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For those with chronic diseases and illnesses
Chronic Diseases Prayer Circle

This circle is for all who suffer with chronic diseases and disorders and in need of prayer and support from others.

There are many who are afflicted with chronic diseases such as lupus, MS, fibromylagia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and others, or may have children or other family members and friends who suffer with these conditions. The prayer circle can be here for the many ups and downs that come with these illnesses, as well as the tests that most have to go through when having a flare or time of activity in their symptoms. This can be a place to come for prayers when support is needed and also to give thanks and praise to God for remissions and times that we feel well.
dolphin-1015 -12/3/2000
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7/7/2001 07:54

Please pray for my father-in-law he has lung cancer and was taken to the hospital this morning where he is not doing good just let it be Gods will if it ishis time to leave us and go to home we just ask for him not to be in pain. His name is Edgar. Please pray for his family and give us all the strenth to go on.Thanks God bless you all. You are all in our prayes.

7/7/2001 23:26

I would like to add my Light of Love to the others shown here for all those working for miracles and living with these "uncurable" automimmune, dis-eases. I live alone so I have to constantly inspire myself when my one step forward takes two backwards without warning. The hardest thing is that others don't believe what we know as reality. My journal has become a very dear friend, each night I draw a "heart candle" for those who need healing, it stays lit within my heart always. Tonight, I will "light" one for all of you within this circle and color it with love. I will be honored and blessed if you will "light" a heart candle for me too.

7/7/2001 23:52

Hello my ciber friends, this time I'm requesting prayer for my 2 little grand-daughters, who have been forced into sexual activity, my daughter has just found out today. the man was a friend through family. My grandaughters are 4 and 7. I raised them for 2 and a half years, we are miles apart at this time, I'm unable to go to them, please pray for these little ones and all the other little girls he has done these things to, also a note to let you's know that for years I refused to go fishing with hubby because of the delaied pain that would follow, although I'm always in pain, I have to do something to be a part of his life, guess what emotionally I feel great, Bless you all

7/7/2001 23:54

Hey I was wondering if anyone emails anyone any time?

7/8/2001 20:13

God I thank You that it is Your will that all who are afflicted are healed and made whole in Joshua. I pray now that all those afflicted with chronic illness be healed now so that Your name be glorified. In Joshua's name I pray and give thanks. Amen and Hallelujah.

7/9/2001 16:04

I have just found this site and have been reading quite a few prayers. First of all, Lord I just prayer for all of those in need of prayer and ask for prayer for myself. I have been feeling ill for the past month now and doctors can't find what is wrong. Since my illness, I am a financial wreck as well as emotional. I just pray for my well being and for all of those around me and in the same or not so same situation as myself. I thank you Lord for hearing my prayers.... AMEN

7/10/2001 02:45

This request is for Jimmy, my physical therapist. His father has been ill for quite some time now. His father has cancer. It has spread to his bones and the doctors don't expect him to live to much longer. His father is 63. Jimmy had a sudden emergency today, about his father. I don't know what the outcome is. But please pray for him and his family for comfort and guidance through these tough times. Also pray for them to remember to put this and their other needs in the Lord's hands.

7/10/2001 03:01

Dear Heavenly Father:
I pray that you will take your healing power and heal me of my back injury. Father, I have been in a great deal of pain for almost three years now. My injury was caused by my employment. Because of my injury, I have lost my job and have been out of a job since 2000. Lord I will also be facing knee surgery soon because I have a torn maniscus and have been in a great deal of pain. Lord I need your special healing power for my back and knee or please give the doctors the knowledge they need to take care of my back and knee. Thank you Lord. AMEN

7/10/2001 07:00

Dear God,
I know that you are watching over me and my family, as these times have been rough on me and them. You see, I know it wasn't You that caused my father to be diagnosed with multiple myeloma at the age of 39. I know it wasn't You that caused both of us to be diagnosed with diabetes. Everyday I wonder if dad will be with us another year. I wonder I'll make it to see 30, 40, or beyond. God, I'm not asking for miracles, and I know they do happen. All I'm asking for is for guidance and wisdom. Provide me with the strength and the knowledge to beat diabetes. Make me strong so that I may help my father through his rough times. But most of all, pray for my family. These have been rough times for us and I ask that you help us through this trial. I know you will lead me down the steady path and will give me wisdom that I so need. Amen.

7/11/2001 03:08

Dear Lord Jesus, I pray for the ones that need your healing touch. Lord Jesus please hear my paryer I have been feeling strongly that I should open a web site for battered and abused women and childre. I have been there Lord and with Your help I can reach someone that is hurting and help them heal. Amen

If anyone would like to email me about this subject please feel free to do so at Avis

7/11/2001 14:28

Today I ask those reading this for their prayers for my grand-daughter...and for my little great-grand-daughter. My granddaughter told us that she is pregnant and we are glad for her and yet afraid because she has to watch her diet all the time due to dibeties on both her parents sides of the family. This is her first baby and, as she says, her plans to go to college, get married and have a baby are still in effect, the timing just got mixed up. I am so afraid for her that she is going to lose the baby. I had so many miscarriages and so did her mother and my other daughter. Please pray with us that she and the baby will be alright. God bless you all.

7/12/2001 01:51

I have just found this circle. I've been reading and reading the prayers, and I can't believe how many of us there are out there. I'm so glad we can uplift each other and support each other with prayers.

I would like to ask you all to pray for my fiance and me. He has had fibromyalgia for several years now, and I was just diagnosed with mononucleosis for the second time in two years. I was also recently diagnosed with depression. Right now, I'm very anxious and scared, because the doctors don't know what is causing me to be sick all the time, and they are testing for many things. (I have heard them talk about thyroid and autoimmune diseases, specifically.) Please, if you have extra energy (I know that's hard to come by!), add us to your lists! We are getting married in December, and we'd hoped to have some money saved up by then. We can't work so well, though, if we are both sick...I try to be up for him and vice versa, but it's much harder when we are both down at once.

Know that I will remember each of you...keep me updated. Thanks for your prayers and for being such strong, good people.

Libralight, this candle is for you.

7/12/2001 02:36

I have just finished reading all the prayers posted here, and one in particular touches my heart. G-D, I lift up panelopi to you tonight. I pray that you would wrap your arms around panelopi and reassure her/him that your love is beyond our comprehension. Although you are there even when we Can't sense you, I pray that tonight, you would make your presence felt in panelopi's life. Thank you for blessing us all with another tomorrow to be even better. Amen.

7/12/2001 11:35

It is a blessing to me to read all these prayers for people in pain and other different problems.I was in an accident 3 years ago. An elderly man{80} hit me head on.. I have very little use of my legs and feet. I lost my sight in my left eye and there is not a day that goes by that I'm not in pain, but when you don't have anyone that can help... the doctors have done all they know to do. ...Call on THE NAME of JESUS, HE is the ONE that helps me walk. I want to incourage all the ones in pain, when you feel bad just speak that wonderful NAME and HE will see you through, your pain may not go away but HE will make it eaiser.God bless you all so much, I pray for you all that God will ease your pain, I may not know your names but GOD does and that's all that matters, GOD BLESS!!!!B.A.

7/12/2001 20:42

My heart feels touched and awakened as I read the prayers here tonight. Thank you, Abbeyd, for the candle, that meant so much.
I feel that combined thought is like combined prayer under one roof, stronger then when standing alone.

My prayer tonight is that all of our thoughts together under one sky, will bring Miracles for each and everyone mentioned here.

My heart candles continue to burn for each of you. For Love....

7/12/2001 23:07

God shall wipe awayall tears from their eyes:
there sall be no more death,
neither sorrow, nor crying,
neither shall there be any more pain.
Rev. 21:4

Lord Jesus this is a promise I am looking forward to have fullfilled. In Your time Lord, may Your will be done.
I know Lord You are not the one that causes all this pain, but I do know that You give us the strength to bear it all. Please Help the little ones that have been abused Lord Jesus for I know You love all the Little children. Thank You Lord. Amen

7/13/2001 11:13

I pray for all those suffering from MS, and also for the caregivers. Please
allow them to have strength, courage and stamina to live life. Show them
the blessings that come from relying on you, Lord, and make them smile!

7/14/2001 01:40

Dear Lord, I come to you in thanksgiving tonight. My daughter's blood test for Hepatitis C came back negative. For this I praise you Lord. I am able to function without using pain medication for a large part of the day if I limit my activities but I know that You are with me and will give me the strength I need when I need it, I want to go without drugs as much as step-son has had so much trouble legal and otherwise due to his use of drugs that I don't want to use them unless I have no alternative. And now I am going to be a great grand-mother. My mother will live to see her great, great grand-daughter..or at least hold the baby, she is almost totally blind now with MD. I pray that I can beat back the clouding of Alzheimers at least untill Mother is with you in Heaven. She has seen me fight back from so many things, cancer, head-on collisions, Crohn's, CHF, severe life-threating allergic reactions, internal bleeding, being confined to a wheel chair and then to a walker, etc. But I don't think she can handle me being unable to function from Alzheimer's. You, Lord, have given me knowledge of ways to fight this disease and so far, it is working. The doctors are amazed because the tests all show that physically and neurolically and chemically, I should be getting worse because there is steady loss of brain tissue according to the MRIs. I do so want to not be a burden to my children and my husband and I don't want my mother to worry about me as she does. She is one of 4 remaining siblings from a family of 9. Please let her have some more peaceful time here with those of us who love and need her so. Thank you again, God, for all the wonderous gifts You have given not only to me but to all of us. The gift of finding this prayer circle and this family of friends is one of the best of those gifts.

Dear ones, as you may know, Belief Net is not going to have their EMail service any longer. In any of you would like to eMail me, please feel free to do so. My eMail address is I would espeicially want to know how the two little darlings who had such a terrible betrayal of the "trust" of "family friends" and I hope they and their parents are getting the help they need to overcome this trauma. God bless you all, and goodnight.

Update your info on your membership to let us know how you are doing; there are so many of you we have been keeping in our prayers and thoughts and we do care. We love you and we will keep a candle in our heart for you.

7/14/2001 09:44

dear lord please heal my friend joe of
his cancer and the m s. please ease his
pain and give him supernatural strength
to live every day with peace and assurance that he will be healed of all
his problems.he knows you lord and loves
you.has faith that you are with him every day.thank you father

7/14/2001 09:58

Please keep me in your prayers I am a cancer patient and I suffer from cronic back pain(had 5 surgeries already) and another one coming up.I have neuropothy in my legs and arms caused from my back and the 83 radation treatments for my cancer.I am having reconstruction surgery on the 31st of this month where I had to have a double mastectomy.Also I need your prayers for my sanity,I lost my only son to a drunk driver.And his second heaven date is aproaching.I have had a real hard time copeing with this.Please visit his web site at.
My son now lives with Jesus and not his mom.God how I miss him.

7/14/2001 19:58

My friends I pray all of us will have a wonderful time over there singing out praises to our wonderful Lord. He is so good to us and is quick to answer our prayers when we pray with praise and worship. The lord has been good to me and I pray that He will answer our prayers may His will be done. Amen.

7/15/2001 22:44

I am new here and I'm so glad I came across this site.I have been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in 1996.I am starting to go down hill and I don't like the fact that I can'y dance as much,talk or laugh without coughing or that I have to rest often.I have faith in God that this is a learning lesson in life for me.I have 3 kids,24,22,and 19 and one granddaughter.I know that I am going to reach for Jesus hand when the time comes,I'm just now learning God's will for me and the power to carry that out.I do believe in the power of prayer and feel that I have benefited from this power.I am happy,joyous and free today and while I do go through hard times,the best is yet to come. Thankyou for this site and letting me share.

7/16/2001 11:30

I am a 24 year old mother of 2. I have Systemic Lupus and Scleraderma. It is a chronic illness, but I know that by his stripes I am healed. I pray for divine healing for everyone who has anytype of chronic illness. I speak peace and calmness in your situation. I speak complete stability. No more aching bones and joints, no more swelling, no more blood clots, no more numbness in you extrimities, no more surgeries, no more forgetfullness, NO MORE CHEMO, I SPEAK DIVINE HEALTH FOR EVERYONE, IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!


7/16/2001 13:52

I just discovered this site this morning. I read through many prayers before I noticed the dates on them. Dolphin-1015, since you started this site, you have made 44 postings, on a regular basis. However, the most recent is 6/2/01 09:35. I also noticed how you watch the site grow, as many joined in prayer. I joined beliefnet for the opportunity to join this prayer circle. Some are called to pastor, some to evangelism, some to teach… I have been called to pray.
Lord, I know that you hear me when I pray, I know that you love me, I know that you love all of your children... including those that suffer from chronic illness. You made a covenant with us and fulfilled it through the birth, death, and resurrection of your son Jesus. What Jesus did on the cross finished it. We are "new creations"... purchased by the blood, and declared righteous. Since we have been DECLARED righteous by you, then we can believe that our prayers availeth much... because your word tell us so. Your Word tells us that if we should ask anything according to your will, and that we believe it when we ask, we shall receive whatsoever we ask. WELL, LORD... My heart is sad to the point of tears due to the suffering that I have read on this site this morning. I have fully come to understand what it means to know you in your suffering. I know that you hear the cries of your people constantly. I know that if my heart aches, and longs to see all of these beautiful people free from pain after sharing for only a moment... how much more must you long to deliver your children, since you have felt their pain from the beginning.
Your word says that by Jesus' stripes we are healed, so, as I sit here in excellent health Lord, my problems and concerns have been made pale by what I have read today... so, I ask you Lord to let your HEALING VIRTUE flow. When the woman with the issue of blood touched your garment, it is said that you felt your virtue leave your body. Once your virtue left your body... the woman was healed. You looked upon her and called her daughter. She wasn't just a woman anymore. It is this same virtue that I ask that you let flow through this circle as we reach out to you. We have heard of your healing power. We know that you can HEAL ALL that come to you. We have read in your word where the question is asked, If there are any among you sick, with the direction to follow saying... let him pray. So we pray... because there are many among us that are sick, yet, I believe that all can be healed in the mighty NAME of JESUS. I believe that all are made whole, and that all continue to be a light bursting through dark situations.
I offer up a special prayer for dolphin-1015. There has not been an entry by dolphin, so with great concern I pray that we will hear shortly. I thank you for the suffering that dolphin endured, which led dolphin to start this site. However, that work is complete. Dolphin will never forget what it is like to suffer. Dolphin will never forget to pray for this circle. So I pray... that you will come upon dolphin with power. That every cell in Dolphin's body is made whole... where there was abnormality and sickness; there is now health. Total health. That dolphin is leaping in joy as your virtue purges her/his body.
I thank you Lord for this circle and I pray that a new site will have to be started in order to log all of the testimonies due to the miraculous healing power of prayer. Thank you Father,
In Jesus Name!

Be encouraged, ALL of you... The Father hears you, and know that this too shall pass!

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