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8/25/2001 01:28

Dear Carefree...thank you so very much for your prayers, and support. This is a truly hard time for us now, and I hope peace will come to us all....

8/27/2001 22:28

May the Lord help Jacqueline during this rough period. She will turn 18, in just a few weeks. She is still out of state, and has had conversations with her father. He is not loving at all. I do not want him to hurt her anymore. He is not helping any of my children. I carry a lot of stress, because of what he has done to them. I know that he does not believe in Jesus Christ, and is very dangerous. Please Lord, help guide her to making the right choices...Amen

8/29/2001 17:14

marilynangel, I pray that Jacqueline has the courage and strength to get through this period. I know that God our Father will see her through and help her. I pray for peace for you and all your family. Sometimes, I know that it is hard to face each hour of everyday. I know there are times I have to remember to give my worries and problems to our Lord. My son right now is facing so much for such a young person. At the age of 18, he has made choices in his life, that I never imagined he would have to face, and when your children are facing such hard times it breaks our hearts. His pain and sorrows are the heaviest burdens that I've ever endured. Right now he facing charges against him that are overwhelming. He's such a good kid, but when he drinks, he loses control, and doesn't even remember what happened. I pray, everyday. Now, he's being sued for $10,000.00, for something that the people involved are lying about. God, please make the truth of the whole night come out. Please Holy Father, guide my son, through this horrible time in his young life. Almighty God the Father, hear my prayers, make him start making the right choices in his life. Lead him away to never again drink alcohol. Lord, he has not the tolerance for even a little, please open his mind, his soul to know better and to keep away from the temptation that satan dangles in front of him!! Satan, be gone from him and all the others that you are weaving your web of deception!! Mary, Mother of Jesus, pray for us here, that all of our lives will be blessed with peace, ask that God the Father have mercy, and revoke the evil that dwells around us. For myself, my family, my brothers and sisters on this website and others like it. For all the friends, aquaintances, even for those that have tried to bring evil to us, let us live in love, peace, and most of all YOUR GLORY. AMEN.

8/29/2001 18:18

I was so touched by all of the posts here. I, too, suffered from great depression once, and I wanted you both to know that it can and does get better. Please talk to a doctor if you haven't already.

Seven years ago, I never thought I would even graduate from college. I did, though (three years ago), and I have a great job and the most loving boyfriend imaginable. I had completely despaired, but God gave me new hope. I pray that he will shine his light upon you!

8/31/2001 19:41

Lord of Hosts, bring this girl home, both to her family and to You! May she be protected and have peace. Mary our mother, pray for us!

8/31/2001 23:48

I thank God for all of your prayers, and support. Carefree, I keep your son in my prayers. Our children are the same ages. Who would have thought, these precious little babies of ours, would grow up with such deep, dark issues. I understand your pain. I almost lost Jacqueline when she was 12 years old. She overdosed the first time, and even left a will. By the time she was 14, she was cutting on herself. I had her in so many hospitals, and treatment centers. I am now trying to battle with the one place that cost $400.00 per day. I was told that the insurance would pay, but later I found that I now owe them over $13,000. Besides that, her father, who is the main reason why she is ill today, does not want to help pay. She keeps in contact with him, and he is evil. I do not know where I get the strength to fight, but I know that I must have an angel watching out for me. Sometimes, I think the angel needs a break from me. I pray for all of you out there. My sincere blessings go out to the families that suffer. I hope that relief will come soon for all of us..Carefree please take care, and the rest of my friends here at Belief, please have a safe holiday weekend...Amen

8/31/2001 23:57

Sanvean..You bring hope to me. I am so scared because Jacqueline, who used to be a honor roll student, is out there fighting with her ownself. She just overdosed last year, and then ran away from home. She is living with her boyfriend in another state, and will be 18 in just 3 weeks. She has not been in school for quite some time. I raise two other children. Jill who will be 17, and Robert who will be 15. I hope for the best, and reading your post, gives me some hope that this will pass...Thank You.....

9/1/2001 22:41

Heavenly Father, I pray that You make Your presence known in the heart of Jaqueline. Restore the control in her life and open her heart to Your love. Remove the pain from her mother's heart and guide her as she tries to support her daughter through these difficult times. Give this family peace. Bring Jaqueline some good friends and, more importantly, good mentors who can guide her through these turbulent years.

My heart breaks for you because i know too well what you are goiong through. My daughter, Danielle is going through some difficult times also. I pray that God will intervene in the lives of our daughters and restore some peace to their lives. God bless you and your family.

9/2/2001 16:10

Dear God..Please guide our children, and keep them safe from the evil in this big world. Marahet, and all who have posted prayers, my heart feels warmth knowing that all of you are my angels..keep in your thoughts.." Then no harm will befall you, no distaster will come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways." Psalm 91:10 ,11......May God bless all of you...Lord have mercy.....Amen

9/3/2001 00:19

Thank you Marilynangel for your prayers for Danielle. I hope all is well with you. I hope the Lord continues to work in the lives of our children. May you find comfort in knowing that you are not alone. If you ever needto talk, please email me at God bless you.

9/3/2001 21:04

Dear Father..Thank you, and thank everyone for their prayers. I almost cannot believe that Jacqueline called me just 1 hour ago. She told me that she will be here at home by September 21. She finally told me that she wants to finish school! She feels bad because of what happened last year. She told me that she loves me, and misses me. She wants to complete high school, and go to a college that is less than 1 mile from my home. She also told me that she spoke with her father, and he pretty much does not want her around his wife, and his own family. I have been praying for her to see what kind of evil person he truly is. He used to be a church going man, until he met his new wife, who dabbles with the supernatural in every sense of the word. He was trying to talk her out of coming home to me. She cried, and said she misses me. She claims to be off drugs, and wants to go back to therapy. I hope, and pray that this goal of hers will stay with her. Dear God..Please guide my daughter back where she belongs...Lord have mercy on us all.......Amen

9/5/2001 10:32

Lord I pray for: marilynangel, that Jacqueline come home safely, to rid her of any hold satan may have on her to fall. Marilynangel, I am so happy for you. I also ask our Father to bring you prosperity for your financial needs.

Sanvean-Thank you for your prayers. I pray the peace of the Lord be with you always.

Aidamaria-May the Lord bless you and your loved ones.

marahet - that God guide your daughter Danielle through her difficult times.

Lord, help us all, bring peace to our lost children; keep them away from the tricks of Satan. Let them learn to love themselves Lord, because somewhere, their love for themselves was broken. Mend the Father, let them be restored with the mercy of your love and Grace. Let us parents know the right words to give them, so that they know how truely loved they are! Mother Mary, pray for us to our Lord. Amen

9/5/2001 19:42

Heavenly Father, I thank You and praise You for the the wonderful news from Jaqueline. Your love is so generous andYour glory so great. Bless this family as they reunite. Give Jaqueline the courage to remain drug free and the conviction to do the right things in her life. Fill her with peace and she moves forward with her life. Guide her mother as she helps her daughter reclaim her life. Your miracles are never ending. We praise You!

Marilynangel, What great news! I am sure you are thrilled taht Jaqueline is coming home. Many, many blessing to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/8/2001 20:20

To all my dear friends...Your prayers have kept me strong. This is a rough period for all of us. I know for me, today has been hard. I recieved a collect call from Jacqueline. She was not very nice to me. She actually shared with me that she might be pregnant. She is due to come home on the 21st. I do not know what will happen now. I will have to turn this over to our Lord. She could still be doing drugs, and if she is pregnant, I am not sure how to handle this. Like I said, I can turn this over to our Lord. I have plans for her. I want her to finish high school. She would be a senior this year. This is more than I can take right now. Dear Father, please take care of all my friends here at Beliefnet. They are so kind, and caring. Lord have mercy on us all...Amen

9/8/2001 21:01

Heavenly Father, I pray that You touch Jaqueline and comfort her in this time of confusion and pain. Guide her to make positive changes in her life so that she can put behind her these dark and fruitless moments. Let her choose to use these life experiences as lessons to make her life better. Soften her heart so that she might accept the wisdom and the guidance of her loving mother. If she is pregnant, let her get the medical help that is so important for her at this time and let her be free of any drug or alcohol abuse for the sake of this new life. Please embrace this mother tightly and cover her in Your love. Let her faith sustain her in this longest hour. Let the support of her family and friends ease her pain. Lord , I ask that You deliver Jaqeline from the negativity in her life and return her to the loving arms of her family. In Your name, I pray.

9/9/2001 09:49

My dear Lord..I hope that Jacqueline calls me today. I do not want her to feel alone. I am here for her. I cannot bare the thought, of her feeling blue. She has been through enough already. Please keep her clean from drugs, and if she is pregnant, guide her to make the right choices. If she is not, please show her how to continue the road in life, and to get back on track. She wants to finish school, and go on to college. Please Jesus hear my prayers...

9/10/2001 18:16

Heavenly Father, hear our prayers. Create a mighty movement in the life of Jacqueline and restore the hopes and dreams of a young girl who wants to finish school and go on to college. With You we know these things are possible. Bind any urge she has to use drugs or alcohol as a crutch to get through life and cast them out never to return. Let her understand that she does to "lean on", but "get on" with her life. Take away any feelings of lonliness and depression...give her the knowledge that the past is the past and tomorrow is a new opportunity to set things right. Please keep her healthy whether or not she is pregnant. Let her reach out to her mother who needs her daughter right now and needs to know she is safe and in loving hands. Bring this child home Lord. Move this mountain Lord and bridge the gap between mother and daughter. In Your name, I pray these things.

Marilyn, God bless you and your family! You are in my thoughts and prayers always.

9/10/2001 18:21

...that should read: Let her understand that she does not need a crutch to "lean on", but needs God to "get on" with her life.
OOOOPPS...too much caffeine!!!!!:):)

9/10/2001 18:53

Marilynangel, I hope that Jacqueline has called you and eased your fears. I try very hard, when any of my children are nasty to me, to remember, that it's really not them, but the demons that reside within them, and the fears they face, that they won't for whatever reason to share with us parents. God bring this girl home, to the mother that loves her and wants to be there to help her. Lord, comfort marilynangel, during these times that are so overwhelming at times. Lord, give the wisdom to her child, to take the road home, to you and to her mother marilyn. Please Lord, embrace the both of them and reunite them. Amen.

If any of you would like to e-mail me, please feel free to. DDickinson@Ralston.Com.

9/11/2001 16:42

Dear God Almighty, Lord our Father. Grant the victims and their friends and families, your Grace upon these poor souls. Lord, wrap your arms of peace and everlasting love around them. Give them the strength to overcome this horrible day. Father, give our leaders the wisdom to do the right things in this hour of darkness. Grant us peace, and give us forgiveness for the horrible things that we do to one another. Mother, Mary pray that justice pervails, and that we rise up from this horrific attack. Do not let these people that did this go unpunished. Pray for us to overcome, unite even more and fall to our knees in praise and glory to you, our Salvation. My prayers and heartfelt condolences go to all these families affected by todays horrific tragedy. AMen.

9/11/2001 20:19

Amen, Carefree. May this evil be stopped in its tracks.

Jacqueline (and my Danielle), I pray that this horrific moment in time will remind you both how precious time is. Please, Jacqueline, come home to your mother. Please, Danielle stop wasting time. It can be over in a blink of an eye.

God bless the innocent victims of this insanity! Bring peace back into the world.

9/13/2001 20:56

To all my dearest friends here at Beliefnet: Sanvean,Ody1,Hildita1667,Carefree,,Arz, Aidamaria,Ladysings2, heart is so ever touched by your never ending support, and love. I am beside myself with this horrible mess that has hit our country. Please all of you, keep strong, and know that God will protect us, somehow, and someway. The lives that were taken, are now with our Lord. They are in a safe place. The ones that will suffer, will be those behind this attack. I pray for all of you, each and everyone. All things will perish, but these three remain; Hope, faith, and love. The highest of these is love. 1 Corinthians....Peace to you and yours...

9/13/2001 23:39

Peace be with you tonight blessed Marilynangel. Know that, in this time of great tragedy, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

9/15/2001 08:04

Dear Lord..Jacqueline is scheduled to arrive in Chicago at midnight September 20th. Due to the craziness in this country right now, I pray for her to have a safe trip back to me. She will alone. Please keep her angels around her, and shelter her from any harm. Please keep her off drugs, and any evil temptation that comes her way. Our family has not seen her in quite some time. We, as all Americans are still in fear of not knowing what is next to happen. I live just 10 minutes away from O'Hare Airport, and I pray for peace, and safety in my community, as I do in every inch of our country. Please keep all my dear friends here at Beliefnet safe, and to Danielle and Josh, please guide them to inner peace during this trying time. My heart goes out to all....May God Bless....Marilyn

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