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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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12/7/2006 23:28

in response to angel
I pray for your marriage I pray that you will give her strength to get through her times of trouble Lord I pray that you will bless her with her marriage I pray that for christmas she will have her husband back soon Thank you for all you have done for us Lord I pray in Jesus name amen

12/8/2006 10:47

This message is for prettygirl2424. Thank You so much from the bottom of my heart for your prayers. You don't know how much that means to me, to know someone out there a total stranger is praying for me. I appreciate your prayers so much. You are my angel. If I don't get to talk to you again soon, know that I will keep you in my prayers and I hope you have a blessed and and wonderful Christmas. Your friend in Christ, Angie

12/9/2006 19:59

Thank You Lord, for having my husband call me tonight. He called tonight to see how I was doing, I told him about my week and about my day which has consisted of tears. He didn't really say to much but Lord Thank You for the call. I pray that my husband finds it in his heart to forgive me and pray that he will reconsider divorce. Lord I asked you to be with him and you are you have been. Lord I pray that we can keep the communication up, I pray that you will help us rebuild our relationship and our marriage. Thank You Lord. Amen

12/9/2006 21:27

AFWIFE96~In response to what you wrote on 12/4/06: My prayer for you today is that the thought of divorce is a far and distant memory. I pray that you will have you joy and peace in the Lord during this difficult ordeal. My thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless you.

12/9/2006 21:30

BRENDAHISTED~In response to what you wrote on 12/4/06: God did not mean for you to have to endure mental abuse. If your spouse had not intentions of changing, then it is okay. You've asked Him to forgive you, and He does. God wants you to be blessed and prosper. May you find your joy and peace today in the Lord.

If you ever need prayer or just want to talk, feel free to email me at God bless you and keep you safe in His loving arms.

12/9/2006 21:34

ANGIEL~In response to what you wrote on 12/4/06: Father God, I come to You now in the precious Name of Jesus, asking for Your Will to be done in this marriage, on earth as it is in Heaven. Lord, I thank You that this marriage IS (not will be) healed and restored. I thank You for reminding her husband of all of the reasons why he fell in love with his wife, and why they got married in the first place. I thank You for removing all negative influences from his life that are trying to hinder this reconciliation from taking place. Guard his ears, Lord. May he only hear truth--your truth, Lord. Please give her the strength, comfort, peace and patience to endure this difficult ordeal. May she cast all of her cares upon You so that You can keep her in perfect peace. Thank You. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

If you ever need prayer or just want to talk, feel free to email me at God bless you and keep you safe in His loving arms.

12/9/2006 21:39

AFWIFE96~In response to what you wrote on 12/6/06: I set my faith in agreement with yours for the healing and restoration of your marriage, and for the spirit of confusion to be broken off of your husband's mind. I curse confusion at the root. May his mind be clear and may he only reflect on the reasons why he fell in love with you in the first place. May you have peace of mind, so you can have the proper rest. You need rest, so you will have enough strength to fight against the evil one. Study Ephesians chapter 6 and Psalm chapter 18.

12/10/2006 15:59

Lord I want to Thank You for the men and women on this site that pray for me and all marriages in termoil. Lord that you give them back what they have given me. Lord I pray for all marriages, that husbands and wives will be able to work our thier differences with your help. Lord I pray that you can help my husband open up his heart to me again and be able to trust me. Lord I pray that the word Divorce will not come out of his mouth again. Lord I pray that you will guide him down the right path and not the path of the devil. Lord I pray that we can with you in our lives rebuild our marriage and make it stronger than it was before. Lord I pray in your Name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

12/11/2006 07:39

Dear prayer partners, I ask for your continued prayers for Don & Kim and their relationship. They have been together for 2 1/2 months after a brief separation. Thank you.

12/11/2006 19:23

Lord I pray that you help us, help our marriage. Lord I pray that he won't talk about divorce anymore. Lord I pray that you can open his heart to forgive and love me again. Lord I pray that the word of divorc will not come out of his mouth again. Lord I pray that you give me the strength, and courage to fight the devil and what he is doing. Lord my husband needs you, please guide him. Lord thank you for this prayer circle, and the people on here. Lord I pray that all marriages don't fall into divorce and that you can guide men and women down your path. Lord I pray to you in your name Jesus, Amen.

12/12/2006 11:40

Dear Holy Spirit, Heavenly farther, Lord Jesus, thank you for restoreing my marriage, My husband and I are working our prolbems out and have stopped the divorce because of your grace that we are not worthy of, I thank you for all that you blessed us with in my daily life, And lord jesus please continue to bless my marriage, and walk with us, Give us the strenghts to over come our situations and to keep you 1st. Amen

12/12/2006 11:42

God in the name of Jesus, I pray to you that you could please open up my husbands heart. Lord pray the you could open up us heart to receive you. Lord I pray that my husband gives our marriage a chance, me a chace to work out our problems. Lord I pray that you can help him to forgive me for all I done in the past to him. Lord I pray that you would guide him back to me. Lord I pray that our marriage will overcome this and move forward to a stonger marriage with you in our lives. Lord I pray that you give me strength to be strong when he comes back and not cry and hurt so much. Lord I pray that you take care of my husband and bring him home safe. Lord I pray that the word divorce, the idea of divorce with no longer be on his mind or ever be in his mind. Lord I pray in your name Jesus Christ, Amen

12/12/2006 11:44

Lord I pray for all marriages, that they overcome their troubles. Lord I pray that you bless all marriages. I thank you Lord for bringing me here to the prayer circle and pray that you bless each and every person on here. Thank You Lord in your name.

12/12/2006 12:51

Hello All,
First given honor to god and the saints of this circle.
Lord jesus i come today with a heavy heart lord.Lord jesus you know know my situation right now lord jesus i just ask that you give my husband the right mind to keep going lord,lord let him be able to come to you and know that you are a just GOD a loving god,forgiving god..Lord jesus i ask that you speak to my husband lord ,love him as your son lord jesus .bless this holy union as your word says it should be.Lord we need you right now more than ever lord jesus.I love my husband lord jesus and you know that are ways are not godly ways lord i ask that you save us both teach us to seek you with no strings attached.some of you may know that my husband and i were waiting on the judge to make a ruling on a court case that my husband has as he is in prision and has been for quite some time and it came back this weekend and was denied and we were devistated ..and the first thing we began to do was question god but father i ask that you forgive us both!! Lord i thank you for everything that you have done and everything that your going to do.Lord i ask that you guide us in the right direction to you lord.Lordn please hold my husband in your arms and given the strength and power to go on.Lord given me the stregth to go on for my husband let me be just what i am his wife,the rib from his body.lord please help us make it threw this.
Saint of this circle please keep me in your prayer as i will do the same for you

12/12/2006 14:24

In response to perttygirl2424 I just wanted to say thank you so much for your prayers. I tryed to email you but it did not go through. the cirmstances for me leaveing was my husband was emontional threating abuse. or else I never would of left, but I am happy to tell you that God has shown his wondeous maricles upon my husband and I.and we are not getting a divorce we have stoped it through the courts and we are going to work on our marriage. although we still have a long way to go, I pray that all of you will continue to pray for Gods divine intervention. I thank you all so very much. may god bless all of you and may he give all of you who are suffering peace,knowledge,wisdom, and for thoses who are keeping us in prayer may God send blessing upon you all. thank you once again. Brendalee

12/12/2006 18:43

Brendahisted in response to your news, AMEN, Thank You Lord for giving them the opportunity, the chance to work on their marriage. Praise you Lord, you work in mysterious ways. I will pray for your marriage, you take care, God Bless

12/12/2006 19:07

Lord, I pray that all marriages can get a second chance. Lord I pray that you cast out Satan from all marriages. Lord I pray taht all marriages are blessed by you. Lord I ask that you lead my husband back to you, he needs you right now Lord. Lord I pray that you would help us get that second chance to rebuild, reconstruct, reunite our marriage, the way you intended. Lord I pray that you give me the strength that I need to face my husband on Sat. Lord I pray that his heart will forgive and receive me again. Lord you have a plan for me, for us but only you know this. Lord in your name Jesus Christ Amen

12/13/2006 02:14

Please pray for me and my husband. We are going to have a child in 5 months and I am starting to want out of the relationship he says things that are very hurtful when he is angry. Every time that we have a disagreement he throws in my face how he moved me to another state for a better life for my child and I (from a previous relationship) and how he is raising someone elses child. He hurts me when he does this and we are always disagreeing because financially we are struggling with all bills past due (atleast two months) we have a child on the way and haven't put any money to the side for our new baby and yet his mother calls him every two weeks for money $50-$100 and he always gives it to her knowing that she collects SSI and has two male friends helping her out and doesn't pay rent anywhere since she either stays with her male friend or daughter. She only calls him when she needs money and he immediately runs to give it to her knowing that we are struggling financially. Please pray that he opens his eyes and learns to take his household responsibilities first. Please lord hear my prayer and give him the strength to control his anger because I had raised my son alone for seven and a half years and we have only been married for two years. I do not want to loose my marriage but everytime we disagree his cut through me like a knife and I am getting closer and closer to walking to your feet alone.........

12/13/2006 15:52

Lord I pray to you today and ask that you would give me strength, strength to overcome the troubles that are at hand. I worry, cry and I'm so scared Lord that my marriage will fall into the hands of Satan. Lord I pray that you cast out Satan from my husband and show him your way. Lord I pray that you grace our marriage with forgiveness, love, and happiness. Lord I pray that the words Divorce will not come out of my husbands mouth. Lord I pray that we will be able to get the second chance to make our marriage better, brighter, strong with you in our lives. Lord I pray that you guide my husband to you, he's lost and needs you. Lord I pray for all marriages and pray that all will remain and end. Lord I praise you in Your Name, Jesus Christ. Amen

12/13/2006 15:53

I pray that all marriages will remain and not end Lord. I pray in your name Jesus Christ. Amen

12/13/2006 19:07

Abundance of Understanding,Peace, Love,Joy,Success and Hope for all married. Many Blessings

12/13/2006 19:48

i want to pray for my husband that is wounderful. there where issues that i needed him to step up to the plate and he did. But for some reason i can't seem to lose my additude and i have been so hard on him. i just angles to circle him from my anger and keep his spirits high and i pray that he doesn't give up on me because i couldn't find a better man.

12/13/2006 23:23

i would like to ask if all could pray for us, our marriage to be restored. If all could pray that my husband to find the lord, like I have. If all could pray for our marriage that my husband could give us the opportunity with counseling, chruch, and our Lord Jesus Christ to rebuild, and restore our marriage. If all could pray for me to give me strength to face my husband soon and not fall to pieces. I thank all of you here, and I pray that all marriages will heal and restore, in Jesus name Amen

12/14/2006 10:31

This message is for Brendahisted. I praise the Lord that he has blessed your marriage and you are together again. My prayers is that he will continue to work in your marraige. Thank You Lord for helping this couple and continue to help all other marriages in the cirlce. Please give them all a second chance in Jesus name Amen.

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