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For those with chronic diseases and illnesses
Chronic Diseases Prayer Circle

This circle is for all who suffer with chronic diseases and disorders and in need of prayer and support from others.

There are many who are afflicted with chronic diseases such as lupus, MS, fibromylagia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and others, or may have children or other family members and friends who suffer with these conditions. The prayer circle can be here for the many ups and downs that come with these illnesses, as well as the tests that most have to go through when having a flare or time of activity in their symptoms. This can be a place to come for prayers when support is needed and also to give thanks and praise to God for remissions and times that we feel well.
dolphin-1015 -12/3/2000
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8/12/2001 04:43

I would like tto ask prayers for my family. My husband has Sarcoidosis and the last 2 years it has been getting's in his lungs and kidneys, and has severe muscle spasms.He really doesn't need to be working,but he won't stop due to family and bills.I have sjogrens disease and vitamin B defiencey, which there are days i really don't have any enegy. I get some relief from vitamin B-12 shots once a week.It has been up and down for us.My husband and i have been married for 17 years, and had a good marriage, up until my disease really kicked in, and there were many days i felt like doing nothing,i stayed in the bed, exausted.My husband just thought i had given up in life.He filed for a divorce, i told him i didn't want it, if he did he should file.I moved with my kids and on our third day of moving, my husband moved in with us.He couln't stand being away from his family.(Thank God)We are doing better, we talk more, and sticking by one another.It's a tragic thing for people to suffer from any kind of disease or illness, but it has really been hard for two of us to have 2 totally different diseases, and each trying to deal with their illness plus the illness of their loved one at the same time. But Gd won't put any mor on us than what we can bear.Please pray for us and those suffering from ny kind of illnes o life long disases.

8/12/2001 10:37


8/12/2001 10:42


8/12/2001 16:01

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for all of those who are afflicted with chronic pain.I pray for the Lord to heal those people, along with my husband Robert who has been dealing with chronic pain for three years now. He is a loveing Christian Father of eight who wants nothing more than to be able to return to work and be able to play and enjoy his children again. Please God heal him and all the others of thier infirmities. Do so according to your will. We will be praying and waiting for your healing touch when it comes. Thank you Lord for all the Blessings that you have given us. Send your Angels to guide, guard, and prtect us from the evil one. Chase all the evil out of this earth, and hear the cries of your servants.In Jesus mighty and Wonderful name, AMEN

8/12/2001 16:06

Please pray for my husband who suffers from chronic pain. He has degenerated discs in his back and neck. It is artheritis. He is a loving husband and father of eight beautiful children. Six sons and two daughters. One of our children has cerebral palsy. She is doing great but could also use your prayers to walk independantly.Keep my family in your prayers. thank you

8/13/2001 16:42

Lord Guide Me 

Help me, Lord, that I should know
The way you would have me to go.

Lead me on life's stormy sea
Through all the trials that be.
Give me strength that I may not fail
When I am weak and my ship has no sail.

Guide me through the stormy blast.
Give me courage while life shall last.
Lord, my life belongs to thee.
Give me faith to stand for thee.

Lead me when trails are rough and steep
And through waters that are turbid and deep. Lord, always stay near my side 
When trouble comes be thou my guide.

Lord, I know your ways are true
In things you speak and deeds you do.
Keep me, Lord, while life does last.
Let my feet not stray from your path.

Give me a light to lead me home
That in this world of darkness I may cease to roam.

Thank you, Lord, for the guidance given
And the narrow road that leads to Heaven.

8/13/2001 21:25

What a great site. I saw chronic illnesses and went immediately to the site. As I read through other people's pain it put my own pain in perspective. Yes, I live in pain due to disc problems in my low back but I look at others who have MORE to deal with than I and I almost feel ashamed to ask for your prayers. So instead I will give you mine. I will pray for all of you. I admire each and eveyone of you and will think of you evey day.

8/14/2001 02:51

Well i do not know where to start but i have just come here today for the very first time. And i am overwhelmed with joy & peace in what i have read, and in my faith in Jesus Christ also. Well we have many problems and i will just add them in one prayer if it is ok to do so. I have crippling arthritis, and degenerative disk disease. I have some good days but more so bad days.I cannot work anymore and am trying to get SSI Disability they have denied me even with their dissability Dr., saying, I can never work again. But i have not given up hope i am appealing their decision. 2nd my husband works very hard to try and keep us all going we have an 18 yr old daughter and a 7 yr old daughter. I ask prayers for my husband as well as my self because my husband and i are in financial crisis with the bill collectors calling every day. Plus i feel with my health problems, that our marriage has become somewhat distant too. 3rd my 18 yr old daughter has tryed to commit sucide 3 times this year and has been in many hospitals. But i must tell you all that i went to the chapel at the hospital in Hershey Pa. Where my daughter, who is my husbands step-daughter, was in a comma, and on life support for 4 days.My husband had to stay home and take care of our 7 yr old daughter and missed time from work.I had no family there to be with me at the hospital so i felt i had to do something i was going crazy there all alone. So i went to the hospital chappel to pray for God to bring my daughter back to me , and to heal her, and help her wake up. And let me tell you all she did wake up after I had prayed the very next day she awoke , but it was still a very long haul to come. God does preform many wonderious miracles , and has done many in my life already for all of us. Keep up your faith, hope & prayers and God will answer you all too. Just never stop believing in God our Father and Creator.My name is Juanita But eveyone calls me Nina, My husband's name is Walter, Our Daughters are the 18 yr old is Danylle, And the 7 yr old is Lucretia.Please keep us in your prayers i know we have many problems and our 18 yr old Danylle has Ocd,Bipolar, And Adhd and struggles every day with her mental dissorders. Our 7 yr old Lucretia Has Acute Asthma, Severe Allergies, And ADHD also. I want to give Thanks to God our Father who is in Heaven for all that he can do for us. And also for all our Guardian Angels Thank you too. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers each & every day . I am so worried about the difficulties this is bringing upon my darling husband and the pressures he has to deal with. Please pray for all of us, As i will keep you all in my Prayers too. Thank you all for you heart felt stories and knowing there is always someone out there that has more severe problems than we do. God Bless Each & every one of you all in here & your family's too. Thank you All & may you find your peace with God too.I try to pray each & every night for God to hear my Cries for help and I know he will. Glory be to the Father & Son & to the Holy Spirit Amen...

8/14/2001 06:12

As I read through these prayers this morning, I ran across one that shared their fellings that God had placed this curse upon us, I know He allows things to happen to His people, but He does not curse us, how then as His children can we, go to Him and cry out Abba Father, I need your healing touch, God Bless all of you, but this is a thought to be pondered

8/14/2001 06:13

Are we able to share email addresses here? Please let me know Kathy

8/14/2001 09:04

pray for my husband..he needs another kidney transplant...he is doing dialysis again and it gets him please pray for my husband give him strength..his is only 50....

8/14/2001 12:46

I just found this website,I am praying for my father-in law who is suffering from cancer of the stomach.I prayed for him before the operation on the 7th.Aug,2001 to give him strengtn to survive and am still praying to give him a longer life.Praise the good lord he hears me.
Pray in Jesus name and he will grant your wishes.
God loves you.

8/14/2001 17:00

To spacebaby01-

Yes we are allowed to give our email addresses, but beliefnet no longer uses the email. Just click on my nic {lively-39one} and you can get my email address from there.

To angelvoices_78-
I had a kidney transplant myself. If you need to talk at anytime, please email me. I would help you and your husband in any way that I can besides praying for you both.

I offer you this prayer today:

Trauma can afflict the spirit of a family as well as "the spirit of a man." Yet, "a calm heart is the life of the fleshly organism." Proverbs-14:30

Peace be with you all. God bless!
In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

8/14/2001 19:23

I pray Lord Jesus for all those suffereing from various diseases very particularly for my friend Hithaishi who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.

Lord lay your healing hand on them.

8/15/2001 01:20

Please pray for my father, still suffering from a stroke 2 years ago that ended his 50-year career as a veterinarian. Please pray for my cousin who has cancer at age 43, and is the sole support of her 14-yr old daughter and aged mother. Thank you for the energy of this group. Joint prayers can work miracles, and do so everyday.
Love and graatitude, M T in Las Vegas

8/15/2001 20:31

please pray for my friends husband.he has heart problem...lung problem...kidney and is doing dialysis...and had diabetes...bad eyes sight..and please pray for my husband he is doing dialysis and is waiting on a kidney please to make him strong ....thanks very very much..may God be with you all...Rita

8/15/2001 21:23

Our Father In Heaven, I praise you for your goodness and mercy. Being sick and lonely is not an easy thing to overcome. By the grace of God you have allowed me to live these past 7 years since becoming ill, in sptite of the many conditions in my body. Many of my friends and family have gone that were healthy when I became ill. My husband passed 2 years ago. I Thank you for letting us reconcile our differences before he passed and he even apologized for being so hard on me when I became to ill to do a lot of things. He told me he now understood what I was going through. That meant alot to me Father. A lot of times when we become ill friends and family members turn their backs on us. So many with chronic illness are left to go through this alone except for you Father God. I'm glad you are always there for us when we know it and when we don't know it. You are always there. And you take good care of us. Thank you for giving to us your Grace and Mercy. In the Precious name of Jesus, Amen

8/16/2001 16:07

Father I stretch my hands to thee, I know that you hear our cries. I lift up debb01 and her husband to you in Jesus name, believing that you have the power to heal them… and that you will do just that. Thank you father has you touch debb01 with your loving hands and minister peace unto her. Thank you Lord as you touch Debb’s husband and give him strength.

Well Lord,
You heard "patience1965" when she voiced her concerns to you. She is trusting that you have the power to change her life. She believes that you have the power to heal her husband and restore his health. I believe your word father, and that you have the power to move on "patience1965" behalf at this very second. I thank you for loving and caring for your children.

Look at this Lord, Look at what your servant Nina said about her situation…
Well we have many problems and I will just add them in one prayer if it is ok to do so. I have crippling arthritis, and degenerative disk disease. I have some good days but more so bad days. I cannot work anymore and am trying to get SSI Disability they have denied me even with their disability Dr., saying, I can never work again. But I have not given up hope I am appealing their decision.
My husband's name is Walter, Our Daughters are the 18-yr. old is Danylle, and the 7-yr. old is Lucretia. Please keep us in your prayers I know we have many problems and our 18-yr. old Danylle has Ocd, Bipolar, And Adhd and struggles every day with her mental disorders. Our 7 yr. old Lucretia Has Acute Asthma, Severe Allergies, And ADHD also

And at the end of her situation look what she says about you…
I try to pray each & every night for God to hear my Cries for help and I know he will. Glory be to the Father & Son & to the Holy Spirit
So Lord, I am agreeing with your servant. I believe that you hear her cry and your blessing are overpowering all of these situations. Your Word is Truth; those situations are only facts. Facts can change, but the Truth of your Word will always remain. Your Word says that by your stripes we are healed… so we are healed. Thank you Lord.

Lord I lift up every name that logs on to this site. You see their faith in action; you see the hope in their hearts. Your word says that Faith is the substance of things hoped for. We are hoping for healing, see our Faith and give us substance.

Thank you, Lord. We Love you.

8/17/2001 03:40

Dear Mother-Father God.....I understand that as the environment is further compromised by humanity's treatment of our mother Earth, our bodies tend to break down at ever-increasing rates. As a billboard, a message to the world, a canary in a coal mine, I have taken my role seriously and have attempted in my own small way to serve humankind as an example of what happens when we are negligent with our environment. But dear Lord, I would have much more energy to get the word out there if I had some help with healing. I have PCOS, (and therefore am extremely overweight...with NO eating disorder *sigh*) An Auto-immune Thyroid disorder, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and I can't even walk across the house without resting. Standing for more than a moment at a time is excruciating. THE WORST part of this, for I am brave and could endure this if I must, but the worst part is that I have a seven year old daughter who is held back by my invalid status. I love her and want to show her life! I want so badly to rejoin life....I am young. I didn't know that living near pulp mills and nuclear facilities and agricultural lands when I was younger would ruin my health. Please, great creator, grant me my health and I promise to serve you in whatever capacity I can! Please also aid other chronic illness sufferers in whatever way their souls require. In your hands...Amen.

8/18/2001 01:21

please pray for wanda campbell harrison and her family
please pray that god will give give her the miracle she needs to be healed from cancer

8/18/2001 02:39

Tonight I have a request for someone I don't know, but I know ever without knowing her personally she is worthy of the Lord's healing hands. Amanda Bundy is a 6 year old with a massive malignant tumor which has spread to all of her organs. Please pray for her mother and father as they wait for the results from a bone marrow biopsy. If her bone marrow is healthy the drs. will try chemo, if not She will not have long to live unless God steps in and lets her stay with her earthly parents for a while longer.

I also wish to praise the Lord for all that I have been learning about Him lately. Lord my heart is open for You please Lord do for me as you did for Jabez and increase my territory that I may do more for you.

Lord if there are any wormen on this prayer circle that have been abused or battered, Lord give them the strength to make a change in there lives for I know you don't want them to be in a situation that is dangerous for them. Thank you Lord.

8/18/2001 08:54

I know the power of prayer and I would like to ask you to pray for my best friends wife, she had breast cancer a few years back and now a spot has been found on her lung and they are waiting for the results. So if you could remember her and her husband in your prayers. Thank You

8/19/2001 01:19

I have just joined this group and bless you all for being here. I have had two back surguries in the past two years and now have Fibromiglia and epsteinbar. I live alone and am on disability. I thank the Lord for his guidance to this group. I also pray for the illness of others, that Jesus will bring peace and comfortas wll as the strength needed to take life one day at a time knowing He is there to carry us when we call upon Him in Jesus name.

8/19/2001 20:10

If we knew the answer where would be the faith? I live each day with the uncertainty of MS. My husband deals each day with injuries that he sustained with a train. We have a ten year old daughter, I know that many of you know what that entails. There are no jobs, no insurance, no hope except that of the Lord. Each day I begin the day with a prayer of thanksgiving for being able to get up out of the bed, th attend to the needs of my husband and to go through the day without bitterness and inspiration for our daughter.
Please add each of us to your prayer lists. God has answered many prayers and we petition, with faith, for his guidance as we deal with many of lifes situationa.

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