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Shane Whalen
This Prayer Circle is Dedicated to my son Shane Whalen Who Passed Away On March 15, 1999 at the Age of 24, & All Other Children

Start a prayer circle for bereaved parents who have lost a child.

There are many of us out there who have lost a child, and it is devastating. It changes the outlook on life, plunges you into a depression, and you think that the feelings and thoughts you have nobody else could possibly relate to. I think a prayer circle for bereaved parents would only benefit us and help us on our journey of grief. This Circle is one of Love, where a Grieving Parent can safely come to for Prayers, and to talk about their feelings.

Shaner -10/14/2000
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4/16/2004 00:33

Dear God in heaven, ~ Please hear my humble prayer. I pray that You will wrap Your powerful arms around dreamshadow, and wipe her tears away. Lord, You know the depth of dreamshadow's pain. There is no cross heavier to bear than the loss of a precious and beloved child. Her beloved Jesse ... So very young ... God, have mercy on his soul. Thank You for receiving him into Your kingdom and for giving him eternal life, and Your unconditional love. Lord, please allow Jesse to send his mom many signs to let her know that he is indeed alive and well in Your kingdom, surrounded by all the other guardian angel kids who arrived before him. Thank You, Father, for watching over our beloved children, and for the blessed assurance that we will live forever with them in the kingdom once our work here on earth is through! In Your Son Jesus' name, Amen!

4/16/2004 01:01

Hi dear Sandy, & Hello Everyone! ~ I am having a time with sticky keys tonight! :) I don't even try to figure out what's happening with this computer any longer; I just thank God that it's still allowing me to keep in touch every now and then. Just wanted to check in and say I love you all & I pray that God continues to give you those precious moments of peace for which we all pray!

Felecia had a fairly good day. She is back in the hospital due to a high temp. and treatment for a blood clot, and swelling in one arm. I think I may have told you about the fall she had at the clinic last week. We are thanking God for each day she is still here with us. Her little one, Ashley, informed me earlier tonight that she is going on a field trip tomorrow, and she was so excited about that. :) The little ones are such blessings!

Dear Selva, ~ I will get around to typing the email that your grandson dictated on Easter Sunday! I am still laughing at the manner in which he sat there with his serious business like expression on his face dictating all of this important "stuff" he wanted me to tell you about him. He, mom, & Dad were really sharp in their Easter outfits. I promise to type it and send it to you soon!
Love & Angel Hugs,

4/16/2004 15:21

Hello our dear Miss V, great to see you posting again, we've missed you! I know you're very busy with family right now, God bless you, love you too, and pray the same for you! Oh gosh, what a time of trial for your dear Felicia Kaye and family, I thought for some reason she was out of the hospital, and doing better, so I pray this is just a temporary setback, and keep trusting in God for her well-being. Yes, it's wonderful to be surrounded by young children, they keep us young ourselve's with their delightful innocent, trusting and terrific imagination's, they certainly are a joy to be around!
All are in my heart and prayers Miss V, take care of yourself too, my hubby was like you with his Diabetes, and now he's on Insulin twice daily, so listen to your Dr.'s before you have to go that route!
Much love, prayers & Hugs,

4/16/2004 19:19

Hi my dear sister Miss V. I am praying hard for Felecia, let God. Please our dear sister, take care of yourself, there are lots of people who needs you, including our grandson, just remember that, so you owe it all to them (us). Just remember my (our) prayers are with you and the family and specially Felecia. Whenever you get a chance I will love to read my grandson's letter, but don't rush. Love you my dear sister. Selva

4/16/2004 19:28

Hi my dear Angel in Chief. Tonight I will relax, april 15th its over, we still have a lot of work but now the stress is gone, now we have Aug 15 (imagine?) that is our next dateline. I will not think about it. I am planning to sleep until about 9am tomorrow, for the first time in months, and on sunday we will do BBQ, the weather in Miami is (still chilly ha ha) in the 70's. I had my last physical therapy today, so I am ready to walk again, but my mental theraphy will continue.Oh I have to share this with all of you Angel moms, maybe you know the Fla Marlins won the WORLD SERIES (WE ARE CHAMPIONS) the Ring Ceremony was last saturday, one of my co workers's son was a pitcher for the Marlins and today he brought THE RING to work, it is the biggest and most expensive ring that was ever awarded to a baseball team, so we all wore the ring and took pictures with it, it was a nice break today. Love you my sisters. Selva

4/17/2004 08:01

Hello my dear sister, hope you're sleeping in right now, or, I could call you and wake you up, if I can't sleep, then you should be up too, ha, ha! I'm happy for you that tax season is FINALLY over, no, don't even think of August yet, just enjoy this slower time and relax more, you so deserve it! The weather's still chilly huh?? You're making me laugh again, it's going to 18C here today (65F) and we all think it's a beautiful day, nice and warm, ha, ha, I'd settle for 'chilly' 70 deg. weather!! :-) Yum, BBQ, I made the Cuban Roast again the other day and once again it was a big hit!!
All done with your physical therapy, hurray, you've come a long way since your accident my dear sister, and now you can walk again and without any aid!
Feel like going for a jog today?, :-)
Hey, that's terrific, yep, I remember them winning, so now you've got a pic of yourself with THE ring on! Baseball season's starting again soon, but right now it's the NHL Play-off's, and we're all rooting for the Ottawa Senators, so please just say GO SENS GO for me, OK, even if you're not watching it yourself, :-) they played last night and lost, so today I have to listen to all the Leaf fans teasing me, :-) But they play again on Sunday night, home ice, so they have the advantage, Chris is going to the game again, we'll settle for watching it on tv. Keep pressing on my dear sister, and I am very happy that it's finally over for you and Nancy!
Lots of love & Angel Hugs,

4/18/2004 00:38

Hello dear AngelMoms, Dads,

I received this from our dear Sharon Lee this evening, and am posting for all,

Hi Sandy,Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the prayers and to give you a update. The MRI showed some growths on the liver and pancreas,I stayed at the hospital all day yesterday with my daughter.Melissa called alittle while ago he now has pneoumonia and a collapsed lung. Thanks everyone for their prayers for me.
Love & Hugs
Sharon Lee

This is an update on her son-in-law, I assured her that I would post it here and to ask for continued prayers.
Much love & Angel Hugs,

4/18/2004 10:44

Thanks for sharing the message my dear sister. For sure that we will continue storming Heaven for Sharon's family. At the same time I want to also ask prayers for Larry, my friend Ingrid's husband, he was sent home already, there is very little that can be done, his brain tumor is back. May God give Ingrid the strenght she needs so badly, also my friend's Nitza's daughter only 23,Solange's friend, is at the hospital with a blood clot in her lung, the Drs are already on top of things in she is getting better, but we were all so scared. Thank God for listening to our prayers , Alicia is getting better. Thank you for your support and prayers. Love you all my dear sisters. Selva

4/18/2004 14:48

Hello my dearest friends and Angelmoms!
I’ve been home for a week since visiting with my daughter. It's been a very tough week for us. Easter was way too hard to get through. There was no celebration-no church, Easter eggs or jelly beans for us this year. None of us felt like celebrating...

The day before Easter I had a major breakdown. I went driving into the desert, in search of accident site where my son Sean-Michael lost his life. I wanted to make sense of what happened to Sean that night.

I drove out to the middle of no where- a huge, vast wasteland of nothingness. I now know why they got lost that night, it was daylight and I had a hard enough time trying to navigate my wear a bouts, I can’t imagine it at night. All that is out there is rolling hills and dirt roads; it is a vast prairie land of scrub brush and junipers, a paradise for off-roader vehicles, illegal trash dumpers and hunters looking for quail and dove. It all looked so harmless, until you come across a weather-beaten cross placed along the side of a dirt road as a memorial to a beloved one. Some were surrounded with artificial flowers and personal mementos that were placed there for what ever reasons. It was the new crosses that really bothered me, too many losses. This immense wasteland comes like a thief in the night and robs us of our children and loved ones! Just like Satan! I wanted to scream out - MURDERER! THIEF!

After driving around for over an hour I never did come across the accident scene. My oldest son Matthew went out looking for Sean that night and never found him. He had been close and forever he lives with the thought of how close he had been. My husband and I went with him and Evan (my youngest son) in search of the site not too soon after that fateful night. It was very hard for Evan, who was with Sean that night to go back to where they got stuck. They had to stop the car and walk up a hill and go down into a ravine to get to the scene. It was all too emotional for Evan, so I stayed in the car while he walked with his Dad and big brother to the scene. After seeing the sight of the accident, my husband had an understanding of what happened and what went wrong that night. The car got stuck in the ditch, Sean, Evan and their friends Matt and Dale were trying to push it out of the ditch when it rolled back and flipped over on its side pinning Sean to the side of the ravine. He tried to get out of the way, but could not. Was anyone at fault? No, their only fault was inexperience; they thought they had it under control. They would be out of the ditch and home in no time.

We have never put one of those weather-beaten crosses or memorials at the scene, even though many have asked to do it for us. We don’t want anyone else getting lost or stuck in the barren and inhospitable wilderness in search of Sean-Michael’s cross.

It is only with God's Grace that we have been able to cope with our loss. I know that for my husband and I both that HE is our only HOPE. We have HOPE that their is a GOD, and that some day we will be reunited with our son.

with much love to all,
your sister, Marci~.~

4/18/2004 15:44

I know many people who have lost loved ones, often have a dream or dreams of their beloved. They often talk of wanting the reassurance and comfort, the dream brings to them. I never had much thought or an opinion about it, nor did I feel that it was of absolute importance to me or a matter of utmost urgency that I dream of my son. Perhaps, I may have even felt that there are people who subconsciously manufacture their own dreams to suit their own needs. In any case, I’ve heard it said that what goes on during the day comes out in our subconscious at night through our dreams. Or so I thought…

Last Wednesday night I had a dream about Sean. It was absolutely incredible! Please forgive me if I use worn out clichés to describe what happened! I can not find any other way to express myself except to say that it was “so life-like and so real.”

Sean came down from heaven to talk to me. He showed me his shoes and said “look at my shoes Mom; see the red and blue band on them? They are really cool in Heaven right now!” To anyone who knew Sean, knew that he never cared about being cool! His thoughts and eyes were on Heaven itself not on what he wore! I felt like he was letting me know that he was okay, and everything was “cool” in Heaven!

He told me that he was always here with me – that I could feel his presence. As he kept rubbing and patting my arm and shoulder trying to comfort me he said “I’m here Mom, I’m always with you, I love you Mom!”

So, now when I am really missing him, I place my arms across my chest and holding myself tight, I say “I love you Sean!” I know that he is with me hugging me and holding me saying it right back “I love you Mom!
It was a good day,

with love and prayers to all,

4/18/2004 17:02

Hi my dear sister marci. Oh, I understand so very much what you are trying to tell us. My sister and juny (Solange's best friend) wanted to put a cross where Solange had her accident, I told them it was up to them I will never go through that road again, only a week ago, another girl lost her life only a block away. I also know about dreams, no we don't fabricated it, I had 2 dreams about Solange, and I can not explain the feeling, the energy was so intense that i know she was there with me. Marci, our children are still our sons and daughters, our love is eternal so that could never die, they just moved to another plain (just think they move to IOWA), but they are still our children, they are still there for us, and more important, they will be there waiting for us when our time comes, remember Love is eternal and so are our children.Try to meditate (yes I know its hard), but calm yourself down and you will be able to see and feel your son, he is still there and with you my sister. Love you and may God Bless You. Selva

4/18/2004 21:26

To Rochelle and Eric:
Although the loss of your child has torn you both literally apart
I hope and pray that you and your children find happiness again very soon.

4/18/2004 21:27

dear uncle richard, aunt barbara and family - I hope and pray that you will find strength in each othr and in your other children and grandchildren to recover from this painful loss and celebrate life again.

4/19/2004 10:33

Hello my sister Marci! Gosh, good to see you posting again, missed you!!
Ah sweetie, you had a very sad Easter, and some breakdown's, (good for you!) Holiday's are a very tough time to go through, and you're in your first year of first's, as hard and painful as it was, I think it was inevitable, and you and your family got through it, thank goodness and thank God you have each other to lean on, and yes, He is your Rock, hold tightly onto Him during the really stormy day's, night's, He brought me through my stormy one's, and you know He'll do the same for YOU and your family!! He's your ever present refuge, and know's your pain so intimately. I understand too, how it would be important to try and find Sean's last spot, where the accident occured, I'd want to do the very same thing. God bless you dear one, I'm happy that the Holiday is now over, and only another bereaved Mom like ourselve's would understand why we're grateful when they do end, and our grieving return's to 'normal' whatever 'normal' is when we're in the
Marci, you cynic, :-) I am OVERJOYED for you that you too had your GIFT, your dream, Sean Michael coming to you in the dream state, isn't it incredible!! What a gift from a Father who love's us so much, what a beautiful way for Sean to come to you, and let you know that he's very cool, :-) and as near to you as he always was, I can just see you sitting there and hugging yourself, knowing that Sean Michael is with you still, forever! I'm so, so happy for you, you'll never forget that 'dream' for lack of a better word, and when you're feeling very low, you can rest in the huge gift you were given. I had one also, unless you have one yourself, it's hard to explain to other people, that it wasn't just a dream, 'dream' but an actual visit from your child, ask me what I dreamt last year, I couldn't tell you, but my dream/visit is still crystal clear in my mind and heart, and your's will be also!! I know it helped your badly bruised and broken heart, his love for you is as strong now as it ever was, as our dear sister Selva say's, love is Eternal, it's the only emotion that never dies, and it also show's how good God is to us grieving Moms, Dads!! I'm very happy for you, yes, it was a good day!!
Now don't be a stranger around here, you're missed when you don't post, as well as the other Mom's, *hint*,
Much love & Tender Hugs,

4/19/2004 10:43

Hello azcat, welcome to the Circle, may our Almighty Creator bless you and your family, friends, for the losses they've incurred in their lives, and also bless you for posting prayer's for them. Could you tell us a little about these losses, our prayer's are with you, it just make's it a little more personal for us when we know the name's, circumstances when we're praying for them also,
Love & Angel Hugs,

4/19/2004 19:02

Hi Azcat, again welcome to our Circle of Love, please be sure we will be praying so Rochelle and Eric will find some peace, it is difficult now, we will pray also for your uncle Richard and Barbara . We know of this pain, it is the most horrible pain anybody can go through, only here they will find understanding, prayers and no judgement, this is a place where everybody who has gone through this pain can come and find help, religion its not a matter, we welcome all the bereaved parents, after all we are human beigns with this great pain. If you can help those families, we will understand. Love Selva

4/19/2004 23:36

Our Dearest Selva,
You never cease to amaze me! You have touched my heart in so many ways. Just knowing you understand our pain and sorrow is such a comfort.

You made me laugh when you said to think of Sean in IOWA! He was a real down to earth type guy! A hunter and a fisherman! He would want to go to Iowa!

I know that you grief for your daughter is still so strong, and still you reach out to us all. Thank you!

With much Love, Marci~.~

Dear Sandy,
It has been a tough day…way too many tears; between my dear hubby and I, I don’t know who shed the most. He caught me “just a wailing and a sobbin’” in the back yard! It’s a good thing we don’t have neighbors close by they would have called the looney bin on me! I was totally inconsolable, even my dog Buddy took one look at me and took hike!

The good thing is that both my hubby and I acknowledged each others pain. We are in agreement when it comes to that! He always says it’s on his mind every minute of the day, that “it doesn’t seem like eight months, it seems like yesterday”. I totally agree!
I’m tired, physically and emotionally! Hopefully, I’ll sleep better tonight. Miss V and I have the “night owl” syndrome in common! I just don’t like to sleep at all! It’s late to bed and early to rise. Sometimes I don’t even bother with going to bed! Only until I read that not getting enough sleep ages you did I really start to try to get sleep!

Good night, my dear friends,

With much love, Marci~.~

4/20/2004 12:01

Hello Angelmoms!
I hope you are all doing well. I am sorry I haven't posted in a very long time, but you were on my mind all the times. I managed to totally mess up our computer and we never found the time to get a new one until a few days ago, and when my brother in law was here, I asked him to set it up so now I have a brand new faaaast computer with no pop-ups!! It's great to be online again and share with you! Whew, I dont know where to start, it's been a while and I haven't read your posts yet. So I hope you are all coping well, and made it through Easter in a decent state of mind. I had a few valley days myself, but they were not as bad as they used to be. We are still going to the cemetery, although we are going only every second Sunday instead of every Sunday. I thought I wouldn't be able to handle such a big gap but I did. In the mean time two or three new babies have been placed to rest, now there is a little boy next to my Sarah, it's sad how fast the cemetery fills up. There are also a few new teenagers in their early twenties, it breaks my heart. I can only imagine what their families must be going through, may God give them the strenght to continue with their lifes until they meet their children again.
Good news is that my parents are here from Germany! They will stay for a month and I am having a good time with them! I haven't seen them in 2.5 years. They already went to the Cemetery with us and gave us lots of support, since they lost 3 babies of their own, they know what we are going through.
I also had a dream of my Sarah! It was so real, she was so pretty and peaceful, just standing there and looking and smiling at me while a lot of kids were busy playing around her. She had a nice lilac dress on and looked very neat :o) her hair was cut down to her ears and it was not messed up and nothing. I woke up and told my husband, and we both had tears in our eyes. The dream came after a line of tough days for both of us, so God in His knowledge knew when to soothe us.

I have to go now, my mother needs some attention :o) I hope I can catch up reading all posts soon, and I pray for all of you to be in good health and in great mental state :o)

God bless you all!

4/20/2004 17:00

Hi dear Marci, I feel for you and your hubby so, so much, the pain is raw and searing, it cut's to your very bone, it's unlike any pain you've ever experienced or felt, and it tear's you apart. Let it out as you're doing, dear one, it take's more courage to do so than to keep it bottled in, it hasn't even been a year for you yet, your grief is still very fresh, and you and your dear Hubby are so fortunate to be son the same page, you both can love and support each other when it become's too much. I wish I had magical pearls of wisdom to offer you right now, but I don't, trust me my dear sister, I don't mean this in any 'cold' way, so please don't take it as such, but the only way through this pain is to experience it fully, walk through the fire, walk through that shadow of the valley, trust me, if any of us further along could take your pain away, we would, in a heartbeat! knowing how it permeate's your very being, but we can't, we had to go through it too, and sadly so do you. Keep taking it slowly, one step and one small bite of that elephant at a time, and remember we love you and want to support you in any way we can, I'm just very happy you're being so courageous and letting it out, and importantly also, that your husband is there for you, and you for he, my heart is always with you, I know how horrendous that pain can be, and I do feel powerless that I or any other Mom here can't take it away, but know you're always loved and honored for your feelings, and I'm also very happy to see you posting about it too!
Please try and get some rest, even if you can have a catnap during the day it would help, but I'm no one to really talk myself, :-) I get about 5 hrs. sleep every night myself - the difference though is that intense grief take's a lot out of you physically as well, so please try! Love you my sister, and lots of prayers and {{Hugs}} too,

4/20/2004 17:16

Hello, hello my dear sister Sou!! It's so terrific to see a Post from you again, I thought maybe you had left us, and was sad, but you had more computer problems and are back, hurray!! I have to go make Supper right now, but I'll be back online later to post more to you, say hello to your dear Mom from your Angel sister's, and so glad you're BACK!!
Much love & lots of Angel Hugs,

4/20/2004 19:33

Hi my dear sister Marci. Please let it all out, I am in my 20th month and I still let it out no matter where I am, we have no other choice, pray and yes God will help us by giving us strenght to go on, but we are only humans. Love Selva

4/20/2004 19:36

HI our dear sister Sou, it is so great to hear from you again, it is great that you have your parents with you, and now the computer is all fixed, we were worried about you. Just remember our dear sister, you still have a chance to go on and God will give you brothers and sister to your Sarah, I know that. Love you my sister, and yes, we will keep storming Heaven for you. Selva

4/20/2004 22:52

Hello my siser Sou! I had to watch the Hockey game before I could come back online, :-) sorry for the late post!
Again, very happy that you're back!! Oh yes, lot's of catching up to do, both ways! Wow, a brand new computer and no pop-ups, :-) I'm happy for you! Now there's no excuse not to post, except of course you have your dear Parents there with you now, and I hope you make the most of the visit, you must be overjoyed to see them and have them at your home for a month, 2 and half years is a long time!! You're always going to have a valley day here or there, that's normal, but thankfully now you sound much, much better and you've been able to handle going to the Cemetary every second Sunday, instead of every Sunday, breathing in your sweet Sarah's spirit, and that show's too that you're moving along, at your own pace. It must have been very comforting for you to bring your Parents there, and also for them, to see their tiny little grandaughter's resting place. That is sad, more babies there and more young people too, yes, God bless their parents, families, I always feel so sad when I hear of another child passing away, knowing the tough Journey that lay's ahead of them.
Hey, that's terrific you had another dream of Sarah, she sound's so beautiful and happy from the way you describe it, and yes, God is so good to give you that badly needed comfort to soothe your rough patches for you and your dear hubby! Well, God in His goodness answered my prayer, He brought you back here, of course I was worried about you and didn't know what to think, but hurray you're back, enjoy your visit, :-) and post back when you can, you were always in my heart and prayers too,
salaam my sister,
Much love & lots of Angel Hugs,

4/21/2004 00:20

Hello again dear AngelMoms, Dads,

I received this from our dear Sharon Lee and assured her I would post it here at the Circle, update on her son-in-law:

I've been at the hospital with my daughter all day,the doctors are still not sure whats wrong,except that he is a very sick man and they will have to air-lift to Duke in NC,they can't handle it at the hospital he is in.They keep finding growths on the area of the liver,pancreas and ducts.They should let him know tomorrow when he is going.Please pass this along to everyone for me,I don't have much time to be on the computer right now.Thank everyone for me and they are all in my prayers.
Love & Angel Hugs
Sharon Lee

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