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Shane Whalen
This Prayer Circle is Dedicated to my son Shane Whalen Who Passed Away On March 15, 1999 at the Age of 24, & All Other Children

Start a prayer circle for bereaved parents who have lost a child.

There are many of us out there who have lost a child, and it is devastating. It changes the outlook on life, plunges you into a depression, and you think that the feelings and thoughts you have nobody else could possibly relate to. I think a prayer circle for bereaved parents would only benefit us and help us on our journey of grief. This Circle is one of Love, where a Grieving Parent can safely come to for Prayers, and to talk about their feelings.

Shaner -10/14/2000
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7/13/2003 07:41

Dear Angel Moms, ~ Just a note to assure everyone that my prayers for each of you continues during my down time, and to let you know how very much I appreciate your prayers, emails, and fwd pages. As most of you know, Diane's birthday [Aug. 16th] and Heavenly date [Aug. 31th] are coming up. I know I can count on everyone to keep me in your prayers. I remind myself often that no matter how deep the valley, God is already there. So are your prayers. I depend on both to help lift me out of the valley whenever I am tempted to stay there. I pray that God will give each of us the strength and the wisdom to turn every care and concern over to Him... Especially during our valley days and special days. For, as we know, He has all power in His hands, and without Him, we can do nothing. His love for each of us is unconditional, and as we learn to recognize and accept His many, many blessings which He gives to us daily, our faith is strengthen, and we begin to appreciate, more and more, the power of His divine love. Accept God's blessings!!! :)

7/13/2003 09:10

My son Vladimir Mansur Novembre died in his sleep on January 11, 2001 13 days after my cousin Venise Badette whom i help my uncle raise as a young sister. I am about to loose faith, please help me with your prayers.

7/13/2003 09:28

Hello dear Verna, we rest in the secure knowledge that you are praying for all, and never doubt that you are being prayed for yourself. Thank you for all your fwd.'s and e-mails too! Yes, August is an especially difficult month for some Angel Moms, you, Deb, Selva, (hope I haven't left anyone out), God's unconditional love for all of you will carry you through, as well as our heartfelt prayers for all of you, you may all during these special days 'enter the valley', but our love, prayers, unending support and God's love will see all of you through!
Much love & Hugs,

7/13/2003 10:08

Hi SonsonsMom welcome to this Circle of love, I am so sorry to hear about your son and your cousin, and of course we'll help you with our prayers, you see, we all understand your pain, I lost my only daughter (20 years old) only 11 months ago, so I am still going through this rough road, but I have found so much love, understanding and prayers from all this Angel Moms, and so will you. Please keep coming back to this Circle and join us with your prayers too, we'll storm Heaven for you. You will not loose your faith, it is that somedays are worse than others and we feel that God has turned from us, but He is there all the time, just hang on to Him and never let go even when you feel you have no faith. He is there with you. Selva

7/13/2003 13:05

Hello sonsonsmom, I welcome you too to the Circle, and I'm very sorry also that you lost your prescious son Vladimir, only 13 days after your dear cousin Venise. You were already grieving for Venise when your dear Vladimir passed away, it must have been such a difficult time for you, God bless you! Losing one of our children has a special pain of it's own as you unfortunately know, and it brings up so many emotions within us, changes us, and sometimes we start questioning everything that we've always known, or relied on, such as our faith. One of the most common and natural reactions of grieving is to ask "Why", and to even be angry with God over our loss, and I think perhaps this is what's happening with you. God, in His unconditional love for us all, understands your heart and your pain, and most of all understands our anger towards Him when we lose one of our children. He will never leave you sweetie, He loves you, and wants nothing more than to help you, talk to Him from your heart, tell Him how you feel, (He already knows), pour out all your hurt, anger to Him and ask Him to help you with it. You'll be surprised at the results! Be easy and gentle with yourself, losing one of our children is so very hard, a part of our heart goes with them, and you grieve at your own pace, there's no set timetable, everyone's loss is unique to themselves, but what we all share in common are the intense feelings that come with it. Remember, love never dies, it's eternal, and one day you'll see your beloved son and cousin again, never to be parted. All of us here understand, you'll only find love, support, compassion and prayers here, so of course we'll pray for you and I hope you post again, all of us care and want to help you, this is a safe haven to let your feelings out, they'll always be honoured, and I pray that you feel the love God has for you, as Selva said, hold tightly onto His Hand, even though you may not feel like it right now, and we'll be praying for you in your pain, God bless you sweetie, and we all hope you'll post again,
Love and prayers to you,
Love Sandy

7/13/2003 14:04

Hello my dear sister, hurray, you're back online! I'll add your new e-mail address to my book. Ah, we missed you too, just thought that you might need a couple of days to yourself, but then we'd worry about you, :) so I'm very happy that you're back!! That's perfect timing, having an appt. with your psycho on Tuesday, she'll help to make a difficult day a little easier for you and we'll of course be doing our part here. Yes, tomorrow you find out your results, but my sister, wait and see what they are, we're all praying for a good outcome and your health restored, so please don't think the worst, hard to do I know, but it's in the Hands of Our Lord, and we're all agreeing in prayer for you, and please let us know when you find out. You're looking forward so much to your Workshop, it'll do you a world of good to get away and relax in the countryside, yes, I believe you sent everyone the Workshop letter, so we all know about it (I think?) and it sounds like such a peaceful, beautiful setting! Ah, we know you're praying for us all, and Donna's dear sister Shar too, she is one of our family here, and our prayers for her health have reached the heart of God too.
My dear sister, you know we love you and are giving you a 'hand' with our Dear Lord, Jesus, to lift you out of the Valley and be able to go on your trip, and you know we're storming Heaven that you will receive a sign from Solange that Our Lord, in His love for you will send so you will finally have that peace and knowing that will bring much joy to your heart!
Love you too my dear sister, and you know our prayers are always with you as well as our love, as I said, please let us know about your results tomorrow,
Lots of love & Bear Hugs,

7/14/2003 04:37

Dearest Verna, You have been a trooper and yes we are glad to see you Post. We know that if one of us is not here they are never far from prayer or Our Hearts. Thank You for talking to us and yes a good many of Angel Moms are having a hard time and I think the whole Haven will be lifted in prayer, you are covered by Prayer and we will all be here for each other and will especially change the course of our Prayer Life, knowing God is forever near does help but the pain still comes but with each anniversary and special day or occasion I think we lean easier and its easier to climb on Our Heavenly Fathers lap but it all takes time and having each other has made a big difference to me, the understanding the wisdom and most of All the Love so Dearest Verna, We Pray your health will improve so you can Post as you need, we are here so be kind to yourself and yes I love your messages and your e-mails but strength isn't the absence of pain but the reaching out and We are an incredible strong family because of God's Love and Our Love for one another, May God Bless You with Peace and hold you in his arms as these days come and some valley days I was at the bottom of a Valley and my Sisters through there Love helped me to climb but remember one step one challenge at a time. Love U too and BearHugs and some days Teddie Hugs. Donna

7/14/2003 04:56

Dearest Sonsons Mom, I'm am glad that Our Heavenly Father led you here, I'm so sorry for such a loss for your Precious son and cousin you have lived a long time with grief, I can only say that in this Haven understanding abides and what has held this Haven together is Love and Understanding and Prayer all I can add is what Selva and Sandy have said so eloquently, Faith shaken is a good place to start for here it grows like a rose, No judging, we have all had different experiences and yet the pain of Losing is the most profound, You mothered two children and if it you said all is well we would be very concerned, your not losing your faith your opening your heart to face God in a way that none of us thought could happen but He is never more close than now for I truly believe Jesus Heart is as Tender as a Mothers but it takes time Your faith shows Hope because you came here, we can not stop the pain but can help to lift you up with prayer and a Scanturary to come and be and let it all go there is a Family here who will embrace you and take you where you are not where you think you should be, Your grief has been a lonely journey let this Haven be a place where you will not walk alone. May God meet you now and help you to begin to Heal. BearHugs Donna

7/14/2003 05:12

Dearest Selva, your stength and Love speaks volumes, let out Love go with you and only deal with what you can at 4pm tomorrow we will be with you in Spirit and Love and whatever your Dr says we are here, don't let the fear of tomorrow overwhelm you a problem shared is halfway to healing why? because we Love You and will not let you go this journey alone and soon the sweet smell of country air and others on the same path will join you as you join theres Post when you can but what goes before You is Prayer and what Follows is Love. Tomorrow all things are possible. Rest, Remember you are not the first to walk this road but we wil walk this journey with you Always. I hope you've begun packing. A Pastors wife told me years ago, you know you are on the right path when everything comes against you because Love and success are not the way of the evil one but are is the road that Jesus walked with evey possible obstacle in His path He suceeded to do his Fathers will. God Bless You Our Dear Selva. Love& Hope and Yes BearHugs Donna

7/14/2003 18:10

Hi all my dear sisters: First of all THANK YOU for you support and prayers, I took it all with me to see the Dr. God do answers your prayers, there is nothing malignant, I have colitis due to s microscopy bacteria, that should have gone away by now, se went back to check what changes I went through since I started with my diahrreas, I changed my anidepressant from Prozac to Zolofft, he said, you know that what probably is, one of the main side effects of Zolofft is diahrreas, so he said to stop taking it right away, and in 1 month he will do another colonoscopy (yeak) to see how it is, he adviced me to take Immodium for my trip, so the only thing bad is my cholesterol 390 and my trygliceridos 467, so I will take care of that, I will post again later tonigh, my sister is just getting home and she does not know yet. Love you all Selva

7/14/2003 19:01

Heavenly Father, Thank You most merciful Father for bringing Selva Peace of Mind and Goodness for her soul, but Heavenly Father Please make her tummy well cast out the bacteria that has made her so ill, Thank you Father for thy endless Love and now we cry out with rejoicing and Thanksgiving. Almighty Father THANK YOU.

7/14/2003 19:08

Dearest Selva, Rest our Dear Sister, have you tried propel water by gatorade it helps put back some electrolites and good stuff so your body can replenish some energy. I'm crying I'm smiling and I'd help you pack for your trip if I could so I send Happy thoughts and picture you resting packing and for now working but soon you will be in green meadows and wildflowers, no cars no phones and Blessed silence. Love to You Dear Selva and Hip Hip Hurrah! Love& Teddie Hugs till your feeling better. Donna wish they had a big smile on these images need to go call Shar.

7/14/2003 19:46

Hello my dear sister, double hurray!, I'm overjoyed to hear that all prayers were answered and now they know what it is and can treat it so you'll be healthy again! I've been waiting to hear your good news, and here it finally is!! Now you can go on your trip knowing you're alright, and be able to be more relaxed and enjoy it to it's fullest. Should only take a couple of days for the Zoloft to 'wear off', and that will stop one cause of your diarrhea, and how is your Colitis going to be treated? I know, no fun to have another colonoscopy, but perhaps once again you can have anesthesia and won't feel all that pain. It's wonderful, wonderful news, and we're all so happy for you my dear sister, yes indeed, Thank you Father for answering all the prayers that were said for our sister, your daughter, we pray, trust and believe, and Your love knows no bounds, You are a loving Father, and I thank you through Your Son, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus, Amen.
Now go tell Nancy, she's going to be so happy for you too!! Love you my sister, and lots of hugs to you,
Lots of love,

7/14/2003 20:42

Hi my dear sisters, yes I told Nancy and my brother, I have to shut off my cell because they keep calling me while I was talking to my Dr. Well he said to stop taking all those 18 pills a day Thank God, to keep with the immodion and to stay off the Zolloft, maybe that wil be the answer, so I will take a supply of Immodium for my trip, my sister and brother were so happy to hear that it was not malignat, now we can go on with the construction, because I told Nancy to wait for the outcome, until we signed everything, so now we will go on, so the minute it is finished we will have to plan our reunion, please, please, you don't have to worry about expenses here, OH I can not wait. Verna do you know there is a special monitor that you can add to your computer that is voice command?, you don't have to type, ask Cheryl to look up to that, it is only an attachment and all you do is talk, no typing involved. Thank you my dear sister, I will take your prayers with me to Rhinebeck, and even if I dont have a result I will be in a very peaciefull ambientce. I am so what dissapointed, to tell you the truth, I was hoping to be with my Solange soon, but I am letting it up to God, He will know when my time comes. Thanks again, and you should be happy that your prayers did come true. Love you Selva

7/15/2003 08:07

Hi angle moms,
I did so much studing that it really didn't matter. the test he gave us was only a 1/4 of what i studed. the rest 3/4 of the test was on the ct river and nothen in the 5 chapters i read and studed had nothen on it. out of 12 students 8 are failing the class. no matter how hard i'm trying he always seems to have a trick up his sleeve to shock the class. Hopefully I will do better next time which will be on moday.
Selva please watch your health. my husband had a very high cholesteral level too but not as high as you. he is 37 yrs. old and his count was 256 should be (120-220) and his
triglycerides was 292 should be (20-150) and his ldl cholesterol was 140 and should be (0-130) and his vldl choresterol was 58 ( 3-30) now he has three meds he is taken. one he has to make sure he eats no pineapple. he likes pineapple . alot of this i know is due to stress. but that is what happens when you own your own business. he has high blood pressure to and is on meds for that. i make sure he takes his meds daily. some times he laughs at me but i love him to much for anything to happen. please watch everything you eat to stay in good health and listen to the dr. we would not want anything to happen to you. my thoughts and prayers are with you on this difficult day. i hope and pray that you fing the courage to help guide you on this day and the strenght. love debby

7/15/2003 19:59

Hi dear Deb, ah, that's too bad after all the hard work and studying you put in, but I've heard it before, some teachers do it that way, but I know on Monday you'll be better prepared to outsmart him! Don't let it discourage you Deb, keep in there, and we know you'll be a winner!!
Love & Hugs,

7/16/2003 00:38

Dear Deb, I like him to be a student and have a Prof do this to him but whata challenge, when it got tough and I thought I would fail I thought no one can take the knowledge I've learned and I know its discouraging but he doesn't know his match, You're going to make it because as Selva says we are going to Storm Heaven, I think its great you have school to challenge you in a different way but I don't know what you are taking and what your goal is somehow I missed that but know like we said to Selva we go with you in Spirit and Prayer and hopefully this time no clever deceptions so make room for us and may God hear the Prayers of his daughter that deceit will not enter, this poor man doesn't know what he is for, Our Love & Prayers go with You and BearHugs I hope one of them Hugs this man so tight his heart melts. Love&BearHugs Donna

7/16/2003 05:31

Dear SonsonsMom, ~ My heart goes out to you in the loss of your beloved son, Vladimir, and your precious cousin, Venise. I lost my 36 year old daughter, Diane, August 31, 1996, in a chain reaction crash which involved 2 cars, 2 pickup trucks, and drunk driving. The angel moms who post here, have help me so much with their prayers, love and understanding. I am so glad you found our circle of love. You will find much love, support, and understanding here. Here, you will be surrounded with love, hugs, and prayers daily! We pray daily for one another and ask God to heal our shattered hearts and give us precious moments of peace ... Especially during our valley days, and special days. God knows the depth of your pain, and He will be with you through the dark hours. It helps to know that love is eternal and someday, when our work on earth is done, we will live forever in God's kingdom with our children and all our loved ones and friends. Until then, we will lean heavily on our Lord and Savior, and pray for one another and support one another in any way that we can. We angel moms can't take away the pain, but we can and will be here for you, and surround you with much love,tender hugs, and powerful prayers! For, each of us pray from our heart, and we know God hears us, and stands ready to help us carry our cross. I join the other angel moms in praying for you and family. The loss of any loved one breaks our heart. But, the loss of a child, no matter when or how it happens, is a mother's worst nightmare. Losing your son so soon after having lost your cousin, whom you helped raise, had to be so very, very difficult for you. You are still in shock, and in the early stages of grieving a double loss. So, you must be gentle with yourself and give yourself as much time as you feel you need to grieve your losses. Like me and the other moms, you faith has been shaken, but not broken. Your grief may come out as anger. When the pain gets unbearable, you may even feel as though you want to die. All of us have experienced those kind of feelings at some point in our grief process. It is very important that you know that sometimes the pain comes out in the form of anger at God and others. Also, it is the pain that makes you feel that you want to die. I eventually learned through counseling, that I didn't want to die, ... What I really wanted was to stop the unbearable pain I was feeling almost constantly! The other moms will confirm this, for they, too, have felt that kind of intense pain. Those feelings can hit you at any stage of grieving. When this happens, we come here and pour our heart out, and express exactly what we are feeling. We know we will never be judged, and that we will be prayed for by everyone. You have taken the first step and that was in God's plan. God had a reason for sending you here, and giving you the courage to share your painful story. He knows your pain, and like Him, we will share your pain, and walk with you on your journey. Hold on to God, for He truly cares about all that you are going through. His love for you is unconditional. He understands your anger, and He will restore your faith. May God bless you and family and may you soon begin to feel all the love and hugs, and those precious moments of peace for which we pray.
Love & hugs,

7/16/2003 06:51

Dear Sandy, ~ Thank you and the other angel moms so much for always being there to walk with us during our valley days and special days. Being a little further along on my journey, I know that your prayers will give me strength during those times. I thank God everyday for sending me to this very special circle of love. I know that God is with us constantly, and He does answer our prayers in His own way and in His own time. I am sorry that the page I sent on Mr. A did not open for you. Cheryl had the same problem, so I used copy paste and sent it to her again. I haven't heard back from her yet but, if it works, I'LL try sending it to you using that method. I heard back from Leia, but still couldn't figure out how to open and pull up the chapters I mentioned. She said that she might have to re-save the documents in another format. I'LL let you know how it turns out.
Love & hugs,

7/16/2003 07:31

Dear God, ~ Thank You for answering our prayers for our sister, Selva. Lord, I ask that You will continue to hold Selva close to Your heart, and bring about total healing in her body. Lord, please take away the stressful situations that the evil one has placed in her path. Remind her often, Lord, that no weapon formed against her will prosper. I pray that the time is near and that soon, You will reveal to our dear sister that her beloved Solange is alive in Your kingdom and having a wonderful time with all the other guardian angels, and that she is MORE THAN OK! :) And, finally Lord, help ALL angel moms to hold on to Your unchanging hand, and the wise saying ... "Nothing will happen today that the Lord and I can't handle." In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen!

7/16/2003 08:10

Dear Sandy and Donna,

thank you for your prayers and i am hoping to out smart him. The professor was sick last night so I was home by 7:30 instead of 9:30 and maybe he will be sick tonight. Monday and Wed. he has lecturs for 3hrs & 20 min. and on tue/thur we have lab i'm doing great in lab (89.7) it's just the lectures (50)the way he changes the questions on the test gets me so confused. even if i ge a d i still passed and might decide to take the class again.
donna i'm taking science/lab for my ass. in early childhood. i will graduatate in 2004 with my ass. in science. buy 2005 all perraperfessionals who are pd by title 1 need an ass. to work in the school system any where. or they will have to take this huge test. which i anly ned 5 classes after this one so i'll be done 12/2004 and grad. june 2005 with the class.

7/16/2003 08:21

angel moms thank you for all your prayers and thinking of me during what seems like a tough class, sorry i didn't post to some of you but i have been in a valley forthe day of the accident is coming up and i started shutting down last week. thinking about michaelso much and waking up in the middle of the night thinking about im. it's not that i don't think about him but i am more now than every. I'm also busy doing up mu yard with little garden things just like i used to before and he always helped me. i know the pain that verna ans selva are feeling for next month will be the hardest for us all. they will have many of my thoughts and prayers.
love debby

7/16/2003 08:28

Dear Selva, ~ Thank you for reminding me about the voice command monitor. It sounds like just what I need go give my hands a rest. :) But, I am more concerned about how you are doing with all that's happening right now. Please take good care of yourself. The change in medication and the trip will be good for you. In the meantime, try repeating the saying that I mentioned in my prayer above. Just try saying it every day, throughout the day, and night, too, for that matter. I have tried it, and it has really helped me to refocus when I am having what I refer to as: A satan attack. :) You know how much I despise the evil one! We angel moms have enough to deal with, but the evil one always tries to pile more stress upon us. So, be on guard, and rebuke the evil one, in Jesus' name. Just say, "In the name of Jesus, I rebuke you!" As far as planning for our reunion, ... First, let's concentrate on getting you well. :) Then, we'll concentrate on planning for the reunion. You, Deb, and I must think of ways, to pamper ourselves beginning now, and throughout our special days which comes up in August. I believe Deb's special days are the 12th and 14th, your special day is the 15th, and my days are the 16th and 31st. Gosh, we have got to think of some fun things to make it through those difficult times. One thing I have already start doing is to think of some of the many fun and crazy things Diane use to say and do. :) There was never a dull moment when she was around. :) You, Deb, and I already know that the other angel moms are praying for us. We also know that our angels are praying for us also. And, thank God, we have our Lord, and Savior, the Holy Spirit, and our heavenly Father on our side! :) So, with all of us pulling together, we will make it through those special days. It really helps to know that no matter how each of us decide to deal with our special days, it will be OK! For, we are surrounded with love, hugs, and prayer! In the words of one of my favorite authors, Remember, you are: Never forgotten ~ Always Loved! :)

7/16/2003 19:39

Hi my Angel sisters. Just to keep you update, I am still in deep valley days, I still won't accept that I have not seen Solange for 11 months, first time in my life we have not been together for such a long time, I refused to accept it, all I want is my daughter BACK, I know Angel moms, I thak God so many times for bringing me here, you have no idea, I pray (in my own way) for all of you and I also worry about all of you. Well I took 3 immodiums yesterday, so today I ate lunch and nothing happened, lets see tomorrow. Verna, I received your e mail about your dear friend, I will buy his book, what about trying Oprah, I will try for sure, I am just waiting for yours to come out and even if I have to go to that studio personally I will bring her attention to it. Sandy my dear friend, thansk for all your e mails, I could not respond today because I have sooo much work, but I make the time to read all of you e mails, I have a deadline on friday to close the books (we are in a fiscal year) and the auditors are coming Aug 4, and I will be out for a week, so I am working like mad (which is good) I just came from work. Donna my Angel, I thank the Lord for your friendship, and all of you my dear sisters, what will I do without you, just keep in mind that I love you dearly, I am sure that it is God's sent, imagine we don't know each other and we love one another, because I really do, that its a miracle isn't it?, so many people from different backgrounds, cities, etc, and we are all sisters, wow, if that is not a miracle, then what?. Deb, keep it up you WILL get that exams with honors, just remember what you have behind you, a lot of Angel Moms storming Heaven for you. Lisa I hope that you can go on your trip with a peaceful mind, just remember what I said to you before, nothing it is going to happen, I used to have to go to Puerto Rico every 2 months and worried sick about leaving Solange at home (even though my sister kept a very close eye on her and she knew it) but after all. nothing bad happened, they know better, even if you don't think so, like I said, tell him he is all you have. I love you my sister Selva

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