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drugs have torn this family apart

Now a single mom, living in a new city with two boys, wanting to be with the father, knowing it is not good.

The father has an adiction to money and drugs. He has been growing marijuana and selling it for some time now. The mother knew it was wrong, and left with the two boys (10 and 6). She moved over 500 km away from dad. She wants to spend the rest of her life with him, but he needs to change. Please pray that she will continue to have the courage to do it on her own, and please pray that he will change, so this family can be whole again.

canadian_christian -2/6/2002
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10/20/2003 04:01

Pray for Kirk in alcohol rehab. It's taken him along time to get this far. Pray that when he is check out. He does god's willing. Pray that I also have the courage to do what god wished of me. thanks!!

11/16/2003 14:42

please pray for my son Robert,he has a staph infection in his leg, please pray he will return to godand let god rule his life,and be the christian God wants him to be. he is in prison right now please pray for his soon release, he needs pray today please pray

11/16/2003 14:47

I will be getting divorced soon pray for me. I ask prayer for my daughter who will be getting married soon, pray God will bless them and thier marriage and the will walk with him thru thier lives together

12/2/2003 14:16

I can't help but feel that those addicted to drugs will ever be free. I have been "fighting" with my husband for eight years now to stop using. We have lost places to live, tv's, microwaves, cars, gone without food... all because of his drug use. He never has any money even though he is working, doesn't contribute to any of the bills or groceries. Constantly lies, doesn't do what he says he's going to do. Sometimes stays out all night without calling {says he's going to the store and will be right back} Has been locked up more than once, was on the chain gang during one of his incarcerations and said that was enough to make him stop using. It wasn't. He is still using. He knows the Lord and knows He can and will help him he just doesn't allow the Lord to do his work on him. He also knows he can stop if he wants to. And that is the whole matter in a nutshell.. he has to want to stop. The same is true for all users. For that reason I continue to stay with my husband {believe me it is real hard} and pray every night for him. I have to admit I don't know how much longer I can stay. I know the Lord will help him but I also know he has to allow Him to help. I feel because of the vows we made when we weere married I should not leave him. I hope I have made some sense here and I want everyone here to know that I will pray for all addicts and their loved ones. May God Bless Everyone.

1/22/2004 09:17

I have 4 sons and one daughter and outa the 5 she is the only one that don't have a problem with drugs. She has her own trouble struggling with diabetes...The boys have done some form since the youngest was like 10 years old. Three have been in the pen for something relating to drugs. Their father and I have been seperated for like 4 years and I now live with a wonderful man...I need prayers for my kids...before it is too late. Figured if I could get people around the world to pray for them something wonderful would happen in their lives...

7/23/2004 11:33

I too struggle with addiction. It is not an easy deal as it does affect everyone that loves me and depends on me. I pray that we will all be free from these addictions and that God conforts those we hurt, including ourselves. People that have never been addicted to anything doesn't realize what it is about. It is not something we decide that we want to do. It is our body and our mind saying we have to have this to go on. Please don't look at the addicted as lepers or someone that doesn't know them meaning of being free. We do, it is just getting there. Please pray for all that is in this same boat. Jesus loves us. I love you.

8/7/2004 09:05

I honestly understand what everyone is saying I am trying to help my partner for over years to get him to stop using. he makes money and spend it all on that, when we try to confront him he is on denial he hasn't yet admit to his addiction. meanless to say what he is using doctors say they cant give him any medication to stop he needs to have faith and strength to do so i have ask him to leave and he has but ends up sleeping in his car, his so call friends dont help him at all, he would come here to shower and eat when he is hungry (which is not daily). he talks about changing his life and he does for a few days sometimes even a week, but then he falls right back..well recently he got arrested for traffic violation spend more than 27 hours behind bars. he said it was shocking a nightmare he has to stop, but only i could pray and ask lord to help me cause i feel lonely and hurt, he is a good man and extremelly smart, but for those of us that live with a person that uses we know that they seem not to have the courage strenght and faith to stop. now he has been treating me cold, and different-he is using one of his friends exact phrases towards his wife. i have spoken to him about it of course he denies it. i pray for those of you whom are going through the same thing i also ask for you to please pray for us i ask that lord give him the strength to say no. just go to work and come straight home.i dont know what else to do. i do pray and cry everyday of my life i have said i wont take him back and i still do. only lord knows that this guy is not a bad person. he needs prayers and strength faith to stop.and continue a healthy and wonderful life. i am so lonely, i have no job, no car, financially hurt and behind on everything here.God Bless You all and thank you so very much for praying for us.

11/21/2004 01:00

I am married to a recovering addict who has recently gone back to using. We've been married for 16 years and he was using for ten of those years. I am completely and totally devastated about what is happening now. We recently purchased a new home in a city where I know no one. Everything was going okay but within the first year after we moved, I noticed him doing things that he did when he was using. I tried to talk to him but of course he was in denial. This is our second year in our home and he has defininately gone back to using. He admits it and says that he will gain control. I've prayed consistently for him and for my family, we have 3 children in the home, to no avail. I keep remembering how things were when he was using before and I can't go through that again. I don't have the strength. He won't move out of the home and I don't have anywhere to go and I feel completely helpless. I can't payu the bills that are rapidly accumalating and I fearful that we'll lose the house. My husband was recently started a new job and says that things will get better but I don't want to go through the problems are associated with living with an addict. He's gone through our savings and I expect he'll start stealing from the house. Please pray for us. I am trying so hard to stand on God's promises but its difficult. My prayers are uplifted on behalf of you all. God bless!!

6/10/2005 15:28

Heavenly Father I pray for this family and my own, I pray that we will listen with open ears and eyes. I pray that you will forgive me for all of my sins i know i fall short of pleasing you. Please here my praise for you, you are mighty and above all i know that faith in you will move mountains, I pray that all our marrages will stay intact, and that the light of the Holy spirit will show us the way to do that.
I thank you for the things in my life, and i praise you for my family. I also pray that i become pregnant with a healthy baby, I know you work miracles so i thank you in advance
In Jesus Christ name

8/12/2005 15:37

Jesus loves you and your spouse. He wants to both to draw closer to Him. I pray that you both will go to Rejoice and will learn from their messages and God's word. He has helped me tremendously through this site. God bless you both.

9/15/2005 01:57

Hello Everyone I needed a prayer circle because I am so frustrated right now. I feel like my husband just does not think before he does things. He is a Christian, Has a personal relationship with Jesus, but the but is big here. But he can not put down smoking pot. He really thinks it's ok. We have a 2 yr old, and it's getting old for me. He has progressed from once a day to two or more times a day. He continues to tell me that after this bag he has left he is going to stop and be done. I don't even believe it. I think it's going to be very difficult because the amount he smokes each day has gone up, now the harder it will be to stop. It is getting in the way of our intimacy big time. The Lord tells me to be patient and it's hard. Lord knows I am listening to him, but it's hard. Hate the sin not the sinner, I love him with all of me, but it's got to stop. I am yearning for his affection and the intimacy we had. It is hard for me to be attracted to him when he puts that 1st. I refuse to go to bed with him if he is high, he will get mad at me and tell me to lighten up. My walk is different than his, I am moving forward to Jesus, while I feel he's going backwards. Someone please pray for me. I need advice from believers. Thanks God Bless All.
Your Friend In Jesus

12/23/2005 23:44

lord help all us of use with additiction jesue we all need you and the familky that is suffering because of yhr people that is on drugs

1/2/2006 20:19

Dear Lord please show the father of this family the way. Let his love for his family make him stop his wrong doing. Protect them all from the enemy. Amen

5/6/2006 19:09

Dear Lord...protect us all...those who have watched the destruction of their loving man's/father's soul by the use of drugs because of the enemy's dark influence! Please everyone, pray for the man I love...that his addiction to meth and the dark lifestyle that goes with it will go away...that satan will not control him anymore...that he sees the light of the Son of our Lord and comes back whole to his loving family!

5/10/2006 19:01

auraofthedesert, my prayers are with you. I fully understand your dilemma. keep praying for your man and thank God for the answers to come. Read Matthew 7:7-8 I too have a loved one who is on drugs. my brother. I just keep on praying and waiting for the day when God delivers him once and for all. He has to be willing though, God will not go against your will. So pray that he will desire to change his life. I hope this is of some comfort to you. I will be praying for you and your family.
a friend in Christ!

2/27/2008 19:29

Father, I thank you for this web site. I thank you in letting people know that they are not alone in their greif of drug addiction. I ask in Jesus name that you touch the lives of each and every person that has posted on this web site and to those that have not who has an addiction problem. Father, I ask that you comfort the families and give them strength to over come the ememy. I beleive that drugs are Satan's gateway because it alters the mind, therefore people do things they would not usually do. I feel for each and everyone of you. I too suffer from a drug addicted family. I personally am not addicted and neither is my daughter. I have a husband that was addicted to crack cocaine for approximately 10 years, I would pray each and every day, spend countless nights up crying all night and wondering if he really loved me and his children how could he do this take every thing that he would make for the week and spend it all on a weekend bing. He never did this at home, but the effects were still the same. I decided I could no longer cope with his addiction, so I found a place to live and turned him over to God and stepped out of God's way. My husband then broke his leg and has had several surgries, needless to say I went back to take care of him. His crack habit was gone, but it turned to a different habit pain pills. Once again, I decided not to live like this again and we filed for Divorce and a week later he ended up in the intensive care unit unresponsive on a vent and no one knowing what was wrong with him. I was the one that found him. We later found out it was carbon monxide poisioning. He almost lost his life this time. I truly feel that we are suppose to be togeather, I am the only light that this house of darkness has it's Gods light. Both of my children are addicted to drugs one is really bad, he has to be checked on to make sure he is still breathing, he has been admitted to hospital with an overdose, he has been in jail and he almost died and the doctors still don't know what was wrong with him. He has chronic pain since the age of 16 and has been taking precription medication since if he runs out he buys what he can on the street. I know God has a great purpose for him to let him live like he has. Sometimes I am ready to just give up on everything, but I am reminded just how much love God has for us and me for my family. I will continue to pray for all the posting that I have read, I will not be able to remember each detail of all, but God knows who you are and you may just be the only light God has in your home. As far as marriage, if it is harming your child or your walk with the Lord then get out of it. God cares more for the people in the marriage than the union of marriage. In Jesus name, I ask that you touch each and every person that has an addiction, remove the blinders from their eyes and let them see the road they are traveling is a broad road not the straight and narrow. I ask that you comfort and give the people that love them the strength and courage to fight. We are not fighting flesh, but the dark side of satan and his demons. In Jesus name amen

3/24/2008 10:40

I am going through the same thing and I think that it will never change. Our relationship has never been really good. He used to abuse me but doesn't hit me anymore. We've been together for almost 19 years but have never gotten married. We have 4 children. He still verbally abuses me and calls me names because I am overweight and tells me I can't leave him because I will never find anyone else who wants to be with someone who looks like me and has 4 kids. For the last 3 years he has been on drugs and I tell him I am done all the time and to leave but he won't. He takes money from my kids steals stuff from us and sells it for money for pills. Him and his friends rob people and now his oldest son who is 17 acts just like him. He calls me names, threatens to hit me and smokes weed already. I want to take this all away from me and my kids but I don't seem to be strong enough. He's been in rehabs and they don't work. He will flip out when he doesn't have the money for a pill and throw stuff and break it and call me names and anything else he can think of to do. Then he leaves and I tell him not to come back but he does and acts like nothing ever happened. I can't take this anymore but I can't seem to be able to make him leave. I think I believe him about never having someone else and I am scared of being alone forever. Also my 14 year old has severe ADHD and bipolar and I don't know if I can handle him alone. I pray all the time and I really want to find a place to go to church but for one I never have any money to buy clothes and won't go with the ones I have. And I kind of have some anxiety problems and get sick when I am around a lot of people. I really need some help and prayers and I will pray for all of the people on this page. My favorite song is "Jesus take the wheel". but it doesn't seem to be working. I need the decision to be able to take him back taken from me because I cant' do it.

4/10/2009 14:13

please pray for my husband and I! We have been married 23 years and together 27 yrs.I am just ready to give up, throw in the towel . I dont know what to do anymore. Our whole life has been him on drugs, lies, deception,betrayel, in and out of jail and rehab. I was within inches away from getting a divorce in 2001, I became really close to God and he restored us. But it's still been the same ole ,same ole again, and I am so sick of it, really sick of it. I love him with all my heart, but with the past and distrust ,I feel I beginning to pull away. I would love it if I knew it would be all okay and the LORD would restore him & we could be happily in love again. But I AM REALLY just so sick of the lies, attitudes, accuseing me and distrust! Please pray for us. Sometimes I feel I should just move on, that there is just too much negative history there!
In Him

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