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Lights Alone
Those Living Alone

I ask for prayer for those of us who live alone and are suddenly faced with a situation, chronic illness, accidents, disease or any dis-orders or loss that limit or seclude us more than we would choose.

Once we were free and strong, helping others, now we pray for someone special to rediscover us, that we may share the things that in their most simple form have become ever more beautiful.

We ask that you do not forget us. We still "are" .

Remember us at bedtime, when you say goodnight to another, that we may feel your prescence.

Lift up our Animal Children for blessings, as they give so freely of love and devotion, and pray that we may run with them again.

Hold our hand within your heart as you might hold a beloved, and pray that we may again one day, find our hands clasped with another.

Libralight -7/7/2001
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8/10/2001 23:42

Lonelysoul1981, I'll put you on my prayer list. I know life can be very lonely, especially as a young person. Just remember, God is always right by your side and loves you very much. Keep looking up from where all your strength comes from. You have a friend here. Read your Bible & you will find strength you never knew you had. God Bless...........aaba

8/11/2001 01:10

To everyone who has posted to this Circle and everyone who finds it, I send you love. I didn't even think anyone would find it, or add to it, and I come back and find another.

To me, that is a miracle. How I wish I could take my feelings of sincerity and place them in each one of your hearts, that it would glow and fill you with unconditional Love, and comfort you.

Lonliness must be the worst of dis-eases. I think if there was a cure for lonliness, most other dis-eases would disappear instantly.

The fact that you answered this prayer means you are not alone. Someone hears your song. Somone cares. Please, none of you give up. Keep on, hold a tiny spark of faith.

I am still trying to find a new way, one that no one has ever wrote about or told us, to end this lonliness pain.

I know many of us have tried so many ways, yet we feel they haven't worked and we really don't know why.

Myself I have tried many things, and now, having an illness, it is even harder. I don't have the solution yet, but surely The Divine One will hear our
united plea.

It helps me to write in a journal, somehow, I feel it is like a prayer going up. My journal is like a friend waiting for me until another person can take that place.

My little dog is also a GOD send, but I feel bad my grief affects him, so I try harder for him, to give him some joy as he is so appreciative.

Young and Older, please hang in with me, that our Circle be heard and answered, that every new day, although painful, is a possibility of something new and unexpected to appear in our lives, that it may be right around the next corner, waiting for us.

Know that as you feel hurt and loss, others do too, and together, we can find strength. Leave your suggestions here with your pain and prayers.

Bring all your tears and hurt and leave it here that another will hold your sorrow and carry it with you.

We are like Warriors of Love, For Love, let us Sing our Songs for those who have left us, and for those who we are yet to meet, and always for each other.

Burn your candle of lovelight within your heart always, and carry it with pride. For you are the strong and the brave and surely our suffering will not go unanswered.

During the day or night, draw a little heart shape on a piece of paper, as a reminder, the energy of Love is real, and that we are combining that Energy to create a Love Miracle, and the little heart stands for the Energy we are sending one another.

My Love to All of you~I am drawing hearts as soon as I leave here tonight, one for every one of you who have added to my Circle, lovelights, each and every one of You.

8/11/2001 08:12

Blessings to all who have lost beloved
pets and loved ones. I have experienced
this loss in my own life, and with joy i
see in spirit and in dreams, my loved ones return to me again and again to remind me more and more strongly that our love lives on.

In each day of aloneness, may each one of you find a kind and loving face to
cross your path each day, as these last
few days I have been extremely sad, and
the Lord has blessed me with kind friends stopping by the restaurant I work at and bringing a tear to my eye
with their kindness.

Since my mother's suicide I have felt so
alone. After finding beliefnet I know I
am not the only one alone. I thank God He let man made technology of computers
be used to bind us in spirit and in love.

In Christ's name, AMEN

8/11/2001 17:50


8/15/2001 02:31

Father God, Being alone is not your will for man. You said in your word it's not good for man to be alone. Lonliness has caused me to do something I always thought I'd never do since receiving Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I asked forgiveness and I believe you have forgiven me. Thank you. I now pray for all of the people who write to this prayer circle that you will send the Comforter. In this cold lonely world it's so good to know we can always call on you, and better yet You are always with us. I Love you and I know you are preparing someone special for me even as I write this letter. Thank You Father. In Jesus name, Amen

8/18/2001 20:48

I also am one of the lonely people that God watches over - My Mother moved in with my son and I on March 1 of this year - it has now been 3 weeks since she passed away from a heart attack - I just wih I could get over this dreaded emptiness and longing for a friend.
God Bless

8/20/2001 02:54

"I would that I could be
a wound-dresser
of souls-
Reaching the aching heart,
The tortured mind,
Calming them as the night
calms the tired bodies
When she drops the mantle of sleep
Over the world.
As each cold, glittering star
So might I stand in mine,
But with the warmth of a smile
On my face,
and in my eyes
an image of the Soul Divine."
*unknown author, but in the book called "Springs in the valley"

*May the white light surround us all in our solitude...
and the darkest of the valleys be illuminated from the endless well of the spirit keepers.
May we find comfort in the simple act of reaching out to another... as we see another's pain as a mirror reflection of our own...

May trials & tribulations allow us to come into peace with a fuller heart...
just as the birdsong is heard above the storm...
and the rainbow emerges from dark clouds only when we are willful to open our eyes wider to see it.

Warrior riders on tempest seas....
grab the reins with both hands...
do not let go...
do not despair...
for that is what the dark forces desire.
Search for little rainbows...
hear the birdsongs...
let light fill any empty places in the soul...
we are never alone...*

(Libralight.... you are an inspiration... I would come and wash your dishes for you and help you anytime.)

8/20/2001 03:19

Dear eudora 47

I know the emptiness you speak of. I send you prayers and sisterly love. May
the Lord bless you with kind loving
friends all around you. For me, my friends did not take away the emptiness,
but rather gave me something to look
forward to. Their presence in my life and the little things I looked to do for
them took the edge off my pain. And I've
always believed in that old hymn "count
your many blessings, count them one by
one" so although I am alone, I thank God
for all the kind faces I see each day.

May our Lord bless and keep you

Love & Prayers

Dawna 1

8/22/2001 10:06

God I thank you for another beautiful day. I know that since 1998 I have this awful lonliness about me. I try to face things with you. I am now living with my son. I do no not like this situation. I need to get back to Tennessee where I have friends. This lonliness is eating me away. I work and stay in my room as not to bother him and his friends. I know that this is not a healty situation for me. I need people around me. Since 1998 I have been diagnosed with depression. God I know that jpart of this is my environment. I prary everyday that I can get out of here. I am 53 years In 1997 I married a man that I thought would always be with me. I had known him for five years. After we decided to get married he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I married him anyway. I loved him. 51/2 months later he died. I still don't understandy why.
My son asked me to move up in NY with him and the grandbaies. I did and it was a mistake. I was not allowed to have a life. I had to stay in my room. It has gotten to a point where he wants me out. I over heard him say that he didn't care if I slept on the grass I have to go. I pray for a way to get back home to Tenn. I pray to you in Jesus name that I can go through this. I have a prt-time job and it is hard to save after paying bills. Please help me in this necessity God. I beg you to lift these chains.

8/23/2001 01:50

I ask for prayers for my 65 year old mother who lives alone and is sick. She needs protection of ministering angels around her. She also needs healing in her body because she is faced with several surgeries and her health continually fails her. I appreciate ALL prayers!

8/23/2001 12:25

today is 4 weeks since my beloved mother went to be with her heavenly father - I am so depressed and so very lonely - no close friend to even talk to - all of my friends are married and don't need to be bothered - hoping God will send someone my way - God Bless all of you.

8/24/2001 00:12

BearSong, what a lovely verse you shared with us, soothing to the soul. I am very touched by your sweet mention of help to me.

To Everyone:

It amazes me, the people here who are sick, have sick loved ones, have lost loved ones, sadness, depression, and the deep ache of lonliness, all these things, yet you find a light to burn for another.

I still draw my little hearts of love for us, that it is a constant reminder that is the best gift in the world and that we may find it, wheter in a mate if the time is right, or a wondeful, caring friend, where we can feel safe to be ourselves.

I'm wondering where would be a place for the lonely and hurting to go sit quietly,be around people,even if sitting alone by choice and
know the others share our common empty void. A place where there would be cozy little booths to sit in, magazines and books to browse there, like a little coffee bar, but designed for only the Lonely and Hurting. Have you ever tried to get out and winded up somewhere and the loudness and chaos made you feel worse?

I feel we need a healing, spiritual place, where if one wants to engage in conversation it is there, if not, we could peacefully sit in a loving place, without putting up pretenses, maybe we don't feel like dressing all up, but we want to be included, to be around those who are where we are. That there was no time shedule to go by, we come and leave as quickly or stay as long as we like. A resting place for the soul.

So many of us also have money problems. If there was only a place, where we could go and get complmentary or donated Reiki and other healing sessions, to help work on our body minds and spirits. So often we go for months, maybe years, without a meaningful Hug
from another. I wish I had plenty of money, I would build this place for us and it would hold us close, we could sit in private silence and meditaion, or join a group for informal talk. There would be no pressure, but we would know we were in The Nesting Place of Kindred Spirits and Love. Not just seeing the same day turn into the same month, the same year, and the loniness is still our only visitor.

Let us put our hearts together that a solution is found.

I pray for all of you and send you blessings of love and peace. And i continue to draw my little heart symbols for each of us. Blessings and Sweet Dreams.

8/24/2001 01:24

I pray for all in this site and especially for Libralight, I am alone as well while not physically alone, my mother has passed away and I am only 21, i have family and a fiance' yet I am alone, I have god and i lay my worries at his feet, I pray for all of your precious souls and assure you that god has a devine plan and he will hold all of you in the palm of his hand as long as you need him. I am reminded of my mothers favorite poem, Footprints.
I will pray for all of you and I assure you god will NEVER leave you.
Almighty God I pray that you guide these precious souls to you as you have me and that you haold them in the palm of your hand and give them strenght and comfort lord, for you are the almighty and we leave our worries in your hands, to guide us through your plan lord. I pray for health, peace and blessings upon all of thewse souls, I pray this in Jesus Christ name Amen

8/24/2001 04:01

Dearest Libralight

So Sorry to hear of the loss of your
beloved cat. But never did he actually
leave you. Since my Charlie has been
gone, I have heard the screen rattle on
a night when there was no breeze as he
did when he wanted in. I have seen him
in Dreams And I have seen an orange shadow pass by lightly. As I turned quickly to stare, I saw nothing there.
His picture sits on top the TV in a
central position in it's heart shape
frame. I often kiss his picture and tell
him how much I love him. And he sends his love back again to me. August 17th
was the two year anniversary of his
Heavenly Voyage, just knowing we will be
reunited one day I tell others, never
worry should I leave this place. There is infinite love waiting on me when I
cross the Heavenly line.

Yes, it is sad to be ill or in pain or
alone with a phone that won't ring, or a
hug you won't get. But I bless the Lord
for Beliefnet--it gives me something to
look forward to, and I bless the Lord
for my pals at work who say kind things
and invite me to be a part of their lives.

Thanks to all of you for sharing and
thanks to the Lord and the angels who
watch over us. I wallked over the freeway today and for the first time
noticed how many cars. No, I don't know
all the people passing by. There are so
many. And for now, there may be no one
who loves me, but I am having fun imagining the fact that it is possible
someone could. Blessings to all who have
been a friend and all who have allowed me to be a friend to them.

8/24/2001 04:04

Dear Eudora47

May God bless you richly as you are
there missing your mother. I know it so
well. My Mom was my very best friend. It
is not shocking anymore that my Mom is
gone, but still sad. I shall pray for you.

8/24/2001 23:22

I pray for all of you and your needs stated here. Although I do not live alone i n 1 sence, I am, you can live with someone sharing the same home and nothing being there, we take up the space together,I compare it to, the loss of my 4 yr old daughter in 78, She was snuffed out of my life so quickly, but then there are those that have to witness the suffering of the loved ones. All take care, and we all have each other.Bless you's Kathy

8/25/2001 01:27

To everyone who has posted since my last post, you all continue to amaze me with the strength and passion of your Love and Faith. Even if you think you may not have enough faith, you do..your posting here is proof of that!
You are all so beautiful, if we were all together I know a most lovely Light would burst upwards with joy.

I have had dreams about my lost ones too, and I know they were messages. They slipped into another room that we can't see now, but one day we will. In the meantime we will get our little messages in dreams or in the wind or maybe a flower or the gentle eyes of a beloved pet.

I feel love so strongly here, and I believe love is the stongest power in all the universe. Keep the power of that love flowing as we pray love to lift us through each new day, a miracle of possibility.

Dawn, your Mom's favorite poem, you shared with us, is Footsteps. I always loved that too and think of it often when I feel down. When my little animal children left I wrote a little poem for them. The line that made me feel better is "Sometimes God leaves other than footprints behind, sometimes, lots of times, God leaves pawprints behind".

And I mean that with all respect to our human losses, I think our animal friends and family are sometimes sent to ease our loss and teach us of love and leaving and re-uniting.

I am going to bed now and will draw my little hearts for each and everyone of you. Please draw one yourself when you need strength to draw on or just to pass love in the universe and to all in this Circle.

Even if you are at work or out in public, or sitting at a redlight, or just at home alone, find a tiny lil bit of paper and just draw a tiny heart. It doesn't matter what you do with it, even if you toss it away, all that it stands for is like a message to heaven, going up the second you draw it. And it will always be there, guiding love back to you..and to us, making us stonger!

My love to you all, nitey nite and may you feel the presence of love... like a soft warm blanket, gently covering your shoulders as you sleep.

8/25/2001 02:45

Dearest Libralight

A little saying that came to me a few
years ago--


Perhaps you may enjoy. May you be richly
blessed. I found myself thinking of the
imaginary meeting place for those alone
on my way back from the doctor tonite.

I like to imagine all with true love in
their hearts for their fellow man encircling planet earth holding hands like one giant church service and singing songs of joy and praise.

May the Lord bless you all. Now that we
have found one another, we are no longer alone. Blessings to the Creator
for this joy.


8/25/2001 14:36

God I am so lonely. I need friends and outside activities. Sometime I wish I could end it. I have been stock piling my medication I don't know how long I can keep going. I have been alone I can't handle it anymore. I work part-time but when I get home I can't face it. I know that I am ina depression and have tried many things to try and get out of this situation but it seems impossible, Please help me I and all the others in this prayer circle.

8/25/2001 15:51

I'm feeling exceedingly lonely today. I don't know if I was dumped by my fiance by telephone earlier this month. He told me he would not be calling anymore because it was getting to expensive(long distance). Well his phone is now disconnected. And the cell phone number is changed. I have no idea where he is I have written him twice and got no reply. I spent all night tossing and wondering if I will hear from him again. I think when two people have gotten as seriously involved as we were, (we very seriously of marriage and had an apartment in both our names), that it is very insensitive if not cold to just vanish from someones life the way he did. I've worried so much about this I'm almost sick. Whoever reads this and can identify with what I'm going through, please PRAY with me and for me that God will put it in him to contact me. I'm at my wits' end.

8/26/2001 04:59

The biggest mountain is made of tiny grains of sand.
The swiftest, deepest river consists of tiny drops of water...
and in the swell of human existence, every one of us is important.
It is our sacred responsibility to develop and use what we have at hand.
Energy flows when it is connected to a live circuit.
Our work is to stay connected.

It is too easy to believe we are at the end of the line when it is only the beginning. One more step, one more effort may be all that is needed. It would amaze us if we knew how close we are to stepping past an old barrier - and it would shake us to know how close we came to quitting. Some would say that it is too late -- that too much has happened, we cannot go back and capture what was lost. It is true that we have hurt and been hurt. We can't go back, but the spiritual basis on which we stand can lift us up.

Sometimes we have to sift our own lives to see what is worth saving, and then we find the Great Spirit made us. What He made is good and we should not let it go to waste. It is time to turn over a new leaf to rediscover Divine connections.
-from the daily meditations of Joyce Sequichie Hifler, "A Cherokee Feast of Days"

I pray that each one of us is able to find comfort in our loss, lonliness and depression.

I too, am alone, and sometimes get plunged down into despair. My mother died 5 yrs. ago, I was her caregiver and she died in my arms. My father, who I love very much, lives in Arizona and I don't have any brothers or sisters. I was 38 when Mom died.

After she died my so called "friends" borrowed lots of money from me and then just left. The man I loved got involved with a married woman & dumped me. I have taken care of a big house all alone, I eat every holiday meal alone, (actually I eat every meal alone). It goes on and on. My phone never rings either.

But I have somehow come to a better peace, by accepting that somehow I was meant to experience this time of solitude.... that somehow it has a purpose and that God put me in this passage with intention. I find joy in smaller things now... like the crickets outside the window...the small beauties so often overlooked in life. I had to force myself to forgive all of those who hurt me.... and by doing that, I set myself free.

I now have many days of peace and joy...I no longer live like I used to... filled with sadness, hurt & anxiety. But it is a task that takes willful determination from within. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. To try to see the glass as half full instead of half empty. I found this prayer circle about a week ago when I was having a moment of sadness. It is amazing how I ended up here and I want to say that my heart goes out to each and every one of you. And I thank you for the BIG comfort that this small bit of cyberspace gave me when I least expected it and needed it the most.

I am an artist but I also write. I will post a poem I wrote for another friend whose husband died just over a year ago. My hope is that it may provide some comfort to those of you who are dealing with death. Until then, just take it minute by minute...
think of Psalm 23 ... those are not empty words...

i pray for inner peace for us all.

8/26/2001 23:30

Tonight I pray for all of us who share this prayer circle and I pray god sends others in turmoil to this site as he did me, I thank all of you for your setiments and prayers and I truly beleieve one day we will all meet in the heavenly kingdom. (although I hope it will not be for many many years to come) I have had an awful night, I feel sometimes I am too caught up in feeling sorry for myself, tonight I hold my best friend in my heart who is alone wiht a newborn baby after her husband left her to persue "other lifestyles" her name is Tiisha and I pray god will guide her and that she seeks him out in her hard times. I ask that you all keep her in yur minds, as sometimes we take what we have forgranted... She has a new baby, no where to live, no income, and her husband left her wiht 13 credit cards all maxed out, she is only 22, I guess sometimes all of us get caught up wiht the wrong person, but she is so lonely now I pray god helps her to accept being alone long enough she can learn to love herself before she pursues anyone new.
I thank all of you again and will keep all of you in my prayers.
God Bless.

8/26/2001 23:42

As I read over all the latest entries tonight I am troubled by so much of what is being felt by so many of you, my mother was a manic-depressive, I can recognize the depression in some of you, I myself see a very good counselor since my mothers death and would love to offer some of the things I have learned to you, please, when you are lonely and need to talk, don't hesitate to e-mail me, I came to this prayer circle to help others as I recieved help, I am content enough now to start helping others, I would love to help you dear sweet people. Please is you need someone, I will be here. Never dispare, god is with you.
"My precoius child, I love you, I would never leave you. During those times of turmoil and hardship, it was then my precious child that I carried you."

8/27/2001 04:32

Dear woodward4848

I know what it is to want to end it all. I have struggled with this since
my mother's suicide. IN the end, for me
the answer is always the same. I could
fail, and just end up a vegetable for
eternity, unable to even dance. So I stay. And I ask myself have I changed my
mind, but 3 yrs and the answer is still
the same. I could fail. So I try to practice gratefulness for the kind people I know. And I have seen so much
meannness since mom's suicide that kindness tends to nearly shock me and
often move me to tears.

Dear Dajwe
I am sorry about your beloved's vanishing. I have lived thru that as well. I bought this hypnosis tape about
how to find you true love. It improved
me in a way of taking some of the ache
out of my heart. I got it from the tape could help you.

I 'll keep you all in my prayers


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