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Shane Whalen
This Prayer Circle is Dedicated to my son Shane Whalen Who Passed Away On March 15, 1999 at the Age of 24, & All Other Children

Start a prayer circle for bereaved parents who have lost a child.

There are many of us out there who have lost a child, and it is devastating. It changes the outlook on life, plunges you into a depression, and you think that the feelings and thoughts you have nobody else could possibly relate to. I think a prayer circle for bereaved parents would only benefit us and help us on our journey of grief. This Circle is one of Love, where a Grieving Parent can safely come to for Prayers, and to talk about their feelings.

Shaner -10/14/2000
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7/4/2003 10:03

Dear Woods1, You have suffered deeply and as well you will be in our Prayers too&your Husband and Thank You for sharing with us to think of Jeremiah with a crown in Heaven,how precious of you to Pray for all of us, Please come to this Haven where Understanding and Love grow daily, none of us would know what to do without each other and most of all God reigns here and so does his Love your wisdom speaks Mountains I hope you will return. BEARHUGS Donna

7/4/2003 10:07

Good Morning Angel Moms, :) ~ I was looking through one of my favorite little calendar books and felt led to share this beautiful message with you:
God's peace and blessings,

A stranger may walk behind you, but I am your friend and walk beside you. A stranger may be unfamiliar with your ways, but I am your friend and know your heart. A stranger may not know how you feel, but I am your friend and share your joy and your pain. A stranger may keep things from you, but I am your friend and freely give you My love.

[From: Never Forgotten ~ Always Loved]
By: Roy Lessin

7/4/2003 10:41

Dearest Verna, Hoot Owl and morning Dove, what a Beautiful Message and so true, You did it again and touched my heart by your kind words, I keep a folder of beautiful cards and messages that have helped me and many of those pages are your Dear girl I do not see myself as truly Blessed to have found all of you each of you has helped me when I was in sorrow you were all there to teach me when I was in pain my mailbox was full and when you speak of courage trust me when I say the tough days you were all there keeping me going by your very own so Thank You for your Love Verna and all this has been a journey of Learning and Love Forever Grateful Love Forever and a Day and Thank You Bunches for your prayers for my Sister Shar she is truly in need and everyday says Please tell them Thank You. Verna sound like a smashing Fourth we will watch fireworks on TV but partake in the communitys celebration I don't think I'll have any sinus problems after the rich onions I cut up for the hamburgers trust me they work better than anything I ever gave my hubby who has sinus problems, I called him into the kitchen last night and said I think these are meant for you, it was the big purple ones so if any of you are suffering these might help. God Bless You All for no matter how deep the valley or high the mountain top the freedom to pray and to come here is priceless indeed and to Sandy, Cheers for all you have done and your countrymen. Selva,Lisa, Eva I celebrate the fact of your courage to hang in there for your Love when the chips are down and for all of us I celebrate OUR ANGELs imagine the light show in Heaven and how Blessed for having each of them in Our Lives for me a family that I have never known Sisters one and All and my Children have so many Dear Brothers and Sisters and know Love Divine I can celebrate with that knowledge in my heart why because of this Haven that has opened my heart in a way I never thought possible and from each of us the ripple spreads I pray that there is one thing you maybe able to celebrate today as Hard as it is for many and Bittersweet for others I celebrate each of you and your Loving Angels. We have this Freedom that few will ever know. The JoY of Loving each of You is a Freedom beyond measure. God's Love sustain You this Day Love Forever and a Day and Wild Fourth of July Teddie Hugs Selva the gentlest there is, Donna

7/4/2003 19:25

Hi my sisters Angels, well I am into valley days for Solange will spend this holidays either in Disney World or the Fla keys, after she was 18, before we will spend it together with my sister and some of her fiends, but there is one message that I want to share with all of you, I am a cuban-american, and all of you should be proud to live in this wonderful country where you have freedom of speech, religion, and everything else, whenever the 4 of july comes, I thank God that my parents sent me to this country, it was very hard at first at was only 14, but after the years passed, I thank God every day that I live in a free country, my fellow cubans does not know what that means, they are tortured if they complain about the situation, they have nothing to eat if they don't have family in the US, they can not speak their thoughts, they will go to jail if they say anythingh bad about that regime, they are slaves in that country, you all can go to Cuba and enjoy the most beautiful hotels and the beaches, but the cubans there are not allowed to go into those hotels, or restaurants, or anything, that it is why I Thank God for the Fourth of July, you have no idea of what freedom you all enjoy, God Bless America. Love Selva

7/5/2003 04:00

Dear Selva, What a Beautiful message, my grandparents came from Ireland when she was a young girl too all alone and told us of the perscution she endured because she was a Roman Catholic she never saw her family again, she came through Ellis Island young and afraid but she worked very hard to earn money to bring her parents but they were to ill to leave and than she met my grandfather who came from Sweden but he was older when he came but he died before his family could come, and then she raised her sons alone and never remarried but she like you was grateful for everything this country offered and most of all she could go to Church and live her Faith without fear of her life and like you she missed her family very much she cleaned houses and did till she was not able to which was only the last few years of her life but she never took for granted what many of us do, but her stories remain in my heart to be free of fear to whorship without fear to be able to work and go wherever she wanted but your message says it all and yes it made you stronger and braver and no we can not imagine what it is like to live under such oppression and pray someday your land of your birth will hopefully know freedom of tyranny. My grandmother too was so proud to be an American. Thank you for your courage to share what you have lived through and hope soon you will know the blessing of good health. Love to you and Hope that soon you will be well. Love and Tender BearHugs Donna

7/5/2003 10:35

Dear Angel Moms, I know many are facing difficult Valley Days and for others the challenges are tough I leaving this poem with the hope that it may lift your Spirits a little even for a moment. Love to All and BearHugs to say you are Loved, Donna

7/5/2003 10:48

GrassHoppers Dance

7/5/2003 10:52

Dearest Deb, How precious your message and Thank You for visiting Christinia Maries Memorial from my Heart THANK YOU. Love&BearHugs Donna

7/5/2003 15:38

Hello dear sister, yes, what a beautiful message, and to do what you did so young, at the age of only 14, by yourself, shows what bravery, strength and determination you have, we who live in free Countries take it for granted sometimes, and by your sharing, it reminds me to stop and appreciate what I have that other's in this World of our's don't, and that is freedom. I pray also that one day your homeland enjoys that same freedom! Yes, you be gentle with yourself, don't overdo it, we all want you healthy again my sister,
Lots of love & Hugs,

7/5/2003 16:08

Hello dear Donna, I love your poem, if I close my eyes I can 'hear' the music of life, feel the rythym of it and enjoy anew the dance. Thank you for sharing it, I bet it's one you've written yourself, :)
Hmm, seems we share Nordic blood, :), my great grandparents came to Canada from Iceland on my mother's side, and my other great grandparents came from Ireland and Scotland, also to find a better life. And like your Grandmother, I don't know the meaning of hard work as they did, and I honour them for their hard choice to leave their homelands and family, so their future generations, me, could enjoy the life we now have.
Did you take the Plunge today, we did, and will go back after dinner to have another swim! Much love & yep, Bear Hugs too,
Love Sandy

7/5/2003 19:55

Hi my Angel sisters, Donna I love your poem, Sandy and Donna I am so glad you got my message about freedom, and you all remember your generations, and please appreciate it, Freedom it just not a word, it is an experience, my father was born in Spain, my mother was born in Cuba from spanish descent, my grandmother was hald from Spain and half from another country her last name was Murphy, isn't that good to think that our ancestors kept the freedom and their past alive, I had to live it one more time, but I am very proud to be an american, even though sometimes I long for my country to be free from that animal Castro, but one day it will be, I made my life in this country so I don't think I could ever live in Cuba again, I have a hard time remembering the country, but I will be happy for the ones that live there right now.
I am in valley days, wainting for Solange to come home from the weekend, I can't let go. I pray for you all and please throw a prayer for me also. I love you my sisters, What will I do without you? Love you Selva

7/5/2003 22:50

Heavenly Father, Our Sister Selva needs you for strength to get well, please send her Your Peace to be able to wait for your will Solange was everything, every thought was for her every sacrifice, soon she will be in the country and I pray in quiet she will hear your voice your will, never have I known someone to sacrifice so much for Love I leave this in your Divine Care and please be patient with all Our Prayers we her sisters are many and desire One thing Your will Your Light in Selva life, Dear Jesus we Love You and we Love Selva keep her safe Oh Lord we Pray Thy will Father. In Jesus name Amen.

7/5/2003 23:12

Dear Selva & Sandy I'm glad that for a moment a time you could see what was in the poem the music the dance Thank you for your kind words and most of all it made you smile it took you somewhere else. Selva we are praying and hoping that soon you will climb the mountain or sit and enjoy the sunset but none of that is possible till answers come so we pray and will continue till all is well Its like the beautiful poem Verna left above together we walk hand in hand side by side. Sandy aha a third generation too. Mikey was born in Dunoon Scotland took his first steps there his first words, the people were Loving and family oriented Yes Thank God for Our grandparents so brave I found some facts from the Ellis Island archives Elizabeth McGowan was a very common name in Ireland my Granpa came from a village called Weigne Sweden and Thank God only one with his name and the search narrows between 3 Elizabeth McGowans but I'm glad for a time they knew happiness my granpa and Dad and Uncle helped to build a church in the Catskills of in New York State and when I got the record his name and trade listed as a carpenter than I knew I found him, Sandy the stories you must know I saw Icelandic flowers once she was far from home and was my neighbor the flowers so delicate of beauty so beautiful, Mike and I didn't take the plunge. We went to Home Depot to do alot of Looking and finding for home improvements and truly got our exercise tommorrow after Church we are taking a plunge and hopefully play and relax but it is so much fun finding and agreeing on the home improvements. Selva maybe Home Depot that we know you Love will have some of the help you need for the new home. Love to all and Lots of BearHugs and Tender Teddies for you Selva Sleep Well.

7/6/2003 09:36

Hello my dear sister, thank you for the message, and we will and do appreciate it! No, America is your home now, but if and when Cuba becomes free, you could take a trip back, wouldn't that be something!
Ah, my dear sister, you know we pray for you, especially for the peace you so need, I know you are in Valley Days, but I'm praying that your upcoming trip in the Country will allow you some quiet moments to be still of heart and hear the quiet voice of Our Father speaking His great love for you and that you leave the Workshop with that peace planted firmly in your heart to endure with Divine strength the days ahead. And yes, I am still storming that you will get your heart's desire, and as Donna says, it will help to put you on the mountain, where we all would like to see you, even for awhile! Love you my dear sister, and I hope you take the Plunge today and have a nice swim in your pool, a relaxing day, or go to your favourite store too, Home Depot, :)
Love you lots & Praying always,

7/6/2003 15:39

Hello dear Donna, yep, loved the poem, I love those one's that 'transport you in the moment' and through imagery brought to life with words, that happens! Yes, actually 2nd generation Scottish, my grandmother was born there and came with her family to Canada when she was four yrs. old. Yes, you told me once of living in Scotland, Mikey born there, and how much you loved it!
Maybe one day you'll be able to go back for a visit and relive those precious memories made there. Oh that's wonderful that you were able to trace your grandfather and now that you have your grandmother's name down to 3, it should get a little easier. Wow, that's amazing, once having a neighbour who was Icelandic, there are some people out there that don't even know that the Country exists, :). Their last name was originally Steffanson, but my grandfather changed it to Stevenson to make it more 'Canadian' :) Unfortunately I never knew him, he fought in WW I and was mustard-gassed, sent home and died shortly after. But yes, thank goodness for the wonderful stories passed down!
So no plunge yesterday, but it must have been fun to choose for the home improvements, and yes, Home Depots are so big that just walking around them is an exercise in itself, ha, ha! Well, I hope you get your swim today, oh, I can just picture you and Selva let loose together in Home Depot, the two of you would have so much fun! Have a blessed day my friend, lots of love and Teddy Bear Hugs to you,
Love Sandy

7/7/2003 07:28

good morning angel moms,

things didn't go as i had hoped for going to the cap for the day. that's ok for my husband and i spent the whole weekened on the land. it was so much cooler there. we did't go for his parents were busy with frieds of theres their so it would of made it impossible to surprise them. today i will be studing for anothertest on wednesday so i won't be posting that much until my class is done on the 31st. i will come and read the posts though. please know you all will be in my thoughts and prayers daily. god bless you all. debb

7/7/2003 13:35

Hi dear Deb, yes, I guess it would have been pretty difficult to surprise them under the circumstances, but it sounds as though you had a good weekend anyway, working on your land where it was cooler. Very best wishes for your studying and your test on Wednesday, dear friend, and you'll surely be missed until you're done your classes and can post again after the 31st! You know it goes without saying that you're in our thoughts, love and prayer all the time, and we'll be so happy to see you back,
Lots of love dear Deb,

7/7/2003 20:55

Hi My dear Angel Moms, sorry I have not posted, but I've been in deep valley days, Sunday I kept waiting to Solange to come home, but she did not, I am angry, sad, and don't know what to do, tomorrow I will be going to my pshycho then I will feel a little better. I went to my test, I had to sign a consent paper so they will give me more ansthesia, because my blood pressure is very high, but I told the Dr. I will walk out if he did not put me to sleep, so it went fine, he did 2 biopsys, I will find out later in the week, to tell you the truth I don't care, but I think of my sister and brother, and the loan that I'm getting into so we can build the other house, and I pray that God will give me time to get all that acomplished, I will get a life insurance in the mortgage so my sister does not have to worry about it, but I am ready to go. I am looking forward to that workshop in Rhinebeck NY, it sounds like a very peaceful place, and I do need peace, I know your prayers will be with me, amd getting there (God's will) on july 27 and returning Aug 1, no radio, tv, telephone or internet, so you will not hear from me on those days, but I will be praying for all of us. Deb I wish you lots of luck on your exams, we will miss you, but aour prayers will be there with you. Sandy my dear sister, the poem about My mother is a survivor, did so good in me, I think Solange will be saying that to all our Angel Kids. Lisa, Eva,we are worried about you so please post once in a while so we know that you are OK. Donna, what can I say, Thank you for visiting my Solange's memorial, you know I feel like I've know you, Sandy, Verna and all our sisters forever, I can not wait to our reunion, remember, we are going to meet in Miami, "the sun capital of the world" you should see my skin, but you will enjoy getting away from the cold, I will show you all of Miami, it is a really beautiful city, I will cook cuban and of course american food (just in case) and you will all stay at our house, I hope you don't mind 3 dogs, one is a mut but such a sweetheart, the other is a bishon frisee (like a poodle) and my Rambo is a 9 pound maltese, but they are very friendly. Oh, that will such a nice reunion, all you have to worry is the plane ticket, I will take care of the rest, of course hubby's are welcome too, I will get those air matress, so you will be uncortable sleeping (maybe) but I have central air conditioner, so you will not feel the heat, so I will keep you posted about the construction, my loan was already aproved, so the construction will get on soon. I love you my sister, and I can't wait to share pictures, stories,specially about MaDear, and Chain Reaction, OK Verna, please lets make it a date. Love you my sisters. Selva

7/7/2003 23:28

Hello to everyone - I'm trying to read all the posts of recent and get caught up and get to know some of you . . I think I needed to "stay away" for a while til I pulled myself out of whatever it was I was in. Next to New Year's Eve, the 4th of July was Kristina's holiday (she was a partier!!! ... loved celebrations). With everything our country has experienced this year, and missing my Kristina, the fireworks were more than I could bear. Even now they are going off at night still... I wish they would quit ... enough already!! I wish you all peace.
Take Care
Kristina's Mom

7/8/2003 00:44

Oh gosh, my sister ... ~ This poem [My Mom Is a Survivor] really tells it just like it is, doesn't it? May God bless the person who wrote it, and may He also bless you for sharing it with us moms, who can truly relate to the never-ending grief and pain of losing a child, and in some cases, children. Still, I thank God for those precious moments of peace and joy that He sends to us through truly devoted friends and family -- no matter how difficult our journey may sometimes be. We moms know just how important and precious those moments are, and we will always be grateful to God for sending them. We also know in our hearts that our Lord and Savior knows the depth of our pain, and that He will never turn His back on us, or forget that we are still hurting, like others (unfortunately, and I'm sure unintentionally, seem to sometime do). :( Sometimes it hurts, but, we must remind ourselves that others really cannot understand what it is like for us. Only if they have been there. Again, my sister, thank you for sharing such a compassionate and deeply healing poem. As Sandy would say, ... It speaks volumes to me. :) It helps a Mom know that there really are others among us who really do understand, and care, and are doing whatever they can to continue to survive, and support others who are on the road to survive. What an awesome way to pay tribute our guardian angels, and to those of us who have known, and will always know ... That, the loss of a child, has a grief all it's own!

7/8/2003 01:35

Dear Donna, ~ Oh, what joy and peace of mind your poem, [Grasshoppers Dance]brought to mind. :) As you would probably have guessed by now, I have a very vivid imagination, and in my mind's eye ... I could actually see all of this happening from a short distance from where I was standing, ... Taking in the view! :) Thank you for providing me, and the other angel moms with that special view, along with all the sounds of joy! :) You are Soooo good with words, and always provide comfort and encouragement to all who read here in our circle. Thank you, Donna, for your kind words to all. I hope you and all our moms realize just how important your prayers and other contributions are to all of us. As Sandy reminds us, God is using all of us to do His work, His will in our lives, and for that, I am and always will be grateful. And, I know all our angel moms feel the same. Be sure to give Shar a BigGentleHug from me and the other angel moms, and tell her she is covered with our prayers always, and you know that you are, too! We love Y'all, and thanks again for submitting such a beautiful and peaceful poem.
Love & Hugs,

7/8/2003 02:15

Hi Cin, ~ Gosh, it's great to see a post from you! :) Trust me, I've been in that place off and on for almost seven years now, and I know the feeling. There are still days when I have to go it alone ... and just let the feeling happen ... Even with all the prayers. Knowing that the relief will come, and with prayer and faith, I now know will be able to go on and survive in spite of the heaviness of the cross that is always upon me. As I was saying above, ... It really does help to know that you are not alone, and that others really do care, and share your pain. Like your Kristina, my Diane was always the life of the party! :) She loved singing, dancing, acting, and doing dramatic interpretations of poetry. There was never a dull moment around the house when she was here. And, oh how I miss her hugs, her radiant smile, and her LOUD "Helloooooo, Mother-r-r-r!" when she would come over to visit. :) You didn't have to wonder Who was coming in! Ha-ha! Ah, the fond memories! I gotta tell Ya Cin ... I, too, got tired of the fireworks the noisy ones! :) And, even though I enjoyed watching the quiet fireworks show (downtown) from our front yard, I still felt a little sadness, which hasn't completely left. But, as Eva always says, ... I press on. :) I stayed up the rest of the night writing one of my rambling emails which I will be sharing with all angel moms just as soon as I have time to pull it up, proofread and use spellchecker. I just hope I haven't lost it, and that it brings a little joy ... And I also hope that each angel Mom will find something within -- Especially near the end of the email, that will bring a little hope and piece of mind. Say hello to Julie for me, and let her know that she is in my thoughts and prayers, and you know that you are. Thanks for all the wonderful fwd pages, and for helping to put a little joy back into my life. :) I will be sending more just as soon as I get caught up with reading. Now that the reunion is over, I am busy with an assignment from my editor, which I need to finish before we meet on July 14th. So, wish me luck, and keep me and my book project in your prayers! :)

Love & Hugs,

7/8/2003 02:38

PS ~ Angel Moms, ~ Please pray that I will so well on my presentation at our MADD DUI meeting which is scheduled for tomorrow night. The lady in charge has illness in her family and may not be able to make it, so I may have to face the group alone. It's a pretty long drive to get there, so pray that I will have a safe trip there and back. Cheryl can't handle it any longer, and I do understand, and will not place such a burden on her tender shoulders. After all, she is still grieving and missing her older sister in a lot of ways that even I can't understand, because their bonding was sister to sister. Diane was a little over six years older than Cheryl, and Cheryl really looked up to her, and depended on her, and felt that she would always be able to go to her for advice, and talk about things that only a sister could relate to. :) Now, she feels all alone in the world. Even though she has an older stepsister, she lives in another state, and, as she puts it, ... It's just not the same. Even in our own pain, we moms must remind ourselves that the child/children left behind are grieving, too! :( So, I ask that you keep all of us in your prayers! Thank you, my sister-friends!
Love to All! :)

7/8/2003 06:19

Dearest Angel Moms. So much is happening for All and I too Love My Mom is a Survivor,Sandy many Thanks for the poem and Blessings to you for sending it and Cindy who started the ball rolling it touches the heart deeply and each of us could hear our Angels voices but what affirmation, we truly are Survivors. Selva, so glad to hear from you and as well as your brother and sister how could we bear to be without you and yes we are all praying for your trip big time, and yes God grant you Peace our Dear Sister and Thank You for your continued prayers for My sister, Shar always says " You make sure to tell the Angel Moms Thank You " she said knowing your praying gives her strength and she is awed by each of you for she who never got to have children of her own knows that this is beyond any grief and you would take time for her and care to Pray and she in turn is always asking about you and she prays when the pain eases and Selva she's been praying hard for you and will be glad to know you posted even she was worried but I told her you needed rest and God grant an answer and stop the illness, as she put it "enough is enough" so she continues to Storm Heaven she is such a Blessing and Dear sister " she asked that if she could she would like to write if thats ok. You have all given me so much and I'm so glad the poem helped and Thank you for your praise but for me I just wanted to make a moment this weekend that would make a moment better You are all Precious to Me and Yes Cindy you too, no many of us do not know each other as well as we like but we do know each others Heart and that is all I need to know and Yuppa Lisa we know this is a hard time and just remember you are not alone so let us have it girl thats what we are here for but we also respect your need to deal in your way but please don't stay away to long or we are sending out the national guard of God Angels to get you but know sweet girl as Verna's poem said side by side and Our Spirit of Love is with You and not just for today and Eva the same for You Teddies have a national Guard for the Heart so we are sending them to but most of all God is there with you I know its hard to believe and maybe trust but He will never leave you ever. Verna, your words do the same for us thats why we can't wait for your book of MaDear you spark our imagination too and updates are always welcome she is still in our hearts an awesome woman who we can see and hear when you write and God Bless you as well for your Bravery and Teddie Hugs for Cheryl and you bet we will be praying and wishing we were with you, could you see us in a row cheering you on well remember we are in Spirit and as soon as you speak it will flow its the butterflies that get you and Yuppa, you have made MaDear apart of us and your passion and wisdom will flow because thats how you are its like breathing and God won't let you down, truly we all need to hear what you have learned, you took Diane's tragedy and for many will change there lives none of us look at life the same but all have added a roses to our lives by your courage so as Sandy has often said "You go Girl" and remember we are there with You. Dearest Deb Congraulations because we know you'll do swell and we are rooting for you too Its good you got away before finals and yes parents are a tough lot to suprise so we will be praying and waiting and Bravo Girl. You see its all here each of us Surviving each of us facing our challenges and all within a family of Awesome Love and those we Love too who have had to overcome and Yes Dearest Sandy it all began because You chose to answer a whisper and for the Love of Precious Shane and Yes God be the Glory but if you don't mind Receive what our Hearts are saying yes, we would have moved on maybe but you created a Haven of Love that does not exist anywhere else Understanding for the good and awfulness of this journey and it overflows so receive Our Love Dear Sandy for we are all the richer for what you began 153 pages ago. Love to All and tonight TeddieHugs Donna

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