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Those Living Alone

I ask for prayer for those of us who live alone and are suddenly faced with a situation, chronic illness, accidents, disease or any dis-orders or loss that limit or seclude us more than we would choose.

Once we were free and strong, helping others, now we pray for someone special to rediscover us, that we may share the things that in their most simple form have become ever more beautiful.

We ask that you do not forget us. We still "are" .

Remember us at bedtime, when you say goodnight to another, that we may feel your prescence.

Lift up our Animal Children for blessings, as they give so freely of love and devotion, and pray that we may run with them again.

Hold our hand within your heart as you might hold a beloved, and pray that we may again one day, find our hands clasped with another.

Libralight -7/7/2001
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7/27/2002 21:05

I thought no one could possibly be as lonely or hurt as me. 15 years ago, my only sister was murdered. Last year I lost my mother and three months later my husband died suddenly. I spent months crying and feeling suicidal. This year I met someone that made me realize I had to go on with my life as my husband would have wanted. We became close and shared three wonderful months. Now I find out he is actually homosexual. He says he still wants to be friends but he can't go on pretending to be someone else. I can't help but be hurt. Why did God bring this man into my life and make me feel again only to play such a cruel joke? I really have started to care for this man. I can't bear to think about him with anyone else, especially a man. We still spend time together, but its just as buddies. Once anain, I am alone. I miss having someone to share my life with. I don't know if I can take much more of the loneliness. I miss havibg someone to care for me. How do you deal with not only loss by death, but the loss of someone you have feelings for?
Please pray for me that I find the right direction. I do know and love God, I do call on him daily, but sometimes I just want someone here to hold me.

7/27/2002 21:50

kesansmith, it will get better. trust in God. ask him to come into your heart and heal your heart and your hurt. i will pray for you and trust that others will be praying for you as well. God never puts more on us than we can handle. right now, it seems unbearable and you have so many questions in your heart. i wish that i could take that hurt from you bt it must come from within yourself. be strong and ask God for guidance. if you ask God he will listen. talk to him and share your pain with him. he really does listen! God answers all of our prayers. maybe not in the way we want him to but he does provide for us. i too know the feeling of wanting someone in my life, but when i am alone i take the oppurtunity to evaluate who i am. i know what i need to do to be streong and then i realize how much i can do for meself. as time goes by, it will get better. I will be praying for you.

7/29/2002 20:24


7/29/2002 23:31

Well, after a long ordeal and major thinking...I ended up changing my phone number so the man I was in love with couldn't call me. Basically this was my way of telling him that I was through. I don't have his number so it works out well. But I started's been 2 weeks and we haven't seen each other or spoken. At one point this man was very important in my life and I never had the chance to tell him goodbye in a civil way and in a way that I wouldn't regret. I wrote him a letter last week and gave it to his sister to give to him. It was a very sincere, warm and heartfelt letter. However, all it was about was goodbye and have a wonderful life. I got my closure. I have been praying for God and my angels to watch over me and guide me in this long road ahead of me. But I have realized that he was not the manfor me and how much better my life is going to be without him and all those horrible nights and feelings. A friend asked me if I saw him again how would I feel. I told him that a part of me wants to see him again. But, a majority of me hopes I never do. A few weeks ago it would have been opposite. I have been praying that he never comes into my life until I can actually look at him and not have a reaction. I would like to thank all of you who have helped me with your thoughts, words and prayers. I trust God and realize (even though I already knew but obviously had forgotten) that he does everything for a reason. That he will show us where to go and it's up to us to go that way. I believe that he will bring a man into my life when I am ready. And I am not ready for that. I need to find myself, be with my beautiful son and make sure that God is a part of our lives in every way. I am so greatful for this prayer circle. I have told many friends about this place and how wonderful it is to talk to people who know what I am going through and offer inspiration. I will pray for all of you. You are in my thoughts when I speak to God every night. In a way, I wish we could all meet once a week somewhere in person. You all have become dear to me and I look forward to this site. May God Bless each and every one of us. Thank you from the bottom of my healing heart!!!

7/30/2002 12:51

Heavenly Father, I thank you for all you are, has been, and will be in my life and the lives of these women on the site. Dear God, Thank You for our dear sister BeeBopJazz, and what you're doing in her life, I pray that you continue to hold her in your loving arms and give to her and her precious son, all that they so rightfully deserve. A good life that void of all evil and wrong intentions. BBJ, I'm happy to know you are beginning to look for "YOU" once you find yourself you can make yourself, son, and be true to anyone else. Continue to stay in God's word it is a lamp to your feet; and a light to your path. Be sure to send in you Praise Reports I'm continually praying God's blessing over you and son. Also let's keep Nanagurl in our prayers as well. And may Our Lord and Saviour keep us all in his ever loving presence. God Bless each of you. BBJ, keep looking to the hills from whence cometh your help, know your help come from the Lord that made heaven and earth. God's Speed, Beloved

7/30/2002 20:43

dear lord i come to you tonight with a heavy heart. sometimes it is so tough to be alone in this world. I am a survivor of sexual and mantal abuse. all my friends and parents think i am handling this so well. i put up a brave front for all those around me. i feel the need to be brave for them and take care of them. i never take the time for meself.. i know partly the reason maybe why danny left me. i have a hard time with relationships. i have a problem trusting men and for the first time in my life, i allowed meself to trust someone. ever since i told danny i was raped and abused, it got weird for us. or maybe its all just in my head. i know it is over with danny but i am so scared he is goona call me and want me to come back. i know tis will never happen, but, its in the back of me brain. i want so much to enjkoy the company of a man, but i am so scared. i am afraid this will affect me the rest of me life. someone once told me that it is best to keep these kind of secrets to urself, but when i do open up about it, i always lose the man i love. i know God doesnt want me to be alone, but how can i be with someone when i have such a heavy heart? i just wish me mum would take me in her arms and tell me it will be ok. i wish someone would telll me it would be ok. lLord God please come into my heart and heal this hurt. give me the peace i seek to enjoy life. please give me the hope to face each new day. help me to be an encouragement and a shining light to all of me and offline. may others see your love shining from me. all this i ask in Jesus name. Amen

7/31/2002 10:44

Here's the funny thing...why does it seem like we (the females) are always the ones left with the broken hearts? I sit here and think about my ex very often. I try to keep my mind occupied with something else but it never lasts. I have been praying to God to please help me get this man out of my head and stop thinking about him. I know that I will never know the why's about what has happened between this guy and myself. And I hate the fact that since we've been apart I know that he hasn't thought of me, cried over me, missed me or anything of the things that I have. His sister gave him the letter and I guess he told her he didn't know why I was writing him when we've been apart for 3-4 months. I told her no, it has only been 2 months since we last seen each other and 3 weeks since we spoke on the phone. I guess he read it, went outside and that was it. I didn't leave my letter with an opening for him to respond. But I do wonder how he can live with himself knowing all I said? For example, I told him that he was my besat friend and more. I guess it just means that I never meant what I thought to him. I guess my friends were right when they said he only wanted one thing and would have done anything to get it. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but I now believe it was true. So I have been asking God for guidence with my head and heart. I just wish someone could erase my mind from the last year. But Nana...things will be ok. I feel your pain. Ane even though you may think you are alone, noone understands and all...I do. I know that that my not seem like anything since this is only online and all. But I have kinda the same past as you. I have told a few men about it and then it seems like the ones I told are the ones that have broken my heart and used it to their advantage. I guess these men just aren't the ones for us. You know.....I do feel very much alone. My family & friends are 2 hours away. Noone comes to see me so I end up driving to see them. Noone calls and I really have no friends where I live. If it wasn't for my son I would be totally alone. I thank God for him everyday. I still miss and want the company of someone else in my life. I have been thinking about going to this church near me and trying to see if they have groups or circles or something that I can join and make new friends. Every night it is the same thing for me. I usually end up asking God what I have done to live this way...all alone when everyone else seems to have someone. Even people that are mean, cheats, materialistic, selfish and more have someone. My heart is big and true but I still have no idea why I have noone to come home to and talk about my day, hold me, do things with, love me. I guess I will never know. But Nana...please believe me, I know what you are feeling and I honestly can't tell you much more than not to give up hope. Something wonderful has to be instore for us. I just turned 30 and can't believe that I am still single....neither can my sister or dad. I always thought I would be married by 25. Then my one friend told me that his aunt just got married last year for the first time and she was 32 at the time. He told me to not give up we still have some years. I just get tired of the same thing and spending night after night all alone. Wondering what my son & I can do today to keep from being bored. I look to this site for friendship and alittle bit of hope. I will pray for you Nana and I wish you well. We have to get through this...I don't know when and how long but it has to happen. Until then, I seek God's love and call to him everynight for help and forgiveness. Keep your chin up and try to be happy for you and not anyone else. :)

7/31/2002 15:35

Dear ones, I read a lot of women's pain in these pages, and questioning of how men can be so cruel and insensitive. I respect your experiences and how you understand them. But I assure you that men can hurt from loss and loneliness, and that women can be cruel and insensitive, too.
I have found it helpful to stop asking what's wrong with me or why are women this way. Rather, focus on how I want to be and what I want from life, not negativism. And having stated what I want, trust God/the Universe to respond without my obsessing.
Being positive does not magically bring me what I want, nor does it deny the pain and the evil in my life. It does help me feel better while waiting for my prayers to be answered, and it makes me more attractive to others. Focusing on the positive may be something of what Jesus meant when he said (paraphrased), "Seek first your spiritual home in God, and everything else will follow."
Don't take these things as blithe preaching on my part. I need to remind myself more than anyone else of them. These are things I'm working on learning for myself, but I already have some preliminary evidence that they're true!
Let me just say that I respect your pain, hope you won't over-judge yourself or men, and would hold you in my arms if I could. As it is, I will hold you in my prayers daily.

7/31/2002 18:48

thank you beebop for understanding my heart. i know this sounds weird but alot of times i dont mind being alone. i like to come home and do my thing and when i get ready to do something i just get up and do it. i dont have to explain to anyone i am going here or i am gonna do that. but sometimes i get that lil tug at my heart whn i am made fun of by my family for not being married or having children. that really stinks, and i feel the pangs when i see older couples walking hand in hand and i think man i would really like that. but for the most part, men just see me as a good friend someone they can come and talk to things like that. and i dont mind that at ll, but im tinking i would be soo much better to you...i am thinking bout going back to counseling, because i have to work this issue of me being raped out of my head. i need finallity and closure i guess so i can continue with me life in a normal way. things will get better i know. i trust in God they will.what has happened to me is merely a lil speed bump in the road of life and im just gonna have to gas it and run the stop sign and go on. i have been thinking bout calling danny's sister and telling her thank you. i know it sounds weird but, his family was super to me. i never felt that kinda love before in me whole life. my family never tells me that they love me and when they did it just came as a shock. i think it may be ok to call her and just let her know thjat i still love them..thanks to all who have listened to me i really appreciate it:) u guys will all be in my prayers tonight. may God bless us all

8/1/2002 05:48

There will come a time when we can let go of the pain....
...when we have to force the hand of our souls to release it....because the spirit of life is greater.
ask the Light to accept the pain.... absorb it.... abolish it.....
with gratitude give it away.

Ask to be free of the binders that we so desperately cling to...
the yesterdays...
the tears...
all the years.

Remember better yet the smiles that have been... bittersweet though they are.

wisdom's depth keeps growing as to the immensity of it all...
filling the cup that can runneth over in the Light....
for it is either a real cup to me or it is not...
by choice...and fate...
and humble faith.

*each one of us can only try to be the best guide to the soul...even as we discover our own.
...and the heavy burden of a solitary path seems to make that happen.

Take heart...
yet, take heed...
the footsteps behind us shall lead the way...
do not submit to the mask of the lies.
Do not hesitate to question why...
or why not?
those who ask not... ask for naught.

a light still burns...
even though the passage through the valley is hardly yet illuminated...
the right path is the eternal ember that burns inside of each humanbeing.
Keep the trickster out, at all cost...
for there is knocking at the door...

* And we, as people of all faiths, shall answer not to the deceivers that keep trying to whisper so loudly.

*bearstar (with broken leg....)

8/1/2002 19:38

Praise God.... Myfriends you are in my thoughts and prayers....My peace and happiness be brought unto your hearts tonight....God Bless....Miranda

8/2/2002 11:02

To all the lonely people out there remember that even people with families feel alone. I too live alone in a foreign country and my family live in different parts of the world, my dad is very sick at the moment and it pains me so much that i can't be there to hold his hand to tell him that i love him. Thank-you Lord for giving me good friends as well as the courage to face a new day even when everything seems to be out of control. Never feel alone because He is always out there looking after you. SMILE AT ONE STRANGER AT LEAST ONCE A DAY, YOU COULD BE MAKING THERE DAY!!
God Bless

8/2/2002 22:37

dear hope75..thank you for the inspiration and wondeful advice. rest assured i will be praying for you and your dad. God Bless! MiRanda

8/3/2002 17:59

Many thanks to all of you for your prayers and concern. It does help to know that other people are praying for me. Please know that I will pray for all of you to find God's healing.
I thought that no one could have as much pain as I felt. Joining this prayer group, I am finding out that I am not alone.All of you seem to be handling your hardships with such strength! I hope I will find some of the light that you have found.
May the peace of Christ be with all of us and with those that have not found such a caring support group as I have found here.

8/4/2002 14:08

Praise God Saints, Oh what a blessing it is to know and feel the love of God. I pray that all of your specific needs are met according to God's lovingkindness. Stay in the word and will of God and may his love and peace shine upon each of you. God's Speed!!!!

8/5/2002 00:18

sheesh..Praise God i am finally able to get back to! i dunno wut is wrong with my comp but i have been ready to smack it upside the head for not letting me get in here! Please know that if i am not able to post a prayer for my friends in here that i am thinking of you and praying for you always.may you have the strenght and courage to find your way thru each and every day. Lean on the Lord and cast all of your worries to Him. The Almighty God listens to all of your prayers no matter how big or small. Just cast all of your burdens on him and have faith to see you thru your time of need. I am praying for u and i hope that you will keep me in your prayers also

8/7/2002 17:14

Dear Friends, I have met a person her name is Stacey, and I believe that she is the person that I have been waiting for my entire life. I am asking for everyones prayers to the God our Father to bless our relationship and keep us together, and we enter into marriage. In the past my relationships with women have not been the best. However, I have changed my ways, and I am asking for everyones prayers and blessing that my relationship with Stacey continue as long as we live.

8/11/2002 14:59

BluesBrother:What a blessing it is to know that you have found a special person to share your life with. I really miss that emotional conection with someone. I wish you both not only love of each other, but also the love of Christ!I usually only have an opportunity to get into this site once a week, but to each of the caring members of this group please know you are remembered daily in my prayers. There is always such an uplifting posting each time I log in here. I thank the Lord I found this prayer circle.

8/12/2002 11:30

O God, sometimes prayer seems like such an inadequate, impractical way to help someone. And You know my exasperation waiting for your help sometimes. Still, I need to pray, and I do pray for all of us in our aloneness and crises. Be known to us even in the breaking of our lives and our hearts.

8/14/2002 18:44

Hi this is my first time in,reading the
requests here,I also realize I'm not alone in my feelings and need for uplifting words.I'm only sorry to have to read some of the pain written in this circle.I am still after a lifetime trying to get myself right with God and trying with all my might to rely soley on Him.In todays world it's truley difficult.I've been divorced 8 yrs and still God {I guess} doesn't feel I'm ready for a new relationship.Like others I've read it's hard trying to keep keeping on-although each new day brings new promise! I'll send a prayer up for each of your pain I have felt and shared,I ask just a quick Thank You Jesus in return.Thank You for all we do have and all you will bring in.God Bless everyone who needs and wants You.Take Care and Thank U from the spirit.

8/18/2002 09:05

Praise God we have a sit that allows us to post our thought our hope and fears. words like everything is gonna be allright seem so meanigless, but when you need to hear it most it really does help. It has been a month today since me and danny have broken up. At times, i do feel lonely and discourages but, thats when i lean and aske the Lord, I need your help today. I think in time my disappoint will fade and i hope it will be just a memory. I hope that I will meet someone who loves me for me and loves me unconditionally. I am taking this as an opportunity in my life to rediscover who I am. I want to start going to church again but i am so scared to. To all my brothers and sisters in here i pray for you and hope that you find the comfort and strentgh that you are looking for. I pray that God will bless you in the way that he sees fit. Much love and prayers to all....God Bless

8/19/2002 10:29

Dear Lord I ask that you wrap your loving arms around all of us who feel we are alone. We know that you said you would never forsake or leave us so Father I as that you continuously watch over us and comfort us throughout the days and night. AMEN

8/19/2002 10:57

Thank you so much for being here. I will pray for all of us who feel alone. Right now i feel very alone and hurt. There was someone in my life but, everyone(almost) was not for us and some prayed for us. I know GOD is with me. There are nights and days I feel alone and I know now that i am not alone as far as my feelings go so, Yes i will pary for you that also feel alone. Once again thank you for your words and prayers.

8/20/2002 14:14

I am so tired of living alone because it is a hellish nightmare which the force of the antichrist put me in the predicament of due to the hatred which is that person's soul. I pray that the Lord will hear my prayers and force that person who made my life so alone to be reversed.

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