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For Those Dealing with Eating Disorders

I know, more than anyone, the struggles facing those who have an eating disorder. Anorexia nervosa, bulemia nervosa, and compulsive over eating afflict so many people in not only America, but all over the world.

These young women and men need our prayers and our support to overcome this huge and debilitating obstacle in their lives. They need support from their friends to rebuild self esteem, from their families and medical professionals to rebuild their bodies, and from God, to rebuild their hearts. Anyone who has ever been afflicted knows how desperately hard it is to live with an eating disorder. For me, God and my friends were the only ones that could help me. I still struggle daily with the fight against anorexia, and I know many who are also fighting, . . . and for some they are not winning this battle. Bulemia and overeating are just as dangerous and devastating, and so we must, as an international community, pray for these people, that they might find strenght enough to get past the disease and onto their lives.
twinkle_star13 -3/21/2002
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8/17/2003 19:54

Lord, thank You for leading me here this evening. Thank You for speaking to me through these people. Thank You for yet again showing me that I don't have to bury my feelings in this disorder. Even though I constantly fall short of You and submit to vanity and greed, You are stronger than any earthly disease. Even as You watch me struggle with the selfish desire to look a certain ay, I ask for Your mercy and ask You to join my side, the side of anyone suffering from an eating disorder, in this emotionally brutal battle. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

8/27/2003 19:59

This goes out to all of the women, young and old, who suffer from eating disorders. It is a prayer to bring forth the inner Goddess whom reside deep within your souls.
"Great Mother Goddess, may your love heal and invigorate my body, so that I may once again be a healthy temple in which you may reside. Let your beauty permeate through my mind, body and soul so that it may be reflected through me. Dear Goddess, Blesse Be your healing touch!"
There is a prayer that I have written for all of you who are suffering and for those who would like to pray for friends or family of their's who are suffering.

Blessed Be!
Eric (aka Willow WulfMoon)

10/2/2003 12:43

i am 22 yrs old i use to be over weight and i really know how it feels and i have been takin injection which causes depresstion and some of the people which took injection become sick and some of them died i have tried everythin to reduce but it seems that nothin can help me and so now i ask you all to please pray for me and all of the people in the whole world who wants to loose weight and i also hope that i will stop takin injection as the bible says your body is like a temple keep it holy so i hope that i can keep my body holy bu stop takin injections because i belive that nothin is the best docter beside jesus christ thx jbu .

10/18/2003 17:51

i've struggled everyday for the past 8 years with my relationship with food. want to thank gd for hearing all of our prayers and helping in all our struggles. i pray that each of us can get out of our eating disorders and come back and apreciate out lives of blessing and health. i pray that i beat bulimia an live to tell about it. i pray that all of us can live in this world well, treating our body as a temple and appreciating ourselves as a work of g-d. i pray that each of us can be redeemed in our struggle against ourlself.
i am a college student workng hard on recovery. f anyone wants to work together, semd me a message.
i hope everyone will be blessed with guidance and comfort in their struggles.

12/1/2003 01:43

For my ninth birthday I received a bottle of Cal-ban 3000 for my present. while most girls would have been unwrapping barbie dolls and having a pink birthday cake, I was choking down horse pills with a diet coke. I realized at a very early age that people perceive a person's value by the size of their body. when I became aneorexic my mother praised me for losing weight, when I became bulimic I was praised for being beautiful. when I faced death in order to be thin and beautiful I chose to live and now I am thirty two years old getting ready to head down that same path again because I could not prove that I was more than my size. I pray that people as a whole will learn that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that we are so much more than the bodies we in habit. We are all valuable and precious no matter what magazines or television preach. I won't pray for myself but I will pray for all of those poor souls who are so preoccupied with size that they believe they have the right to humiliate anyone who is not in their eyes-perfect. Every person is beautiful no matter what some small minded individual believes. I pray that some day all people, regardless of the size of their jeans, feels beautiful and finds love and acceptance, and no longer has to be a prisoner to the face on the magazine cover.

12/16/2003 20:28

Please help me live through this.
It has been four long years of my life.
Let me heal from the wrongs done against me,
let me accept my body's healing.
Let me see not food as the enemy but the medicine.
Let me eat and keep it down, please, because if it is not the physical that will kill me, it will be the mental.
I don't ask to be normal.
When I restricted the first two years, I was successfull, I was happy.
Just... day...I ask for one day so I can experience the strength that I will need for the next day, and the day after that.
My friend said a prayer of desperation is always heard.

2/25/2004 17:53

Hi, ok . . . this is hard for me, but I have been suffering from an eating disorder for the past two years. All my life I was overweight, and always being made fun of, but before I went to highschool I decided to change that. Now I am a freshman in college and am suffering from many virus that I have contracted as a result of overeating, undereating, and working out too much. Today is Ash Wednesday and I am making a covenant with God to change my life because it is taking over all that I am and all that I dream of being. After reading all of the messages that have been posted I do not feel alone and I will pray for all of you and I ask that you will pray for me. Sometimes we, as humans, have to realize that we can do things all on our own. God is waiting, patiently, consistently, with His arms open wanting us to run to Him and receive his salvation and grace. Only God can help me get my life back, and I pray that all of you may realize that and experience that too.

3/17/2004 17:52

Thank you for the body you gave me.I try so hard to overcome my problem, but I need help God, please help me. Amen.

3/24/2004 14:28

I have had a friend battle with anorexia/bulimia since high school. I want to pray for her that she realizes how much her friends love her and care about her. And that we are here to help her, all she has to do is ask. Please let her see how special she is and what a tremendous loss she would be to anyone who knows her.
God bless her and give her the strength to get over this illness. amen.

10/26/2004 23:23

I don't know what to say really. It wasn't until recently that I realized I had an eating disorder -- a food addiction. I had always looked lightly upon my "delight" with food. Now, I'm a repeat "user" of my drug of choice -- food. Approaching 40, my metabolism has slowed down and my "food-free" periods of modest eating and exercise no longer repair the damage done when I'm "using". So, I'm extremely overweight and depressed about my situation. I'm trying it again, though, in the only way I know how. Cutting back on food and exercising again. I'm determined to reach the victory, I truly want to be free.

I've always been so hard on myself and had such high expectations for myself. The thought of having this type of problem seem ridiculous to me. But it's real. I've learned to whisper prayers throughout the day and to tell myself that I CAN make it. But the pain, anguish, shame and frustration are real. I can hardly stand to look at myself in the mirro -- that is on the days when I'm not lying to myself about just how heavy I have gotten. I can't tell you the days I've said, "Oh, it's not that bad." Well, the truth is -- it IS that bad and the only person who can do something about it is me, with the help of God, or course.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your experiences. The most important thing is for me to forgive myself and to NEVER give up.

11/21/2004 22:03

hi. from time to time i neglect to listen to the wisdom of my body. i pray that i will eat when i am phsyically hungry and stop when i am full. i pray that i will trust myself and love myself. i pray that i may be mindful of the millions in the world who are starving and not deal food through overindulgence. i pray that all beings everywhere find peace.

11/26/2004 14:17

It's strange writing this now. When I was fourteen I left a message here and now that I'm seventeen, looking back, I realize that my eating disorder(s) have pretty much consumed my life. I flip back and forth between wanting help and rejecting it. I know that to truly heal I have to WANT to heal... and maybe I'm not ready for that yet. But knowing ppl are praying for me and everyone else that's dealing with it... I don't feel so alone, and I still pray for yall. And I pray that one day, eating disorders will only be a distant memory for every single one of us. Until later, lovelies: ) <3 sarah

11/26/2004 14:19

It's strange writing this now. When I was fourteen I left a message here and now that I'm seventeen, looking back, I realize that my eating disorder(s) have pretty much consumed my life. I flip back and forth between wanting help and rejecting it. I know that to truly heal I have to WANT to heal... and maybe I'm not ready for that yet. But knowing ppl are praying for me and everyone else that's dealing with it... I don't feel so alone, and I still pray for yall. And I pray that one day, eating disorders will only be a distant memory for every single one of us. Until later, lovelies: ) <3 sarah

12/26/2004 23:15

My struggle with bulimia is far from over, however, I am begining to conquer this disease by discovering and practicing spirituality. I pause to meditate and pray at times when I am most vulnerable to binging, and write down a prayer after meals when I become anxious to purge. Here is one that I'd like to share: "Thank you Creator for allowing me to discover the power of meditation & the strength of self-control. Thank you for allowing me peace and satiety after dinner. Thank you for the energy, warmth & creativity that I experienced today. Thank you for silence and calm within my self & my surroundings. Thank you for my body & the knowledge that it is healing with prayer, nutrition, love & patience..."
Listen to your heart and have faith in yourself. You are unique- with time and patience, you will find the strength to overcome this disease.

1/7/2005 10:11

This prayer is for all the people mentioned above, and anyone out there (including me) who is suffering or overcoming an eating disorder.
Please God, allow us all to see our true aspect of beauty, so that we no longer think that we need to weigh less and less just to be socially acceptable. Please show us all the way to love our bodies as You do Lord.
My prayers go especially to Lindalpn1. May she rid herself of the burden she carries - both the emotional and physical burden, I ask You Lord to send her a special miracle so that she may experience joy, as she so richly deserves.
Please endow the young girls and boys of tomorrow with the strength and wisdom to avoid trapping themselves on this emotional merry-go-round.
Dear Lord, You always answer my prayers. For this I offer up a special thanks to You.

1/21/2005 08:12

I don't know how to start. I am 20 yrs. old & have been struggling w/bulimia nervosa for about 2 yrs. It all started when I wanted to loose weight because I was about 10lbs overweight. I started taking all sorts of diet pills at an early age & nothing seemed to work. I started working out to an extreme:2 times a day everyday. Yeah I lost the weight & only lasted 2 months. I got blodded. When I saw this I couldn't stand it. I always had a low self-esteem so I relied myself in eating until I couldn't take anymore food & then like 5 min. later go vomit. It started once a day. Then about 7 months ago I was involved in a relationship w/someone I really loved. It didn't work out & I couldn't get over him. I felt like I was worthless both as a person & as a woman. So I started overeating again & everytime I would I would vomit. 3 times a day. I was embarressed. Nobody knew. I finally told my sis & she offered to go with me to the doctor. I hesitated but finally went & I let everything out. The doctor gave me some depression pills,I took them for about a month. I was calm,but then gave them up & started my binging again. I m at my worst right now. I have heart problems, tonsils hurt, I still suffer from depression, & I feel horrible about myself, but all I can do for now is pray for god to help me & help others who are still suffering. I pray that one day I will be free from that monster that follows me & will live the normal life I have always wished for.

2/7/2005 08:25

Yesterday I was talking to a close friend of mine and so many thoughts went through my mind. She told me that her aunt was expected to die any time soon. She told me that she had suffered from anorexia nervosa for many years. She always believed that she was fat so she would not eat. She came from a family of heavy set people so she would always tell them how fat they were and that they needed to get on a diet. She is now in the hospital in her last days weighing about 80 lbs at an age of 40. The worst thing is that most of her family doesn't really care about her. I was shocked when my friend told me about her and she said that every time she looked at her aunt, it would remind her of me. Like I had said before I suffer from bulemia nervosa, but it basically leads you into the same complications. I pray for my friend's aunt.

3/5/2005 20:28

To all I'm praying for you.
As for me, my therapist who is a member of this beliefnet sent me several times daily prayers and bible readings. I decided to take upon myself and sign up, to my surprise there's a discussion/prayer for someone like me. I'm an ed sufferer of 12 yrs and its really getting to me. I'm being tube fed at night (home) due to decisions that V, my doc and mom has made. I'm grateful in a way because it has saved my life several times, but I'm still struggling because what I actually eat still comes out. I can't seem to keep anything down w/ out having fear. This fear of fat, fear of food is so great that I now realized that I can't do this without GOD in my life. In and out of treatment, in and out of hospitals (medical), health complications is not the way to live. I know inside my heart that if I continue this path, I will die. Sooner than later those "dear god give me a 2nd chance" prayers are not going to last. I need to put a stop to this and say NO to the devil (the ED voices) and use my resources (my therapists & all) to get thru this terrible illness. I'm not going to lie and say its easy because its not. I'm not going to lie and say I'm never going to fast, starve, or purge because I know I will. But with the help of prayers and support eventually I'll be able to stop. Please pray for me. I'm scared to death literally. This terrible shadow of darkness is constantly clouding my thoughts daily and I need God and his light to guide me the way out. *scared*

4/18/2005 09:10

Jenny you are not alone. I pray for you and I know that if you make one slight change, the smallest, you will survive. You are still in time. Don't let your mentally ruin you. You should be stronger than your mind. Think of everyone that cares and loves you. You need to survive. Life is beautiful in so many ways. God loves you. I have trust that there is a way out. It is hard I know but I have faith in you.

5/29/2005 19:57

I have an eating disorder that I havn`t seen here, I am a 63 year old woman with diebetics, I don`t eat hardly enough to keep me going food doesn`t look good or taste good, and then if I do eat very much it comes back, so I need prayer, God bless you all

6/22/2005 06:21

hi all, i really like this serise of post, and hope u wont mind if i add myself on.
i am a 25 years old woman, and i weigh 210 kgs. i know thats a lot.
i have been trying to loose this weight for 10 years, but i loose some and gain it all back + some more.this is probably because i an a rich and fatty food addict. and of course i hate excercising.
going to go for another try. this time with the only excercise i love- swimming.
prey for me. i am very depressed about my weight and specially about my lack of will power.
every time i tell my self, ill stick to the diet and excercize this time, but then i get too lazy and stop thinking ill continue from tomorrow. only tomorrow never comes.
i know what self loathing means.

7/7/2005 18:13

Dear All,

I ask that you pray for me to have the strength to end my disordered eating and nourish my body when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full, and learn to accept my body for it is a Gift from God and I shouldn't be messing it up like I have been.

I thank you for your prayers and hope yours get answered.

May God Bless you always,

8/8/2005 16:34

Hi BrokenAngel:
I read your prayer request today. I hope you have let GOD lead you in the right direction. He will change your day .Don't let the eating-disorder overcome you. You have to be the warrior over it.

10/4/2005 19:33

Dear BrokenAngel:
one day we will all be healed! Praise God!

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