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Shane Whalen
This Prayer Circle is Dedicated to my son Shane Whalen Who Passed Away On March 15, 1999 at the Age of 24, & All Other Children

Start a prayer circle for bereaved parents who have lost a child.

There are many of us out there who have lost a child, and it is devastating. It changes the outlook on life, plunges you into a depression, and you think that the feelings and thoughts you have nobody else could possibly relate to. I think a prayer circle for bereaved parents would only benefit us and help us on our journey of grief. This Circle is one of Love, where a Grieving Parent can safely come to for Prayers, and to talk about their feelings.

Shaner -10/14/2000
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7/29/2003 01:10

Dearest Angel Moms, Yes I agree Sandy I think we all thought and prayed for our Dear Selva and hope all is well and getting some well deserved Peace too, you make us feel normal Mike and I laughed last nite that if anyone bugged our home they wouldn't believe what they would hear, Oh Clowny Loves Pink try the purple cube come on clowny up to the top and Scrub a Dub and the daily events too funny so thanks for telling us we are normal and thanks for the support. I saw Oscars and boy they are so huge and beautiful but one tank fills one. I read that fish are so intelligent that some will come to the surface if you put your finger in just to give them a good scratch though I don't think an Oscar wouldn't mistake the gesture but I think all creatures love communication maybe sharks and we don't know yet I had two hummers sit in front of my face not once but twice today that was a first I need to keep a journal who needs TV. I can't wait to be mobile and go to the aquarium and just sit and watch for hours its so relaxing and Shar and I will make it work and Thanks so much for your Love and Prayers for Shar and you will be through me from her she doesn't keyboard and if its ok I'd like her to come and read Post so she can see though she knows who is in need and what's happening like Selva is at a retreat of sorts Verna is writing a book Deb is going to school etc etc so once she reads I think she will be able to write I'm just the keyboarder she knows special events and who needs prayer and sometimes Praise reports so if you all agree I bring her to the circle she feels like she would be intruding on personal so I'm asking all of you how you feel, she asked me how much time I spend on the computer and couldn't figure it out it all depends and I didn't mind Mike sending resumes I just missed being here and saying good journey for Selva and being here for Lisa and Deb you are in my heart and prayers too so let me know ok Verna hope your doing better and getting rest and quiet time for a bit and what an awesome e-mail Please say a Prayer for a friend who is having a hard time with losing her son and she won't come yet but I'd like to make a memorial for her son Randy he recovered from one type of cancer only to die of cancer so I'm hoping for approval everytime we have a get together she talks and crys and his Anniversary is coming up so I will ask tomorrow maybe it will be a beginning its 2yrs in August sometimes we both end up with tears. She does the newsletter for the community and she put three panels of Randy he has a dandelion in the first looking at it and then blows on it and then it blows away underneath it says "Close Your Eyes and make a Wish" its so precious. I hope she will come someday when she is ready her name is Tish and Randy was eight so if you could keep her in your prayers for her and family and marriage. I'm sure you must all get crosseyed from my long Post but thanks for bearing my long Post. Much Love my Dear Sisters and BEARHUGS Donna

7/29/2003 03:22

Dearest Selva, There is a song that came from the movie Fievel and it goes like this Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight someone{ alot of someones] is thinking of you and is thinking of you and Loving you tonight. We are thinking of you and sending Our Love & Hope Love&BearHugs Donna

7/29/2003 14:44

Hello dear Donna, yes, we all miss our sister Selva, and are praying that she does find peace and is enjoying a well-deserved rest in the beautiful countryside. She's only been gone 2 days, and already we miss her, :) Can't wait to hear her news when she returns!
Yeppers, some may not agree, :) but it's normal to me/us, we talk to all the critters, and the fish and especially Oscar, he was so big, yep, in how own large tank, and depending on his mood, he would change colours, from brown to an orange, we never touched him though, his teeth were too sharp and nobody wanted to chance it, :) but he was a pet, nevertheless, along with our other fish and dog, now I'd love to have a Parakeet like Sr. Pat, he sounds so cute, :) I'd love to go whale-watching, or swim with the Dolphins, maybe someday! Oh gosh, two hummers twice in one day, that must have been something, and yes, who needs tv when we have so much to see and be entertained by with God's creatures!
I can finally sit outside at night and stargaze, saw a shooting star, so beautiful as it streaked across the dark sky, such wonders He has given us!
Oh dear Donna, you don't need permission to bring Shar here, I can't see anybody objecting, I agree with Selva, she's part of our family now, and knows us all, we're so blessed that she keeps us in her love and prayers, as we do for her, so Shar, if you're reading this, WELCOME, your dear sis can type for you and we'd all LOVE to hear from you, if you just want to read the posts at first, that's OK, but hoping and praying that you do post, you're our sister too!!
Ah, that's so sad about Tish, her precious Randy beating one type of cancer, only to lose him to another, God bless her, of course we'll remember her in our prayers, and I hope one day she'll join our family here, when she feels comfortable to do so.
Much love to you too dear Donna,and you make sure and rest yourself,
Teddy Hugs galore,

7/29/2003 14:51

Hello my dear friend Deb, my thoughts, prayers and love are with you tomorrow on another difficult day, the memories may come rushing at you, and I pray that Our Lord helps you with your day tomorrow and gives you peace my dear friend. Prayers and lots of love to you,

7/29/2003 14:54

Hello dear Angel Moms, I came across this quote, it's short but profound, thought I would share it with all of you,
Beyond this vale of tears,
There is a life above,
Unmeasured by the flight of years;
And all that life is love.

Lots of love to all, & Bear Hugs too,

7/30/2003 02:13

Dearest Deb, Our Hearts and Prayers are with you and don't think your going crazy, just follow your heart and I wish we were all with you to hold you and listen write if it helps will be here, be very gentle on yourself. Heavenly Father, Send our Angels and Hold Deb tight within your gentle arms and reach her with your Love and wipe her tears and comfort her heart and soul. Help her to climb upon your lap and find comfort that only you can give forever more, send our Spirit of Love to her and her Love Ones. Amen We Love You Deb and sending Teddie Hugs Donna

7/30/2003 02:31

Hi Donna, ~ I thought the fwd page, that Cindy shared with us, was beautiful too. So, I didn't waste any time passing it on to my dearest friends and family. Donna, I want you to know how very much I appreciate the time you spend sending love and hugs to all of us here in our circle of love. You are definitely allowing God to use you to do His work, and we are so blessed because of it. And, of course, the same is true of our other moms who post as often as time permits. Lately, because of my physical limitations with typing, which sometimes have to endure, and all the requirements that I am dealing with right now in an effort to finish my book project, I have gotten so far behind with reading and submitting individual post to all. I still haven't tried the voice gaget yet, but hope to try the one that Cheryl's husband has soon. I know I shouldn't allow down time to bother me, but it's hard not to. :( I don't like having to miss coming here and checking on everyone ... Not even for one day. I guess I'm just venting now, because I know I can do that here, and everyone will understand. :) So, to you, Sandy, Selva, Deb, Eva, Lisa, and all our other precious angel moms, I just want to say just how grateful I am to be a part of such a loving and devoted family. I really enjoyed reading and catching up on all that's going on with everyone. I join all in praying for and missing our dear sister, Selva. I hope she gets lots of rest and find peace, which only our Lord can provide. I especially enjoyed reading about your pets, the wild creatures and all! :) Can't wait to share the adventures the girls and I had during their growing up years with our pet dogs, Toby and Taboo, (both Collies,and also, a German Shepherd, named Tom, that my husband owned for a while, long after the girls had grown up and moved away! :) Make sure you tell Shar that like Sandy, and the other angel moms ... In my heart and love, she already IS a member of our circle of love, God bless her. :) As Selva so wisely puts it, we choose our family. So, tell Shar, that yep, she has been chosen by all of us here in our wonderful and caring circle of love. And, I join Sandy and the rest of our angel moms in praying that all will turn out fine with the latest test she will be undergoing soon. I've been through the MRI thing, and it really isn't that bad, and the time goes by so quickly, it's over in no time. I also pray the test will reveal the problem, and that God will heal her in every way. I also pray for your friend, Tish, and her son, Randy. May God give her precious memories and moments of peace, for which we all pray. God bless you, dear Donna, and thanks again for sharing your boundless compassion, love, and hugs. :) And, yep, here's a (((BigTeddyHug))) coming at you and Shar, & family with lots of love :) ~ Verna

7/30/2003 02:33

Dearest Sandy, Oscar sounds so beautiful and changing colors. I do hope you get a parakeet or two, we miss our menagire of critters but hope someday when we move to have a puppy for pet therapy a cockatiel and fish we already have a name for the pup "Buttons" like Red Buttons he is one of our Favorites. Thank You for all your Love and will pass on to Shar today she had another MRI the next is Aug 11 and hoping I can be with her and yes I tell her all the time how she has a family of Loving Sisters and she recieves your Love with such Joy. I won't see her this week hoping for a good day to go even for awhile I figure I go to the Dr's myself and if I'm careful and put my foot up I could spend some time with her and yes today I crashed so heavy a sleep that I never heard my neighbor who popped her head in I don't sleep in the day but today I pooped out I'll miss my friends the critters they are fattening up for migration and scrub a dub needs fattening. Your quote is so beautiful and comforting Goodnight my Dear Sister and yes we all be praying for Deb and hopefully our Love will reach her. Love&Hope & BearHugs Always Donna I haven't seen shooting star how Wonderful I'm glad you can sit out again its so Peaceful isn't it. Lisa we are holding you in our Hearts and Prayers too. God's Blessings and Peace to All.

7/30/2003 02:41

Dear Deb, ~ I know this is a difficult day for you. I just wanted to let you know that I join all the other angel moms in lifting you up in prayer. May you feel the presence of your guardian angel all around you. We are storming heaven with prayer for you, and pray that you will feel the results of our prayers, and that our Lord and Savior will wrap His loving arms around you and give you a measure of peace, and a whole lot of fond memories throughout the day. God bless you, Deb.
Love, hugs, and prayers!

7/30/2003 09:04

Good Morning Angel Moms,
I just wrote a really long post and something happened and it all disapeared! Da-- It! So, here we go again.
Deb, please know that I am with you in spirit today. I know this will be a very sad day for you and have 2 more to come. You have been such an inspiration to me and I just want you to know that I am sending you a "HUGE" (((Bear Hug))) right now. Did you feel it? As you tell me, let the feelings flow and reach out for God. Love You Lots and Lots, Lisa
That is way to cool that you have an Oscar. I have always thought about getting one, but isn't that the kind of fish that you have to feed other little fish to? I don't know if I could do that or not, lol. I know it's nature and all, but I just don't know if I could do it.
I also name critters around the house. I thought I was weird...good to know that I am not the only one that does that. I even have names for the lizards in the backyard.(hmmm???)
Actually I have been giving the thought of getting a parrot a lot of consideration. They say they will out live you and they become very attached to their owners so you should think long and hard before making a decision. Do any of you have one? Right now we only have 2 dogs. They are half Shitzu and half Pekinese. They will be 12 in October and they are really lovable. They are actually Aaron and Christopher's puppies but I'm sure you all know how that goes.... I feed, bath, walk, etc.(lol) Their names are Prissy and Spike. I bet you can guess which one was Aarons?? haha Anyhow, I just wanted to post real quick and let everyone know that I am okay for now and still very very busy. We are moving the office tomorrow and Friday. Maybe I will be able to post more often after the move, etc. I sure hope Selva is having a nice time, she sure deserves it. May she find the peace she is searching for. I can't wait to hear about it. Oh, I almost forgot...Donna, please please tell Shar that she is already a part of this family and we would love it if she would post whenever she feels like it. Let us know how the MRI comes out. How are you feeling? Better???
God please Bless All the Angel Moms today and let them feel their special angels presence. Please give Deb and extra special blessing today and fill her with peace. God Bless Us All.

7/30/2003 13:53

dear angel moms,
i want to thank all of you for thinking of me and posting such beauiful post for me. i wasdoing really well until something pushed me overt turn the computor on and sign. I know it was all 0f your prayers that you have sent my way. i don't know what i would do with out a family like you. no one else remeber this day. when it all started. i didn't even want to get out of bed this morning. i did so i could watch my niece this monning for my sister and had a great time to keep me busy. sorry i haven't posted in a couple of days but school kept me real busy and now there are two nights of class left and i'm done until sept. 2nd for the next one. i have the whole month of and plan on going to the beach evey day.
lots of love and thoughts for you all.

Dear father i ask for your prayers on these special angel moms who in pain themselfs have asked for prayers for me, and post such wonderful and encouraging words to help me make it through the day. i want to thank them so much from the bottom of my heart and some how show them that i am so blessed to have and know wonerful friends like them. i ask this in your name the father amen.

7/30/2003 15:13

Hello our dear Miss V, you vent away, we're all here for you! It must be frustrating when you can't type, but hopefully you'll get to borrow your son-in-law's gadget soon, it'll be such a big help when your hands are acting up on you. Plus you're busy with your book right now, so it's understanable that you can't post as often as you'd like, but we all know that you keep us in your prayers and love, and that's the best gift possible! As Eva says, keep pressing on, and take care of yourself, and yes, dear Donna is a loving blessing to us all, and it'll be so nice when Shar posts to us all, God bless you Miss V,
Much love & Hugs,

7/30/2003 16:10

Hello dear Donna, yes, Oscar is beautiful, changing colours as he does, you'd think we'd give him a different name, but 'Oscar' just seems to fit him, :) and yes, I'd love to have a Parakeet! I hope you get your heart's desire for all your critters when or if you move, cockatiels are beautiful too, and "Buttons" is a cute name, :) gosh yes, I remember Red Buttons, I can't remember is he's still with us or not?
Hoping and praying Shar's MRI went well today, and something came from it, yes, she's part of our family here, and we receive her prayers and love with Joy too!! Yes sweetie, rest your foot as much as possible, and if you pooped out and crashed, then you must have needed it, so good for you, napping sometimes during the day is refreshing, I do it when I've had a night of insomnia, and it really helps! The critters are fattening themselves up for migration, scrub-a-dub too, so they must be very busy right now! Yes, thanks to DEET I can sit outside at nights with Palmer, and the shooting star was so beautiful, only the second one I've ever seen! I love the night sky, the Milky Way, all the Constellations, our awesome God created such a wonder that we can enjoy.
Lots of love & Bear Hugs to you dear one,

7/30/2003 16:40

Hi dear Lisa, oh, isn't it frustrating when that happens, happy though that you had the patience to try again, :)
Yes, Oscar's are cool, at least we think so, :) they have a lifespan of 20-25 years, that's a long life for a fish in an aquarium, but our Oscar has a nice, big home, yes, their normal diet in their natural habitat is smaller fish, and one day one of the boy's friends brought over 2 Goldfish and before we could yell "STOP" in they went, and Oscar had a treat. We know too that it's the 'laws of nature', but we just can't do it, we feed him special food and freeze-dried shrimp, and that's good enough for us, and good enough for him!! Weird for naming your critters? No way! I think that's cute that you've named your lizards! Yes, Parrots are good birds too and are personable like Parakeets, and live long lives like cockatiels do, so give it some thought, the joy you get back will be well worth it, as you already know, having 2 cute dogs, :) Yep, been there, done that, ha, ha, good old Mom, huh! Although I have to say that Shane loved walking our dog, and playing with him, he was a black Lab, but unfortunately had to be put down, and we said 'never again' after that, it's like losing a member of your family.
Oh, I'm so happy you're feeling better, I can tell by your post, but don't get discouraged if you have bad or valley days, grief is one step forward and then sometimes one step back, but you're doing well right now and that makes us all very happy for you!! Gosh yes, once you're done moving offices, it'll be wonderful to see more posts from you, laughed at your fwd. today, it was cute, and we're all missing Selva but hoping and praying that everything goes well for her, I know she can 'feel' all our prayers and love that are with her.
May you feel your Angel around you today, maybe a butterfly, much love and Hugs to you dear Lisa,
Love Sandy

7/30/2003 20:57

Hi my dear Deb, you're our sister, and we're your's in this big family of our's, of course we would remember what today is for you, God love you. I'm so happy that our love and prayers reached you and made you come to the Computer, God is sooo good! We know today is the day of Michael's accident, and you'd be feeling sad, but I'm so happy that you had your little niece over and put some happiness into your day for you! I bet you're looking forward to getting the next 2 days over with, and can finally enjoy some of the summer - let us know how your grades did, we're rooting for you! Gosh Deb, what would we do without you, so it works both ways, love ya my friend, and what a beautiful prayer for all,
Much love & Bear Hugs,

7/30/2003 23:52

Dearest Deb, You are so awesome, here you were caring for your neice which makes the wonder of Love alive and fun {I Hope] and than you write a prayer for all of us, you have such a beautiful Heart. A candle is lit for remembrance of Michael and You and Chris and Dad so may God cover you with His blanket of Love and Mercy Our Love reaches across the miles but its not far from one heart to another. Enjoy the beach and whats left of summer you deserve so much and anything that makes you feel swell has been richly and so deserved. You are in our Hearts and Prayers. Love&BEARHUGS Donna

7/31/2003 00:04

Dearest Lisa, I agree with Sandy you sound good for an overworked employee and Mom and you press on. I like that you name critters too lizard are so beautiful and move so gracefully tell us your names please, I see lizards but I fear for them because they are a source of the roadrunners diet and want them to hide but they are beautiful, there are so many types of Parrots and beautiful and just like people they have different personalities so check out breeders who hand feed and tame them and find a group of other folks with the same passion, much can be gained from there experiences, my neighbor had to give hers away because she didn't know how to train him and he was a bitter Macaws tend to be strong willed and need the right loving training with boundaries and also have someone who would be eager to take he/she for there lives are longer than ours Cockatoos a beautiful white with pink and a beautful fan crown. I'm so glad for all the sharing of these wonderful Blessings in our lives, I hope when the move is done that you get a big break too you have worked so hard through so much I like to hear a story of Lisa gets a holiday. Love&BearHugs Donna

7/31/2003 00:16

Dearest Verna, tomorrow I'll light a candle that your pain will ease and I do know its hard to be away and what would I do without all of you in my mailbox How many times your cards and Love have lifted me up and made me laugh and touched my heart, you have all brighten my spirit and my days and I am inspired by you all, belonging to this Loving family is more than I could have desired after Mikey I sing again and laugh and find understanding beyond measure my life has been so Blessed we give we share we weep we laugh and lift each other up and to be in the land of non judging and such Love. Is it not a peice of Heaven here on earth. Its a circle because it all goes around one to another. Rest Dear Verna when I couldn't be here I prayed I cryed and than finally left it in Our Precious Lords hands for we have a wonderful caregiver so please do not fret and soon you will be speaking and resting your sore hands and you will complete your book that is a celebration I look forward to whole heartedly. Love&BearHugs Dear Verna

8/1/2003 12:55

Hi dear Deb, today's the start of your well-earned vacation, and I hope you're at the Beach, sunning, swimming and building castles, :) Enjoy some much deserved fun!
Our dear sister Selva's week is coming to an end, we all miss you my dear sister, and I pray that you had a wonderful week and you'll tell us all about it when you return!
Lots of love & {{Hugs}}

8/1/2003 13:36

hi shaner,
i didn't go to the beach instead i went and picked up my niece and took her to the mall to see if i could get her pictures' taken for a surprise for my sister but no luck they had no time to squeeze me in so we are at my house just playing. well sh just woke so i'll need to finish after. lots of thoughts and prayers to all you angel moms and thank you so much for all your kind thougts and prayers . love ya deb

8/1/2003 16:23

Ah dear Deb, that's so loving and sweet of you to do, that's unfortunate that you didn't get in though, maybe next time! I know you're a loving, fun Aunt, and what a blessing for you and for your little niece to enjoy each other, and a loving sis too, trying to surprise her with some pictures. I love my little niece too and what a Joy it is for me to be with her, looking at life through her innocent eyes. She's only 3, but will be 4 in Sept. I'm the Aunt who always has gum, :)
Love ya too Deb,

8/2/2003 00:26

I dedicate this to the Columbus Crew for Ben that they may be healed.

8/2/2003 06:57

Dear csntycw, You are all being Prayed for and hope you will find a Haven here to express your feelings "no judgement" Just sincere Love and Our Prayers are with You. BearHugs Donna

8/2/2003 07:16

Hi Everyone, I couldn't send e-mails to all and Dear Lisa I've tried everyday to send and they come back ? so I'm letting you all know there is a Prayer Circle established for anyone in any need of Prayer Yes my Sisters the ripple grows thanks to All of You in Honor of Mikey and Christina and I'm able to keep there Memorials seperate the Circle is in there name and the title Are You in Need of Prayer so please please Post there for any kind of need too You know I've had alot of down time being sick healing from treatments and two breaks but awhile back when all I could do for 2yrs was live between my bath and bed God told me I wasn't useless I could Pray so thats what I do and now have incorporated two Angels as advocates Pass the word ok and Mikeys b-day is the 9th and I can't think of a better gift please know my sincerety that whatever the need you will be prayed for and kept in my heart my children and God. Sandy, Deepest Thanks I've been waiting for an answer and it finally came, Deb, if I had small children I would want you to teach them you have such a Loving Heart made for children which is such a gift, Sandy I held off writing till I had an answer so please forgive my silence and a little sad news we lost clowny, he was a dear friend thow he had fins he made our Day and will be sorely missed but we know where he is so that helps alot and too think I finally have Christina and Mikey togehter Hurrah! and Shar's MRI was cancelled for next week and her Dr told her what she knew in her heart she had to leave school so we have burned up the phone lines everyday {we usually do anyway but this week was different. Verna, you have been in my heart and Prayers too Please Dear Sister it was a horrible hoax and we all understand so please don't feel bad there is a little girl and her family who will benefit from our Love&Prayers The Ripple grows because of all of You Thankyou from the bottom of my Heart Love&BearHugs Donna

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