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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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2/19/2008 10:33

Please prayer for me and my wife and our marriage. Years ago she ask me if she could have sex with a co-worker of hers and I said yes since she had limited relationships. We moved on and it was fogotten about. I had an affair and it was totally my fault and my mistake and my wife is totally innocent and I am facing up to my responsiblity and I am back home but my wife is talking divorce.Please pray that God will restore our marriage.We talk almost everyday - we were together for the holidays and her family still wants me at all the functions and my family want her at our functions.We still go to dinner and brunch and if she needs anything I give it to her because I do not want her to need for anything if it is in my power to give it to her.I LOVE MY WIFE and she ask me recently do you know how much I love you? Please pray for us for forgiveness and healing- We will be going home Easter for our yearly family reunion with her family and I want us to be happy. Please keep Renee and Darron in your prayers. Let us both hear the Songs of Solomon in our ears and in our hearts.Please let me know so I can pray for you -Thank You Yours in Christ MJ23CDR

2/19/2008 14:25

STILL PRAYING~In response to what you posted on 2/15/08: You're welcome for the prayer. May God's Will be done in your marriage. And may you continue to be strengthened. What you are about to embark on is a very long, hard process. But God's grace is sufficient for you for the day you're in.


2/19/2008 14:31

SPIRITUALROCKET & TRAVLING THRU~In response to what you've posted...I want to say thank you for your prayers. May God bless you both and keep you safe in His loving arms.


2/19/2008 14:32

Please pray for my marriage. For the past 2 years my husband and I stop spanding time with family it was alwayz friendS and work.wHEN i WAS TRYING TO TALK HE ALWAYS YELL AT ME .He is listerning to his " friend" that is putting us more and more apart.Right now we are separated. He is living with friend. But we have small children 3 and 9 and boys wants father.All my life I was doing everything for my husband, I coud not buy anything for me or go anywhere only stay home cleaning and cooking and what, I got I am bad person .He wants divorse and go to different country and live me and boys. We are still love each other and when he is coming to seE boys he always trying to find something spot on floor or somEthing to say you are dirty person . It break's my heart.I am trying to keep marriage together and have it happy for my boys. I need prayers to remain strong with GOD and pray that God help to get out Satin from my husband.

2/19/2008 14:34

JSPRUILL~In response to what you posted on 2/17/08: I don't have a spouse incarcerated at the moment, but I've been there. I don't think anything is worse than both people wanting to be together, and can't. I lift up all marriages before the Lord who have a spouse that is incarcerated, and place them at His feet. Lord, protect them while they're in jail. May no harm come nigh them. I thank You for keeping the marriage on track. May they continuously write back-and-forth to each other and talk as often as they can over the phone. And make it possible for them to be able to visit with each other as much as possible. Lord, I thank You for lifting the heavy burdens. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.


2/19/2008 14:42

VOYAGEUR~In response to what you posted on 2/18/08: Thank you. And God bless you!

still praying
2/19/2008 15:32

To/for lmbookerossie and all of us especially on this site. Father, I lift all those in pain and confusion. I ask you to let them see you in their life, to continue to have faith that you will improve their situation and above all NOT TO GIVE UP. I pray for all the wonderful people that continue to give us strength with their prayers and wisdom. Continue to fill them with your spirit so that they may be there for us and your light continues to shine. Speak to all of us through them and help them with their needs too.
In reply to lmbookerossie 2/19/2008. I have been down part of this path before, and I know it will be long and difficult, even more so now than in the past as there is more to contend with, more to fight against. However, I know that now my faith is stronger and I will keep on fighting for this marriage, for my husband and for the life I believe I have been promised. Today I had another little setback as I think I overhead that my job too may be in jeopardy. I know the Lord gives us only what he knows we can take, & I am trying not to worry about it as that will do no good, but I have brought this problem to the Lord too and hope that it all turns out well. Please pray that this problem if it is one, is also resolved for me. Some days I feel so tired, it seems that nothing I have a hand in goes right, but then I remember the good and try to focus on that and I also think of all those so much worse off. If they can look on the bright side of life, I am sure I can and should too.

2/19/2008 22:49

still praying: In response to what you posted on 2/19/2008 15:32:

Several weeks ago I was assigned a new position at work that I was not happy about whatsoever. I knew that it was not for me and would not benefit anyone else. I prayed about it, eventhough I was told it was a done deal and I would definitely be getting transferred. Well, God intervened and caused other circumstances to occur that changed the need for my having to be transferred. My job, at least for the time being, is now again stable. After reading about your concerns for your job, I was immediately impressed upon by the Spirit that you too need not worry about your job if you believe that God will take care of it for you. Surrender it to him, and I believe that you will have nothing to worry about. I feel very strongly about this for you. Please keep my posted so that together we can give the glory to God when our prayers for you are answered. Lord, we prayer together, all of us, that maintaining this job need not be a concern. We believe that in your wisdom and vision, you can see the larger picture and are looking out for those who rely upon you. We are trusting in you, Lord. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen. Thank you, Father!

still praying
2/19/2008 23:11

Voyageur in response to your posting of 2/19/2008 22:49. Thank you, thank you for sharing your story. I am pretty sure that what I heard was about my position and have been feeling sort of odd or uncomfortable about it for some time, even though I enjoy my job and am in a place where there are believers and many who love the Lord and are not afraid to profess their faith. I have been praying and surrendering to God and trusting that he will save my job and situation. I am now sure that you have been used to pass on this message, as you say you felt the spirit impress upon you that if I believe, all will go well. In the same way the spirit sent me to the site now - I am usually either asleep or getting ready for bed at this time and I don't think I have ever checked here late at night. However, something told me to check and to be at peace. I hope I can get back to you within the next little while with good news and also in this way a further strengthening of faith for us all. Thank you for your prayers and concern and for taking the time and trouble to pass on your words and faith. I know he sees the larger picture and if it is not to be, then there will be a change, but I know this time I do not feel strong enough to go thru this, so I hope I can at least have some more time. I also pray for you, that your position continues to be stable and that you find the joy and reward in it that it is meant to be.

2/20/2008 09:45

Hi Ladies(Myroslava,Still Praying and Voyaguer)
Please know that you are in my prayers in a mighty way. For God to bless and restore your marriages. I say in the name of Jesus that your husbands be healed and restored and your families are Whole Again. I recently as God for wisdom and I have be asking Him to restore my marriage also and and He whispered in my ear on Valentines day because I ask my wife if she would like to go to dinner - and we are separated and her answer was no because it hurts right now and I realize that but God spoke to me that day and said "Her Love is a Gift, not a reward of service" - As a Man these words spoke volumes to me because I am from Mars and I had a "Homer Simpson moment"-But seriously I am begining to understand and listening has helped. For you ladies I am thru God and Jesus Christ wishing and praying for you and your marriages all Blessings Rare,Beautiful and Wonderful just like you given by God's Benevolent Sweet Love and Mercy.
As I pray it is my sincere desire of my heart that God allows their ears to hear and their hearts to hear the Songs of Solomon and they rejoice in you.
Thank You for you intercessory prayer and you words of comfort.I Thank You for standing in the "Gap" for my wfe and I and may God Bless you.
Ladies please in the name of Jesus please be and stay strong and remember Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 that there are strength in numbers and Jesus Christ is number 1. MJ23CDR

someone who cares
2/20/2008 12:03

Wow, I thought the only one that was going through problem but reading all this make me want to pray harder and harder for all of us God we need you we love you so much Lord hear prayer in the name of Jesus I pray for all these people in this page that you save all marriages you say you don't believe in divorce what do we do father, Guide us to what is that you want us to do father I ask you to help each and one of us through what are going through..Amen

2/20/2008 13:20

STILL PRAYING~In response to what you posted on 2/19/08: You are absolutely right. Bad days are going to come--sometimes more often than not, but during the real bad days, just praise your way through. Even if tears are falling...praise your way through. God never said it would be easy, He just promised to be there with us.

God bless you!


2/20/2008 13:28

FOR EVERYONE~God can turn the most impossible situation around for your good so He can get the glory. And when you've done all you can do on your part...continue to stand...STAND for the healing and restoration of your marriage. If you don't, who will? And for those who have unsaved or backslidden spouses, it is VITAL that you pray for their salvation and deliverance just as much, if not more, as you do for your marriage to be healed and restored. God sees their salvation and deliverance as priority.

Some of you are constantly fighting with your spouse when they call or come by. Realize that they are NOT the enemy. The adversary, the devil, is your enemy. And unfortunately, he uses those closest to us to hurt us and do his [Satan] evil deeds. Therefore, you need to put your spiritual armor on daily (Ephesians 6:10-18).

May God bless you and keep you safe in His loving arms. Everything is going to be God's timing, not yours. Have a wonderful and blessed day in the Lord!

If any of you would like to talk further, email me:


2/20/2008 19:55

the above message from my sister in Christ says it all. In Gods timing and not our own. I will keep all those that are hurting in my prayers this evening and I ask that you keep me and my family in your. God is with us all even when we don't feel like he is.

2/21/2008 07:52

Please pray for us.My husband is so full of revenge abd what feels like hate towards me.I filed for divorce last oct. 25,2008.I left the home and lived in a motel a few blocks away.I was gone 9 days.On the 9th day we went to the courthouse,and while our attorneys were elsewhere,he started following my around the hall,begging me to come home.I said no.Later that afternoon I was told by a bailiff to go to my home to collect my personal things.I went,and he started the same thing all over again,babe,come home,we can be happy.After a while,I said I would be willing to try once more.It has been HELL ever since the 2nd day.We went to our attorneys and had the proceedings stopped.That "golden" hour was sweet.After he was satisfied that I was staying,he started all over again.I found out during spats that he had gone and told EVERYONE we knew about all of our lifes events.He even told me one of who I thought,was both our friend,that If I tho't for one minute that I would come between them,I had another think coming.I felt threatened by that comment and told him so.He said I deserve all I get for filing divorce against him.He told his family,and they of course took his side.Now he wants me to participate in things like we used to and I can't do it.He trashed me and I don't feel comfortable being around them.His nephew ,age 51 ,died in dec of cancer.I didn't go to the funeral.He went alone,said he had a "great" time.??? My brothers son,age 35 died on feb 14,2008.He wasn't going to go with me for retaliation,but went anyway.I thought we were going to the funeral.NOPE,after 90 minutes he excused us and we came back home.I didn't get near the funeral home.I got as far as my brothers home and that was it.Now he wants a dissolution,without an attorney,I might add,because he says I'm nuts.I am hurt,not only for myself,but for my brothers loss.My husband says our Dr has told him I have a dual personality,as in Sybil,.Dr.denies saying anything like that.What should I do.I don't want a divorce.I want peace.I am 67,he is 76.GOD oh MY LORD,help me!!!

2/21/2008 08:22

delightful_diva_52740, In response to your post. All I can say is that life is entirely too short for such turmoil and I pray that God will grant you peace thru this situation. Heavenly Father we are praying for your divine intervention in this marriage and pray that you will send the answers needed. Amen

2/21/2008 14:21

I need prayers for my marriage. My husband cheated on me this past year with a black woman younger than our daughter. Of course he says he didn't. Too much evidence otherwise. He has done it before with white women. He was going with one when our oldest son was killed. Looks like he would have learned from that. I am afraid God will take another of our kids because of this. Does God do that? But now that he has been with a black woman all he does is stare at them when we are out. Even stares at one of the motels he was in with her. I made myself sick worrying about it and had to stay in hospital. I got to where I don't want to go out anywhere with him and when I do I stay far behind him because he humilates me by staring right in front of me. How can I forgive him? He has always stared at other women in front of me and that doesn't make me want to be with him intmatly. He doesn't understand that. I have no job, money or car, so I can't go anywhere. And no family to stay with. My best friend ( or so I thought) has been telling everything I told her to some of my family members, so now I realize that I am a nobody and I have no one to trust anymore. I gave my problems to God, but I don't see any hope. I am 63 and have kidney disease and he acts like he doesn't care. How much longer do I have to wait before I can have some happiness?

2/22/2008 01:18

I need as many prayers as I can get. My wife of 4.5 years has asked for a divorce, says she dosent love me or want anything to do with me. I am absolutely heart broken. I can't eat, sleep, or work. She is my best friend. I know I have made mistakes. I just pray for a miracle to be able to communicate with her once again and not have her treat me like a complete stranger.

God Bless you all.

2/22/2008 01:19

I need as many prayers as I can get. My wife of 4.5 years has asked for a divorce, says she dosent love me or want anything to do with me. I am absolutely heart broken. I can't eat, sleep, or work. She is my best friend. I know I have made mistakes. I just pray for a miracle to be able to communicate with her once again and not have her treat me like a complete stranger.

God Bless you all.

2/22/2008 23:32


I am praying for you! You deserve to be respected and treated with compassion. Please remember that God loves you; and I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. My prayer for you will be that at least once a day you will experience something that makes you happy. God bless you!

2/22/2008 23:36


I am praying for you! You deserve to be respected and treated with compassion. Please remember that God loves you; and I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. My prayer for you will be that at least once a day you will experience something that makes you happy. God bless you!

2/23/2008 08:49

To all of my friends here at this site I continue to pray that God will lift you up and bless your marriages, and give you peace.

2/23/2008 17:01

ya allah ,
shed your grace on married couples as u shed your grace on 124000 nabhi's.

2/25/2008 13:56

GRANEA~In response to what you posted on 2/21/08: The fact that your husband cheated is awful. It doesn't matter what ethnicity she is--the fact that he cheated is the issue. I am so sorry that this has happened. And to answer your, I don't think that God takes children if a spouse does something wrong. God is loving and caring, and I can't picture a loving and caring God would do something like that. Nevertheless, I am sorry for your loss.

Father God, I thank You for renewing Your child's strength. May her faith be renewed, Lord. May she fully surrender her all to You, so You can keep her in perfect peace. May she not focus on the negative things that she can see in the natural, but may she rather turn her focus to You and the things of You. May she praise her way through this pain, Lord. I pray for her husband's salvation and deliverance from all things that are not pleasing in Your sight. May Your Holy Spirit convict him of his wrongdoings. May he have the desire to want to live a Godly life. May he love his wife just as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for Her. I thank You that this marriage IS (not will be) healed and restored. I plead the blood of Jesus over this marriage, Lord. I also thank You that she is healed of the kidney disease. May she find out who she is in Christ. For she is somebody in You, Lord. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.


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