. Tammy's service is still out, also. Haven't heard from Lynn, but Auntie's power has been restored. Whew! Gotta get this posted so everyone will know I'm OK! Love & Angel Hugs to all!

6/3/2004 19:05

Dear Susan, ~ I just wanted to say thanks again for thinking of me during the most recent storms in our area. I don't think we are very far from each other in distance. If my memory serves me right, you're on the other side of Bossier City, and I'm only a few miles on this side of the mighty Red River! Most of my ancestors are from McDade, which if memory serves me right is on the other side of where you are. Yes, fortunately, even with all the wind damage, and a few minor injuries, no deaths occurred. From the looks of things in some communities in Shreveport that, alone, is a miracle. I'm still thanking God for keeping all of us safe. Sure hope you are hanging in there, Susan, as we continue on our endless journey. No matter what, we know God is on our side. I know without Him, I would not have come this far. But, as I've said so many times here in our circle of love, I sure am glad that God looked beyond my faults and saw my needs. And for that I thank Him. May our Lord and Savior continue to guide us all and provide our newly bereaved moms with more and more peaceful moments as time marches on. Please know that all of you are in my heartfelt prayers, ... Always!
Much love & Angel Hugs,

6/3/2004 19:26

Hi my dear sisters. Tahnk God Susan and Verna are OK, Thank you Thank you Lord you heard our prayers. I had lunch for a while with Solange's recipient and his mother, He looks great,Thanks God, yes if takes a lot of my energy, but I Thank God and Solange, that she saved his life, it does take a lot of my energy (soul) but I thank my daughter and I am so very proud of her, imagine this guy was diabetic since he was 12 years old, he is 52 now, and for the first time in his life he can eat chocolate, sweets, and no more dyalisis, yes it takes a lot of me, but at the same time I Thank God that my daughter was able to save so many lifes. I am so Proud of Solange. Love you my sisters. Selva

6/3/2004 22:37

Yes, Praise God for looking after our two Louisiana Moms! And thankfully also from the Newspaper report you sent me Miss V, nobody else was seriously injured!
Hi my dear sister, sound's like your lunch with Don and his Mom went OK, thank You Lord for answering prayers said for today! No better gift could somebody give to another, be proud my dear sister!!
Much love & Angel Hugs,

6/4/2004 19:58

Please pray for the Finnerty family whose oldest daughter of four children was recently murdered. They are such a loving family and are going through a very tramatic time. The community is very supportive. Although I have just read where an angel sits on the shoulder of the person you pray for and I think the mom, dad, and siblings need our prayers desperately. Thank you.

6/5/2004 11:13

Hello sweetcheeks, welcome to the Cicle!
I'm so sorry about the Finnerty's tragic loss of their daughter. I'm glad to hear that the Community is very supportive of them right now, they are going to need that ongoing support in the day's, week's ahead. May God bless you for asking for prayers for them, be assured they'll be in our prayers, thank you for letting us know about their loss of a child also.
Love & Angel Hugs,

6/5/2004 17:45

Hi Sweetcheeks, welcome to our Circle of Love, you can count on our prayers for the Finnerty family, so sad for tha tragic loss of their daughter, they will need a lot of support and prayers, this is the worse pain anybody can endure, please tell them our prayers will be with them, so will be our love and understanding, as we all know about that pain. Thank you for sharing with us. God Bless you and the family. Love Selva

6/5/2004 17:50

Hi my dear sisters. I am very sad today and I am sure most of Americans are, we lost a Great Human Being, Ronald Reagan, he was my Heroe, he got rid of the Germal Wall and Communism, and I know about comunist goverment, unfornatelly it is the worse type of system in the World, He made America proud again,he was a good man, God Bless him. Selva

6/5/2004 19:51

Hello AngelMoms,
I am also mourning the loss of President Reagan. He was a great leader and managed to get the job done with respect and humor. To do what he did with the Communists without war was a miracle!! Now I am not knocking our President Bush. Sometimes, talking works, sometimes you just need to spank!
I am also praying for the family that lost their daughter. Unfortunately all of us know what the first few days, weeks, years are like. My prayer is that they are surrounded by prayer and feel God's love and grace.
Miss Verna if you EVER, EVER, EVER need anything please let me know. My email addy is I am home everyday with nothing to do except play with kitties. Three of my cats gave birth and I have 15 kitties in my kitchen with one more cat due any day now. So it would be my pleasure to get away from them if you ever need me. (It doesn't sound like I'm BEGGING to get away from kitties does it?) :D
God's love to all

6/5/2004 20:30

Dear Shaner,

My sincere condolences on the passing of your beloved son, Shane on March 15, 1999. My Mass intentions and said prayers now for Shane Whalen that he may rest in peace with Christ in heavenly paradise and that your glorious memories of Shane fill you with blessed happiness and graces of faith.

God bless, Shane Whalen, family, friends and his Mom (Shaner).

Sincerely with Christ,


6/5/2004 22:32

Hello dear Patricia,
I'm very touched by your Post to me, your very kind, loving word's and including your Mass intention's and said prayer's for our beloved Shane as well as family and friend's. That's a very thoughtful thing for you to do, and on behalf of my husband and Shane's brother Chris, our remaining child, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
May the Risen Christ bless you also and His peace and love to you and your dear family,
Love & Angel Hugs,

6/6/2004 00:09

Dear Angel Moms, ~ I pray that all are continuing to take those tiny bites of the big elephant as time marches on. I have been without online service and TV service since my last post here. I had just finished a post to our new angel mom Madismommy, and before I could submit, my computer cut off, and I lost the whole post! When I tried to sign on again, the error message read: Unable to connect to service provider. At that point, my sister informed me that the TV had also cut off in the den. We called Cablevision, and was told that due to power outages, and a shortage of manpower, they would be unable to reconnect our service until after 5 PM Friday. We actually didn't get reconnected until late this afternoon! So, it was kind of like in the old days when we didn't have the luxuries of TV and the Internet. I was OK doing without the TV, but no way was I happy about not being able to go online! :) But, we do what we have to do, don't we? :) Little Ashley became upset because when the TV cut off, she thought that meant that another storm was headed our way! :) We assured her that the storms were over and that they weren't coming back, [We prayed.] So it was early to bed for me and family with little Ashley running back and forth between me and her grandma, taking our bible and rattling off a whole lot of stuff she no doubt had been taught, or heard in church, or her Sunday School class. She informed me that she really couldn't read, but that she was play reading! Ha-ha! This lasted until I told her I was getting sleepy, & turned off the light, leaving only the hall & guest bathroom light on. She then announced she was going to go sleep with her grandma ... Who was probably already asleep! [But keeps a night light on for her.] Ha-ha! Only after she fell asleep could I finish reading my bible. I tried reading to her, but she kept telling me it was her turn! Ha-ha! My sister reminded her earlier, that she was going to be sleepy in her kindergarten class the next day. I told my sister; now I know why we have children while we are young and energetic! Whew! :) Trust me, ... As sweet as they are, the grandcutties can wear a Sis-ta down! :)

After clearing out SPAM and saving all my emails, & fwd pages to catch up on reading later, I came here and got caught up on reading back post. I still had a lot of errands to run and dinner to prepare, so, I will begin to catch up on submitting posts [God willing], sometime tomorrow after church.

My doctor's visit went well Friday. He gave me a prescription for an over the counter pain med. to use on my wrist. My glucose reading was 127 which was considered in the safe range, but he is running some other blood tests also for whatever reason. I do not like needles, but I did OK. :) I'll find out the results during my next appointment which isn't until September, unless there is reason to go in sooner. When I asked if it was OK to continue using the computer, he said, "The good book says, 'In moderation!" :) Needless to say, ... I like my new [other] doctor! :) He also recommended that I start using my wrist bands on both hands, especially when doing chores around the house, and when driving. He also gave me something to help me sleep. I will probably start using it when the other med. runs out, sometime next week. With all that's been going on, I really haven't had too much trouble going to bed earlier.

He is scheduling me to begin occupational therapy at the clinic sometime during the first of the year. Apparently, they have a backlog of people scheduled for carpal tunnel syndrome therapy!

I started working on this post this afternoon, so I am not over doing it, Sandy! :) Better get to bed though. It's been another longggg day!
Much love and Angel Hugs to all.

6/6/2004 00:32

Hey Susan, ~ How far are you from Bossier City? I know where Barksdale Air Force Base is. We are going to have to meet for lunch or go for a walk in the park after things settle down a little. It would be so much fun to finally meet another angel mom! :) Thanks also for the email address. My email address is Can't wait to meet you! Let's make it happen soon.
Love & Angel Hugs,

6/6/2004 02:29

Selva, ~ I'm so very glad our prayers were answered for your precious little niece, God love her. Thanks for the update on her condition.
Sou, Deb, so good to see a post from you! We worry & miss you when you can't post for whatever reason! So check in more often! Deb, keep us updated on the twins! Glad to know you are taking some much deserved time off! :)
Laura, ~ I, too, am so very sorry to read about your loss of your precious little angel. :( I lost the long post I did explaining all about how losing a child is a mother's worst nightmare, and it seems impossible that the pain will ever let up. I know, ... Like the other angel moms who are farther along on their grief journey will tell you, it was so difficult to believe that the pain would ever get any easier to bear. That's the hard part. It's hard and impossible to believe in the beginning because you must grieve your loss. Like the other angel moms have said, I hope you have a lot of support from family and friends. I know you have us, so just know that we are here for you, just as we are here for each other or any new mom that comes here to share. When we come here and share, whether we are having a valley day or a hilltop day, we are helping ourselves as well as other angel moms. It helps just knowing that we are not alone and that there are indeed others who know or have known the kind of indescribable grief and pain the same as we have. Therefore, they can relate to what it is like to endure such feelings that sometimes tend to take our breath away! Sandy has given you some good advice on men and grief. Trust me, you are not alone there. A lot of marriages don't survive the loss of a precious child. Like Sandy, I don't know the details of your particular situation, but I can tell you from experience that sometimes, parents have feelings of guilt or they tend to blame each other for whatever reason after the death of a precious child. My advice to you is to read all you can on this topic. And, also what experts say about making any decisions during that first year after the death occurs. So, it is important that you be aware of this. I really regret losing my first post to you because I went into more details on this topic and on how our grieving affects our surviving child or children. So, give yourself lots of time to grieve and don't be afraid to seek counseling, and/or join a local support group if necessary. As Sandy says, there is power in numbers. The site for your precious Madison is so touching! She is such a beautiful little angel. It's easy to see that she was surrounded by such unconditional love and much tender loving care! Again, please know that my heart goes out to you and family in the loss of your precious little angel.
Much love & Angel Hugs,

6/6/2004 02:31

Marci, ~ Thanks for reminding us to take those tiny bites one minute, one hour, one day at a time! I enjoyed reading your email and will respond soon! Your stories about the wind storms made me laugh! :) Recalling fun things like that, and believe it or not, talking about the conversation that you and your beloved Sean had, that helps make our journey a little easier to bear. Sharing the sad moments as well as the happy moments & fond memories are all an important part of getting to the stage where the pain of missing our children is not so constant and intense. I know, ... Seems impossible, but with prayer, compassion and support, And with God's help, it will happen! Of this, I have no doubt! To God, be the glory!
Love & Angel Hugs to all angel moms & this time, I am really signing off and going to bed! :) You're all in my heartfelt prayers!
Love & Angel Hugs,

PS: Angel Moms, ~ Please remind us when you have a special date coming up so that we can send up extra prayers for you, your child & family. Our children will always be a very important part of our lives, and we honor that in our hearts and here in our circle of love! God bless our Sandy, & all Angel Moms & their families, & the Beliefnet Staff, always! :) And thank You Lord, for keeping our precious and beloved children safe, free of pain, & in Your loving care forevermore!

6/6/2004 10:46

Dear Madison's mommy, I just read your post and I am so sorry about your dear daughter. I understand what you are saying about not being able to go on. I lost my dear Nicholas July 5, 2003 in a car accident he was 16. I can also relate to what you are saying about you and your husband being seperated. I have been married for 14 years and my husband and I can't even be in the same room together ,we don't talk, we have not seperated yet but I can tell it is coming soon. I have been hanging on because they say don't make a decision within the 1st year. But you know a death of a child can make you do things that you thought you wouldn't have done before but like I have told my friends and family there has been problems before I lost my dear Nick. Losing a child makes you open your heart and mind alot more. We do have another son Michael who will be 7 tomorrow and that is part of why I am hanging on so hard. But I have also been told that if you are not happy with your marriage then you children will not be happy. I am really so lost that I don't know what I am doing. If none of this made since Iam sorry.

Sandy I am sorry I missed Shane's b-day.

Lot's of love to all.

6/7/2004 07:53

Hello our dear Miss V, nice reading your Posts, :-). That's wonderful that your Diabetes is under control, you're doing your body good! Nope, not saying a word about the time of your Post's, ha, ha! You HAVE been good lately, so I don't have to tattle on you, :-). Please wear those wrist bands, they will help you! If you don't have one already, buy yourself one of those wrist 'pillows' so you have some support and comfort while on your PC.
Much love & Angel Hugs,

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