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George Bush
That he will have god with him with the decision's he make for our conuntry

This is a prayer for the president. That he will have heavenly father's influence with the decision's he make's that is right for out country. I prayers this country in general that we will remember what really hold's this nation together. That will we hav

That will we have the love for other countries. Realize that we all our brother's and sister's . I pray that whoever join's this prayer circle will also have the opportunity to serve your purposes. That will will have more love, more patience, more knowledge, and colser to thee. We really want to help out your kingdom. Please help us be instrument's in your hand's . please bless the soldeirs that are fighting for freedom. Please help us not forget what freedom really means. It is freedom of sin . When you are free from sin completley you are truly free. That is where happiness come from .
heavensent3580 -9/9/2001
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3/21/2003 20:14

Dear God, bless our president and all of our leaders, give them wisdom and knowledge, and guidance that will lead us all to a peaceful universe.
In Jesus Name we pray.

3/21/2003 22:40

Dear Lord, Please bless and guide President Bush in this most trying of times. He has a full plate and help him to make the right choices in these most difficult of times. Help him to guide our brave troops back to safety and please Bless the USA now and always. Amen

3/21/2003 23:27


3/21/2003 23:54

Dear Heavenly Father, We thank you for the finest gift of GW Bush, a man who can stand up and defend the battered of Iraq even when the UN spurned him. We thank you for letting him win the election because you knew of his inner strength for 9-11 and now. We ask you to be with him each day, each moment, each decision. We ask you to bless our uniformed men and women. We ask you to watch over them here at home and in countries near and around the world. We thank you for the strength in London's Mr Blair. We ask you to bless him because he took the risk, even when his countrymen in their congress disappproved. Bless the men and women of his country and the 30 or so countries willing to defeat Evil. Finally Lord bless and keep the families of the servicemen and women. God bless America and may we always bless you, Heavenly Father in whatever we do. I ask personally Heavenly Father to watch over my daughter Becky in the Navy and my nephew, Dan. Amen, Alleuia, Thank you always.

3/22/2003 00:17


3/22/2003 00:52

Dear Lord, I pray for our President tonight, that he be comforted by the knowledge that YOU are on your throne and that YOU extend your love and graciousness to us all. I pray that this conflict is over soon and that we can begin a new day with peace. I also pray that YOU will protect our troops and officials in Iraq.
Thank you in Jesus' name.

3/22/2003 07:08

May the Lord, Father Almighty, bless President Bush and his advisors with the wisdom and compassion needed to lead our military in this war. And when it ends may he be proven right about what he saild along.


3/22/2003 14:32

Great Master of the Heavens, look upon us with mercy and guidance. Lead our leaders to an understanding of truth, wisdom and love. Let our American President see with clear vision, so that he may do all that is right and good.

In particular, let us pray for the aversion of further conflict and pain throughout other regions of our world. We have seen too much pain, Lord. Let not our human family suffer. Let our hatreds end. Show us all the way to peace and love, united with You.

The Lord looks upon each of us and guiding us with His Light.

Are we following?

3/22/2003 14:37

Dear Lord, Please give our President the strength to endure during these most trying times. We look to him for leadership and I pray that he can find time to rest and remain healthy and be strong for the USA.

Dear Lord. Please take care of this man that God really chose to be in charge during this world crisis. There is a reason for everything. I believe that we as a nation, will survive...May Your Angels Guide This Great Leader...Amen

Matthew 4:4

Jesus answered it is written that man does not live on bread alone, but from every word that comes from the mouth of God.

I praise you for giving us a godly president
I praise you for being there for George and our country
I praise you for giving him faith
I praise you for giving us your word to live on
Thank you for being omniscient
Thank you for being omnipotent
Thank you for blessing this country with such a strong leader
Thank you lord for blessing USA with a president that quotes scripture from the holy bible
Thank you lord...
Lord I just pray that you can help President Bush in this time of war, lord. Help him to be strong and courageous, to be faithful in you. Lord I lift President Bush up to you. Help him lord in the decisions of war, lord.

in Jesus' name,

3/22/2003 15:19

God, I pray that you are with President Bush as he makes these decisions, that they are in the best interest of this country, and that peace will prevail. Amen.

3/22/2003 15:46

may the prince of peace, be with you mr bush, in the name of jesus christ, we annoint you mr bush with the blood of jesus, may gods angels protect you and the holy spirit lead you in truth and righteosness, for the theif only comes to kill, steal and destroy, but you our precious lord have come that we may have life. for lord when you died you gave us authority to win the battle with your blood and spirit to beat the devil. may you let mr bush stand firm with your annionting that has the power to overcome mountains,in your name lord jesus, amen.

3/22/2003 16:20

I pray that George Bush will find the truth of Jesus's message in his heart and abandon the war before anyone else dies. I pray he will travel to Iraq and shake Saddam Hussein's hand and invite him into a dialogue of peace. I pray that Saddam Hussein find forgiveness in his heart for the destruction of his country by the American-British coalition.

It is time to end all violence in the world. Bombs and death do not generate peace. Harmony is not won through violence. Harmony grows organically; it cannot be imposed.

When Jesus is reported to have said:

Blessed are the peacemakers,
For they shall be called sons of God.

He didn't say anything about warmakers, did He?

How might one finish this sentence?

Blessed are the warmakers,
For they shall be called sons of ....

There is a choice between the lesser of two evils and that is to choose not engage in more evil; to choose neither.

In Toronto


3/22/2003 16:41

May wisdom grace this man like any other, so that he may see truth where fools see only darkness; let his heart be true and free, and show him love.

3/22/2003 18:14

Blessed Heavenly Father, thank you for giving us a wise and God-loving man as our President in this time in world history. I ask your wisdom, strength and courage for him. I also ask for safety for he, his family and his loved ones. Please Dear Lord do not let him become discouraged by the anger directed at him by certain segments of the population.
In the Name above all others, Jesus Christ,

3/22/2003 18:29

Oh my Lord, please grant these five wishes to the President Mr.George W. Bush:

1) Common sense at every moment
2) Respect and compassion for american AND non-american human lives
3) Respect for World and UN
4) Understanding of others' soverignity, values and freedom
5) Power to shun arrogance, and embrace REAL peace with love in heart.

Thank you my Lord, let everyone enjoy PEACE.

3/22/2003 18:39

Dear God Our Father,Sovereign Lord of All nations, of all leaders, of all peoples, of all lands, we come before you with heaviness of heart for all who are at war, who are on the front lines of battle, both Iraqi and Allied forces for we recognize these are boys and girls men and women, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, answering the call of their respective nations from a sense of patriotic duty. We lift them up before you. Father, we pray that President Bush would come to know you personally as his Lord and Saviour and not just speak broken rhetoric written by speech writers to gain support for his selfish concern, but that he would in the conflict meet you face to face, as it were, and begin to truly search the deepness of your Word. We pray father you would arouse the sleeping giant,the Christian community and cause us to rise as one voice against terroism at home and aboard in whatever form it may take, whether it be political machinery or pilots of suicide plans. Cause the scales to fall from our eyes that we may see. Open our ears that we may see. Loosen our feet that we may act. We love you Lord. We know you are not the author of confusion. We know that your will is never hidden in or under deceit or bound with trickery. If their is trickery in this was or deceit father we ask that you expose it, root it out and cast it away for us as a Nation of people. For your word states If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then would I hear from heaven and would heal their land. This is our pray father, as we turn from our wicked ways, unbridled tongues spewing forth all manner of unrighteousness,showing all manner of ungodly things in all mediums for the sake of filthy lucre. It is impossible according to your word to serve both man and God. This day we must, as did Joshua, we must choose. Our desire is to be holy even as you are holy. We bless you Lord God and we yield ourselve wholly to your will and your way. Thank you for your grace and your mercy in these times. In Jesus Name we pray Amen

3/22/2003 18:53

I pray that the Lord will give the President strength in this time of war to do what is right for our country. May God bless him. I also, pray for the soldiers out on the battle field and for their families back here at home, that they have the strength to keep going and believing that they are doing the right thing. I pray that the country will understand that we need to get Saddam out of leadership and that his people will realize that he needs removed to make them free from his tyranny. In Jesus' Name AMEN!

3/22/2003 19:10

Dear Mr President, You may not know me, but as far away I may be I am praying for you. This is a very special message to you, because I asked God to show me where you (Mr.President) was right in this war and he showed me. Please read Ezekiel chapter 3 verses 17 to 23 and you will get the answer. God said if you talk to the wicked over and over and he does not hear then he shall surely die. And because you have asked repeatedly to this wicked man and he did not respond then his blood is NOT on your hands. Jesus please bless Mr President and give him dreams and visions so that he would be one of the great leaders just like in the past. Thank you Lord.

3/22/2003 19:22

Our dear Lord and Heavenly Father, I ask that you constantly watch over and protect the Leader of our Country, Mr. George W. Bush. Father, we know that he is a faithful and diligent believer of your word and we thank you for him and his family. We ask that you protect him, guide him in making Godly decisions for you that he might make swift, precise, exact decisions in deploying our troops. We ask that you watch over and protect his family as they come to grips over this constant strain on not only their lives but ours, we ask that you comfort those of the families of the troops and those who have lost a loved one, we ask that you give the other leaders in our country the right decisions in ending this war swiftly and quickly with no more casualties than has to be. we know Lord that no one wants War. We do not want anyone hurt and we know, Lord, that you cannot stand to see any of your people hurt. i ask Lord that you weigh heavy in the minds of the people of Iraq and Saddam, that they may surrender not only to the United States but to you Lord. We know that it is difficult to pray for our enemies, but they too are people of your flock. I also ask that you watch over the journalists that are reporting in the fields. I ask for their safety and protection. I know Father that you will end this war when it is time. Your time is our time and we LOVE YOU LORD! Give us strength and peace! and I say these in your name only, Jesus Christ Amen!

kstotler - Ohio

3/22/2003 19:28

Lord Jesus, we thank you and praise you that you are in control of our life, our world. Thank you for giving us our president, please guide him with the heavy decisions of our time. That he would have the wisdom and knowledge to act in these trying times. We thank you that you have given our country such a godly leader and pray that President Bush continue to seek your face daily and to hear from you, your words. Please protect our president and his family, cover them with your precious blood that you shed for us. Draw him near to you Lord. Amen

3/22/2003 19:45

Heavenly Father, we are calling You now to send Your Holy Spirit to be with President Bush at this difficult time. Guide him and give him you wisdom on all the decisions he have to make for this great nation which we are so thankful for having us here. Bless his family and his cabinet members that they will be at the right path on deciding what's good for the country. May the world and people understand why he had to made this difficult decisions. Please Lord, keep all of us safe from evil and protect us from from any fear, destructions and any plagues and deseases. We ask this through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary and in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ who live and reign with the Holy Spirit one God, forever and ever. Amen.

3/22/2003 19:46

Heavenly Father, we are calling You now to send Your Holy Spirit to be with President Bush at this difficult time. Guide him and give him you wisdom on all the decisions he have to make for this great nation which we are so thankful for having us here. Bless his family and his cabinet members that they will be at the right path on deciding what's good for the country. May the world and people understand why he had to made this difficult decisions. Please Lord, keep all of us safe from evil and protect us from from any fear, destructions and any plagues and deseases. We ask this through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary and in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ who live and reign with the Holy Spirit one God, forever and ever. Amen.

3/22/2003 20:22

Lord, just protect us all from hurt, harm, and danger, whether that may be from corrupt leaders afar or from our own corrupt leaders near.

3/22/2003 20:31

Lord Jesus, please watchover this man of God call George Bush. May he seek your name in all that he does, and may he be granted wisdom in all his decision making. I am proud of President Bush, and support him in his Godly decsions.

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