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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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10/1/2007 06:49

THANK YOU for your prayers, encouragement and update. Please let me know how your weekend went. I pray that God led you to do what would be best for your marriage.

Dear God,
I thank You for this brother in Christ and all those who have stood beside me during this journey of faith. Thank You for providing others to support us and those whom we can provide support, encouragement and prayers for as well. Continue to guide us, strengthen us and increase our faith. Keep us focused on You and bring our wayward, deceived, prodigal spouses home to You Lord so that they may fully return home to us as we wait and pray for them.

I saw a preacher on television recently speaking about what it means to love someone; asking "What is love?" Most people would define it as something that feels good and use visual pictures of hearts, flowers, candy and perfume to describe love. But real love, as this preacher pointed out, is truly desiring the greatest and highest good for another person. And what is that greatest and highest good? Eternal salvation. When we are desiring that the one we love knows God's salvation and is living in God's way, we are truly loving them the best we can. This confirmed to me that I am loving my husband in the best possible way and I continue to pray each day for his repentance, deliverance and salvation. May all of us pray in agreement for these things for our loved ones.

We lift up our hearts and prayers in Jesus' name. AMEN.

10/2/2007 12:24

Blessed Creator,
I know I expect a miracle, but I believe in miracles. I know my children would thrive with both parents in the home. I adore my husband and accept him unconditionally; I know as thy child, I am worthy of being loved and recieving time and attention from my wonderful husband.
We belong together in a home that is a joyful and beautiful sanctuary from the stresses of the world.
thank you so much for thy guidance and love.

10/2/2007 23:00

I read some of the prayers and I am amaze on how many of us are going thtu some mariage problems.
In June my husband told me that he was not in love with me any more. I had cried too many times and can not find peace. He moved out but we still talk with each other. He is not sure of his true feelings but I know he is talking to another woman. I am way too tired, my heart is hurting, I never thought I this would hurt so much. I wish for him to make up his mind, maybe I can find peace and will finally find some peace. I am so confused - I still love him but I am afraid that this pain will be bigger than my love.
My kids are really updet with him, they do not want to talk to him not even to wish him a good nite.

10/3/2007 12:30

This is a difficult time for relationships. However, I see come beautiful marriages as my hope, goal, and inspiration. I admire B&T and how they adore, praise, and flirt with one another after years of marriage. And G&B whose marraige is their strongest asset in whatever trial they endure; they have one another. My siblings each have found beautiful, complementary mates. My mother and father (in their 50s) held hands and walked along the lake at our last reunion.

I believe that my Creator loves and blesses these unions. My husband is a great man and a noble soul; my spirit twin. I ask for a marriage of strength and sanctuary, a marraige of healing and respite, a marraige of unconditional love, honor, and acceptance. I offer my heart, Father, I offer all I am to keep our family together and bless and serve my husband to the greatest capacity I have. Thank you for all I have learned throughout this experience. Bless me to never forget how I've grown and to never take my children and husband for granted again.
Thank you thank you thank you.

10/4/2007 13:01

Dear Friends,
Please pray for my marriage. I've been married for five years. Have two wonderful children. I've known my husband for 18 years. He's been a wonderful person until recently. I'm heart broken. He's having an affair with a woman who captured him at a time when he was weak. He breaks my heart. He talks mean to me. He talks down to me. All of this in the last three or four months. Never, ever before now. I want to forgive him but he hasn't asked for my forgiveness. I didn't marry a perfect man and I am not a perfect woman. I want my marriage to work. I want my children to have both parents. Please pray for me. I have had thoughts of divorce but I prayed and decided to stay. I don't believe in divorce but I want to do what is right for my mind, heart, spirit and children.

10/4/2007 17:04

I had a rough day yesterday and really that I need some help (counseling) to ease my pain. Here is a prayer for all of us:
O Lord, I am torn up with grief.
I know you are there, but I cannot see past
my sorrow and tears.
Be with me, Lord, and do not take
my unhappiness to heart.
Rather, work within me to guide me through
these dark days
and bring your light to my life,
so that I may see your goodness, even in my mourning.
By - Maureen Pratt

10/4/2007 18:17

May our Beloved Creator bless our hearts to once again find the devotion and passion for one another that our spirits have not forgotten.

10/9/2007 15:35

Please pray for my marriage. I am a 21 year old student who got married at 19 to a 25 year old man. We got married because as a christian i did not want to have sex before marriage. and before we were married everything was good. we were so much in love. But right after the wedding, everything went down hill. we do not communicate, sometimes he is so mean to me and he says a lot of things to hurt my feelings. we do not have a good sex life. maybe this has something to do with the fact that i was molested when i was a child, and i don't like having sex because i don't enjoy it. I don't know if the sex was different if our marriage would be much different too. people tell me that he is just frustrated and that he still loves me, but i don;t know how much longer i can take this. i can't even pray-i don't feel like it. i feel sad and alone and i don;t know what to do. please pray for my marriage as well as my spiritual life. i thank you all in advance.

10/9/2007 19:54

blessed creator
there are so many of us united in prayer here. hear us, bless us, let our hearts and voices create a beautiful blessing of love and healing. watch over our families. heal the wounded hearts of our children and those that have been betrayed or abused. bless us with that which we stand in need of. bless us to open up and receive the best of thy blessings. above all, direct us, let us hear your guidance and know how our hands and hearts can work the miracle you would have happen in our lives. amen

10/10/2007 13:52

Dear Prayer Family,
Please keep my family in your prayers. My children are so heartbroken over the path my husband has chosen for himself. He needs to feel how much we love him and need to be together. Let him feel our love, know he is accepted and feel the joy of keeping our family together. I want his happiness. I want him to feel every kind of fulfillment, and I want to be at his side in support and love as his wife forever and always.
Dear Father, hear our prayers, bring us together in strength and joy. amen

10/13/2007 15:54

may our prayers be heard, may promises be kept, may children's hearts be comforted, may our love and trust be greater than all other concerns. may you bless us, father, for the highest good for all involved. may love prevail. amen

Woman of Authority
10/16/2007 16:52

I have read meaning of the postings and they all seem to flow along the same lines, of marriages being under attack. The enemy hates marriage because it is a reflection of the church, Christ and his Bride. The authority to put the enemy to flight is in our hand. My marriage of eight years has been under attack for the last few years. Until he finally left with the other woman he was involved with. I have not given up on the marriage and know we were joined together by God. We have since started back talking and he has expressed to me he wants to come back but give him some more time. He does not realize the danger he is in being out of the will of God in a relationship outside his marrige. So now ladies I touch and agree with all of you according to the word of God where any two touch and agree and ask any one thing it shall be done. We take authority in the name of Jesus over every demonic assignment set out against our marriages and we bind the snares, traps and every plot and plan of the enemy. We command now that every soul tie, emotional tie, and physical relationships outside of the bond of our marriages be broken now and severed by the blood of Jesus Christ. We speak restoration, healing, understanding to our marriages. We stand on the word of God declaring we have the Victory and life and death is in the power of our tongue we can have what we say. We speak our husbands are home, faithful, and committed to their families in Jesus Name. Aman

10/19/2007 07:10

I am a 40+ recently divorced male. I simply wanted to be a godly husband. My wife decides she wants a divorce to set me free to find someone she says who will make me happy. It was my desire that we grow together in Christ.

10/19/2007 11:55

Dear Prayer Family, I am really excited that I came across this site. I have really been going through with my husband of almost four years and just reading some of the prayers on this site has made me really realize that there is somebody out there going through something similiar to what you are going through. Well I am asking for prayer for me and my husband and chidren. We have to fight the emery because he has came to destroy what God has join together. So I ask that we all rebuke the devil out of our marriages. Going through my situation with my husband has help me to become a praying wife. My husband left me about nine months after we got married for another woman and took me through hell and back during that separation but I was praying for him. He came back home a little over a year and I was thinking everything was going fine but he did not change. So three weeks ago he left home. I ask God to bring him back home and now he is back home and I am still praying for my marriage and husband so I ask that this prayer family pray for me and my family as well as the other marriages on this site and out there in the world.In Gods word whatever we ask for we shall receive if we have faith. We hold the power of life and death in the power of our tounge. If anybody wants to pray with me online my e mail address is Thank You all for praying for my marriage and my husband and family in Jesus name.

10/19/2007 12:14

First given honor to god who is the head of my life,
Hello All its been a while since i have been on the sight as i was ashamed to come on because i have not been living the way i should nor given thanks to gos for my many blessings. I know the devil is a lie...
Lord jesus i thank you for waking me uo this morning and giving me the right mind to be saved.Lord jesus i come to you today with a heavy heart as always, Lord jesus you know my heart and my situation, you know the situation with my arriage ..Lord I feel as though i donot want to be married anymore I am not in love with my husband I do not seee a future with him.There are many things that i want in life and i honestly donot feel like i can have them with him.Lord i put this situation in your hands,Lord i ask for you to bring me back into the house of the lord and SAVE me lord..I know i cant make it through this world on my own I NEED you.
Lord jesus i come together with each and every person here on this site that their marriages be healed and restored in your name jesus. Lord i come together so that all the broken hearts be mended in jesus name amen.

10/19/2007 13:40

Please pray for my husband who is fighting a battle with drugs. I am doing everything in my power to make him stronger. Pray for my daughter also who is bieng affected by this problem. I have faith that this ex-haerione addict and ex-con can do it. God bless all thank you carol.

10/19/2007 13:43

I pray for this nation. I pray that our president wont veto our coverage in health care. I pray for peace and faith for our troubled world. I pray for all marriages and famlies to stay together and God bless them. Love Carol

10/19/2007 13:44

I pray for you Natassia yur in my parayers hopeing that you and your husbasnd will make it. God Bless you booth Amen

10/20/2007 11:03

Dear Lord,
Please grant us all the strenght we need to make it through this challenges in our lives. I to am having a marital problem, my husband for 18 years left not telling where he's going and I am worried sick not knowing. I love him and whatever it is he is going through, I feel like we can make it as long as we are together. Please include us in your prayers. thanks

10/21/2007 20:58

Hello all and god bless,
"caroltaylor5171"thank you for your prayers.
Lord i thank you for waking me up this morning.Lord teach me to seek you for real i am so tired of being on he fence! Lord i ask that u touch each and every person here on this circle.I have so many answers 4 u lord..i wonder do u here my prayers? What am i suppose to do when i want out of my marriage?lord i have so many questions for you ,for me ..Lord please guide me to do what is right.

10/21/2007 21:45

father you have given marriage to be a wholesome and joyful thing. please give us the ability to seek your face in the marriage that we may have today. thank you father.

10/22/2007 09:49

It breaks my heart to read about so many marriages undergoing such difficult trials, especially infidelity and divorce. My husband have been living with the other woman for over a year now. I can hardly believe I have endured this long. God brings me through one day at a time. I cannot see anything changing. I do not see a resolution. I do not see God working or how this will ever end. The pain is intense and often times overwhelming. When it gets bad, I simply call upon the name of Jesus. It is all I can do.

I thank you all for standing in agreement with me for OUR marriages to be restored and healed in the mighty name of JESUS and for ALL SOUL TIES TO BE COMPLETELY SEVERED IN ALL ADULTEROUS AND UNGODLY RELATIONSHIPS. We pray in FAITH for our marriages to be healed and rebuilt upon the SOLID ROCK for GOD HATES DIVORCE. We were joined with our spouses in a covenant which cannot be broken; a covenant in which God stood as witness with us and continues to stand with us for, no matter what others may say or believe. We must believe that even though we cannot see hope, resolution or the movement of God in our situations, that GOD IS WORKING. That is faith. We are called to walk by faith--to trust, hope and believe even when we cannot see.

I pray for the Holy Spirit to touch many marriages, all those posted here and others not on this site. I pray for prodigals hearts to be transformed, for lives to be changed and marriages restored ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD.

May God continue to bless us and strengthen us as we wait for the fulfillment of His promises.

In Jesus Name We Pray. AMEN.

10/22/2007 17:57

Please pray for my marr1age,my husband work in another countryand only vist twice per year,pray for stength.

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