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Russell A
Russell , my son needs immediate prayers

needs prayers for health and employment

Russell has been out of work for several months and things are getting very difficult. He is in OKlahoma, many miles away from all his family. Please pray that OUr LORD opens the door for some kind of employment for him. He has so many talents and has tried to find work everywhere. I pray that someone out there sees this and will pray with me. Russell suffers from ADD and Panic attacks and this condition has caused him to make poor decisions in life, but is on the road to recovery since being diagnosed. I pray that God walks with him daily and frees him to continue with making good decisions and have a successful future. Please God , hear my prayers for him, and give me patience to wait for your answers. Let others see this prayers circle and join me in prayer for my son. In Jesus' name, Amen
BettyJ -8/17/2001
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10/25/2001 22:17

Dear Everyone,
The subject seems to be on praying for employment, as the times are somewhat slow and a few business's had to cut back.It is a sad case of events when someone has to suffer the loss of a job,especially one that has been around for years.I am self employed and I too am going through a bit of a slow down.I have to admit it but I have even considered bankrupcy.Then I had to ask;is this what God wants? No! But in spite of all the sad times I must think of the good times when God came through at the last minute just when all seemed hopeless.Allow me to make a suggestion if I may;if any one of you has a certain talent and a little nerve,you should consider going into business for yourself.You might be surprised at what God may uncover for you.Sure,it is rough at times because there is no payday to look forward to or bennifits to collect but you muse consider the independence and freedom of being your own boss.

10/26/2001 23:35

I want to again thank all of my prayer friends for remembering Russell and I in your prayers, especially you new ones since the last time I was reading. and I will keep all of you in prayer for strength and guidance. Let's keep each other strong in our faith. God Bless all of you. Russell continues to do well, he is still struggling financially, but does good otherwise.
Love to all

11/8/2001 17:33

My prayers go out to you and your son Betty and also to many others here who are having difficulty finding jobs. i myself have for years been looking for something all unsuccessfully it seemed until God pointed me in the right direction or rather sent the job to me. I can truly say like Hannah did for little Samuel, "For this job, I prayed." Now I am in a position where I can help others by brining them into the business as well. If anyone here feels lead of the Lord to follow up on this Christian offer, please email me at If you feel that I am trying to solicit you, disregard this. It is just an innocent offer, my heart goes out to you. I have been there and done that.

11/10/2001 01:24

i pray that god forgive us our sins-----we concentrate on such un important factors in our life he just wants to be close to russel i believe that our heavenly father is grieved when we see our trials as anything but a chance to glorify him. i'm praying that god break the lies in our lives and that HE shows russel that he is a glorious creation as is. and that the kingdom of heaven belongs to him and others like him. i love russel with or wihout a job in this confused and distracted world-- let us concentrate on getting close to HIM.bless you all. lets pray for
"peace 143" and that the "spirits of the world" would not--- surround us-- but be gone in the name of JESUS--amen

11/19/2001 20:07

Heavenly Father I pray Lord that you will be with this family I pray that you will give them the peace that they are needing in the time of trouble Father your word says,ask, and it shall be given unto you,seek,and ye will find;knock and it shall be opened unto you:for everyone that asketh receiveth;and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.(Matthew 7:7-8)Praise God and belief because I AM SEEING A DOOR OPENED RIGHT NOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS praise the Lord!!!!!Amen Lovenjesus

11/21/2001 19:11

Betty I am in the exact same situation
I am about to pray for Russell. Please forgive my grammar and punctuation
Our Lord, the Holy Mother Our heavenly
Father and all the Blessed angels are now going to send you a solution
God bless you and and your family
God speed

11/27/2001 11:31

Dear BettyJ, I will also be praying for you and your son Russell. I am in need of a job also. The company I had worked for for 15 yrs was downsizeing and I was laid off. My baby sister to is in need of a job as well. Let's all continue to pray for one another. Lord, it us all standing in the need of prayer. In The Name of Jesus Amen

11/30/2001 21:58

Jesus, I thank You for all these wonderful people who have been praying for us. Bless them all Lord and supply all their needs. I truly believe in prayer for one another and I just feel so blessed. Russell is not doing well now, seems to be very depressed so please keep praying for him. Some kind of problem about the job, I am not sure what it is exactly, he didn't explain as of our last phone conversation. I am praying for all of you , my friends and will continue daily. Thank you so much. All of these things I pray in Jesus'name

12/8/2001 12:52

Dear Lord,
Help this young man find employment. Let him know that You don't close a door without opening a window.
God bless.

12/14/2001 14:23

Dear BettyJ
I am so sorry to hear about your son Russell problems on his job. I will continue to pray for him. That whatever his problems may be on his job may be resolved. And to give him strength. God bless you and your son Russell.

12/16/2001 22:02

My prayers are with you very much and I understand where you are coming from as as parent only wanting the best for our children. My son is in the same situation in Portland, yes I worry for him and pray to God to give him strength to move forward and not give up. I will pray for both of our sons and for those in the same situation of looking for work.

12/21/2001 22:45

Dear Prayer Friends, thank you so much for your prayers and support. It means the world to me. I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and the best for this next year.
Please continue to pray for Russell that he stays strong in his faith as he goes through the newest struggles. He has gotten laid off from his job as the season is slow, along with four others. He is depressed, but determined to find something else. This is a setback for him, but prayer will heal and bring success. Thank you all for caring about us,and I continue daily in my prayers for all of you .

12/30/2001 08:17


Do not worry and lose hope. I understand your situation because I myself, who is the sole breadwinner of the family, has been unemployed for several months already. I am confident that our Almighty Father, in His inifinite mercy, in unity with His only Son, Jesus, our Lord and Savior, will bless you. Please pray for me and my family also. The Lord loves you. And so your family especially your mother, BettyJ. We love you too.

1/3/2002 03:12

OH Heavenly Father, help Russell realize that YOU are inside of him. He need not go far to find YOU! Light up his brain, oh Father! Light up his heart
Oh, Father! Let Russell see that each day is a brand-New Start! OH Father, let Russ see that YOU want each and every one of us to succeed beyond our wildest dreams! With wealth and health
pressed down and spilling over! AMEN!
from David in Whittier, CA

1/7/2002 02:52

Dear Lord;
I pray that you have heard all the prayers that went up for Russell and for his dear sweet mother Betty who is concern about her son, I pray dear Lord that you have already answer their prayers and that I can be a witness to both Russell and his mother Betty throught prayers, Dear Lord touch them both and bless Russell with his hands and his mind that he can work a work not only for his own benefit but for the benefit of others that you can get the glory from. Lord touch Betty and let her know that you are in control and that you will take care of her son. Keep both Betty and Russel in good spirit and good health. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might, trust the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto your own understanding, come unto me (Christ Jesus)and he will give you rest. Lord Jesus one more thing touch all the prayer partners and continue to uplifts them all in Jesus sweet Holy name amen. I know this is kind of late, i am a newcomer and I pray that God will pour out his blessings on all of us this new year. Happy New Year to all the Prayer Partners out there in Beliefnet Prayer Circle.

1/17/2002 17:11

Heavenly father,
I just hope and pray
that this young man has found employment. I pray that you will bless him and his family. I pray that he will be blessed with the right medication to take and that it will heal him from his panic attacks and that he will be able to make good decisions. Lord, I pray that you will walk with him daily and guide his mind and direct his paths. Lord, I just thank you for this young man being sucessful now and forever.
In Jesus name I pray.

1/31/2002 15:12

I have just read all the prayers and good wishes from all of you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just feel so blessed by all of your prayers, and I continue with my prayers for you. My computer has been in the shop since Christmas, just got it back, so I will be in touch. Russell lost his job just a couple of weeks before Christmas and has not found another one, and right now is in crisis with his panic attacks. He has no transportation to get to the VA Hospital which is 150 miles away. Right now he is staying with a friend till he can do something else, still looking for work of some type too. He is still strong in the faith, PRAISE GOD!! I stay in contact often, and help him when I can. He wants to come back to California when he can afford it, to be close to family, although everyone besides me has little to do with him, all are so involved in their own little world. Please keep praying for him to find his way. May GOD keep all of you in good health and spirits. My prayers are with you also.

2/8/2002 23:28

Dear Betty J, and all my prayer family
I thank God, for blessing Russell, with
a job, I hope and pray that he is happy
with his new job. When I read down and
saw that God has blessed him with a job
it brought a big smile to my face,I said
God is good all the time. AMEN FOR THAT.
And I thank GOD for blessing everyone
with a job, and if its not the one you
won't that He will bless you with the one you won't.GOD I THANK YOU FOR ALLLLL
I also need prayer for my son Gordon,
who is 20, and where we live he has to
work or else they will but me in a 1 bed
apt.,which i have 2 beds rooms now.
He is looking, but not looking. So please pray for gordon,and I will do the same for you. Thank you so much for
your time and prayers, GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Also my brother, michael needs
a job. Its been a long time for him.
He gets some work here and there, but thats not enough to make it.

2/9/2002 14:59


In jesus'name,let us pray
in good health, please bless him with
the job that is right for him. Lord ,
please answer all his needs right now,
in Jesus name. I pray that everything
will work out for russell, and his
family. Father God, we all need you for one thing or another, lord please hear
all of our needs,in the of Jesus.We put
all of our trust in your Father God.
Please come and see about your children.
Father God, we thank you for all of our
many blessings.Father God keep us walking in your path. AMEN

2/9/2002 15:23



Dear Father in heaven,Giver of all good things,I thank you that you have created
me and preserved me to this day. You
know my needs and my fears because of my
present unemployment. I pray you, comfort and strengthen me, and help me
to maintain my hope and courage.
It is clear from your Word that work
is normal and good for all people, yet
I have not found the work which I need and seek. This situation is hard to unde
rstand. Help me, Lord, to surrender
wholly to You and to look to You for the
emplolment that I need. I pray you, Lord correct what is wrong with me or
with the employment situation in general
and give me the opportunity to earn my
living. Open a door to employment which I do not now see. Keep me from discouragement and bitterness, and help me to put my trust in You. Help me to say with a believing heart: "The eyes of
all look to Thee,and Thou givest them their food in due season. Thou openest
Thy hand, Thou satisfiest the desire of every living thing."
In that knowledge and in that faith make me trusting and patient. In the
meantime care for me and mine according to Your promise. I trust You will do so for the sake of JESUS CHRIST
my SAVIOR, in whom You have promised to
give us all things. AMEM.

2/10/2002 15:00

FatherIn Heaven, I thank you for this day You have given me . Give me the couragement to get through it regardless of what I may have to face. I thank you for all the new prayers that have been posted since I was last here. There is so much power in our prayers to YOU. I pray for all these prayer friends of mine , that YOu will meet their needs whatever they may be. Bless them daily in their walk with YOU. Help us all to be what YOU want us to be. Today I again offer up prayers for my son Russell. He finally got to a DR. and received part of his much needed medication for panic attacks, but is still in need of another jobs since losing his right before CHristmas. The place he is staying is not permanent. I really don't know all the situation there, but I pray about it. He is just really down right now, but says his faith is strong. Please continue to pray for him, as I will you. We must all stay strong in our faith. God will provide when the time is right . May the LORD be with all of you dear friends, each and every day

2/10/2002 20:41

Lord, I thank You for the blessings which You have graciously given me on
this work day. God I thank you for safe-
ty in traveling to and from my place of work;
For health and strength to be useful;
For the completion of a task well done
and for the approval of my superiors;
For the pleasant companionship of my
associates in work;
For protection against the physical
hazards that accompany my work;
For the food,clothing,and shelter that
my labor has purchased for me;
For the opportunity to show myself as
a Christian to those around me, and the
courage to speak for You;
For these and all other blessings I thank You. Help me constantly to become a better worker. Help me to remember that I am serving not only myself but
also You and my fellow brothers and sisters. Make me always willing to do
a day's work for a days pay, and to give more of myself to others. Give me
a peaceable heart in my dealings with others. Help me to love them,and help them to love me, remembering always
Your own great love for me and all peo-
ple. As I fall asleep, give me joy in
my Savior Jesus Christ and full assura-
nce that in Him I have forgiveness of
sins and eternal life. AMEN.


2/15/2002 09:58

Dear Betty, I was touched by your prayer need for your son Russell. I pray that God will provide him with a job and that your son will be comforted knowing that people are indeed praying for him.

2/16/2002 13:37

Thank you Great Spirit for helping this son of yours to find a good job that takes care of his needs and his wants. That all barriers that block his way to employment become open and cleared. Thank you Great Spirit for opening new doorways to security and happieness-all my relations

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