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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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10/20/2001 12:14

Lord - please don't let my husband cheat on me. He goes on the trips to Altanta (for work over the weekends) I am starting not to buy it. I am so scared and hurt beyond belief. Lord please put a hedge of thorns around my hudband I rebuke Satan. Go away Stay away from my family. Jesus - please restore this marriage. I ask this of you with all my heart. I love him and I am not a contentious woman anymore. Lord - I can't survive without him. Please bring him back for my wellbeing. I am dying. Everyday - it is so hard. Brothers and sisters of Christ - please please pray for Carol and Greg and Zachary that we will be a family again. Thank you and God Bless all of you

10/21/2001 10:51

Please Lord -help me - Satan is bringing bad thoughts in my head. I am scared

10/21/2001 16:15

What do you do when you have done all you can and it seems like it is never enough? What do you give when you have given your all and it seem like you can't make it through? Well You just stand when there is nothing left to do, you just stand and watch the Lord work for you. Tell me how do you handle the guilt of your past, tell me how do you deal with the shame and how can you smile when your heart has been broken and filled with pain. You just stand when there is nothing left to do, you just stand and watch the Lord see you through. This is a couple of verses to a song that I listen to faithfully. Believe me when I say it is hard to just stand and do nothing, but it is those time that we do try and fix it ourselves, instead of letting God, that we make things worse than they are. My prayers are with everyone that had the courage to write and those that didn't. I pray that the Lord will see us through all of these marital problems and give us some peace in our lives. As I am praying for you, I ask that you also pray for my marriage that it remains strong in the Lord and that the financial problems and the struggles we are experiencing does not interfere with our love for each other. Thank you and God Bless each and everyone of you. If anyone just need to talk, feel free to e-mail me at

10/21/2001 22:58

Dear God and prayer pals; Please continue to pray for our marriage,Pray for me I need to remember how much I have to loose if I can't pull it completely together and fast!! She has been talking a little to me about how I could possably save this marriage!! She say's,Her biggest complaint is; that I say things that hurt her and sometimes I don't even realize it,Please pray for me to have a kinder additude towards her,I have been trying to say to myself (before I say something mean when she hurts my feelings or makes me upset)I try to say in my head "what would an angel say or do" before I react. This has been helping alot. Please pray that she continues to think about changing her mind, Earlier today she said to me, after I said "I don't want you to give up on us but I feel like you are not going to change your mind" and she looked at me with love in her eyes and said"how many times have I changed my mind??,Everything is possible." Then we had another good day together. Unfortunatly she just left to see him,"for an hour or two" If he would just go out of our lives.....I'am sure we'd have alot better chance,Although she say's he has nothing to do with it. I don't believe that for, He comforts her when she gets sad about our divorce and other things and is incouraging her to move out on Nov. 15th to our Daughters apartment, etc etc..Please Dear God speak to him and make him see the error of his ways,He said he would stop seeing her for me and our marriage, that was months ago, Please give him the strength to do the right thing and stop seeing her all together. Please also give her the courage to make this marriage back into the kind, loving, supportive union it should be, Give her the power of forgiveness and help her let go of the pain she carries, Please give her moer desire to make this relationship back into a productive life long, loving marriage. P. S. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and warmth of love, P.S.S. Everyone may be able to use the "What would an angel do or say" techinque, It really works, Tonight she almost cried because she could see how it hurt me to see her go to him, I tryed the "tecinque" and I think it actually made her see that I was being giving and compassionate, Usually I'd throw some sort of fit, Sometimes a small one but almost always a very large one, Tonight I just said ,O.K. see you in a little while,and let her go, I've found that when I "make a scene" she gets more determined and also say's something like "This is exactly why I want out". Tonight she just looked sad and said "I'll see you in a little bit" Please help her to let go of him and all of the pain she has and give her back her faith. Amen

10/22/2001 10:54

after reading all the prayers i feel like i'm not alone.but my question is what is the next step how long do i have to wait and be patience almost married 25 years have two kids that are striving to be very successful in life and making something with their life my husband wants is space said he needs time but i don't believe him yes he lives notes saying he going here and there calls sometimes said he wants to rebuild but tell me how when we never are together.marriage is a comittment why after 20 plus year man or woman wants out and alot of it happens after they have had a tragedy like my man his mother died and now he has no mother and no father and resents the fact that he was adopted but his good parents had he since he was 2 days old. please pray that god will show me the answers i have learn to pray the prayer of jabez "bless me indeed, enlarge my territory.that your hand would be with me,keep me from evil,that i may not cause pain" i chron. 4:10 asking for help becky mundt

10/22/2001 13:58

Plsea pray for my marriage and my family. My husband and i have been together
for almost 6 yrs and married for 2 yrs in July we had our ceremony in church
reception . After that it all went down hill, He started acting up we've always
had a trust problem but it got worst. I love my husband very much and i want it
to work out with all my hearth. He moved out about 4 weeks ago, He says he
is not coming back for now, We have a son together, and i have a son previous
he is a wonderful father. He has always been like this and i accepted him like
that, I know it was another woma... But i don't want my marriage to end once
their is God in ou lives i can forgive him. Pls pray for me and my family.

10/22/2001 15:55


Just for who You are, Father I am asking in Your name that You move across marriages everywhere and do a new thing. Without You, nothing can be done I pray for HGIRL14 I pray that You encourage her to stay in the raise, the strength to endure, I say to you that you must keep praying for him, and seek the Lord's face and His will in your life, I tell you if you will only, let everything else go, God will move, I tell you He is moving right now, though you can't see it but, that is were Faith willcome, in and surpass all understanding, be encourage my sister, If you believe God to do something for you, there will be challenges in Life and Situations, that only you can pass. I say to you fight, the good fight of face prayer with fasting will Destroy strong holds. In Jesus Name. Deanslove, I am so happy for you, and I want you to remember, continue to seek the Lord, and He will continue to direct your path. And to all the other partners, there is strength in Unity, let us continue to pray, for each other the battle it is not Ours it is the Lord's. As for me, I work at a Social Service, and I tell you God as been moving, Saving and Delivering, Thank You Jesus. And you know what, All of the Newcomers, are Males, they are asking questions and eager to learn about the ways of God, Thank You Jesus, and take a guess who they are asking and whating to pray for them. Yes God is using me as His instrument, but, I have been receiving Blessing that are just blow my mind, not in the Natural, but in the Spirit, He is taking me to a new Level in Him. And I can't Thank Him enough. And you know, it has been keeping me against all odds. The men ask me questions like, what is God like, and it give me the opportunity to Witness to them about unequally yoke, and Head of there housholds, being the Prayer Warrior, Priest and Prophet over their families, and they can't get enough of God. Thank You Jesus. So, in the mean time I will be about my Fathers Business, I will be in touch. In His Name, AMen.

10/22/2001 17:26

Dear Lord, I come to you today to pray for hrgirl and her husband. I know that with you, all will be well. I pray that they will be able to reconcile and be a family again. Please continue to bless each and everyone of us .
I thank you again, dear LORD, for letting me and my husband be together again. I know that we have a long way to go, but with you we will survive. I love you more and more everyday, dear LORD.
I pray for all the families that they will be able to get through all the trials that are thrown their way. All these things I pray in your name. AMEN

10/22/2001 21:47

Dear Prayer Partners, Please pray for our 23 year marriage. I have been away with my husband for the last week on vacation but continued in my prayers. All was great with us the entire time but soon has he returned to his office today he could not fight temptation to call the others. Please continue to pray for him to flush out all that is not of Our Lord and to build a hedge of thorns around him so the ones who are interested will loss interest and end the affairs. Pray for him to have self-control to resist anyone who becomes a lure and to rise above this desire that erects itself as a stronghold in his life. Pray for the Holy Spirt to fill his heart, mind, and soul and turn him back to Our Lord and his heart to me fulltime. I pray for a hedge of thornes to be placed around all wayward spouses and to turn them back to their families. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in You.

10/22/2001 23:29

Please pray for my sister and her husband.My sister's husband has become distant and uncaring to his wife.He was a devoted man to God and his wife(my sister)but here of late he has said that he doesn't need God in his life. So, instead he drinks and chats on the internet on unsavory web sites. I haaave been praying along with my sister for him to turn around and in the name of Jesus asked Satan to flee from their home and marriage. My sister and her husband have been married for over 15 years. They recently lost their home and have had some financial problems. My sister attends church, but has become weakened by stress physically. I need all prayer warriors to stand with me to have this marriage rebuilted to what God put together. Thank you. God Bless you all.

10/24/2001 09:29

Dear Heavenly Father, I ask you Father to rebuke and bind Satan in the Name and through the Blood of my Lord Jesus Christ. I ask you to build a Hedge of Thorns around my husband, so that anyone who is interested in him will loose interest and end this affair. I base my prayer on the command of Your Work which says, "What therefore God has joined together, let no man seperate." I thank you Father for hearing and answering my prayer. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in You. Amen.

10/24/2001 09:32

"Therefore I will hedge up his way with thorns, and I will build a wall against him so that he cannot find his paths. And he will pursue his lovers but will not overtake them; and he will seek them, but will not find them. " Then the Lord said to me, "Go again, love a man yet an adulterer."

10/24/2001 11:39

Lord - please protect my family from Satan. Please place a hedge of thorns od protection around us all. Please pray that my husband will see the good things I do. He is so focused on the negative. I ask that the Lord TRANSFORMS me into a loving person and wife. my husband is running. I pray that the Lord weighs heavy on his heart for our relationship and our child. In his name I pray

10/24/2001 13:40

I have only been married for a few months but we are having troubles that put the whole relationship in question. At this point, I just want what God wants for us. I want the best outcome for everyone. Please pray so that I may know God's will.
Bless you.

10/24/2001 15:40

Dear Lord, I thank you for letting me and my husband be a family again. I pray that we will continue to be the family that you want us to be. I pray for all the families to have the chance to be whole again. I know that with you all things are possible.
HRGIRL, I will pray a hedge of thorns around your husband. I know that you are making a change and GOD will see you through. I will continue to pray for you, your son, and your husband. DON'T GIVE UP!!! Things will get better, just keep the faith.
I know that all things seem dark right now, but all things are done for a reason. I will keep praying for all of you and pray that all of you have your families back again soon.

10/24/2001 16:02

DeansLove - PTL your family has been restored. I know you are so happy. Thanks to Jesus that was possible. Thanks for your continued prayers. I greatly appreciate them. Thanks to Msgulfus - you been have wonderful hearts and you don't know how much your prayers mean to me. Greg -needs an extra thorn of protection surrounding him this weekend in particular. Let the Lord way heavy on his heart. May the love he still has for me and the great love of his son - make him do the right thing by remaining faithful

10/24/2001 22:22

Hey - Everyone - I will be gone for a week. I am going to Atlanta for a personal seminar on what i want out of life. Hopefully - this will inspire me and uplife me. Thank you all God Bless.

10/25/2001 00:14

My wife & I have been together for ten years now.After your son was born seven years ago, things were fine for the first two years then she started sleeping with him & hasn't stoped yet. I fell as though our love for eachother is slepping away.We don't have the time to talk about our lives or about him cause thier always together.I just don't know what to think anymore.She says she loves me & it will stop but it never does. Hope I'm not being tested. Enough is enough.

10/25/2001 10:41

Dear Lord, I pray that You would strengthen my husband to resist any temptation that comes his way. Stamp it out of his mind even though it has reached his heart. Lead him not into temptation, but deliver him from adultery. Remove temptation from these women. Make him strong where his is weak. Help him to rise above this that erects itself as a stronghold in his life. I pray that he will not be broken down by the power of evil, but raised up by the power of Gof. Establish a wall of protectation with Your hedge of thorns around him and fill him with Your Spirit, flush out all that is not of You, dear Jesus. Help him to take charge over his own spirit and have self-control to resist anything and anyone who becomes a lure. Give him the courage to reject them. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my turst in you. Amen.

10/25/2001 13:14

I'm having problems in my marriage, my husband criticizes and swears at me alot, he says he knows the Lord. Anytime I tell him that what he says hurts me he gets really defensive and very angry. Recently he stated he's just about ready to walk out on me, after 20 years of marriage and four children. I need prayer to know how to be a better wife to my husband . My husband needs prayer so he can understand me and what I need as well.I also need prayer for back problems I am dealing with at this time . Thankyou and God bless you.

10/25/2001 15:44

Heavenly Father, I humbly come before you with a heavy heart today. I ask that you help those of us who are experiencing marital problems. We know that it is the work of the Evil One, who works very hard to tear couples and families apart. We know that we are imperfect and that we all stumble. We know that marriage is sacred and created by you and that you hate divorce. Please help us to resist the temptations that Satan places before our spouses as well as before ourselves, whether it is a sin addiction to internet pornography, fleshly infidelity, or to alcohol, drugs, or gambling. You know our hearts and what our personal situations are at home. I ask that you convict erring spouses' hearts of their wrong actions, and cause them to remember the sacred marriage vows that they made before you, God, and to their spouses to love, honor and cherish each other -- forever. Help us to become better spouses for our mates. Help us to resist the urge to nag or belittle our spouses when their actions hurt us and anger us. Help us to remember what we first saw in each other, the Godly qualities that we have from you, rather than focusing on our human imperfections within us. Help us to avoid dwelling on the events of the past and to commit to our marriages whole heartedly. We know that we are to keep you in our marriages, and that with you, we are as a three-fold cord, strong and unbreakable. I ask that you help those of us who don't have a church home to find one, to associate with other Godly married couples who will help to lift us up. We ask that you put a wall of protection around our marriages, that adulterers and wrong doers cannot intrude into our marriages. Each of us are unique, Father, and I ask for you to help us according to our individual needs. I ask for your wisdom, guidance, and light each day. Thank you for your blessings on us each day, Lord, may Your will be done. Amen.

10/26/2001 01:13

I pray that God heals all marriages worldwide and I bind the enemy satan that tries to kill steal and destroy marriages. And i now loose the sprit of love on all marriages, and no weapon fromed against them shall prosper in Jesus name Amen

10/28/2001 07:03

Dear Prayer Partners. Just three months ago I left my husband of 23 years and moved to Florida because things were not going well in our marriage. He said there was nothing wrong with our marraige but there was. I was suspicious of him having an affair. Since then I have found out that my husband had been having and affair and that has totally devastated me. Please pray with me for me to find divine guidance, patience and love. I do not want to live a bitter life. I just want to get on with life. I feel that I am not the type of women to forget unfaithfulness, I alway told my husband that it would be the only thing that I would not forgive him for. We have three children the youngest being my daughter 16 who is with me. I ask you all to pray with me and somehow I would like him to realize that what he has done is very wrong. I do not deserve this, none of us deserve this. May God help us all and open our hearts and mind to the answers we need.
Help us with our pain, dear Lord.

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