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Tolerance Pagan
Tolerance for and among Pagans

Many Pagans remain "in the Closet" for fear of the intolerance of others. We also find that intolerance can be an issue among varying Pagan groups who feel that they are "right". This intolerance must stop!

Many Pagans are forced to hide their religious and spiritual beliefs for fear of the intolerance of others. Many are afraid of others' reactions to themselves and their families. Intolerance oftens finds a home within many Pagan groups, also. Often, we are preconditioned by previous experiences to be intolerant of other's beliefs and to assume that only we have the right answers. No one should ever be afraid to express such pure and meaningful emotions! A person's spirit should be free to grow and evolve without fear. Intolerance must be overcome.

Theresa_Lynne -11/1/2000
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11/1/2001 10:41

O Gracious Ones,
Help the many pagans today who hide in fear of persecution. Ease their fears by removing the hatred of those that would oppress us. So many of your children are fighting for their rights. Gracious Ones, o Lord and Lady, bless the "broom-closet" pagans of the world.
Your daughter,

11/1/2001 22:40

Mother Goddess, Father God,
May all of us have our eyes opened to the fact that we are all your children; we are all one. May we all live the principles of our various faiths, that we will treat each other with the love and compassion you want for all your children. May the spirit of hatred and intolerance be lifted from every heart, and may it be replaced with love and respect. May I be given the courage to live my beliefs, and may I demonstrate the tolerance I wish from others.
So Mote It Be.

11/2/2001 13:35

Dear Great Goddess

Let us all live in Peace,
Let us accept each others differences.
Make this world a better place for our
children to be able to live in.
Let us accept each others faiths.

~*~ Universal ~*~

11/6/2001 10:36

Goddess Of A Thousand Names, end this prejudice from your children who have forgotten you, or else call you "Demon".
Help your children who love you but hide, afraid of the militant followers of other faiths who commit abominations in the name of their faiths. Shelter all your children, For children we all are, and who can dream what wonders we could be capable of when we grow into our full strength.

11/7/2001 15:40

May we all walk our own paths and realise the wisdom of the roads other people tread when we meet. We are not the people who are "right". There is no "us" and "them". The sooner we realise this, the more enlightened mankind will be.

Blessed be are those who seek knowledge.

11/12/2001 22:41

I pray that Lord Marduk, will bring peace to all people of all faiths, and that the Almighty Creator, will reveal Itself so we may all know exactly whom and how we should worship or not worship.

11/22/2001 19:19

Great Wise and beautiful Mother...
I ask you to help thoes in fear because of their beliefs.May you open their spirits and give them strength. Encirle their hearts and welcome them into your light. May they find people like themselves to help them though the dark times and to help guide them in the good.
Blessed Be

11/30/2001 14:30

Oh Lord and lady forgive me, for I am found hating of fools. They who by thinking the worst of me , bring out my worse side. Let them see through their closed eyes and understand that I cannot hurt them, and that by their baised opinions they are the ones who are breaking up this family, not me and my 'satanic' beliefs.
pray give me strength.
In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

12/4/2001 17:08

May those who persecute us learn love rather than hatred, and may we all learn to stop fighting among ourselves!

12/4/2001 18:20

O Rhiannon,
I pray for tolerance and justice in the world. I ask that you comfort those who must live in fear because of their faith in the Old Ones. May we all walk in the light of the old ways and in peace and love.

12/14/2001 20:10

Gracious Ones, O Lady and Lord of Blessings,
This is not a prayer for others' tolerance of me and my fellow pagans. This is a prayer for the grace and serenity to tolerate those who would defame the name of the Goddess. Help me to live as I say, to accept all in perfect love. Gracious Ones, Lady and Lord of Blessings, give peace and serenity to those of all faiths and let them be blessed on their paths.
In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,
Aislin MoonDream

12/14/2001 22:05

In the name of the Sacred Unity, I pray that I can work through my anger towards those who would ridicule my beliefs for not being as "pure" as theirs.

I also pray that both "Pagans" and "Christians" can worship and live together as One....

Salaam. Namaste. God/dess Bless...

12/17/2001 02:30

Let me not forget today that there is more than one truth. Let me remember all of the times that I have been looked down upon, told hateful things, or disrespected because of my faith, and help me to be accepting and forgiving of others. We are all connected through your Web of Life; help us all to remember that.

12/30/2001 14:13

my dearest gods and goddesses,

please help us all see the power that humanity has to offer. let us endure the trials and tribulations we are faced with. the world has come to such terrible tremors with eachother. asure us in our rights of passage, and endeaveours in which we are faced with others that might not understand, respect or acknowledge our religion to be true, or correct. we must indulge no one and must stand true to who we are even if we are too scared to admit it to friends and family and only in a whisper to ourself. bless us, in all that we do, that the world will someday accept us, and even learn from us. if we could all be free to love, live and practice who and what we wish.


12/31/2001 21:08

Mother Nature, Mother Earth
I pray that we can all live in Harmony with each other. I pray that we can over come our differences with each other and learn to love not hate. It is my will that we can all learn to see the beauty within each other and each others respective Faiths. Each faith is beautiful in it's own way and we should all be tolerable of what each person chooses to believe in. I think more people should try to be like Pagans for we do not judge others we seek to find the beauty and truth within.
This is my will so mote it be!
May the Goddess Bless you All.

1/13/2002 21:18

Dearest Lord and Lady,

I ask for the ability to tolerate others and for tolerance to radiate to others... May they feel the same peace and happiness I feel...

Blessed Be

1/18/2002 10:22

I pray that the killing in the name of God will end.

Blessed be

1/23/2002 03:07

May the veil of ignorance be lifted,
May the mists of illusion be parted,
May each person learn the truth of their own path,
And from this place of truth, may we each weed our own garden.
May we recognize the ugliness of intolerance within ourselves before we point a finger at our neighbor,
And may the the Lord and the Lady embrace us and protect us from those that wish us harm.
Katarine Anu

2/1/2002 16:39

May we be so brave
as to strive not only for tolerance
but for acceptance and peace as well.

May it be so!

2/2/2002 13:42

I pray for the Pagans who hate Christians. I pray for those who choose to judge an entire religon based on those that have judged them and think it somehow right. I pray for those that make constant generalizations of Christians this and Christians that based on the words of a few fundamentalists. I pray for peace amongst all religons. I pray for the healing of those hurt by cruel words. I pray that some day all humanity will be able to worship as they see fit and not be judged. I oray that my fellow pagans will be able to evolve and free theselves from the trap of vengence and spite.

10/17/2002 22:21

For my small community in Upstate NY - here is healing energy for healing the old hurts so we can come back together as a spiritual group. How can we teach tolerance if we cannot tolerate each other? Stop pushing the river. We don't need to try to be a group - we are a group.

1/24/2003 23:39

Mother of Peace,

I pray that America may one day be the religiously tolerant country that it was intended to be. I also pray for all the intolerant, and that I may have the strength to not become one of them.

So Mote it Be

3/10/2003 12:26

Mother Goddess, Father God

I pray that all people in this world can come to see that we are the very same, all paths are one. I ask that you lovingly watch over all your children, and protect us in these troubled times.

In Their service,

4/15/2003 10:17

Let me answer hate with tolerance, Mother guide my soul. Let me answer anger with love, Mother guide my soul. Let me see all as Divine, Mother guide my soul. Let me see all works as thine, Mother guide my soul.
Let me teach love where I can, Mother guide my soul. Let me forgive when I can't, Mother guide my soul. Let me raise no arms in rage, Mother guide my soul. Guide me to a peaceful age, Mother guide my soul.

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