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Polyamorists and Alternative Lifestyles
Polyamory and Erotic Spirituality

Those who believe in nontraditional relationships and erotic spirituality are often considered immoral by public mores. We need the strength of meditation to uphold community.

We invite all who are compassionate to join this multifaith and nondenominational circle of meditation and prayer. We who love many are often lonely and struggling against the conventions of society. But our spirituality needs nurturing from one another, and our shouts of joy need to be heard. We love our traditional family and friends, yet reach out to our own community for strength and comfort. So may it be.
erotica -8/24/2000
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9/9/2001 16:59

Grant me the understanding of the feelings I am having at this moment. Let me love those who need love. Let me share the love my partner and myself feel with another. Love is the greatest gift that can be shared and multiplied.

10/18/2001 22:24

Heavenly Father I pray that tou have mercy on all of our souls.I also pray for all of those contemplating young men and women out there who cannot find the love that they need in the opposite sex,whether they were born this way or just some inconceivable fate, God please give us the answers and streghth.

10/20/2001 23:56

we are different, but we love just as strongly as the others, please accept us as we have excepted you.

10/28/2001 09:47

I pray for man's inhumanity to man,in what ever form it takes, to disappear and in it place, we all, as human beings learn to love one another as the lord Jesus Christ loves us. We all are looking for acceptance in our lives and by loving each other, I pray we will find it. May love and light enter all hearts everywhere. May God be with you.

11/21/2001 07:14

Lord above please let people accept others for the choices of life-partners. Please let people except people who are bisexual like me. And let the world see that being homosexual or bisexual is NOT wrong.

Jennifer (age 14)

11/21/2001 11:27

How about if we ALL just "Pay it Forward"? WHAT a concept this is.....

11/21/2001 18:19

Dear God
Grant me your blessings in marriage. Let my husband and I find contentment and happiness in each others arms. Help me to be the wife I want to be. And help me to guide him into being the husband he wants to be. Let us each improve in this marriage and let us improve each other. Make me comfortable with my partner so that we may share in the beauty and glory of a sexual relationship built on trust and mutual respect. Let me love his soul and heart more than his body.

Help us to establish a bond that will ensure happy, healthy children. Help us help each other in our community activities.

Let us serve you by being beautiful, giving and loving ... as You are Beautiful, Giving and Loving..

12/5/2001 13:27

May the spirits bless your unions, however few or many they may be. Live in love. Live in health.
Be kind to each may need your neighbor's help tomorrow.

Blessings on and closed minded alike


1/29/2002 11:45

A sorrow shared is lessened, a joy shared is multiplied. May we all find contentment in our relationships, whatever form those relationships take. Infinite diversity!

2/5/2002 09:14

God please help those that have no voice or taught other than repeating those of others. Please help them find their own voice to declare their own taught. Not to fallow like sheep to the slaughter of their rights to have there own belief, or to stamp out the rights of other.

2/24/2002 13:17

Please note my screen name it says volumes about me!

I was born and I,m still phsycally male yet I live my life as the female spirit I'm 24/7! However for me this is not about sex even though I have all the normal human urgings! I'm a student, business person, community volunteer, tutor, spiritual seeker, budding philosopher, photographer, artist, writer, and computer expert, as well! I'm someones sister, daughter, Lover, best friend, mentor as well! My whole point is that, that which I define as my sexualty is only one small part of that which I'm! Everyone,whom lives a life oriented around a different sexualty must relize that society at large will never accept us until we define ourselves as beings beyond are own sexuality! So my prayer is:

To the great good nature creator of all things. Gives us the strength and courage to live in the public eye without shame nor without desire for special recognition. To show ourselves as the kind good hearted mutifacetd gems we truly are. So that the whole of the gerter human community may come to know and accepts for whom we truly are!

2/24/2002 13:24

Sorry about the typo's gerter = greater Ect. I hope you can fill in the blanks!

3/5/2002 08:58

The one key to wisdom is altruism. Love of everything is a key to the wisdom. Peace and love change everything, but wars are only fought for somebody or other's version of it. Perspectives rule. At peace, love is perfect, without it, comes the passion to kill. Until we all realize this, no one is above reproach. Including me...there's no ankh or infinity symbol so this remains without...if I could, I'd change the internet so symbols could be used as characters; kind of an international interpreter software built into the browser....

3/5/2002 09:11

We all seek, and ourselves is what we most seek. When we see ourselves in others eyes we can become confused; sex acts and bodily manipulation can be wrong, but love is never wrong... The love for another of the same sex is not wrong, but action on that love can be...Pure love teaching says that you must feel these inclinations, and move on to normal matters at hand. Many may say that I am "still in the closet", however I choose to see how I think they see how I am. I am a man and I love men. I see how women find them (and me) attractive...I see how women find eachother attractive... I am an altruist. This is above all these symbols...

3/26/2002 02:56

To those who love eternally and unconditionally, whose love is unrequited; your love is truly divine.
True love trancends individuality. Love doesn't stop when two hearts break, it divides, it multiplies. Bless you all.

4/15/2002 17:26

I am a teenage girl that has been raised by a conservative family. As I form my own beliefs, I feel more and more alone. I realize that if I am going to ever be truly happy, my lifestyle is going to be quite alternative, eccentric in a way. I don't know how to describe it because i am so ignorant of things outside of my norm. I am trying to explore but I am scared because I don't want to disapoint my parents. They'd never understand. I work differently than others, and I don't want to! Yet I can't help it, and I feel like I should start exploring this very real part of myself. I would appreciate if you guys would post some advice and wisdom for me and keep me in your thoughts, mediations and prayers. I don't want to be selfish like my peers. The unique lifestyle that I believe is destined for me is not one of shallow corruptness, yet I've always been told that its unhealthy spiritually to live an alternative lifestyle! Help!

7/16/2002 05:53

May the Lord of the Day and the Lady of the Night grant us the blessings of acceptance and relieve the yoke of oppression over those who are condemned for those they love....

7/19/2002 00:31

Lord help me to accept for this time, these kind, and yet lost souls, who have convinced themselves of the folly of their beliefs, to their own detriment. I know you died on the cross to show us truth, and not to hide it from us. I see the scripture clearly outlining one husband to one wife, and that standard has procreated our existance. May You have mercy on our twisted version of logic, and may we have the courage and strength to seek your opinion - and change.

8/10/2002 04:02

This is one of my favorite quotes, and it is constantly useful in my daily life:

"I will make love my greatest weapon and none on who I call can defend against its force.... My love will melt all hearts liken to the sun whose rays soften the coldest day." ~ Og Mandino

Love is all that matters in life. It's always a blessing 24/7, and the form that it comes in is not important. Love each other everyday!

1/22/2003 08:38

i pray that the close minded people in this world could open their hearts and minds. that they could see we are no different than thee.

2/3/2003 21:52

Everything I have done has been in the context of my marriage to my wife of 20 years. Everything that each of us does is something we do with and for each other. It means nothing but in the context of our love for one another. It is a celebration of our love for each other, and with complete respect for anyone else we may include.

2/3/2003 22:06

I'm reading a lot of this stuff, and I'd like to be more direct. My wife and I love each other very much. We are open and honest and invest heavily in communicating with each other. I want her to know every thought that comes into my head. My love grows in this openness. And never is the intensity of that love at more powerful levels than when we are creatively sexual. Her affinity for other women is very exciting to me, and it is a celebration of our marriage and love for her to experience these fantasies and share the pleasure with me. Yes, I do grapple with the morality. And I am open to direction from Jesus to the correctness of our actions. But my passion for her grows every day... I picked the sun graphic as a symbol of light. It is what I seek, and what I hope pray to God I provide here. These are my best intentions...

2/26/2003 02:42


4/4/2003 21:12

I share understanding with those who feel open to more than one simultaneous, serious relationship. Also, I hope the world can learn of the spiritual good of homosexuality.

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