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Father, where there is pain, bring healing. Where there is doubt, bring confidence. Where there is unforgiveness, bring forgiveness. Where there is pride, bring humbleness.

Lord, please bring all my family to your Glory. Where there is friction or unresolved issues, bring unity, bring forgiveness, take away the pride that binds these feelings. Where there is drugs and alcohol, quench their thirst with your words. Father, where there is selfishness, teach them giving of themselves,thinking of others first. Where tongues strike in anger, bring words of only love. Where our children may have lost their way, guide them back to us o'Lord. Father, where some have fallen on their faith with you, bring them back to your glory. Father, forgive us our sins that we have made against you. Thank Father, for all we have. Lord, we praise you for your Glory, we fall on our knees to you, so that we will enter your gates of eternal life. Lord, for you everything is, you are our salvation. In the name of the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, Lord, hear our cries. Let us be prepared together, for your coming so that we will all be together in your Kingdom. Amem.
carefree -9/26/2001
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12/6/2001 12:56

UNFORGIVENESS, what a life taker; what a spirit robber! Last night I watched 48 Hrs, what an awesome show. It was all about forgiveness, the power it has. How after several years, 3 different men, finally forgave people in their pasts, and how that set them free. One man, his brothers and mother had been abandoned by the father, and finally after 20 years, he found his father and forgave him. Another, who had watched his father be shot to death; 20 some years later he looked up the criminals in jail and was able to forgive them. Yet, another man who fought in vietnam, left an enemy soldier for dead, but found out 20 years later that the man was still alive. He found him, and both forgave each other. They were all set free. The common ground that these 3 men shared, was that for 20 + years, they lived with deep anger, dispair, regrets. They all said the same thing; pride, the feeling of being right, the fear of saying or hearig the simple words, "I'm sorry," "I forgive you," "please forgive me," kept them in a world of broken spirits, angry relationships, and self destruction. But, when they finally forgave, or were forgiven, it was like being reborn. When the forgiveness took place, they let go of all the feelings, they didn't look back, because you can't truly forgive if you continue to carry it inside of yourself. One man said, 'My enemy, became my friend, and my best teacher.' What a inspiration! What an awesome power forgiveness is. This same man was then able to repair a broken relationship with his own son! God gave us the human nature to make mistakes, fall once in awhile, but he also gave us the greatest gift there could ever be - LOVE - the ability to forgive and continue to love and feed our spirit; to fall, but to get back up, admit we made a mistake, and be the best that we can be; again the power, the gift of LOVE. To forgive, is devine!! What an inspirational show. I challenge all of us, if there is someone that you need to say, 'I'm sorry', 'I forgive you', or 'Please forgive me,' too, do it now. Don't let your spirit be broken any longer. Let that God given gift of Love, take over every inch of your soul, let his grace give you the courage you need, to let go of that pride, that hurt and anger, and be the person he truly intended for you to be. You'll notice that once you do this, so many other positives will happen in your life. Father, help us all to rid ourselves of the angers, the hurt feelings, the pride that may be robbing us, from a life full of your awesome gift of pure and true love. Amen.

12/6/2001 22:04

For Carefree,
This is a favorite part of the Bible for me, and I want to share with you. This message goes out for you and your loved ones:
Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bare with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. * Colossians 3:12,13
Peace ......Marilyn

12/11/2001 15:34

Father, thank you for my wonderful guardian angels, Marilyn and Marahet, you are true God sent.

Father, Please enter John's heart. Bring him to love and give unselfishly, let him know how awesome love is, when you are part of our lives. Father, you know the times that pain is deep within my heart, concerning John, and this week it is heavy with the hurt that he is putting on it. Father, it's as though every few years, one day the love is deep and forever, and in a minute, he's ready to end it, without even a note that there is any problem. Lord, for you have worked miracles for so many of us, please Father, hear my prayers now. In the name of Sweet Jesus, AMEN.

12/13/2001 11:36

Father, Satan is working hard and heavy these days. Please send him away. Keep my loved ones at peace and happiness. Father, I don't know what you have intended for any of us, but if it should be, bring peace among Roni and Gerald. Let them see the love that they should be sharing, instead of trying to find reasons to let go. Again, I ask that Roni and Maria be united. Keep my kids safe from the works of Satan, bonded together with me, and able to come to me to talk about any issues they may have. John, Lord please open his heart to you! Things are better the last couple of days between us, but he never wants to resolve things, he just puts them back in his mind, and bring them up at a later date. Please Lord, give him the tools to open up and love unconditionally. I heard a story last night on KRock, they were preaching about how a man should love his wife, like his own body. I don't think John was ever taught anything when it came to relationships with spouses, parenting; his parents were alcoholics, and he didn't see how a true loving marriage should be, please Father grace him now. Please keep watch over the rest of my family members that I did not mention personally. AMEN.

12/13/2001 19:51

Lord bless this family. Let your light shine through the heart of John, and protect him from any evil that tries to enter his life. Let him feel your security....In Jesus's name...Amen

12/18/2001 12:28

Father, I thank you for your wonderful grace in our lives. With the birthday of Jesus upon us, continue Lord to grant us the blessings that you so generously bestow upon us. Father, continue to work in the hearts of John, Josh, Mo, Adam and Rikki. Keep their eyes open to your amazing love, so that they will reflect your ways in themselves. Father grant us peace, happiness and joy now and through the holidays and the days that follow. I request the same for the other members of my family. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

12/19/2001 23:27

To my angel Carefree,
I hope your family all gets together and has a wonderful time. What better time to share your love and work things out!!!!! God Bless your family...Amen

12/25/2001 10:50

Dear Carefree,
To you and your entire family, I extend my deepest wishes for a blessed Chrismas and Happy New Year!!!! In Jesus' name I pray.......Amen :)

1/1/2002 12:48

Happy New Year to your entire family!!!!

1/9/2002 13:54

Father, continue to guide Josh, and keep him from the temptations that Satan puts in his path. Open his heart to all of us here that Love him, but most of all Lord, open his eyes and heart to your awesome Love, for then and only then will he love himself, and love those that love him so. Continue to work on the hearts of John, Mo, Rikki, and Adam. Father, for Roni, heal the issues with her and her husband, and also those with Maria. Continue Lord, to keep us all healthy, happy, prosperous in every area of our lives. Father, you have been more than generous to us, I praise your glory. Amen.

1/28/2002 13:49

Father, I ask for your mercies and forgiveness. I am so weak, I constantly fail you and disappoint you. For all that I ask of my own children, I to the most mighty Father, continue to fall. My imperfections, instead of being better, stay the same or worsen. Father, help me to be the very best person that I can. My thoughts and words are my biggest downfall, and I need you in me Lord, for then I will live the life that you intend for me to live. I try, and yet I still let Satan take hold sometimes. I want only to please you, praise you and give you glory. Please Lord, help me to stay on the road of rightousness, to not have bad thoughts, or say mean words!! I give my self to you Father. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

1/30/2002 10:39

My heart is heavy today as I post, we learned last night that my mother in law, has a tumor in her brain. She had been seeing an eye doctor for the last couple of years because she lost control of her right eye. They kept telling her it was nothing serious, and that it would eventually fix it's self. Well, she changed doctors, they had her do a MRI, and phoned her yesterday with the results. She had throat cancer about 9 years ago, but has been free from that for the last 7 years, so now she is just devastated. I ask again for your wonderful prayers for her, and again thank you for being here now for me and my husband John.

Lord, please heal Ginny, Lord cleanse her body that the the tumor is removed and not cancerous. Lord you are almighty, all caring, all giving, heal her Lord that she may be with us here for a long time to come. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

2/3/2002 08:58

Lord, please assist Ginny with her tumor, like you did mine as a child!!! You ahve the power and the love in your heart!!! Amen

2/5/2002 11:10

Hi everyone. Today I leave at noon so that my husband and I can take Ginny, (my mother in law) to see the neuro-surgeon. I ask that all of you will pray the news that he has for us is good, and positive. We have been soo nervous this whole last week. Please lift her up in your prayers and add her to as many of your prayer lists as possible. For those of you that aren't aware of what is going on, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor last Tuesday. Please pray.

Lord our Father, hear my prayers, heal my mother in laws body of this tumor. Cleanse her body, so that she will be with us here on earth for many many years to come. Ginny is a wonderful woman, she is giving caring and above all, Lord she praises your glory as do we. I lift her up to you today Lord, for all is possible with you with us. Heal her, for you need only say the words, and it shall be done. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

2/6/2002 13:29

First I would like to give Thanks and praise to the Lord, he truly is awesome. I would like next to thank ALL OF YOU, for all the prayers, the power is just beyond words. You don't know how much they mean to me and the family. I printed off all the prayers that were sent, before going to the appointment yesterday, so that my mother in law could read them all, SHE SAYS TO TELL EVERYONE, THANK YOU!!

The visit was as good as can be. They do not want to remove the tumor, the location is too deep in, behind her nasal area, and to remove it would be too intrusive. So they will do either radiation, chemo, or laser. It's a very slow growing tumor, and she has probably had it for 20-25 years. We won't know much more until she sees the Oncologist, and the radiologist, and then go from there as to how they will treat it.

Again thanks for all the prayers, and please continue to pray for her.

LOL, Deb

2/14/2002 11:49

Gee, today should be such a happy day, hearts on fire and all. I'm really down, so I ask for your prayers. My husband can be such a good guy, but he can also be the most hurtful, disrespectful, selfish, mean, rude, person that I've ever known in my life. I really am serious, if you all knew him, you would think that he is a wonderful, nice guy. He is with everyone else, but with me from day to day, I never know which guy, I'll be facing. I never treat him or anyone else for that matter, the way that he can treat me. It really is becoming an issue, and I have tried so hard, I am constantly, "Turning the cheek" with him. If it wasn't for our little girl, I probably would not continue being treated the way he treats me, but I promised myself, that I wouldn't end a second marriage in divorce. I've known this man for 13 years, and I have prayed that he change over and over, I just don't know what to do anymore. In his work, he's never been happy with anything that he does. I think that when that part of his life is not going the way that he thinks it should, that's when he gets worse, and takes his frustrations out on me. Now, don't get me wrong, he's never laid a hand on me, he's just verbally and emotionally mean. It seems like every 3-4 years, it gets really bad, and one day he just says, it's over, I'm leaving, and I'm getting to see that pattern coming forward again. He won't talk to me about things that are bothering him, instead he keeps them locked up, and just blows. Please pray, that he will see himself, for how he really treats me and the kids sometimes. Ask that the Lord open his heart, soften him so that he will turn to the Lord, and be the best husband and father that he can be, the way the Lord would want him to be.

Thanks everyone, gotta get back to work.

4/17/2002 13:12

Lord, forgive me my sins that I come here today with. Help me with all my faults, my easy anger, my bad mouth, for I know that my mouth is my biggest sin. Sometimes the words come without anythought as to what I am going to say, and I immediately regret many things that seem to slip out. Father give me the courage to respond to people when they speak things that shouldn't be said, I tend to let them continue speaking without cutting them off, letting them know that I don't like the things that they say, and do not want to hear those things. Lord, grant me wisdom to always say the right things, at the right time, so that I may help others live your word, that I may be able to make changes in others life for the better.

Lord, grant peace on this earth, let those of the holy land, reap in peace. Let the fighting stop, and let the love bring unity to all. In the name of our Lord, Amen.

4/18/2002 12:53

Lord I come here today to thank you for all that you blessed me with. Wonderful family, great friends, all the riches a person could ever need on this earth. I look around me, and with so much pain and sorrow all around me, I can only give you my humanly thanks, because you are always with me and my loved ones. You are SO AWESOME!! I praise your glory, I pray that I will be amongst those you choose at the end of this life, to enter into your heavenly kingdom. Thank you Father, and please continue to bless me with you graces. In the name of our Lord, Amen.

4/19/2002 14:04

Lord, you are so awesome. My son is either already here at county or on his way. You have worked you powers, and continue to brighten our lives. I ask in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ; that you will work you powers in the heart of the judge on Wedsneday 4/24. I know that whatever your will, it will be for the very best of Josh. Thank you Lord for changing his life for the better. He talks your words and has compassion for others. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

4/19/2002 15:25

Father I bow my head in prayer for my Aunt Vivian. Lord, she has carried many crosses, now she is on another journey with a heavy cross. Father, give the doctors knowledge, so that they can heal whatever it is she is dealing with. Let her body be rid of all the ailments that afflict her. Father, your graces are endless, let this be added to your list. In the name of Jesus Amen.

4/23/2002 11:52

Lord, I call upon you to intervene on behalf of Joshua's outcome tomorrow in court. I bow down and ask Father, that you grant Josh your mercies, and lay your hand upon the heart of judge and all others that will affect Joshua's future tomorrow. Lord grant you mercies upon us once again, and let us bring Joshua home. Hear our prayers that Joshua be granted his freedom from the confinements that he has lived with for the past couple of months Lord; for you need only say it, and it shall be done. In the name of our Lord and Savior, Amen.

5/11/2002 11:02


6/4/2002 16:00

Lord, thank you for the wonderful angels at this site!! Marilyn and Shirley, you are so great, I thank God for you both!!

Father, please forgive the sins I have committed, the thoughts that I have had, and the words that I am ashamed for. You know the circumstances in our home, please Father guide me through the valley's that I encounter daily, weekly, monthly, ALWAYS!! I don't understand how much time I should spend on the hurt I sometimes face, due to a husband drinks more than he should, has everything else as priority, before our marriage; one son that is soo lazy and selfish, It stabs me in the heart; one son that is so inconsiderate of the rest of his family; and a daughter, that is 7 going on 30! So instead of asking for mending on them, I ask that you give me a sign, the knowledge as to how to handle each of them, without so much hurt and heart ache. I thank you for all that you have blessed Josh with, and ask that you will keep his heart open to your word. I ask this in the name of our Lord, Jesus; AMEN.

6/5/2002 17:38

Hello Father and warriors, hope all is going well with all. Father, please bless all the unique people in this group, thier loved ones, and their friends. May you shed extra graces upon Tywla, she is so devoted to you. As much as she has faced, suffered through and is still enduring, she comes to you daily to lift all the rest of us up for your graces, she is one great angel.

Please forgive me the sins I have committed today, and those that I may still make before the days end. Father, you know my home, family and friends needs, please let your will be done; grant us your mercies. Let your words be said and all will be done. In the name of our sweet Jesus, AMEN.

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