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Shane Whalen
This Prayer Circle is Dedicated to my son Shane Whalen Who Passed Away On March 15, 1999 at the Age of 24, & All Other Children

Start a prayer circle for bereaved parents who have lost a child.

There are many of us out there who have lost a child, and it is devastating. It changes the outlook on life, plunges you into a depression, and you think that the feelings and thoughts you have nobody else could possibly relate to. I think a prayer circle for bereaved parents would only benefit us and help us on our journey of grief. This Circle is one of Love, where a Grieving Parent can safely come to for Prayers, and to talk about their feelings.

Shaner -10/14/2000
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2/3/2004 20:49

Hm, it's unusually quiet around here, pray that all are doing well, and that's the reason for the stillness,
Much love & Tender Hugs,

2/4/2004 00:55

Hello Sandy& All My Angel Sisters, Well I believe we have had a miracle!
My brother-in-law is HOME!! Our family thanks each and everyone of you for your prayers!Today is his 46th birthday and he got to come home,he called me right away,it was so great to hear his voice.He still has to have physical theraphy,but other wise everthing else seems great.I had talked to him last week a day after he woke up,and he was very confused,even on Sunday,he was still confused about alot of things.In a day and a half his mind improved so much! To me this is truely a miracle.The power of prayer is so great! This has helped me so much with what I'm facing in a few weeks.It will be my Christie's 29th birthday anf her 7th birthday in heaven.I know you all know how this affects you,but being happy about this helps ease some of my pain.I also know Christie was probably there beside him the whole time with lots of angels to give him love & support and the blessings of God.
Our prayers have helped both my brother & sister-in-law in their time of need.Now there is still my sister-in-law, Michelle,she still waiting to hear from UVA Hospital for her appointments up ,she has to have more test before they do her surgery.So again I'm asking for prayers for and her 2 young children,and her parents.They are all special and caring people. When Christie was killed
Michelle was 7 months pregant and had a cast on her leg because she had broke it.She was there everyday helping out doing dishers,helping friends with the food etc.And even after the funeral and the days that follow she come by to check on me,shes more like a sister than a sister-in-law.So please pray for her!
I guess I just really needed to talk,I know I've gone on & on,but I wanted you to know the good news.
Angel hugs & kisses
Love Sharonlee

2/4/2004 02:58

Hello All, ~ I'm still down with the flu bug/bronchitis, but the blood pressure is down... I went to the doctor yesterday and got a shot, so I hope to feel better soon. My energy level is low and for some reason, I am dealing with feelings of depression. I think it's because I have not been up and about for the last few days. I go back to the doctor tomorrow if I'm not feeling any better. Please keep me and family in your prayers. Usually, when I feel this way it means something is going on with someone, or something is coming up that I need to get prepared for. I know how awful this sounds. I just pray that whatever it is, God will help me through it.

Selva, as always, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please continue to get plenty rest and follow doctor's orders.

Deb, Angelo, praying for both of you as you face the painful days ahead. Just know that you are not alone, and remember that our prayers are with you both.

Angela, thanks for the updates on Angelo's trial. I was able to pull it up and view. Praying that all goes well for Angelo. This has to be so very hard on him, God bless him and family. It is so difficult to try to find closure of some kind. I pray that God will help him to remain calm, and that he leaves everything in God's hands, and that justice will be served. Also, dear Angela, I will be in touch with those in need of prayer. I spent hours very early this morning reviewing the beautiful memorials you've created for these moms, dads, and other family members. Angela, expect to hear from me soon. I will try to get something in the mail to you by tomorrow.

Hey Lisa, Marci, hope all is going well with you and that your valley hours/days are few. Sometimes, it's all we can do to make it through the minutes throughout the day. I pray that as time passes on, your pain and loss will become easier to bear.

Yvonne, I pray that all is well with you and family. Hope to see a lovely prayer post from you soon. We worry when we don't hear from any angel mom or dad. Know that you and hubby and the rest of your dear family are in our prayers.

Hey Sharonlee, I am so very happy to read that your dear brother-in-law is home and feeling better! What a wonderful thing to have happen on his birthday! I will be praying for you and family, and especially my prayers are going up for your dear sister-in-law, Michelle. I know our Lord and Savior will be with her through it all.

Sandy, thanks for understanding. I will try very hard to check in tomorrow and finish catching up on back posts. I am so far behind, but hopefully will catch up soon. May your days also be filled with God's peace.

To all other angel moms & dads who have lost a precious and beloved child, please know that you are in my thoughts, which places you in my heartfelt prayers. Thanks again, to all for praying for me & family.

God's peace and blessings,


2/4/2004 03:07

Sharing a verse of a favorite song that I remember for days gone by:

If I have wounded any soul today
If I have caused one foot to go astray
If I have ruled in my own selfish way
Dear Lord, forgive!

2/4/2004 08:47

Hello dear Sharon Lee, a very Happy (belated) Birthday to your dear b-i-l!! I can feel your joy though your post, :-) Praise God for all prayers answered for his return to health! That's wonderful news, AngelMom Sharon, his family and you must be oh so happy, as well as him! He's on the road to recovery, now. Yes, indeed, the power of prayer is awesome. Your s-i-l Michelle sound's like a doll, supporting and helping you after your Christie's death, good gosh, with a cast on her leg, little wonder she's so special to you, :-) Of course I'll remember her in my prayers. Christie's dates are coming up? You'll have to let us know what they are, we always mark them here, and we'll add them to our Master List. These special day's are important to us, sometimes painfully so, this good new's about your b-i-l has helped you to put some joy around them, and I pray that it lasts! Very happy about your new's dear one, and you talk away here, :-) continued prayers for you and your family,
Much love & Angel Hugs,

2/4/2004 08:57

Ah, Miss V, you're still sick? It seem's every winter this gets you down, the flu and bronchitis! Don't you get your flu shot? No wonder you're depressed dear Miss V, being sick, stuck indoors, that'd do it for anyone, and you've been battling this for some time now! You'd better not be getting 'one of those feelings', (-:
There's no way you could possibly catch up on all past posting, you just concentrate on getting better, and just pick it up from here, everybody understands. Love the verse from the song, thanks for posting it! Please take care of yourself, terrfic to see a Post from you,
Much love, prayers, & Angel Hugs,

2/4/2004 09:02

My dear sister, Selva, I haven't heard back from you since you went to the Surgeon, hope and pray all is well, and you have your laptop at home now. Drop me/us a line, ONLY if you can, just worried about you, that's all,
Love you mi sister, & Tender Hugs,

2/4/2004 22:56

Hello to all Angelmoms and Angeldads,
Thank you for being here. Thank you for caring.

Sometimes I feel like I just don't want to do this anymore. Grieving over the lost of your child is not fun nor is it fair!
I guess I'd be hard pressed to find someone who has not experience sorrow in their life...but it still hurts.

I think maybe I've taken a few too many bites of that elephant lately (LOL!)

Today is my daughters Birthday. She's working and going to school and can't come home. It's the first birthday of my children that I have missed. I know that she is growing up but I still enjoy celebrating her birthday with her. I don't know how I'm going to handle my beloved angel, Sean-Michael's birthdays. Maybe I'm anticipating too much, but I do fret over the small stuff.

Today is the third year (and one month) anniversary of my daughter's car accident. We were Praising God that she had survived and celebrating her 18th birthday when My husband received a call from NYC that his father had unexpectly passed away. He didn't want to ruin Kristi's day and tried to keep it from us. The pain and sadness in his eyes told us that something terrible had happened. Kristi was sad not only because her grandfather had passed away but because her birthday represented a day of great loss for our family.
It has been a tough day.
It seems as if it's been one of those days. I was trying to clear my head by digging weeds in my back yard. Now mind you, We have an 1/2 acre of property on a hill...that's alot of weeds! I guess I accidently hit a main water pipe...Yep! GEISER! Needless to say my dear old hubby was not to thrilled when I told him I had to shut off the main water line and that we had "NIAGRA FALLS" happening in the back yard! He said "that's one more thing for me to do tonight after practice... We have Swimming practices in the evening untill 8:00 pm. Of course we are without water untill then. I'm dirty from digging, I went for a 40 minute run, so I'm stinky and dirty and THIRSTY! So, how do you spell relief? A shower and a drink of water! Whenever we would whine and complain My grandma would quote that old nursey rhyme...

"If wishes were horses everyone would ride for free!

I guess she was right. She also used to tell me that I wasn't going to grow or get any taller by worrying about it. She was right about that too. I'm 5'1''. Maybe it's time I give up worrying all together. It really doesn't get us anywhere and I certaintly haven't grown much.

Verna, Thank you for asking about me. It makes me feel so supported. I really appreciate it. Please take care of yourself, and may God Bless you with good health. I will pray for you and your family.

Sandy, are you still swimming? Let me know if you need anything else. It is our business. The Olympic trials are being held in Long Beach CA in July. We are one hour away. Our team was asked to volunteer but because of the drive and work schedules of parents (everyones got to make a living)we are unable to participate. They want full time help! Anyway, we hope to attend at least of few events...Tickets start at 125.00 per person and are close to sold out. Our team parents are sponsoring our Coaches to go! So it should be fun!

Selva, hope all is well with you. Please continue to get stronger. You are special to us all.

Angela, Thank you for being a prayer warrior and for also keeping us updated with Angelo. Our prayers are with him too.
Lisa, thank you for your post. I really appreciate it. Thank you for understanding and caring.

With much love to all my Angel friends,

2/5/2004 03:39

Brothers Sisters
My entier family thanks you all very much, the prayers are indeed giving us all much peace..
It,s a bit after 3 am EST all is quite at my son house for now, in 2 hours the house lights up w/ 5 grandchildren getting ready fo scool.Know that is a miricle to watch 5 all getting ready for scool.There parents have it down to a sciene...LOL.... For me I have just finished reading ever message posted on this site a bit over 3 hours ....Please at onetime in the future read them all..
I AM in such peace right know and I Want that peace for you all..This is the hardest thing Iv ever had to do..
Going to your dauters murder trial, I wish too NO ONE.. The Lord is good and He give me streath,, so I SAY BRING IT ON....

Blessing Peace & THANKS To All
Angela's Dad Angelo

2/5/2004 08:08

Good morning Angelmoms and dad,

Dear Angelo, it's so great to hear that you are at such peace, especially at such a rough time, but the Lord is at your side and I hope Angela will get the justice she deserves. I saw the interview through the link our dear Angela has posted and when I saw your son I wondered if your Angela would look a bit like him. I can't imagine what you must be going through, even for me, as an outsider it seems too tough to even think about it, so what must you be feeling. I hope that God will continute giving you strength and peace that you need. Keep us posted dear brother and all the best to you.

Dear Sharonlee, what wonderful news that your brother in law made it, especially on his birthday! We are happy for you that this chapter is closed and now we pray that the same happens to Michelle.

Dear Marci, I am so sorry for the loss of your father in law, your poor husband trying to keep the good mood in your house instead of pouring himself out, God bless him. And then the Niagra Falls in your yard! Really, when it rains it pours, but keep hanging in there and don't take too many bites of that big ole elephant! I pray that everything and everybody will be fine soon.

Our dear Selva, I hope you are doing better and since we didn't hear from you I hope you are following your docs order and rest! I pray that you will heal very soon and can amuse us with your posts again! Besos!

Hi Dear Sandy and all other angelmoms, I haven't posted in a while because I have a lot of things going on besides work. I finally got my other wisdom teeth out, my jar still hurts from all the pressure, he had to get up and pull it out, it was a weird feeling :o) but it's done and today I will get my braces,at 28 years of age! I skipped the appointments when I was teenie because I didn't like they way they took the impressions. We also have a huge remodeling project going on in the house, on Christmas Eve our master bathroom flooded and when we called the plumber he said that there is a lot of mold, which means that he leak has been going on for months until it finally broke through the walls. When the mold people came they demolished the walls in the bathroom, parts of the master bedroom and walk in closet and sealed the place. We have been staying in the guest room since then, so we hope that soon we will have our rooms back. The rest of the house is filled up with stuff that we took out of those infected rooms so it's quiete a mess and me being so not in the mood to do anything am already panicing about putting everything back in place one day. I hope my husband will be in a better stage and will put back most of it. And also my new kitchen finally arrived and will be installed in a few weeks hopefully.

I have also had some two bad days where I missed Sarah so much and was mad at everything but thanks God I am doing better now.

I hope that all of you will be doing fine really soon!
God bless you all

2/5/2004 16:00

Hello our dear Marci! Thank you for being here and thank you for caring, :-)
It's so terrific to see a Post from you, I though you'd deserted us again, but thanks to our dear Miss V 'putting the call' out, you responded! This is your Circle, so puhleeze post whenever you want, :-)!! I know it's hard right now, sometimes it takes all our 'muster' just to get our day going, only to experience another painful one.
Hold on tight dear one, no it's not much fun, it's your love beyond measure for you precious Sean that's causing all these feelings, painfully so. I've ran into 2 Moms who've lost their children, and both of them just accepted it, no grieving whatsoever, one didn't even travel to her daughter's funeral, and I thought how sad, I couldn't possibly relate to them, and it left me wondering if they had the strong love bond that we Moms do with our chilren. They weren't newly-bereaved, so I knew it wasn't due to that, but both of them said the same thing, they didn't 'approve' of grieving, and went on with their lives, I don't like to judge them, but they left me wondering....
Anyway, slow down on those elephant bites, :-), it certainly can get overwhelming for you, so just tiny little bites for now? I think I've told everybody I know that joke, thank you precious Sean Michael.
Oh my dear sister, I am SO sorry about your father-in-law, my love and prayers to your husband and you, and the rest of the family, poor Kristi, losing her grandfather on her birthday, of all days. I have Sean Michael's Birthday and Heaven day on our Master list, and we'll do all we can to support you and honour Sean on these very special day's for us.
Good Lord, I guess you did have a bad day, when it rains, it pours, (no pun intended), you had your own version of 'Old Faithful' in your backyard, hope your hubby was able to fix it and you now have your water back! Hm, weeding? - that means no snow, did you have to tell me that, lol! Actually, I'm not sick of winter yet, but ask me next month and I'll be singing a different tune. Your Grandma was a wise woman, :-) I'm only 5'1" and a half, all my other sisters and my brother are over 5'7, I inherited my dear Dad's genes, I guess, :-) and both Chris and Shane grew to be close to 6', so I always had to look up at them! Still do with Chris, :-).
Yes ma'am, still swimming, loving every minute of it, and yes, do need your help, how do I try out for the Canadian Olympic trials?....NOT! I would like to add a little variety in different swimming techniques in my laps, any suggestions?
It is so good to hear from you Marci, once again, my love and prayers for all of you over your loss, losing a Parent is very difficult too, both of mine passed away at young ages, (early 50's), and I so wanted my Mom when I lost Shane...
Please let us know how you and everyone is coping,
Much love & Tender Hugs,

2/5/2004 16:02

Hello Angel Moms & Dads

I have seen that advertisement before for that video/movie and thought about ordering it, but I didn't know there was a trailer. I watched the first few minutes of the trailer and ordered it. I will let you know when I get it and what I thought. I'm sorry to hear that you have been having a few bad days too. And your dream...that was awful. Just remember we are here for you too and like you say....Let it out...

Your grandmother sounds like she was very wise. When you figure out how to quit worrying PLEASE let me know. I give it up everyday and before half the day is gone I am worrying about something. But I know how you feel. I'm sorry to hear about your father in law and for it to happen on Kristi's birthday is terrible. Aaron and my older sister had the same birthdays and now I feel bad for her because now it is such an emotional day.

I am already worried about it. What to do for him, etc. It is March 2nd and he will be 21 years old. That is such a golden birthday for children and he is not here to enjoy it. Gosh, I can't believe it's been 21 years since I gave birth to him. That seems like such a long time but then again not long enough. Feels like yesterday, oh, what I wouldn't give to have that day back. He was a beautiful baby. Anyhow, I am rambling on....

I hope everyone is okay. Selva, I hope you are recovering and listening to doctors orders. Angelo, I am praying for the trial to be over quickly and not too much for you to bear. God Bless.

I'm sorry you are still sick. Are you feeling any better today? Thanks very much for the card, it was absolutely beautiful. Hopefully the feeling is just because you don't feel well not because something is going to happen.

Love to all,

2/5/2004 22:53

Hello our dear brother Angelo, I can only imagine what a trying time this is for you and your family right now, God love you, I pray that it will be a speedy trial and spare you and your family some pain. It really make's my heart happy to know that all prayers being said for you are bringing you the peace you so need and deserve right now, God is ao awesome, isn't He! In your very present time of need right now, He is there with you, your family, giving you the necessary strength to deal with this unimaginable sorrow during the trial. You have 5 Grandchildren? Aren't you blessed, they must be a big comfort to you also, I bet you spoil them, :-) I guess it must be down to a science, getting all 5 ready for school in the morning, lol!
That's so sweet of you dear AngelDad reading all the back post's, I pray they brought you some comfort, and you realize you're not alone here, we're all here to support you and pray for you and give you our love to help you get through. Please continue letting us know how you're doing, His peace and love to you our dear AngelDad,
Much love & Angel Hugs,

2/5/2004 23:42

Hello our dear sister Sou! I've been wondering where and how you are too, now I remember about your Dentist's appt. to get your wisdom teeth extracted, ouch, they must have had long roots, if the Dentist had to get right up to pull them!! No wonder your jaw is still sore, but it is over now, and hurray! getting your braces! Good for you, you go girl!
Good gosh, you had your own version of 'Niagra Falls' in your home, that's too bad, but better to know that all that mold was there, it's a health hazard and now it's being fixed for you and your hubby. Yeppers, dear one, I can imagine the upheaval of your home, it sound's the same as our's was when it was getting painted earlier this year, moving everything around, and packing, it was almost like moving all over again, :-). Ah, just take your time, do it slowly once it's all redone, is your husband still having his hard days too, God love him. And, you're finally getting your new kitchen, that's terrific, you'll be back cooking up a storm, :-) once it's all installed. Oh, my dear sister, I'm sorry you had some bad days over your little Pearl, why didn't you post and tell us about them, you know by now we're all here for you! Hope and pray you now have some peace again, these days come and go, and are still painful to experience, go through, but I pray you have less of them and more peace. Hm, I know there was an Islamic Holiday this week, and I wanted to wish you a Blessed one, but the name of it has now escaped my mind, :-), if I don't write things down, I tend to forget! My love and prayers are always with you my dear sister,
Much love & Angel Hugs,

2/6/2004 00:01

Hi Sandy and Angel Moms,I've been reading some of the last postings.Marci I know what you are going through with your daughters grandfather dying on her birthday.My Christies great-grand mother died on her 8th birthday.I had called my grandmother to thank her for the card and money she had sent Christie for her birthday,while I was talking to her on the phone,she had a heart attack and died.She lived 4 hours away,I had to call my aunt long distance to get over there to she what was wrong,my grandmother just stopped talking.I had to go on and have Christie's party and leave the next day on the bus to go to Maryland for the funeral.Believe me I know how awful it is.I'll keep your family in my prayers to help you through this. Sandy you wanted to know when the anniversary of her death is and her birthday.Christie died on Sept.9,1997,her birthday is on Feb.18th.It's her 29th birthday coming up,it seems like yesterday she was born,at 7 days old they didn't know if she was going to live through the night.She was born with a bad general infection,and was 1 month premature,she was so tiny,but she was a fighter,and God let me have her for 22 wonderful years.Five months later my father died at 47 yrs.old,I was only the time,so happy my daughter lived and then my father died.God sure does test our faith.It's late I'd better go.I keep all my Angel MOMS and DADS in my prayers evryday all day.God Bless all of you and give you the strength to face whatever comes your way. Love & Hugs to All Sharon

2/6/2004 00:17

Hello my Lisa Lou! I like that name for you, it just seem's to fit, :-) Yes, I thought you belonged to Indigo too, when I saw the trailer for the Movie it was WOW! I want it! But like everything else on the Net, you have to have a credit card to purchase it, and we cut our's up a couple of year's ago, when we decided to minimalize our lives.
So you'll have to tell me all about it, wish I was there to watch it with you, we could pop some popcorn and cry together watching it, :-). Yes, PLEASE let me know how it is. Yep my dear one, had a couple of valley days myself, that's the 2nd time I've had that 'dream' in the past 6 mos., and both times it's left me shaken, because it bring's me back to square one again, and experiencing that searing, raw pain that so many are still experiencing. Actually my b-i-l called last night, to tell me he had a dream about Shane, and in this dream, Shane sang 'Danny Boy' to him and I, now, that is the LAST song I can see Shane singing, :-) but if it made his Uncle happy, then I'm happy too, :-). Shane LOVED music, but his last CD's he bought were the group, Verve, Sarah MacLaughlin, Jay-zee, etc.
Still can't play those songs, maybe one day... anyway, dear AngelMom Lisa, great to hear from you, I don't think I've gotten any e-mails from you this week, they must be working you hard, :-) and I'm still praying for you to have your dream, I know it's going to happen,
Much love & Angel Hugs,

2/6/2004 08:05

Good morning Angelmoms,

I am so sad. I don't know if you heard the news this morning. There was a 11 year old girl, Carla Brucia, abducted in Sarasota, FL a few days ago and this morning they found her body. They also caught the pervert bastard who killed her. I feel so sorry for her and her parents, I can't imagine what they are going through at this time, God bless them. Please pray for her little innocent soul and her parents and family. I don't know what to say I am so sad.

God bless you all

2/6/2004 09:22

I know, dear Sou, I heard about it this morning too, and my heart just sank, I was praying they would find her alive, but instead they found her body. I saw her mother pleading with the man who abducted her to bring her home, I can only imagine how devasted she now is, may her Angels surround her and may Our Lord give her some respite, so very sad,
Much love & Angel Hugs,

2/6/2004 09:32

Hello our dear Sharon Lee, thanks so much for the dates, Christie's birthday is coming up soon, her 29th, no, time doesn't seem to mean very much when you've lost a child, I know we remember everything about them, from their birth to their passing, it's imprinted in/on our minds, and more importantly, in our hearts, :-) God bless you dear AngelMom Sharon, how's your s-il doing?
Much love & Angel Hugs,

2/6/2004 09:37

Good Morning dear AngelMom's and Dad's,

I forgot to post this yesterday, forgive me please, and forgive me mi sister, Selva send's her love and prayers to all, unfortunately she can't really use the computer right now, but she did get her stitches out and a new walker, slowly coming along, and loves and thanks all who are praying for her,
Love Sandy

2/7/2004 22:35

Hi AngelMom's and AngelDad's

I have permission from our dear sister Selva to share this with you all, but she does not want anyone worrying about her, she is confident of the outcome, and send's her love and prayers to all!

When she went to her Surgeon's appointmnet on Monday to get her stitches out, she was also hit with the news that they had found what looked like cancer cells too. Her primary (family) Dr., wasn't convinced, and asked for the scans, tests, etc., to be sent to him, so he could assess them himself. He's not 100% convinced either that they are cancer cells, but, he's ordering a battery of tests for our sister, a 'fishing expedition' he called it, just to make certain. Please join me in prayer that the Surgeon's findings ARE wrong, and that she is cancer free? She has her laptop now and is doing some work from home, but tires easily because of the pain, but say's she will post soon.

Thank you my sisters and brother, Selva truly appreciates your love and prayers.

Much love & Angel Hugs to all,

2/8/2004 02:29


Dear Precious Lord and Savior
Please help our dear sister Selva
What difficult news to bear after the tragic car accident! Lord please help Selva's body to get stronger and heal from the surgery. Please help her to not have cancer, Lord she does not need this right now!!! (Or anytime) Thank you Lord that she is able to contact us thru Sandy and thank and bless Sandy for all her love and help. I ask this prayer for Selva in Jesus name, Amen.

Sandy, am posting prayer request on CF&L too. Angela xoxoxo

2/8/2004 13:22

Hi dear Ang, that's sweet of you, I know our sister Selva will appreciate it!!
Love & Hugs,

2/8/2004 19:53

Hi Dear Angel Moms & Dads,
I have had a very rough weekend and am winding down and trying to get ready mentally for another week at work. Yesterday I went to the cemetery and while I was in there a funeral procession came in. I totally lost it, I started shaking profusely and just wailed. I sat in my car and cried and cried reliving the day I buried Aaron. It was awful, it was just like Aaron's funeral, there were so so many cars I couldn't get out of the cemetery. After they all parked and went to the graveside I could finally squeeze my car out and I left. I just sobbed all the way home. I don't know what came over me, I didn't even cry like that at Aaron's funeral. I have been shaky and emotional since then. I have been crying off and on all day. My insides are shaking and my chest hurts. I know I will be okay but it's scary feeling so out of control. I know I am just rambling but I needed to tell somebody, I know you guys understand and no one here does. I don't mean to whine all the time but ya'll are the only ones who really understand and know what I am talking about. Thanks so much for being here. I am also upset about my step daughter. She has been trying to have a baby for a couple of years now and she keeps miscarriageing. She was 13 weeks pregnant this time and we thought everything was going great until Wednesday. She lost this baby too. It was a little boy. I don't know how much more she can take. She does not want to try again. This is the 4th time. She lost a set of twins about a year and half ago and a little girl inbetween. Also, my aunt was just diagonosed with stage 2 almost 3 uterine cancer on Friday. My uncle is so upset and depressed he won't talk to anyone. My Mom and Dad are going to Louisiana (where my aunt & uncle live) to visit on Thursday and my aunt will have a hysterectomy on Friday. At least they will be there to comfort him and wait with him. I am so confused about God right now. I just don't understand! I know we will never understand until we get there but man it sucks. Okay, enough of my pity party, sorry.
I hope you guys are doing better than me. I think and pray about you every day.
I am praying very hard about your cancerous cells too. I hope your surgeon was wrong. Please God, let this just be a mistake and heal Selva as fast as you can. We need her here.
Love to All,

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The Job 06/11/2008
Has problems
James J 02/12/2008
My Uncle
Dennis Worthington 02/12/2008
My marriage
Kat Mounce 02/12/2008
A good friends mother, who has cancer
everyone who needs prayer universal 02/12/2008

Pray for Michelle and Carlos N. 07/08/2008
"This prayer is to help us sell our home."

Pray for Donald H. 07/07/2008
"The love of my life has cancer."

Pray for Amanda B. 07/06/2008
"Please pray for my daughter and her unborn child."

Pray for Janice A. 07/05/2008
"One of my most favorite people in the whole world needs your prayers today. Please spread this and include Janice in your daily prayer."

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