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3 young girls sexually fondled by older step-brother

I would like very much for you to pray for my daughters and our family.

We have been dealing w/ a situation between my oldest daughter and this step-brother. She is 14 and he is 17, because they were so close in was basically pushed under the rug by SRS. This week my two younger girls 10 and 12 told me that he had made "advances" on them also in the past. Please, please keep them and our family in your prayers, after having this done to myself as a young girl this has been very hard to deal with. I thought I had taught them enough to realize that there are people out there like this, but they were still too scared to come to me...broke my heart but understand their fears. So I just ask that you keep all of us and their step-father (that they live) with in your prayers and please ask that God gives us the wisdom and peace in dealing with this situation.

Thank You!

cries1 -5/4/2001
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10/12/2001 03:02


Your word says that anything done in darkness will be exposed to the light, the searing, consuming power of your righteousness and truth. I ask, Father, that you manifest the truth of your word in this boy's life. Reveal this boy's unconscionable sin to his father, so he can pray for his son's deliverance, before he is lost forever in his sin.

I pray too, Father, that you would bring healing to the girls live's in every area and time. Since you are eternal and have no beginning or end, all time is now. Yesterday, today, and forever are now, in your calendar and clock. Father, be in that time when these girls were scarred, and bring healing to those scars, and even the memory of those scars. Be Jehovah Ropheh in their lives, and heal them completely.

10/17/2001 10:02

Dear heavenly Father I pray for this family. I pray for a miracle to heal their broken hearts. Father please embrase your loving arms around them and heal them. I pray that you suround them with your love and protection. Let your loving light shine upon them and protect them from all evil. I too have a little boy who was sexually abused by his biological father. It's such a horrible trauma to any child. No child should ever experience such horrors. Please pray for this family and mine as well as all children affected by such abuses. I pray to you Lord with all my heart. Amen.

Love & Blessings,


11/6/2001 10:11

I am not sure how the prayers of a Pagan will be accepted... Great Mother, heal your innocent children, and free them of the unspeakable wrongs they have suffered by those once so near to them. Guide them through the darkness, and bring them out unscathed. As it it willed, so grant it to be.

11/7/2001 18:13


11/15/2001 09:30

At the young age of 18, you may think that I know nothing of what you feel but I assure you that I do. Similar things have happened to me as your daughters and when I read about your stories, I just wanted to offer my prayers and my hope. I know that healing seems a million miles away and that this thing will never heal - but it will get better in time. May the Lord be with you always, holding your hands and giving you all that you need.

Dear Father,
We see so much of people hurting eachtother in this world and we all suffer in our own small ways. But this family need your help now to know what you need them to do and, moreover, to know that you are near them in whatever they are facing. These things are so difficult to understand and to come to terms with and I just pray that you will give this family all that they need to do so. I have seen and felt your ability to heal these things in me and so I would just pray that you will do the same in this family through your eternal love and neverending strength.

I also pray for the boy and that he may come to know the truth in you and that he will be able to come to understand the things that he has done.
May you watch over and bless them all. In the name of the Lord Jesus, Amen

"I am always with you"
Matthew 28:20

11/15/2001 09:37

I will be praying for you and your family, Cries. May the holidays bring you closer together and may our Lord Jesus keep His shield of protection around you and your girls. God bless you.

11/25/2001 21:25


1/19/2002 10:55

JESUS, please help this family. Heal the stepson from tormenting his stepsisters. Teach him that this is wrong and that he will be punish for his wrong doings. Lord, give this family strength to bear through this situation.

1/28/2002 00:51

Lord, you know the pain that this family is in and Lord I ask you to send a comforting blanket to this family right now Lord. I ask Lord that you cover this family with your precious blood, and don't let this boy get to them or anyone else Lord. I ask all these things in Jesus name and we thank you for doing it. Lord, give this family peace and let them remember that vengence is not ours, but it is yours. In Jesus name I pray Amen! God bless ya'll

2/5/2002 08:49

Father in the name od Jesus, I pray that you will send peace and restoration to this family. I come aganist the Spirit of Pervision right now in the name of Jesus. Father i ask for your continued protection around these children in the name of Jesus. I ptray even for the Spirrit of Depression that is trying to plague the mother. I speak peace and Joy into there household in the name of Jesus. Lord I thank you that no weapon formed aganist these children shall prosper in the name of Jesus. I cancel every assignment that may have placed on them In Jesus Name. Amen.

2/6/2002 20:15

Dear Heavenly FATHER:
In the Blessed and Almighty NAME of JESUS, our SAVIOUR, we come against the power of the enemy and bind the evil spirit that prevails against this family, to stir up and perpetuate sexual abuse. According to THY, WORD, we are to ask anything in JESUS' NAME and it would be done. FATHER, we come against this act of indecency in this young man, we pray that he is healed of this most miserable spirit and that he be repentant of the harm he has caused. We pray that he gives his life to JESUS CHRIST. We further pray for the Mother, that she will be healed of her history of sexual abuse and ask YOU, FATHER, GOD, to strenghten her that she might stand up to the demonic spirit and order it out of her home and life. We further pray that the Father, in this home will be spiritually renewed, and stand for CHRIST, and the Righteousness of CHRIST: that he gives his life to JESUS, in sincere repentance with a broken and contrite spirit.
We further pray that all in that family, will give their lives to JESUS, and will love Righteousness and shun evilness. We believe the WORD OF GOD, that says "We are more than Conquerers, through CHRIST, that strenghtens us". FATHER, please strengthen the little girls to say "NO, donot Touch me like that in JESUS" NAME!", let them say it with such strength and resolve that the devil that is causing it to happen will flee and cease to be in their lives. FATHER, then we pray that they will be healed of the scars of this horrid occurrence and that they might help others of their peers, be rid of the same type torment if there be any. FATHER, we praise and adore YOU, we recognize you as "EL ELYON", ("the MOST HIGH GOD"), and nothing is too hard for you. Therefore, we thank YOU and await the blessed report of their release from this terroism in their young and innocent lives. These Blessings we ask in the NAME of YOUR Precious SON, and Our Magnificent SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST, Amen

2/27/2002 23:30

Please lord be with this family in all their times of need, especially this particular situation. Please guide them to do what is right and give them the strength and put this behind them and live their lives to the fullest each and everyday. Amen.

3/13/2002 17:20

Lord I pray, that you touch the heart of the boy and fill it with love so that he is free from Satan and also will not do such bad things. Bless the girls and fill them with your love

3/24/2002 21:09

God Bless you & your family. My thoughts & prayers are with you all!

3/24/2002 22:21


4/3/2002 07:27

I am continuing to pray for you and your family and I know that the Lord will be with you all in these times of great trial. I know that the pain can sometimes feel unbearable and the road ahead can seem very dark but please be assured that no matter how dark it gets, the Lord is with you every step of the way. You will never have to face these things alone. My heart goes out to you all as I know your pain and how much it hurts. I also know that, no matter how slowly,the Lord will work in your lives to bring relief from the suffering. The amount of support for you all here is amazing and something not only to draw strength from but to thank the Lord for. He will work in the most mysterious ways sometimes - sometimes its nothing big, it's just the small things that make the difference.

Dear Lord and Father,
I just pray for this family and ask you to be with each of them as they face these difficult times. May you be with them, to guide, to support, to understand, and most of all, to love. May they know that although the road can be so tough, it is never impossible to overcome - even when it seems that it is. I just ask that you will use all your power to heal the wounds of the past so that the girls can get on with their future. Bless them all in their struggles. In the name of the Lord Jesus, Amen.

4/3/2002 18:21

Dear Lord Jesus, please give the needed perserverence and strength to this mother and also the daughters who have been violated by their step brother.Give them the peace that is needed in a young child's life. I also pray for the father he needs to get a grip and face his responsibilities as a man. Give these young girls the love and understanding that they deserve and not treat them as the guilty. I pray that he can open his eyes to the truth. It is okay to defend our child but you most also open eyes to the truth. Please dear Lord hear my plea.Many Blessings to the mother and the three young girls. Stay strong you have done no wrong. Never be afraid of the truth. I ask you most Blessed Virgin Mary protect these young girls from further harm. May God be with you.

4/11/2002 13:10

I pray in behalf of this family that you send a healing and diverance, I command that satan take his hands off them, I come against evil doing on that family I pray that you send a repentance on the young man that you take him out the henads of his attackers which are unseen. Lord I pray these things in Jesus Name! Amen

4/26/2002 14:30

Our Heavenly Father, I ask you today to be with this family in a time that they may need you the most. Please set these girls free from all the pain that I know they feel. I ask you to watch over them and guide them in the right path, and to know that no matter how bad the outcome is, too alway forgive as they would forgive you. Let them know that in the end you will have the final decision on his soul. I also ask that you commend this mom for believing such a thing was happening and did not over look it as a lie. Give this family Strength and put all there fears in your hand because you will see this through.

5/5/2002 18:40

O Lord, Thou who is the Great Problem Solver, I humble myself before Thee asking Thee to heal the hurts of this family. Let the love of your son Jesus overflow the hearts of the father and mother. May the 3 girls look toward Thee for protection and may the step brother turn toward your son, Jesus for forgiveness. You O Lord is the final Judge and that can solve all problems. I pray in Jesus name let Your judgement be merciful and forgiven. Touch the mind, body, and soulof the step brother, changing his attitude and with your power of grace show him the right way. Then he can show others and others may come to know of your son, Jesus and glorify your name in heaven. Amen

5/23/2002 05:08

Dear Lord,
I know what it feels to be sexually fondled by men/boys at a tender age. I was there on 2 occassion, first one with my uncle and second one with a bus conductor when i was in school, i pray that you Lord will give little children courage to speak to someone when they are being abused. Many are the caseds that are left unmentioned because of the fear the devil has instilled in our children. May any abused child never keep quiet about it. I never told anybody about what happened to me but i wish every parent should talk to their childres and ask questions. 'How has your day been'?, anybody bothered you'?, you will always know when you child wants to say something but is afraid. God give us the strenght and courage and to this 3 little girls may your love and protection never live their side.

6/4/2002 13:58

You are immersed in God's healing Love which renews you in body, mind, and spirit. Christ within you frees you from all limitation and through the healing activity of christ within you, you are totally well and the name and through the power of the living and loving christ presence, amen.

6/28/2002 22:49

Lord Jesus, please protect these young girls from evil and shield them with your love. I know it is not your will that they suffer harm. Please stop the predator who preys on them and make the justice system work for them instead of against them. They need you, Father. And please help their mother who is in need and suffers along with her children. Wrap them in your loving embrace, dear Jesus. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

7/3/2002 01:03

Lord I pray that you can dhow them the way to forgiveness and healing. That they will walk under your wings, of protaction. May your love and mercy cover the family's life to healing. In Jesus name I thank you Lord for you are awesome. Thank you lOrd for we love you Lord. In Jesus name I pray Lord. Amen.

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