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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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9/5/2008 16:04

Isa.26.3 I looked up that passage. Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. I need to keep this in mind every day. I have been married for 21 years and I realize that I know nothing about marriage. I think of how I let our marriage wither by neglect. My husband cannot remember any of the good times which is especially sad. He will only tell me his is not happy and wants a divorce. So closed off. I know he has free will and I pray that God's will be known to him. I have been doing an inventory and I look back and see how I could have changed all this so we did not come to this point. I am heavy in heart that my husband will not give me a chance and I feel guilty that my actions will affect our daughter. We have a loving relationship but I don't want her to damaged by this. I know God is watching over me and has his plan. I have to keep turning this over to him. I am working at this hour by hour. We have been going to a Christian Counselor for the past 3 weeks seperately and will meet together next week. I am hoping that God will intervene and something will reach his heart and try. Pray for us.

9/5/2008 17:31

hope3343- You are so precious, there is always hope. At least he is going to counseling, the Lord is working on his Heart. May he receive the Godly counsel that he needs. We all have made mistakes, but God is a forgiving God. A marriage takes two people, you have confessed your faults to the Lord and your husband, so now the Lord has to show him that your marriage is worth saving(and it is). Continue to Keep the Faith, stay encouraged in the Lord. Your Sister in Jesus Christ. Amen

9/6/2008 09:48

Hi all.
Just me, checking in again....
Things are definately NO better -- but I just keep praying....
Hope3343 -- I have been praying for you. Ours sound so very similar (he's not "in love" with me, he deserves to be happy, he can't remember any of the good in our marriage, he is blind to what he's doing to our daughter...) but you're luckier because mine wouldn't go see a "religious" counselor. He has problems with God. He believes there is one .... and that's pretty much it. He is filled with anger and hurt from LONG ago, but he carries it all. But God knows that too .... which means that He knows what is best for my husband's heart .... and I just need to trust Him.
Thank you everyone for your prayers. Please just keep praying for us. The girlfriend is replacing me more every day. She even does his laundry now.... (THAT'S MY JOB -- one I loved to do and he even acknowledged that!) and she's included in everything during my daughter's visits. And in two weeks, they (all 3) are going to see a college football game -- which has been a dream of both mine and my husband's for YEARS -- and now SHE will make the memory, not me.
I know you all keep telling me that God isn't blessing them, but my husband (who left to see if he could live alone) is NOT the one alone ... and sad ... and scared ....
(((((HUGS))))) to all of you.

9/6/2008 11:03

needgodwinks-Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow. There is always HOPE as long as you are breathing. The Holy Spirit is still dealing with your husband and his Heart. Faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing(the Word of God) Keep speaking Faith, and call those things that be not, as though they were. Fight the Good fight of Faith. Good to hear from you my Sister in Christ. Stay encouraged in the Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen

9/6/2008 13:08

needgodwinks---- I feel your pain. I know where you are coming from. Last night I read something and it made me see some things. Satan, as we know , is the enemy. He has hold of our spouse to the point that they are so blinded they can't see. The other woman is also blinded by the enemy. We must not only pray for our spouse but we have to pray for the other woman also. Pray that God will open their eyes. God knows our future we must trust him and give our burdens to him. I know that there are days that seems so impossible. You do it and then sit back and it is like things start to fall apart even more. That is satan trying to get to us and we must not give in to him, if so he has done what he set out to do.
Friends I kow that there are others out there that are dealing with "others" also. I know that it is hard. God is an awsome God. he is always there with us.
We have to remember that God is working in HIS time not ours. That is very hard sometimes. Give your burdens to God and trust in Him.

My situation is no different. My husband has finally seen the true colors of his 'friend' and seen that she does not care about his girls that she is selfish and yet he still goes back to her. That I do not understand. I thank God and praise God that he is starting to see something as far as how this is effecting our children. He is starting to call more and see us more often. Praise God I believe that he is stariing to see. I do pray so!!!!
Thank you for all your prayers and please continue to pray. I am praying for each of you.
Love you all.

9/6/2008 20:38

amy07-The vision is for an appointed time, thou it tarry, wait for it. It will surely come.(Habakkuk 2:3) The Lord is letting him see for himself about this other woman. Fathers Love their children. The Lord loves marriages. The devil is defeated and Jesus Christ is Lord. Amy the Lord loves you so much. To God Be The Glory. My Sister in Jesus Christ. Amen

9/7/2008 00:37

Amy07 and needgodwinks, I pray for you both. It is good to check in here and know that we are not just praying for ourselves but for all on this board. I like what Amy said about Satan taking over. I don't even recognize my husband anymore. He is entwined with Satan and I pray that God delivers him from this evil. I am trying to keep this in God's hands and wait for good prayers to be answered. God bless to you all.

9/7/2008 17:58

I will pray with all of you in 8 short weeks, my husband "left to do laundry" @ a friends house, met a woman he had alot in common with (Crack cocaine and alcohol) spent 1 week in rehab and 3 weeks in jail, he calls every 10 days or so saying he wants to come home she's crazy(bi-polar,manic depressive, schizophrenic) and threaning to beat herself up and file charges against him we have a 16 year old daughter and this woman will not let him talk to me or anyone I know including our daughter. She goes thru men every 3 or 4 months but now she's saying she's pregnant and exposed him to herpes. By the way she also says she's a "good christian woman"(Why is she sleeping with my husband?)Today she says He wants an uncontested deivorce , but he does not "feel comfortable" talking to me about it, so I just need to let 18 years go and give up. But if they have such a good thing why does he keep calling, and why is she so fearful of letting him talk to anyone?I feel like I am losing my mind. All prayers are welcome. Rene'

9/7/2008 19:26

rcomp22992- I pray deliverance for your husband from the hands of the enemy. I bind the spirit of control that seems to be making decisions for him. I loose the blood of Jesus over you and your daughter to be protected from all hurt,harm, and danger. I pray Psalm 91 over your household. The devil is a liar, and the father of lies. May you be led by the Holy Spirit in every decision you make. The Lord will give you discernment. Stay encouraged in the Lord. There is Power in Agreement. In Jesus Name. Amen

9/7/2008 22:00

I'm struggling now in my marriage more than ever. I have two beautiful children with this man, I'm struggling to love him. We've been together for 12 yrs. and he speaks to me in a horrible manner. He's abusive verbally & I'm tired of ignoring him....but don't want to fight in front of mey kids....please pray that we are able to fall back in love & work things out. I just want to be happy with him; and if he's cheating and leaving then rip it off like a baind aid so i can heal from it already. I just feel extremely overwhelmed w/the situation & am giving it up to the lord Jesus Christ to blless this marriage & family. I need some sanity. AMEN>

9/7/2008 22:43

rcomp and bdowell, I will say a prayer of reconcillation for both of your marriages. I pray for both of your husbands to use their free will and return in love to their spouses.
As others here, I am dealing with possible divorce by husband. Just for today it was peaceful. I want to thank everyone for their continued prayers. The weekend was very difficult with my husband out late Saturday night once again drinking and wearing my spirit down. Today, when I told him I was taking daughter to Mass, he asked to come. The sermon was love yourself before you love others. It went on to talk about committing adultry to try and feel good about oneself and drinking/drugs and abusing our body and the fight within ourselves to do the right thing and listen to God's plan. He was really listening to it but not sure if it has had any effect. Our daughter asked after Mass what a coincidence it was that this is what the priest was talking about. I told her it was no coincidence it was God's plan. I hope he opens his heart and soul to today's words. Take care and God bless

9/7/2008 23:44

bdowell- I pray healing and restoration for your marriage. May the Lord convict your husband and let him see the error of his ways. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, the devil is a liar. I bind the spirit of divorce that seems to be trying to destroy families. I loose the blood of Jesus over your household. May every hurt and pain be healed. Fight the Good Fight of Faith. Stay encouraged in the Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen

9/8/2008 19:20

Oh friends, I need you all now. My spirit is broken and my God seems so far away. My husband told our little girl that he is never coming home. Then he told me that he was moving forward (with his friend Michelle) and was never looking back (to me and our marriage), that he TRIED for 13 years (the entire length of our marriage) and I just get on with life. AND THEN, he called and told our little girl that she would be going to the beach with them in just a few weeks. WHERE IS MY GOD????????
My heart is torn, my soul is ripped and I am so lost. I truly don't know where to turn. I've read through the Bible over and over today, trying to find the passages that will tell me it will be ok, that God just doesn't ignore my pleas for help and He is with me. And if I pray CORRECTLY (whatever that means) that God will grant my wishes of the heart. But as it stands now, I am all alone and my little girl is being pulled into the mire and I truly don't know where to turn because God ISN'T answering me AT ALL.
Please pray. Please.

9/8/2008 20:42

needgodwinks- The Lord is true to HIS WORD. He said that he would never leave you nor forsake you(that's a promise) Your husband has a will and God will not violate his will if he wants to do something. I believe the Lord is dealing with your husband heart, but he's not listening. I cover your household with the blood of Jesus. I bind the enemy coming against your emotions, the devil is a liar. Lord may she feel your presence like never before, your loving arms around your daughter. In Jesus Name. Amen

9/8/2008 22:03

needgodwinks, I pray for you for comfort and peace. Try and stay strong. We are all with you also. Have faith and God listens to good prayers. We are impatient but we have to depend on God's time for us. God bless.

9/9/2008 09:19

All of you who are suffering in your marriage, don't make the mistake of giving up on life and yourself. It is only when you give up, that the devil's grip can take hold of you, infecting your thoughts and hearts with negativity. Trust in the Lord to provide, trust in him that what you are going through is a lesson. It may not seem like a blessing, but you have something to learn from these moments that will in the end make you a better person, if you give it time. Healing is a long, hard process, but in these times are when you can find your faith. Let the Lord give you the strength you can't find in yourself, let him hold you up now, because he will. Cleave onto him, if you can't cleave onto the one you love in the flesh. This is not the end, it is a new beginning. Have faith, the Lord will fill you with love for him, and that will give you strength. I know it is hard when children are involved especially, but they are also learning, and they will later make decisions on their own about the character of people around them; rest assured, that if you are strong by example, they will be strong enough to tell the people in their lives who are not acting right just that. And you won't need to make those choices for them, they will just know it in their hearts. Just be there for them, love them, and let them be your life and light, because they are the best things that come from any relationship. I am praying for all of your most recent requests that God heal your hearts and renew your strength and faith in yourself to make it in this world. Don't give up on yourselves. God is with you, and his love will always be in your heart!! God Bless you all! See your life for what good is left in it. -heron

9/9/2008 09:28

needgodwinks, I pray for you, it is the devil trying your NOT let him succeed. God WILL answer your prayers..I know I am impatient too, but I just keep the faith and KNOW IN MY HEART that he is there for me, I don't know what relgion you are, but I hold my rosary close(Even sleep with it) it gives me alot of comfort to hold the Lord near. Your story sounds almost exactly like mine, except my daughter saw thru this woman, and Jami keeps calling to come home, then changes his mind he is with a very ill individual,who is dangerous because of her mental state. I pray for you and your family and pray that God will restore what was committed in his house.

9/9/2008 15:47

Wishing everyone peace and surrounded by God's love today. Heron thanks for your kind words and prayers on this board, especially about the children. Everyone please say a prayer for us tonight. We are going together to a counselor for the first time. He is actively looking for apartments and I am going in with a one page letter asking that he try and work on our marriage. Please let God open up his heart and will. Please remove Satan from my husband's soul and make the good decision to try and repair the marriage. God hates divorce.

9/9/2008 20:40

hope3343-I pray the the Holy Spirit will strongly convict your husband and let him see the error of his ways. May he listen to the voice of the Lord. I bind controlling spirits trying to make his decisions for him that are destructive. Lord knock at the door of his heart once again. In Jesus Name. Amen

9/9/2008 21:11

rcomp22992-I pray for you and your child's protection on every hand. I pray Psalm 91 over your household. I cover your household with the blood of Jesus. In Jesus Name. Amen

9/10/2008 11:42

Please pray for my marriage, my husband had an affair - we never seperated but I have wicked tongue at times and I know its the devil. We have been together for 20 years and we both are standing for the healing of our marriage. We are need your prayers as we are not speaking with each other this morning. Last night was the first time in a long time, that we went to bed, not praying - I know its the devil, so please pray for us.

9/10/2008 11:57

jaqkmq- I pray for healing and restoration of your marriage. May every hurt and pain be healed in your soul. May the Holy Spirit give you the words to say, or not to say. I cover your household with the blood of Jesus. There is Power in Agreement. In Jesus Name. Amen

9/10/2008 22:34

jagkmg, I pray for the honesty and truth in your marriage and that you both can restore the faith and love through God's plan.
Went to counselor last night and spouse has found apt. I asked to work on marriage with God's plan but he does not want to work on it. I know that good prayers will be answered, and I know each day God is showing the truth to him. God grant me the patience that God's words will reopen his mind. Please have the devil leave him and open his eyes to his family again. God hates divorce...please continue to pray for our family. I feel the strengh through your prayers.

9/10/2008 23:28

hope3343-May the Lord give you peace that passes all understanding to guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. The Lord is still working on his heart, no matter what the devil tries to do. May you be strengthen in the inner most part of your being. You still have the Victory, walk by Faith and not by sight. In Jesus Name. Amen

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