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Please pray that the Lord gives me favor on my job search. Lord God,I pray that you see my need and bless me as your word said you would. I believe and have faith that you are able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we can ever hope, ask or think. Please lead and guide me in the direction and path you have set for me since the beginning of time. I look to you for strength, guidance, mercy and assurance that all will be well and that my children and I shall never suffer lack. Thank you Lord for all your saints who stand faithfully with me in this prayer, and bless them merely for caring and praying for and with me now in my hour of need. I give all praise, glory, and honor to you Lord and thank you in advance for this new position you have placed me in. Amen.

MASONAGE -6/29/2001
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10/17/2001 10:11

Dear heavenly father please hear my humble prayers. I pray for this single mommy and her children. I pray that you bless and protect them. Father I too know this road and pray for us all. I pray that you give this loving mother your strength and courage. I pray that you will will guide her with your loving light and always, always be there for her and all of her needs. I pray this in your name. Amen.

Love & Blessings,


11/1/2001 16:35

Our most gracious and merciful Father, we lift our voices in praise and give you all the honor and glory. Thank you, Lord, for your forgiveness and your never-ending patience for we are so unworthy. Hear our prayers as your children cry out in repentance and send your Holy Spirit to cleanse our hearts, refresh our souls, and restore our strength and faith in your promises. When we thirst and hunger, Lord provide us with your righteousness and be our daily bread. I am asking a special blessing for our dear Sister as she stands in need. Supply her with all that You have prepared for her and comfort her in her greatest hour. When we feel all alone and only see one set of footprints, help us to remember Jesus, that it was You who carried us through it all.
Now let the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts be acceptable into thy sight. O, Lord, our Strength and our Redeemer!
In the sweet Name of Jesus,
Let His saints say "AMEN"!

12/5/2001 17:25

To lincan and others: Celibacy can be a hard thing, but I have been living it for 5 1/2 years, and with the Lord's help, it's become easier every day, and as the years pass, more and more fulfilling and satisfying. I will be praying for everyone in this circle. I've been on disability for 13 years, and have learned a lot of ways to live well on a shoestring, if I can be of help to anyone, please e-mail me.

12/5/2001 18:22

Dear Heavenly Father, you have heard all of the needs expressed in these letters and prayers, help each of us to walk in Your Righteousness and to keep the covenants we make with You. You are our Jehovah Jireh, our Provider, our Counselor, our Protector, Our Friend Who Sticketh Closer Than A Brother. Your Greatness Far Exceeds the Heavens, Father meet each of the needs expressed here and touch each person with yOUR gREATNESS AND yOUR lOVE. Flood each and every one of us with Your Holy Spirit and make us Living Examples of your Love, and Kindness and Provision. As You provide for each of these needs, let it be a Testimony of the Mighty Miracles You Perform. Comform each of us to the Image of Christ, make us Lighthouses to shine forth Your Great Mercy and Redemption to a Dying World. In Jesus' Name, Amen... My own prayer need: I have a lot of decisions to make regarding my schooling, whether or not to take out student loans, about my health and whether or not to enlarge our single-parent family by adoption. Specifically, I am praying about adopting some frozen embryos, and/or a couple of disabled children or a sibling group. There are health issues to consider and finances look impossible (for the embryo adoption), which would be my first choice, because God put it on my heart to adopt unwanted embryos 30 years ago when they were supposedly only doing in-vitro on animals. I also have a strong yen to be pregnant again breastfeed, to parent an infant. Please pray for wisdom & finances. I am researching how much it would cost and the nutritional considerations of a vegan diet, as I am looking for ways to ensure a healthier pregnancy this time if God sees fit to clear the way for embryo adoption. I have to lose at least 50lbs if I get embryos to adopt before I feel it would be safe to carry them, and the process is so long, that I feel I must start now if I am going to do it. As for the other types of adoption, I am praying about the timing, because my dear sweet daughter managed to slip out of the house alone at the age of 3 (two years ago) and took a walk along the busy street we lived by. We had an open case with Child Protection. My former CP caseworker feels I would be an excellent foster and adoptive parent, but she advised me to wait two years to apply because of the past case with CP. I'm afraid if I start too soon, I may be turned down, but I can't stand the idea of a child having to wait one more day to get a loving parent because of me waiting too long to start the paperwork, it takes about a year to get approved as a foster parent, which is the first step to adopting a "waiting child". So, I need prayer about the timing. Pray that I won't be tempted to go the easier and more inexpensive route of using insemination to create a child who may grow up without a daddy--pray that the yen to have another of my own genetic children will lessen. My age is unknown, I may be as old as 47, (a very strange situation), so there are genetic factors to consider as well, the risk of Down's is greater than 1 in 12 after 45, and someone else would have to care for that child after I'm gone. Pray for wisdom and finances. God has blessed me greatly, and I'm extremely thankful.

12/17/2001 20:13

Heavenly Father,
I pray for this mother that you lift her up into your gentle hands and cradle her with your love..Guide her to a new life where she can provide for her child, and give her child the safety and security you give us in our lives..The safety of your never-ending Love and presence in our lives. May her Guardian angel be especially vigilant in watching out for her and her little one. In Jesus name, Thank you and Amen*
As a single mother of a toddler, I understand how hard it can be, but we are never alone. God is always there for us, with his unfailing Grace and Love* God Bless and Love in Christ*

12/30/2001 06:45

"God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to cahnge the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference."
Even on the toughest of days, in the worst of situations, these words help me. Perhaps, you can hold them in your heart for strength, and know that my thoughts and heart are with you.
Being a single mom is tough. I did it with 4, and my daughter is doing it with 1. But, God presents himself in mysterious ways, and gives us the gifts of love and time to help us through.
"Love and time--the only two things in live that cannot be bought, but only spent."--Gary Jennings.

1/5/2002 17:19


1/26/2002 20:41

Dear heavenly father above, please provide the necessities that this family needs. Guide them through their pains and sorrows as each days passes, for more joys tomorrow. Give them the inner peace that they have been so deseperately seeking and the fulfillment that is needed. Show masonage the path that she is to take for that once in a lifetime job that she is in need of to support her family and fulfill her financial obligations. Thanks you lord for listening and being there for all of us who believe in you and the things that you can do for us all.

Being a single parent is difficult lord, we know that you know that, and we know that you are waiting for the exact moment in time, when the time is right to bring those special blessings amongst us. Thank you lord for being there and hearing our prayers and carrying us when we are in need or in pain. I know that you have been with me through all my trials and tribulations and have carried me in my most deseperate times, you have lifted my spirits when I felt the world was crashing down on me, and I too have been in this woman's shoes (more times than I care to admit to an outsider), you have seen the trouble I have been in and have helped me through it each time. Please bless masonage and her family with the same blessings that you have shined upon me and my family lord. Please keep them safe each and every day, and once again, please show her the path that you wish her to take, and be with her and her family always. Amen...

2/2/2002 16:47

I pray for all goods things to happen to you in your search for your new Job.
I pray Jesus give her hope,strength, and faith.Jesus I ask you to watch over her and her family and comfort them. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

3/19/2002 07:54

I am also a single mother of a 12 year old, and looking for a job. I want a job that will allow me to have good hours so I can continue to homeschool my daughter. May God provide for all of us who are single moms. Amen

3/28/2002 13:57

Struggled through being a single parent for years in an extremely expensive place to live. In spite of all my fears and worries I was always provided for!! The Lord is good. May I make a suggestion, perhaps you can also search for a way to make your own money outside of having a conventional job?? Hobbies?? Cottage industry?? A service you can offer??? Are there any agencies in town that can offer you training or a grant? Good luck. Blessings and prosperity to you. Don't forget to enjoy the good that you do have in your life. Your child will grow up so fast .

4/4/2002 15:21

please god help this women with her job search & give her comfort. god bless all the single mom's out there.

5/23/2002 08:48

please god bless all single mon outthere that are looking for partners love and children grant them your wish lord. amen

8/5/2002 17:33

I am also a single mom, already raised one beautiful daughter that has her own family now. I still have 2 more beautiful daughters at home, ages 15 & 16 yrs of age. there are times when I feel as if I am the only single mom with all the problems out there. But I know that is not true and when I start to feeling down wishing that I could give my girls a more stable home and a loving father that would care enough to pay child support to help support them, I sit down and have long talk with my Lord and then I know we will be safe and He will pull us through whatever comes our way. I surrender all to HIM and let only His will be done in me. I am about to lose my home and my job. But I know in my heart that my Lord has something better for me. You will find the perfect job and all your prayers will be answered. You are a child of God, I can clearly see that. God Bless you.

9/25/2002 13:38

i have you in my prayers and i know that god will take care of his children i am also a single mom of an 12yr old son and also my fiance of 11yrs just got killed over the summer and di know that without god it would not be possible for me to get up in the mornings. god blessed me with a decent job, a decent home and family and friends that care about me and my son. being a single mom yes things are alot harder but believe me it makes you that much stronger when you think that you cannot go on anymore call on god and he alone will be right by your side. 2yrs ago i cam to a differnt state and with no family and found a job and lost my apartment because the bills were to high to maintain and was living in an motel i looked at it like this i may have lost my apartment but buy the grace of god i have a roof over my head.
my phylosphy is that you have to take the good out of every situation and be thankful for the things that we do have.
my heart goes out to you and remember theat you are not in this alone .
my prayers are with you and your family.
may god bless you and have faith that everything will be o.k
leave it in gods hands.

9/27/2002 09:41

i pray that your job search will be successful , and that the lord will open up doors for you, which may seem to be closed now. also that you will take all your problems to him in prayer. amen

10/17/2002 08:50

Oh Lord do look with pity on your children. Forgive them and grant unto them their hearts desires. Let it be onto them as you wish. give them all their needs according to your riches in glory.

11/16/2002 20:03

I've been a single mom for 9 yrs son is 9. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways, most of the time I realize it in hindsight. The best advice I can give you is don't give up. Have unyielding faith in God. Stay in communication with Him, talk to Him, pray, pray, pray.
I pray for all of us single moms and dads, that God gives us the blessings, and the strength to take care of our children. May He bless our lives with abundance so that we can all be shing examples of His Divine Grace and Mercy. Amen. Good luck to all of you.
With love,

12/1/2002 18:19

Dear Masonage,

You have opened up a door for so many
single MOMS to express their thoughts,
prayers and experiences. I have been a
single mother all of my life. I am 46
my daughter 29 and her daughter just
two and half. God will provide for you.
Don't doubt him at all. I know its hard
but, Praise the name of JESUS for he is
so kind and sweet to us. Once he bless
me with a good job he open the doors for
me to return to school and I earned a
B.A degree and a masters degree. I am
in prayer for my finances so please add
me to your prayers. I just want to thank
every woman that steped forth for our
sister Masonage. All of these stories
are precious to God. I know that all of
us praying together on one accord can
email back on this page sharing even more wonderful blessing from our Lord
Jesus. Amen, God has answered our prayers.

Ruthie- Yonkers, NY

2/25/2003 12:56

I am a single mom struggling to find a job and make ends meet. I need strength to keep going and assurance from God that I will get where I need to be and be able to provide for myself and my son. I need help. I'm always feeling tired, unmotivated, sometimes sick and lack the energy to get up sometimes. I feel useless and at a dead end. I fear being alone and making the wrong decisions and not having anything for my son. Please somebody pray for me and my 4year old son. We're in desperate need of God's help and mercy.

5/18/2003 13:40

Lord I pray that you are steadfast in this single moms prayers. Lord I ask that you are steadfast in the situatuion I am in which is similar to what she is going through. Lord give us the strength and courage every day to go out there with our heads held high, knowing that this is in you hands. In you holy name I pray

5/27/2003 08:46

Oh, how I pray for you and your children.....Lord, Please guide this lady and keep her safe in your mighty arms, Lord, and may she find a job very soon, so that she can take care of her beautiful children You have blessed her with; Lord, may she always walk with You in all her ways, and Always put You first, above all else. Thank you Father, that we may come to You anytime we want, and know that You will bless us abundantly, If we will just have faith. Father, I pray that Masonage will completly give to You her worries and fears so You can take care of them according to Your Will, Thank you Lord, We trust in You and believe in You, Always in His Name, Amen and Amen.
I wanted to tell you a little about my situation....I am a single mother, looking for a job, but I pay child support now, because of some mistakes in my past. My children live with their father now and have for about 10 months now. Through the power of prayer and a lot of faith, I am now on the road to get them back with me!!!!! My life has changed dramatically, I don't worry near as much, (only sometimes now:)), and I know beyond any doubt that God will always be there to bless me and take care of me and my children, as long as I am obedient. It's wonderful, God is Great!!! I pray that everything works out for you, God Bless you Always,

5/27/2003 16:02

Dear god...I offer my prayers may the power of many reach the souls of each writer and fill us with the strenght of one another...may the safety of knowing we are not alone carry us all till we can get to the next place.

5/28/2003 13:44

Greetings and blessings to you all:
I too am a single mother of 3, widowed very suddenly, and now am struggling to find my path in this life. I offer a prayer treatment for myself and others who are in my situation.
I urgently need employment and a new perfect home for us.
Condition:a perfect career which meets and exceeds all my expectations,and a perfect home for us.
Recognition: I acknowledge the oneness,Allness,and Wholeness of God. I express my deep conviction that God is All there is,there is no place where God is not.
Unification: I declare that there is One Mind,that mind is God,that mind is my mind now. I know that God in me,as me, is me. I am a perfect and complete child of God. This is WHO I AM.
Realization: I express my deep realization that all the riches of the Universe are my heritage because of who I am. I clearly see the good that I desire as already mine, right now, being manifested thru the perfect action of Law. My entire being is open and ready to recieve this good that is mine now.
Thanksgiving: I am overwhelmingly grateful and thankful for the truth of my being and my affairs and the good that is taking form in my experience.
Release: I now release these words to the action of the Law. I know that as I have spoken in truth,believing and accepting, my good is now coming to me.
I let go, and let God.
And so it is.

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