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Shane Whalen
This Prayer Circle is Dedicated to my son Shane Whalen Who Passed Away On March 15, 1999 at the Age of 24, & All Other Children

Start a prayer circle for bereaved parents who have lost a child.

There are many of us out there who have lost a child, and it is devastating. It changes the outlook on life, plunges you into a depression, and you think that the feelings and thoughts you have nobody else could possibly relate to. I think a prayer circle for bereaved parents would only benefit us and help us on our journey of grief. This Circle is one of Love, where a Grieving Parent can safely come to for Prayers, and to talk about their feelings.

Shaner -10/14/2000
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7/25/2003 05:08

Dearest Selva, How do we say we are sorry for such terrible goverment laws, it would upset me know I want to why after all those people went through to get here God Bless them for there courage but we were once a country of asylum and mercy, and I'm sorry that person was so rude and hateful and you are right that person is in the wrong job and I agree with Sandy Good for you speaking up where is there mercy I hope you can speak to someone who will talk to this person even if they were having a bad day and left there sensitivity under there pillow maybe by someone talking to this person it would help and we are praying for your reconnection. God got through it all, if there something we can do will you write and let us know meanwhile we are praying and Please Please Rest so you will be ready for your trip refreshed, You are in Our Hearts and Prayers and boy you need a break a time to refresh Love&BearHugs Donna

7/25/2003 05:13

Dear Verna, just read the article about the young woman who lost her parents and lost so much and found how to forgive by a woman named Karla who was on death row, it was so moving and profound Thanks bunches for sending it, and hope you are feeling better, I like the way you dream BIG its great to hear your JOY all I like is a copy from the book store and than have you sign it, hope its out by Christmas. Keep Dreaming Your Joy is infectious Love&BearHugs Donna

7/25/2003 05:27

Dear Angel Moms, Thanks bunches for your beautiful e-mails and Prayer forwards to I signed up for daily but I want to say Thank You for brightening my days and the Love is overwhelming. I just have one question did you try to lick your elbow I fess up I did it was fun all the trivia and haven't tryed that since I was a kid. So Thanks seems so short for all the Love Joy and sharing sorrow too, I think we all thought of you Selva when we learned today and am so Sorry but tell me did you try to lick your elbow for just a moment. I crack up alot these days, how you find all these neat cards is wonderful. Hoping tomorrow is more Peaceful and more Joyful. Love to All & Big Big BearHugs. Don't scold because I'm up late just finished cleaning and aquarium and Justin is in Dallas visiting so I'm a little restless all is well just using my restlessness to good purpose and Clowny the fish is very happy. Donna Oh Eva heard on TV that tylenol pm is not addictive so I hope it helps. Let us know what the Dr said ok LISA we miss you and are worried are you ok talk to anyone but please let us know your ok or need some Love and help. God I Love this Family.

7/25/2003 12:10

Hi everyone,
I just finished reading all the posts from the last 2 weeks. Thank you all for asking about me. My trip was good, but alot of work. I worked about 40 hours of overtime. So, the paycheck will look nice! New York is such a busy city. What you see on TV is exactly how it really is...horns blowing, cab drivers yelling, people pushing and shoving on the sidewalks. It was absolutely amazing. I cannot believe how the cab drivers really is QUITE scary. But I made it back in one piece, lol.
Christopher seems to be doing a little better this week. I have my fingers crossed and am praying very hard everyday for him. Thank you all for your posts on Aaron's prayer circle.
I have been so incredibly busy that I have not had any time to really think about anything. I don't know if that is good or bad. But the weekend is coming and that is usually when I have my breakdowns ):
Selva, your trip is this weekend isn't it? I hope you have a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear about it. I hope you get the information you want so badly about Evelyn and Don. I agree with Sandy and Donna's advice about the woman who angered you.
Donna, thanks so much for emails and I apologize to all of you for not posting or emailing back lately. I truly have been swamped at work, etc. I promise it will settle down soon and I will have more time to read and post.
Sandy, I am sorry we didn't get to meet up when I was in NY, but hopefully we will meet at Selva's this winter.
Any more plans for that? Let me know what I can do to help. Have you thought about the date yet?
I love all of you and am very proud to be a part of this family.
Keep the faith!

7/26/2003 10:20

Hi dear Lisa, so HAPPY to see a post from you! Your working trip sounds like it was busy, but fun also. I hope you were able to take in some sites in the big Apple, there's so much to see and do, yes, what we see on tv or the movies is probably pretty accurate at depicting life in Manhattan, etc. That's where my parents went on their Honeymoon! That's terrific about Christopher, it puts your mind and heart at ease and rest. Hopefully it was just a phase he was going through, and with prayers said for him, and Aaron watching over him, he's over it.
You just rest sweetie, you must have been very busy when you got back, and are slowly getting caught up with everything, but I'm so happy that we heard from you! Love you too dear Lisa and blessed that you're a part of this wonderful, loving family here! God bless you,
Much love & Bear Hugs,

7/26/2003 10:29

Good Morning Angel Moms,
Well, today is 10 months since my Aaron went home to God. I don't know exactly what I am feeling. I want to burst out crying but at the same time keep pushing the thoughts out of my head. Is this normal? I have been keeping myself so busy that I don't think about it and today I am having a really hard time not thinking about it. I don't want to be all depressed and crying but at the same time I do. I don't even know if Randy realizes what today is. I know Christopher does though because yesterday he asked me about it. He spent the night out last night because he said he drank a few beers and promised me he would never drive and drink. I am so worried about him. I don't know how much he is truly drinking. It scares the he-- out of me. But I am so grateful that he did call and decided not to drive. Thank you God. Well, I am pretty insane today so I guess I will get off of here....I can't seem to get my thoughts straight. Really messed up today. I love all of you.

7/26/2003 10:36

Hi dear Donna, ok, I fess up that I tried it, :) and also the foot and #6 thing, but just not co-ordinated enough, ha, ha! It's good to crack-up and laugh, and yes, you're up with the birds, or maybe even before them! Isn't cleaning an aquarium fun, we used to have 3 but good old Mom was the one who did the cleaning, :) You and Sr. Pat are the same, naming all your critters, clowny, that's cute, and yes, all the Cards, fwd.'s, letters from all come with their love and touches the heart in such a special way! You have a good weekend,
Lots of love & Bear Hugs,

7/26/2003 10:58

Oh dear Lisa, I guess we're on at the same time, just saw your post, today is Aaron's 10th month Anniversary, a special day, and you go ahead and cry, holding it in or trying to push your feelings aside isn't very good for you, everyone will tell you here to let them out, don't make the mistake that some of us did, thinking we had to be 'strong', it takes much more courage and bravery to feel what you're feeling and say what's in your mind and heart, dear Lisa, and yes, grieving can be so confusing, our emotions are all over the place, but please let them out, and remind those around you why you're sad today and need comforting. Don't shut down, you can always post here, you know that, so please do what feels right for you today. Yes, that's wonderful that Christopher didn't drive, and he remembers what today is, perhaps that was his way of coping with it, but it must be a worry to you, I can't remember how old Christopher is, but I understand, you don't want him to be drinking more than he should, and it's so hard to know when they're out with their friends. But he did have the smarts to call you and not drive, so that's a very good thing, and you can take some comfort from that, knowing he did the right thing. So please dear Lisa, go with your heart, lean heavily on Our Lord, and we'll all storm Heaven for you today - you're never alone here, we're family too,
Lots of love and prayers,

7/26/2003 19:24

Dear angel moms, ~ Just checking in to read, ... Don't have time to post right now because I need to go check on my aunt. A lot going on here with the double funeral of the friends I told you about. All went well, but naturally, I am drained. :( So sad for the brothers and sisters left behind to have lost both a brother and sister just days apart. It just broke my heart. :( Let's keep them in prayer. Will post later on tonight. Lisa, Selva, Eva, and all angel moms and their family -- you're covered in my prayers.
Love to all,

7/26/2003 19:41

Hi Lisa,AY my dear sister, I know and we all know what you are going through, it is only 11 months for me, so believe me I know.I am glad that Christopher is OK, remember I told you?, we tend to misjudged our kids but they are fine people, isn't that nice that he called you and he would not drive, they all have their little drinks now and then, I used to tell Solange, if you ever drink, take a taxi and I will pay for it, but do not drive, the night she was called to Heaven, she did not have a drink, she was just tired, the police told my sister that she did not have alcohol in her, so please my sister, relax a little, Christopher is a fine young man and believe me he knows what he is doing, he is feeling his pain in his own way, you can not expect a young mind to feel the same way we do, let him be and show him your love and tell him he is all you have. Please my sister, you must cry, you have to feel the pain and you have to let it out, do not keep it in, that its the worse thing you can do, its OK to feel that awful pain, and it is OK to cry, you have every reason to. My prayers will be with you, but please let it out. I will be leaving tomorrow so I will be out of the circle for a week, but remember that all our wonderful Angel moms will be there for you and I also will be praying hard, I hope that my retreat week will work for at least a little peace in my heart. I will keep you posted on saturday when I will be back. My construction did not started yet, permits, money, permits, money and on and on, so the minute I will have an idea I will let you know so we can plan our reunion. Love you my sister, always remember that, we are all in this together, don't forget that. love Selva

7/26/2003 19:53

Hi all my Angel Sisters, well I packed and I am (?) ready to go, like my Dr. told me I am going with an open mind, If I don't see Solange well all I ask from God its to give me a little peace of mind, I need it so badly. I will be back on line next saturday and will tell you all about it. This is the first time I go out of my house (except to my office) since Solange went home, so I am a little nervous about it, imagine , I have traveled a lot and I mean a lot, and now it seems like it is my first trip, but I am counting and all your prayers, I will take it all with me and I also know that all of you will be there for me. So please pray to God that I'll find something, no matter what it is. I love you all my sisters, and I will be storming Heaven for all of you specially now that I will be in a very peaceful place, they discouraged use of cell phones, so I will be calling my sister only to tell her that I got there fine, but she will be on line, hes e mail address is
she knows all of you, so just in case you need me, please getin touch with her. I love you all my sisters, and I will take you in my heart. Love Selva

7/26/2003 19:54

By the way Donna, I did try to lick my elbow, no luck in that, but for sure I will keep on trying, ha ha. Love Selva

7/26/2003 21:39

Hello my dear sister, ay I'm going to miss you a lot while you're gone, but I'm happy for you that you are excited about it and will go with an open mind and I pray you find the peace that you're needing and wanting so badly, you deserve it, and who knows, it's a nice place in the Country, no distractions, and that in itself is a rest for you. It's natural that's you're a little nervous about it, even though you've travelled a lot, this is your first trip away in a while, but I know once you start out, your mind and heart will be more at ease, and of course our prayers and much love go with you! Love you too my sister, and I do pray that you find your heart's desire from God, at this peaceful place.
You know you can count on all of us, and we're going with you in your heart with prayers and love! Oh, it's too bad we have to wait until next Saturday to find out how things are going, but I guess it's for the best, that way you can concentrate on your week. Thanks for giving us Nancy's address, but God willing, although we're going to miss you terribly, everything will be fine.
May your Angels go with you, along with our prayers and love,
Love you my sister, & lots of Bear Hugs,

7/26/2003 23:33

May God bless you with safe passage my dear sister Selva...I pray that God will grant you the peace that you yearn for...I love you; and may God bless you and keep you in his loving arms......In His Care I Press On...Eva

7/26/2003 23:46

Dear Lord God..I come to you tonight with a thankful heart..I thank you for the many friends and family you have blessed me with..Father I thank you for the love you gave me through your son Jesus....For without Him..I'd be lost...Father I ask that you be especially with my dear sister Selva as she goes on this trip..Father protect her and guide her in the way you want her to go...Father I ask that you be with Lisa and her family as they face this anniversary of their beloved son.I thank you Father for the prayers of my sister prayer warriors...for without the prayers I don't think I would of gotten through my first anniversary date of my Matthew being called home...I long for the day Father..That Glorious Day! When I will see you; and see my son..when we will all be reunited !.I love you Lord!...And I lift all of my sister angelmoms up to you...Help us to press on til that wonderful day...keep us in your loving arms.....I love you.....Amen

7/27/2003 07:15

Heavenly Father, ~ I come to You this morning asking that You go with our sister Selva on her journey to find peace. Lord, hold her close in Your loving arms and allow her to feel Your presence and Your unconditional love. I pray that her desire and our prayers are in line with Your will for our dear sister. Father, give her the strength she needs at this stage of her grieving. Let her feel our presence in her spirit so that she will know that she is not alone, that we are there with her in spirit. Father, allow her to feel all the love that's in our hearts for her. Then, Father, we thank You for hearing our prayers for our sister, and for all angel moms. It is in Your son Jesus' name that I pray this heartfelt prayer. Amen

7/28/2003 03:46

Dearest Lisa, So glad to hear from you, and that Christoper made it through the week and took responsibility and called when he needed you, I'm glad that you are dealing with your grief as hard as it is the first post I worried and now I know it all seems crazy but follow your heart listen to your Sisters and all I can add is I'm so sorry that you are going through this awful time but if you follow everyone advice and don't run from your feelings {which is hard to do} you'll come through besides all of us are praying hard for you to come through and ditto what Sandy and Verna said I tried to run or hide and when it hit it was a tidle wave and yes it takes strength to face it all but remember what I wrote awhile back about a tear I think it is the most powerful weapon gave us and I do believe with every tear a rose will bloom at Our Saviors feet for it takes Love as we know it and I pray you will feel our Love and BearHugs Donna

7/28/2003 03:50

Dearest Selva, I'm sorry I missed saying Good Journey and yes the first trip is the hardest but when you are there I hope you will find Peace and answers and Our Love and Prayers go with you, will miss you, but evey time I think of you and Pray it will be with Joy for all that this trip will give to you. BearHugs and Love travel well. Donna

7/28/2003 03:59

Eva, its so good to hear from you too, we have missed you too and yes we all agree that when Our Journey is over we will be together with Our Precious Angels and see Jesus and finally finish the Purpose we were sent here to do and I believe All Our Angels will be there to meet each and everyone of us for our Family extends earthly bonds and we will see them all and finally give them BearHugs in Person and I know Our Love for them reaches them and as hard as this Journey is we have learned so much about each of Our Angels and what a celebration there will be and someday Together Forever YEAH! It is so wonderful to have each other and Our Angels too. Love&BearHugs Donna and like Lisa Welcome Home it is so good to hear from you.

7/28/2003 04:34

Dearest Sandy&Verna Thankyou for being in my mailbox and All Angel Moms who send e-mails, when Shar was here we laughed and cryed together reading them. Justin has made it home from Dallas and I've cleaned and organized so the energy was spent well and Clowny is liking his new enviroment, he is very personable for a fish and we think he's cute during my cleaning frenzy I would put different colors on a cube {post a notes} to see what he liked and stimualated him so far bright pink is a winner he loves attention and Justin will teach me about salt water aquariums I read his book so I wouldn't kill the poor fish and Thank God I was successful, Mike my hubby is writing resumes to get a job back in Wa State so computer time has been given over but sure did miss writing Selva before she left typical me late and a dollar short but knowing Love and Prayer crosses the miles is definely a comfort I haven't even checked the mail yet fell asleep in the chair we had the cooler fixed and we slept soundly for the first time in awhile and it great to enjoy the coolest inside when our temp are hitting a 100 and having a working washing machine in five years is truly a Blessing curtains washed and hung and all blankets done its so wonderful not to go to the laundry mat, Justin hasn't said much about his trip just they had a good time he's not one to let it all out at once so I guess we will wait he blew up about the aquarium that I threw the once white coral away which had turned black and I thought was bad but we hugged and I told him pay day we planned on replacing it and he told me algae is a good thing and I told him black I never saw in the oceans I swam and it usually meant dead coral anyway we hugged and all is forgiven and what is most important is Clowny is a happy fish even my hubby sits and talks to him the birds are filling up on protein and get ready to leave soon, scrub a dub needs fattening and he has a new mate and she needs fattening too. When I took a bread yesterday the baby squirrel was having a ball with the feeder {ceramic} climbing over and under and checking out to make sure there really wasn't any food but what a character and suddenly the hummers like the butterflies have grown in number we waited all summer and only one would come and buzz I got buzzed by a sparrow never in my whole life has one come so close I could feel the flutter of its wings on my hair, anyway all is well and Shar sends her Love and in time she maybe able to write the circle computers are still an enigma to her and she felt writing through me was ok for now but she Prays for all and always ask how everyone is, its great being able to share all of you with her and Pray together too she has an MRI for her leg coming up and than on Aug 11 she is getting the back done and ask your Prayers for and answer we had so much fun reading the mail together but she is hesitant about writing yet the keyboard would be very frustrating so someday is fine Love to All and Thank You for your e-mails and forwards the next few weekends I'll try to stay up late to catch up and Selva God's Speed and Blessings for your journey Shar is Praying too and can't wait to hear the good news, she was so touched by being included and I can not tell you how much it means to me for all your Love and not just for me I'm hoping its a smashing good week for everyone. Love&BearHugs and tonight a Special Hug for Selva an Angel Hug for Lisa and for Deb and Verna and God Bless Sandy with his very OWN. Donna

7/28/2003 11:20

Dearest Lisa, I'm sorry I wasn't here for you on Aaron's day of Remembrance a candle is lit for his Remembrance and many are Praying for you and Chris and will be, try to take it slow a moment an hour a day at a time and Thank You for sharing you Precious Aaron with us. Love & Teddie Hugs. Donna

7/28/2003 15:14

Hello dear Eva, yes, it's so nice to hear from you, and what a beautiful prayer you posted for Selva, Lisa and all, we thank God for your prayers too dear Eva, it's so wonderful to know that we as a family of sisters pray for each other, what a beautiful gift! Keep pressing on Eva, and our prayers and love are with you,
Much love & Hugs,

7/28/2003 16:10

Hello dearest Donna, thank YOU for being in my mailbox every day, and all the other Angel Moms too!! What a joy it is for me to see mail from all of you, I will surely miss Selva's this week! I hope her first day went well for her. Ah, that's so sweet that Shar laughed and cried with you over the e-mails and cards, one day when she's able, we want to see her posting here, but in the meantime you can be the go-between, :) So clowny likes pink, gosh, you and Mike are just like us, we had an Oscar, which is a very large fish as you know, and we'd talk to him/her all the time too, :) Salt water tanks are so beautiful, there are so many different, colorful fish that you can enjoy having one, and uh-oh I would have done the same thing, cleaned the Coral, thinking the algae was bad for the tank, :) Oh, I pray that Mike gets the job in Washington state, so let him have his computer time, ha, ha.
Gosh, you were on a cleaning frenzy, and I know what you mean, I hated having to drag all our laundry to the Laundromat too, it was a major pain, and having your own allows you to wash things that you wouldn't normally bring to the Laundromat.
Our prayers and love are with dear Shar, especially that the MRI's will reveal what's going on and how they can treat her best to bring her back to enjoying good health again, God love her. God bless you too dear one with a big Hug from Him, and also to our dear sister Selva and all the other wonderful Angel Moms!
Lots of love & Teddy Hugs,

7/28/2003 16:15

Hi dear Deb, you're almost done your classes, I pray that all is going well for you in that area, and I know you have a rough day coming up, you know that our prayers and love are always with you, let us know how school's doing when you get the chance, love ya my friend,
Much love & Hugs,

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