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Lights Alone
Those Living Alone

I ask for prayer for those of us who live alone and are suddenly faced with a situation, chronic illness, accidents, disease or any dis-orders or loss that limit or seclude us more than we would choose.

Once we were free and strong, helping others, now we pray for someone special to rediscover us, that we may share the things that in their most simple form have become ever more beautiful.

We ask that you do not forget us. We still "are" .

Remember us at bedtime, when you say goodnight to another, that we may feel your prescence.

Lift up our Animal Children for blessings, as they give so freely of love and devotion, and pray that we may run with them again.

Hold our hand within your heart as you might hold a beloved, and pray that we may again one day, find our hands clasped with another.

Libralight -7/7/2001
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3/25/2003 10:09

Blesings my brother Pholley it is such great comfort for me to come and see you. Though we go through our various trials God is always with us and has never left us though we feel alone at times. Even the angels have been with us from our birth.
Pholley, your storm is almost over now, heaven is over you, you will see the light shining, the breaking of dawn, your tomorrows and you will be set free.
I have faith and know you're about to come through just continue to pray and trust the Lord. You said you've prayed the same prayer for 11yrs. and a month since your father's demise, that's exemplifies that you're steadfast and continual in your faith. Bless the Lord for that, for you know at His Will you will reap from the healing and restoration of your entire being.
Heavenly Fatheer, I come before Your Throne of Grace to ask that You O' God allow Your healing virtue to saturate the entire being of Pholley, bring forth wholeness, completeness, in Jesus Name. For you said in Your Word;
Beloved (that's you Pholley) I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health een as thou soul prospereth. My brother you are going to see the SUN, for your storm is almost over. Halleljuah, I bless the Lord for you. I come back because the Lord has given me the assignment to help you in whatever manner I can, and I'm honored to do any and all I can that you are free and walking in liberty not bound by grief or lonliness. You are going to make it brother. God has a deep and intimate Love for His children and is concerned what you go through. So He send a messenger to let you know it is well, He's right beside you. Be encouraged and not dismayed for God said, I am you Lord God. I pray abundance in every area for you. May the God of Love and Peace bring forth these things to you in the Name of Jesus, Amen Thank You Father, I count it done, in Your Name, Jesus. Pholley. I will come back tomorrow to bid you God's Speed!
Christ Love and mine, Tam~

3/25/2003 10:17

Praise God Cecile and Weneedprayers I pray the blessings of God over you. I pray you feel the presence of God in all and everything you do. For God said He will never leave nor forsake you.
And God's Word is TRUTH, He cannot tell a lie for it's recorded in Hebrews6:18
God loves each of you and do care what you go through. Be of good cheer, God has overcome the world, and will overcome the circumstances in your life. Peace I leave from the Father for you both and pray the blessings of God over your lives, in Jesus Name, I pray, Amen!

3/25/2003 13:15

Hello Tam,

Thank you for your kind words and support, they mean a lot to me. I am starting to feel a little better about things, although the emptiness, and lonliness are still with me. I'll keep on praying and hope that my prayers will be answered soon.

Take care and GOD bless you


3/25/2003 18:41

my dear tameka i apologize for being so long in writing in here. my computer has been broken but i think of you and pray for you daily. i hope all is weel with you. i truely have been blessed by the Lord. Richard and I are to be married may 8th of next year. i thank God daily for giving me such a wonderful man to love. i hope all is well with you miss tameka. i will continue to pray for you as well as others on the website. may God bles each and every one of us in our times of neeed. love to all, nana

3/25/2003 22:03

Blessed be the Name of the Lord who loads us with daily benefits. Praise God Nangurl and congrats to you I am so happy to hear from you. As always you're continually in my prayers you and Richard and fam. I hadn't heard from you although I speak the blessings of God over your life and well-being.
I had just been hanging around the prayer sites trying to utilize my time and Lo and Behold it dropped in my spirit to check on Phillip and come and see you here. It's great and don't stay away so long. I pray fervently for you and send forth Peace and Love from the Father to saturate your entire being in Jesus Name, Amen!
I'm so happy for you Nanagurl, and congrats again. Keep us posted, I love you and Peace to you, Christ Love and mine, Tam~

3/25/2003 22:07

Pholley I was just checking on you before I go to bed, and see your post. Everything is gonna be alright. Just take one day at a time and give all your troubles and concerns to God and He will make them bearable. Okay, my brother I'm with you in whatever I can do to encourage, comfort, and support you. Love you with the love of Christ, I bless you in Jesus name, Amen!
Pleasant sleep and Peace to calm your spirit that you awake to God's marvellous brand new tender mercies is my prayer. Goodnight, Tam~

3/25/2003 22:36

Goodnight Tam, and thankyou again for all your love and support. Have a pleasent evening and may GOD bless you.


3/25/2003 22:56

I will not ever feel alone now that I have found all of you! I will be praying for you and hope you will allow me to join your Circle from time to time as I am led to. In this dark and warlike hour I am blessed by this discovery. Peace and wellness and restorative rest to all. Thanks be.

3/25/2003 22:59

I will not ever feel alone now that I have found all of you! I will be praying for you and hope you will allow me to join your Circle from time to time as I am led to. In this dark and warlike hour I am blessed by this discovery. Peace and wellness and restorative rest to all. Thanks be.

3/27/2003 02:00

Praise God SantFe and it so good to have you. Oh what a beautiful prayer it just gives me goosebumps for it's so
dear and heart-felt. May God keep His Peace and Love upon you in Jesus Name.
We love you with the Love of Christ, be encouraged and continue to come back and uplift the Body of Christ.
God's Speed, Tam~

3/27/2003 02:05

Blessing I send to you Pholley, that was so sweet of you it made my heart glad. At times I want to get tired and say well I'l pray tomorrow, but when I think about all the hurting and lost people needing just a smile or a word of encouragement can make all the difference in their lives. I ask God for strength and continue. Father, forgive me when my body get weary for it pleases You that I do the work You have given me for the Body of Christ, I Love You Father, and have mercy upon my dear brother Pholley and all that's asking of you on the sites in Jesus name, Amen!
Pholley one day at a time, I am here with and for you, May the Grace of God guard you in all your ways in Jesus Name, Amen! Christ Love and mine, Tam~

3/27/2003 06:43

I do not know what I would do without you and your words of kindness and support. You have enabled me to cope with things this past month. May GoD bless you always...


3/27/2003 13:02

To everyone who has posted their beautiful feelings on this site.
Thank God we have the courage and strength to share our innermost feelings and desire to truly connect.
Somewhere in my being, I trust that it is those of us brave enough to feel these lost and broken feelings, that someday will go into them, totheir core, and come out the other side, in the garden of eternal peace, here on this earth. To show ourselves, and all of humanity where peace really resides. That it is not outside of ourselves, but deep within.
I thank you for helping me by sharing your inner selves, by allowing me to know that indeed, I am not a freak for feeling such deep pain and needing to connect with others who understand and have compassionate hearts.
May I have the courage and follow-through to create a support group, a gathering place, or an article or two to let this world know that there is indeed a place, at least a place in my heart for those who suffer. I understand, because I have suffered also.
My love and gratitude go out to everyone.

3/27/2003 20:03

I too am filled with gratiude, and pray I stay filled with that grateful appreciation as I live in each moment. Thank you for your welcoming messages.
Chelle, my friend Mary has pulled a group of women friends together, a support group of friends. We women often become too much the loners, and we have enjoyed the time we spent together talking, or seeing a movie together. It is a dark time, and hiding our lights under bushels make it all the darker. How much more meaning my own life has since my friend made that support group, that network, to gather or network on line. I encourage you to do the same, earthshepherd. Thank you for reminding me of the value of my own. Thank You for this group, Lord.

3/27/2003 20:09

O' Gracious and Merciful Father Thank You for all things. I give thanks for Phillip. Phillip I thank you for making the thiings I do for the Body of Christ worthwhile and know that it can help someone in their time of need. I truly love you for you have touched my heart and very soul.
You will make it dear brother for you will do this each day:

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
My help comes from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.
He will not suffer thy foot to be moved; He that keepeth them will will not slumber. Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.
The Lord is thy keeper; The Lord is thy shade upon thy righthand. The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord shall perserve thee from all evil; He shall preserve thy soul. The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth and even forever more. Psalms121
I pray you find Peace in God's great Promise of Truth. For it is well this I know. May God reveal His very nature to you and saturate you in His Love and Peace for Christ sake's, Amen!
Sleep in the arms of your Heaenly Father
and may His Love touch you from head to toe. Have a wonderful night and awake to God's brand new tender mercies.
Christ Love and mine, Tam~

3/28/2003 01:38

*beware of of the tricks by the tricksters......
yes, ......
all of them........

all of them that are so full of righteousness they belch while they are still dining and children are starving...and thirsty and crying.... and dying....

remember the 'little lavender girl'...
the one with her foot blown off....and long eyelashes closed....
her father in a turban, salted mustache carrying her to the pile of the dead.... i believe it was the day before or perhaps two, before yesterday.
i wonder how old she was?
does anybody KNOW?

false ways.......are the days...
*beware... for the fire is coming.....
and all of the unfaithful greedy and inconsistent petty...
shall faith not find ever again......
that's what it is all about.

*the children are dying......
and HE would kiss the feet of those who were blown off.......he would kiss her now ....
her leg was her heel bone......her little turquoise pants bright over bare, red bone.....
and closed, silent dead eyes....

i wonder how Her Father's Heart is?

Is She is smiling with Him now....?
humbly...... and innocent?
i wonder Who will join Them?

*remember the little lavender girl...

3/28/2003 13:07

Tam, you are truely a very special person, make that angel. I don't know how I would have made it this far without you and your fellow angels.

God bless you


3/28/2003 14:31

Praise God SantaFe I'm happy you've found another means of being with others with the same mind and aspirations. Continue in your journey of being healthy and whole, but do remember this one thing all your efforts will be futile if Christ isn't the center. I pray you find that great light at the end. May God's Peace be with you in Jesus Name, Amen!
Take everything in love but I will not compromise God's Truth.Meetings and programs are nice but God is the Great Physician and Healer and Lover of our souls. I love you with the Love of Christ. And may you find comfort and support in your search. God's Speed!

3/28/2003 14:39

Phillip, I bless you brother, and send God's Peace, Mercy and Grace to keep you. I tell you, you do just as much for me I have this big goofy grin, smile on my face as I read your posts.
I truly love people and want to see them free from whatsoever life and the enemy keep them bound by.
I'm so grateful to God that I can be of help to you. And without question I'm happy you allowed me in your life without feeling I'm throwing things on you. But God is so wonderful and timing is of such essence He would allow you to receive the things you need at the given time. God loves you completely and yes He's perfected Love in me and I just feel wonderfully blessed, happpy, full of joy for you help me to feel this way when your future look bigger and brighter with each passing day.
May the God of our salvation keep you strong and in perfect Peace is my prayer. I love you and have a Great Weekend, I'll be back tonight or tomorrow. Christ Love and mine, Tam~
Blessings my dear brother!

3/28/2003 15:00

Blessings Earthshepard, I made a mistake in ommitting your name on the post with SantaFe. My intention was for you both. The bible says this: Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the Peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Phillipian4:6-7
Psalms26:3, says God will keep him in perfect Peace whose mind stay on Him.
Because he trusts in God.
I say these things that you may know Peacce will not be found in this world, nothing but tribulation,according to John16:33, but be of good cheer for Jesus has overcome the world. Trust ye in the Lord. May God show you the way in Jesus Name, I pray, Amen!

3/29/2003 17:21

Greetings In the Name of Jesus, Phillip.
I know weekends are hectic and all but I still must let you know I am on my job 24-7. I'm writing to bid you Peace, Joy, and encouragement in the matchless Name of Jesus. Have a blessed weekend!
Christ Love and mine, Tam~

3/30/2003 08:25

Good morning Tam,
I'm beginning to think you are a real angel sent to earth to watch over people like me. Your kindness has helped me cope every day for the past month since I lost my father. I don't know what I would havedone without you. You give me the strength I need everyday just to make it through the day.

God bless you


3/30/2003 13:22

Greetings Phillip in the Name of Jesus,
I am so happy that through Christ great Love for you He led me here.

Blessed be the Lord, Because He has heard the voice of supplications! The Lord is your strength and your shield;
Your heart trusted in Him, and you are helped; Therefore your heart greatly rejoices, And with my song you will Praise Him. Phillip, I took this from Psalms28:6-7, Through faith I use the word you because God does hear your cries, God see your tears, pain, and grief, but He promised to dry your tears and castaway your fears for you will put your trust in Him.
I speak not in the present but of the future that's why I can see you are going to be fine, for you trust in God, and He will not put you to shame. He will come to you.
For God says this concerning you:
You are my servant, I have chosen you and have not cast you away; Fear not for I am with you; Be not dismayed , for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.
says the Lord for I Love you everlasting and completely is the word of the Lord. And I love you for God perfected love in me toward you.
Now may God's Peace, Love, Joy, Mercy, Grace and whatsoever you may need or ask be yours from our Most Gracious Father in Jesus Name, Amen!
Phillip, you make my day go good for I can see your light shining and a brand new tomorrow for you. May the Grace of God and His Peace guard you in your heart and mind through Christ Jesus is my prayer. See you tomorrow, maybe tonight just to check on ya? If there's any specific prayer please let me know for at this time I know your prayers.
Christ Love and mine, Tam~

3/31/2003 17:30

Praise God Phillip and how are you?
Just dropped by to bid you Peace, encouragement, and support in the Loving Name of Jesus. May you have a great day and feel the Awesome Love, Mercy, and Grace of our Heavenly Father, He loves you and so do I.
God's Speed! Tam~

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