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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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3/15/2008 13:38

I am sorry i forgot my e-mail address..GOD BLESS YOU ALL....

3/16/2008 03:32


Pls. forgive me if sometimes I feel that I am no longer happy with my marriage.. I love my husbamd but we have some differences that sometimes makes me think to get out of it..I don't feel happy.. I don't understand..

3/16/2008 19:01

chellyn, Allow me to lift you and your spouse up today for God's healing and remember that we are all human and even thou you may not like your spouse today you can still love him today.
Father in Heaven we lift this marriage up to you that you will remind each person daily that you never promised that there would be no conflict, just that with your help they can and will work thru each conflict and gain strength from you. Thank you Father Amen

3/17/2008 08:23

please pray for my marriage, we have been married for 7 years & together for 9. we have 1 child together & 2 stepchildren 1 his, 1 mine both have always lived with us till his son moved in with his real mother. he is 16 yr. now & every since he moved in september my whole life has just went out of control. I know my husband holds me responsible for him moving but I was not going to any longer live in a house where my step son could treat me anyway. when my own 2 were getting in trouble for the same actions. I neverpushed his son out of our home. But at the sametime I also have a lot of resentment toward my husband for not backing me up and not sitting there for 7 years and allowing his child to talk horrible to me with no action being taken till I would finally say something to my husband & that's when the punishment would take place. My own 7 year old is taking on the behavior of his older brother & now that it is only my daugther & our son living in the same house my husband still does the same with my son. I can't ever recall having so much disrespect WITHOUT getting punished by my mom or stepfather and not once heard him or her ask the other to correct me. I knew they stood together on t ings and it showed. my resentment builds everyday and GOD I pray you keep me strong and not allow my heart to grow cold toward my husband. He is a controlling mate, I have been a stay at home mom our whole marriage by his & my choice but he controls all areas of our finances and most of the time doesn't consult on major decisions. I was a very independent woman when we first married. I had my own home, business, and lots of self confidence. When we married I united my heart & soul with my husbands. but Lord how can things be so separate? We are talking about divorce and even today I have a realtor coming to look at our home to give us a estmate for our home to put on the market. How can satan have so much influence on a home Lord? My day is dark and to be honest Lord I used to see the ray of light peaking through the clouds but lately father I see nothing but darkness. It seems to get worst everyday. I need strength and some sign of hope Lord, I Love my family and it hurts so deeply to watch it slip out of my reach & know soon it will be gone. Lord please stop this attack on my family open my husband's & my eyes, heart, and mind to show us what U lord meant for our marriage in the plan u designed for me & him. Show us the way & keep us from dividing our family. Satan u r a liar. and God the almighty is my rock for which I stand on. Lord I pray for strength & faith to keep fighting for the wonderful gift u have given me. That gift of my husband & all 3 of my Children.
LOve u father,
Heavenly Gifts

3/17/2008 13:22

AUDRAMICHELE~In response to what you recently posted: Father God, I know that Satan is the author of confusion. I bind his schemes and attempts to wreak havoc in this marriage and to instill confusion in their minds...and curse it at the root. May it never bring forth life again, in Jesus' Name. I loose healing, clarity of mind, understanding and revelation. I also loose peace and restoration in Jesus' Name. Lord, I know You can bring anything back to life. I thank You for resurrecting this marriage. I plead the blood of Jesus over this marriage. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.


3/17/2008 13:29

LOVEMYHUSBAND~In response to what you posted on 3/14/08: Nothing is too hard for the Lord. You can be forgiven. You've made the first step by admitting your wrong-doing. The next step is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and the Holy Spirit will come in and work great things in your life. The next step after that is to find out who you are in Christ. "My people perish for lack of knowledge." Satan strives in what we don't know. The more you know about who you are in Christ, the less hell that Satan can bring against you in those areas.

Father God, I thank You for her salvation and deliverance from drinking and anything else she's doing that is not pleasing in Your sight. I thank You that she will get into a good Bible-based church--one where You and Your Word are not being compromised. May it be a church where Souls are being saved and lives are being changed for the better. May she read and meditate on Your Word until it goes from head knowledge to heart knowledge (revelation). May she find out who she is in Christ, so the devil's hold can loosen.

Lord, I know that this marriage was not founded on Your terms. But I also know that in our humanness, we make mistakes, and that You forgive us if we're truly repentant. Thank You for forgiving her. I thank You for not condemning her, Lord. Show her how to get things back on track, Lord. Restore her and this marriage, Lord. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.


3/17/2008 13:32

HARRYB~In response to what you posted on 3/15/08: Lord, I thank You that NO weapon formed against this marriage shall prosper. I thank You that this marriage consists of: love, joy, peace, trust, honesty, respect, good communication, passion, romance, forgiveness and patience, and anything else You want it to consist of. Lord, I thank You that no decisions will be made off of a temporary emotion/feeling. Guide them, Lord. May they seek godly marriage counseling, Lord, before things get worse. I plead the blood of Jesus over this marriage. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.


3/17/2008 13:34

CHELLYN~In response to what you posted on 3/16/08: These thoughts are not your thoughts. They are tricks of the enemy to get you to get out of this marriage. Cast down these thoughts immediately, according to 2 Corinthians 10:4,5.

Lord, I thank You that Your child's life is full of joy and peace. May her life be filled with the fruit of the Spirit. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.


3/17/2008 13:41

SHANNALEIGH~In response to what you posted on 3/17/08: Have you tried seeking godly marriage counseling? Is that something you think your husband would be open to?

Lord, I thank You for being in the midst of this marriage and for being a Hedge of Protection around this marriage. May NO harm come nigh them or their loved ones. Lord, I thank You that NO weapon formed against this marriage shall prosper. I pray for salvation where it's needed, Lord. I pray for deliverance where it's needed. May the husband love his wife just as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for Her. I thank You that he leads his family in the paths of righteousness and truth. I thank You that he sees his wife as a partner and not someone he can control. I thank You that he will discipline his children when needed and not allow them to disrespct her. Show him how to be the godly husband and father that You placed him on this earth to be. I thank You that this family is filled with the fruit of the Spirit. May Your Will be done in their lives, Lord. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.


3/17/2008 17:34

My husband and I have been seperated for 2 yrs. I asked him if he wants a divorce and he says, "don't ask me that right now" I told him if we do get a divorce we should do counseling first....he said, "it is what it is" Please pray for my husband. I pray that God wil open his eyes.

3/18/2008 13:57

EVONNE~First, don't ever suggest/bring up a divorce. Your spouse may not even be thinking of a divorce. But you have now planted that seed in his mind. This seed that's planted, is all the ammunition Satan will need in order to bring forth further havoc. Ask God to forgive you for bringing it up, and never bring up the issue again. If your husband brings it up, that's different. You will then have to pray differently should that ever come to pass.

Father God, I thank You that the seed that was planted unknowingly will not take root. I thank You that her husband will not want a divorce. I thank You that they will seek godly marriage counseling. I thank You that when they forgive, they will do so wholeheartedly. I thank You that when they love, they will love unconditionally, with the agape-kind of love that You love us with. I thank You that when they talk, they will talk TO each other, instead of AT one another. I thank You that they will each listen to what each other has to say, instead of trying to talk over each other just to get their point across. I thank You for being in the midst of this marriage and for being a Hedge of Protection around this marriage. I thank You for drawing him closer to You and for resurrecting this marriage. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.


3/18/2008 14:54

I need prayer. My husband and I are separated and he does not want to reconcile, however I feel so strong that we should. Please pray that the Lord will speak to his heart and come home..God Bless

3/19/2008 12:39

ASIANROSE73~In response to what you posted: Father God, I thank You for drawing this prodigal spouse closer to You and for leading him back to his family. I thank You for removing any obstacles or hindrances in his life, that is preventing him from wanting to make this marriage work. I thank You for being in the midst of this marriage. I thank You for showing him how to honor his vows to his wife and to You. May he have the desire to want to make this marriage work, and the desire to want to do what is right and pleasing in Your sight, Lord. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.


3/19/2008 12:57

Please pray for my marriage. My husband of four years doesn't understand why it hurts me so when he puts his family, work, etc before me, he is a "mamma's boy and puts his mother before me. I'm no better, I have a problem with anger, jealously, and rage and it only adds fuel to the fire, so we are constantly hurting each other. Its come to the point where one of us has to make a change or I'm afraid we seriously won't make it. Neither of us believe in divorce. I've recently lost my job and also have had problems finding work for the last three months. My husband's mother is ill and is also dying of cancer, and will probably be gone by the end of this month March 2008, so in addition to the stress of marriage, work, money, and his family my anger and his grief our marriage is going through a lot. I prayed yesterday that God would give me the courage to do the right thing and to be a better wife and to treat him better, yet its hard when I don't understand his constant attachment to his family and his grief, I want a divorce from his family, but not from my husband, I love him dearly. We have no children, currently. Please help me to be a better wife to my husband and to help him through his grief, and for god to fill his heart with compassion and understanding and to open the door for the right job for me soon, so we won't loose our house. Guideposts magazine had an article in it, and it said three things you can pray for that god won't say no to, and that is forgiveness, courage to act like jesus or in a faithful way and in the way you are supposed to or in a way that is right and finally to 'get you through this. well please pray for all these things for our family, that we will get through these things and have stronger faith in him.

In Jesus holy name.

God Bless you all.

3/19/2008 22:01

HI , to everyone , hello LASHANDA, how are you honey. This prayer circle is still so awesome others caring for others. You know i heard something and have mediated on this lately funny i had never had this sink in my heart before, or maybe didn't pay attention to it. But i have heard that SATAN does everything he can to take us away from JESUS. Lots of these marriage problems are just for that reason. So if we want him defeated, and give him a few black eyes, we need to draw towards the LORD even more and pray instantly about how to handle this problem that is arising at the time. Just ask GOD to show you how to handle each and every problem, by prayer to our DEAR JESUS i don't think SATAN will keep trying to get our attention. We have to take back what satan is stealing from us. GET OUR BACK BONES UP, and keeping our hearts right like he one lady about had asked GOD FOR her HEART to not become cold , PERFECT PRAYER. LORD JESUS , BLESS EACH ONE HERE AND DRAW US INTO YOUR WORD , SO OUR MINDDS CAN BE RENEWED, THOSE SPOUSES THAT DO NOT KNOW YOU FROM THIS PRAYER CIRCLE LORD WE PRAY THAT YOU WILL REVEAL YOURSELF TO THEM. RENEW THERE MINDS LORD AND LET YOUR LOVE FLOW BY THE HOLY SPIRIT THROUGH THESE SPOUSES THAT HAD THE LOVE IN THERE HEART HERE TO TURN TO YOU LORD, DEPART WISDOM ON EACH ONE OF THESE THAT ARE CONCERNED. AND BLESS THEM ABUDANTLY STARTING THIS MINUTE LORD , CAUSE GOOD THINGS TO HAPPEN IN LIFES OF EACH HERE LORD AMAZING THINGS GOD, GET THEIR ATTENTION LORD, BY CAUSING THINGS TO HAPPEN THEY DO NOT EVEN KNOW COULD HAPPEN, PUT FINANCES IN THE HANDS OF EACH SO THEY WILL HAVE POCKETBOOKS OVERFLOWING LORD, BUT LET THERE HEART ALWAYS PUT YOU FIRST NOW AND FOREVER. IN JESUS NAME AMEN

3/20/2008 09:36

Please stand with me as I pray for my Marriage, My wife Ruby is saved...But the Devil is trying to rob her and our marrige of the precious blessings. There are some woman from her past and present who are trying to revert her back to her old ways....Bisexuality and Lesbianism. I will stand for my marriage. We have been together for almost two yrs.....Please pray for these women and evil ways to flee in the name of Jesus, Amen...Thank You All....God Bless


still praying
3/20/2008 17:15

Its been a while since I have left messages.
Some days have been good, however they say when satan finds your faith being strengthened, he bombards you so you become vulnerable again. I have been praying harder than ever and trying to follow what I feel I am being shown to do to fight for this marriage. However, my husband has now started doing some work "officially" that puts him closer to people willing to take off their clothes, have sex with strangers etc. and I am very concerned about what is happening. I can not talk to him about it as he just acts like I am being silly or irrational. WHen I look over his work, he sort of moves, changes what he is doing etc. Please pray that I am able to sort this out. - I have reached a point that I totally dont know what to do or say.
Thank you lmbookerossie for your affirmation of standing, I have constantly used it. Voyager - U asked me to keep you informed about my job. Everything seemed good, one of the people I worked with talked about something we should do differently next year, another asked me to do something every first monday of the month. These are people who would know if I was being moved or fired, however, the main person involved with hiring etc. came in today - he doesnt work on the premises and said he needs to talk to me on Tuesday morning. Please pray that I do not loose this job. I have been in more than one company that has gone bankrupt/downsized and I am not emotionally or physically ready to go thru that again. Although I have given everything up to the Lord, it is so difficult not to think about it or worry about it.

3/21/2008 13:45

JAMLYNN~In response to what you posted: Father God, I thank You for giving this wife understanding that if her spouse's mom is very ill, that he may devote more attention to her during this time. May she be patient with him. Lord, I thank You for healing past hurts. I thank You that her husband will try to see things from her perspective and will try to prioritize his time better. May he put You first, his family (including his wife) second, and himself last, Lord. I thank You that when they forgive, they forgive wholeheartedly. I thank You that when they talk, they talk TO each other instead of AT one another. I thank You that they will listen to what each other have to say, and not talk over each other. I thank You that they will stop bringing up past issues of hurt and mistakes, so they can heal. I thank You that when they love, they will love unconditionally--with the agape-kind of love that You love us with. I plead the blood of Jesus over this marriage. May NO harm come nigh them. I thank You that their lives will be filled with the fruit of the Spirit, Lord. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

Galatians 5:22:
22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness


3/21/2008 13:48

SHAR4U~In response to what you posted on 3/19/08: Hi! It's good to see you back. We've missed you on here. How is everything? Well, I pray. Send me an email so we can catch up.


3/21/2008 13:52

CASTADONA~In response to what you posted on 3/20/08: Father God, I bind up the enemy's schemes, plots, plans and tactics to try to make Your child bound in the bondages of lesbianism. She is delivered in Jesus' Name. I loose clarity and peace of mind. May she find out who she is in Christ. Lord, I thank You that she will change the company she keeps so she won't even be tempted. But when she is tempted, Lord, I thank You that You have already provided a way of escape. May she recognize the way of escape clearly, and take it immediately. I plead the blood of Jesus over her. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.


3/21/2008 13:56

STILL PRAYING~In response to what you posted on 3/20/08: You're welcome for the Stander's Affirmation. I pray that you will continue to use it daily.

Lord, I thank You that the blinders will be removed from her husband's eyes. I thank You that he will get a job that won't put him in this type of environment for seeds from Satan to be planted and take root in his mind. I thank You that he won't give in to temptation, Lord. I thank You that he will be the godly man and husband that You placed him on this earth to be. May Your Will be done, Lord. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.


3/21/2008 21:40

I ask that everyone pray for a friend of mine that is going through a divorce. His wife of 21 years is with another man an doesnt love him. She has never been truly in love with him all these years. They do have a teenage daughter together that is having a rough time too. I pray God give him strength and heal his broken heart. I pray for her to that she will be convicted and come back to you Lord. I pray that this child gets comfort and strength from you. Thank you Jesus amen

3/22/2008 09:40

Father God, I come before you to lift up each of these marriages. There are so many hurting people here Lord I pray that this prayer of intercession will reach the throne of God and that you Father in your infinite wisdom will turn each heart to you and you will mend the broken marriages, we rebuke satan from each circumstance and plead your blood over every situation. Amen

3/22/2008 21:14

GREAT TIME OF THE YEAR, EASTER AGAIN, WOW "PRAISE GOD" WE ALL MADE IT TO ANOTHER ONE, IF WE GOT UP THIS MORNING WE ARE ''BLESSED." Just wanted to add something about confusion , We must not allow ourselves to concentrate ofn the confusion or the lies,but look instead to the author and finisher of our faith. Jesus spent little time being distracted by the works of the fact HE would not allow the demonic to even speak but commanded them to "hold their peace" or to not speak forth things that would add confusion. Therefore when confusion comes in, we must take authority by pleading THE BLOOD OF JESUS and by standing in our warfare against confusion. Cast down imaginations (literally -confushed thoughts). MAY ANGELS BE WIHT EVERY ONE HERE PRAYING FOR THERE MARRIAGE , AND EVERY BELIEVER THAT EVER COMES HERE IN THE FUTURE. SHARON

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