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Shane Whalen
This Prayer Circle is Dedicated to my son Shane Whalen Who Passed Away On March 15, 1999 at the Age of 24, & All Other Children

Start a prayer circle for bereaved parents who have lost a child.

There are many of us out there who have lost a child, and it is devastating. It changes the outlook on life, plunges you into a depression, and you think that the feelings and thoughts you have nobody else could possibly relate to. I think a prayer circle for bereaved parents would only benefit us and help us on our journey of grief. This Circle is one of Love, where a Grieving Parent can safely come to for Prayers, and to talk about their feelings.

Shaner -10/14/2000
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5/28/2003 15:14

Hi Donna,
Yes that is the correct email address for my home. I don't know why your mail is being returned. Please keep trying.

I need to work right now, I will try to post more tonight. Love you all and wish you well.

Love you, Lisa

5/28/2003 16:31

Hello all you beautiful Angel Moms for your love and prayers and candle lit for Shane's Birthday today. You are all so dear, helping so much to make another special day easier to get through. Thank you all for your Cards, e-mails, and the postings at Shane's Memorial Site! I love you all dearly, I am so blessed to know you all. Thank you so much dear Angel Moms, you've all touched my heart - not only today, but always. May Our Lord bless you all for your love, support and prayers!
Lots of love & Hugs,

5/28/2003 16:38

Hi Shane, my precious Angel Chief, I wish you happiness, Peace, Love and eternal youth, you are not getting older, you are just getting wiser and wiser, learning from Jesus, what a Great Teacher! I've learned to love you through your Angel Mom, you must be so proud of her!, she is the heart of this Circle of Love and we all love her dearly, I know you are having a good time with all our Angel Kids, but remember you are in charge, so put some discipline out there OK?, some day we will all meet and have the greatest time of our lifes, but until that time comes, be at Peace my love, and take care of your mom and dad and family, I'm sure you know how much they miss you, but I'm sure you are there for them all the time, so don't be sad, we will try to keep them a little happy for you OK?, and remember we all pray for you and all the Angel kids and for all the Angel Moms. Seek the Light my Angel in Chief. I love you. Selva

5/28/2003 18:40

Hi my dear sister Sandy, you know you are in my prayers always, I know its a valley day, but I know Shane its with you tonight trying to tell you how much he loves you. Ay my dear Sandy, I will be praying . Love you my sister. Selva

5/28/2003 18:51

Hi Lisa, I'm so glad you are doing better, you'l see, we have our ups and downs, more downs than ups, but hang in there, there is nothing else for us to do but that. God is we us, imagine how much we love our children! He loves us just the same and maybe a little more, so when you are feeling so down just like I do, remember God and demand (that is what I do and may He forgive me) to give me a hand, He took our children, so He will give us strenght to carry on. I've been praying so hard, the weather here it is so bad, we have thunderstorms all wek, Solange hated it that, she enjoys the sunshine and the heat (not me) thank God we have central air conditioning , that its a must for Fla, so I don't suffer from this heat, I grew up in NY and all we had was maybe 2 months from heat, but here in Fla it is a 24/7 heat. I am worry about Eva, she has not post lately, I know June 11 its a very bad day for her. Anyway I will keep on praying for all of us. Donna. I hope you are following Dr's orders and keep on putting ice and stay away from walking. Verna, I hope that you are OK and keeping busy. Donna one more treatment and you will be fine , trust me, that is what God wants. I will be going to my Dr. tomorrow and will let you know the outcome. I love you all my sisters. Selva

5/29/2003 15:09

Good Afternoon, Angel Moms! :)

This morning when I awaken
and saw the sun above
I softly said, "Good Morning, God!"
"Bless everyone I love!"
Right away I thought of you Angel Moms ...
And said a special prayer
That God would give you peaceful moments,
And keep you in his care!
I thought of all the things I need to be doing ...
And brushed them all aside, :)
My heart was bursting with so much joy, ...
This feeling I couldn't deny!
So I decided to submit this post,
to let you know first hand,
My prayer and heartfelt wish for you, Is ...
"All the joy you can stand!" :)
[Now, I guess I can go finish cleaning , folding clothes, etc. :( Ha-ha! Enjoy your day, Angel Moms! For, this is the day our Lord has made. Let us be glad and rejoice in it! Remember ...
"All the joy you can stand!"
God bless you, one and all!

5/29/2003 16:03

Dearest Verna, How Beautiful, Thank you for sharing with us,Eva sweetie I hope you are reading this from Verna and from all the Angel Moms we are all concerned but know you may need this time for yourself but if your in the Valley please please read the post from 141 to 142 Lisa Thanks so much and will keep trying Selva you are so Dear and 2 more and I pray never again but I want to say to All of You Thankyou for walking this journey with me,truly there have been days I couldn't have made it without you, It may not seem like much but you have made such a difference all these months for down day sick days and scarydays I think of what each of you has had to endure and it HELPED because you shared your e-mails are in folders and they were such a bright loving card that I carried in my heart and helped me to spread to others or stick out my foot for the injection or how to learn to sit still for days. How I Thank God for each and every one of you and these aren't words on a page but words on my heart. God Bless You because you are YOU. Love&BearHugs Donna

5/29/2003 17:52

Hi Donna! It's great to see a post from you, and it feels great to be feeling well enough to start posting again. I'm taking a much deserved break right now. :) Your kind words always touch my heart and soul. For, you are such an inspiration to us all! You always find such eloquent ways of expressing the love that you feel for others. Your BearHugs are felt by all who read your posts, and if you doubt it, just ask any angel Mom! :) All of us here treasure and appreciate the warmth that you brought with you when you joined our circle of love. The truly wonderful thing about this circle, is that each angel Mom contribute so much love and compassion ... Each in our own special way, even as we grieve. Even on our worst valley day, we still find the strength to pray for each other. That's what makes this circle Soooo special. It doesn't get to bad to talk about it here. We know that we will never be judged or need to apologize for what we are feeling at any given moment. We know that it's Okay to feel it and express it! On valley days, we know someone will always be thinking of us, even if they cannot post and tell us so. That's because we pray daily for all who have lost a child, ... Or, (as in your case, and others), ... children. We always know we are covered with prayer! A few weeks ago, I was having a valley day, and as Cheryl, grandson, Steven, and I went out to the site to replace Diane's flowers, I felt such peace, even though the sadness was great. It helped to know that angel moms had, and would continue to pray for me. Prayer doesn't take away our crosses that we have to carry in this life; However, it sure does help lighten the load as we continue on our never-ending journey! Donna, I recall thinking recently, "I really wish I could give God a Big Hug for bringing us together in this circle of love." :) And, out of nowhere, I received the thought, "But, you have! ... Because, it is written, "For what you have done to the least of my children, ... You have done it unto me!" So, my sister, thank you for the bear hugs that you have shared with us so freely, and for reminding us that: To love God, is to love one another! :)
God's peace, blessings, & (((BigBearHugs to al)))! :)

5/29/2003 18:54

Hi Sandy,~ Thanks for the lovely cards, fwds, and emails. They really made my day. I still can't believe AOL placing my birthday greetings under bulk mail. As I mentioned in my email, (I think), Debs was the only one to arrive on my birthday. Of course, Deb and I are both signed up with AOL. HA-HA! But maybe not for long! They are really messing up with my emails being late or placed in the wrong place. I had signed up to try their broadband, since it was a free trial. Then, yesterday, I got this notice of cancellation from them. According to the email, "I" cancelled the order! Of course, I didn't no such thing. But, a lot of people have been complaing about problems they are having with their email service. Maybe they will get it all straightened out soon. Lets hope so. I hope my joy post above made you smile. Can you remember the authors name who wrote that origional greeting? I couldn't remember where I've hidden my card that MaDear gave to me with one version of it. There are lots of versions of it online. Cin sent me one version a few days ago. If you or any angel mom can recall the author, please post. I just felt like messing with it (editing) to have fun with you angel moms, but want to mention the author of the origional. I remember receiving it in a little booklet style birthday greeting from MaDear back in 1983. :) I keep it in a plastic bag, all tucked away in a safe place. Now, all I have to do is figure out which safe place! :)
Well, I'm not finished cleaning and doing stuff around the house, but for today ... I QUIT! Ha-ha! Sure hope the grands come over. I love it when they try to bribe me into allowing them to fold towels or dust or anything for a special treat! They don't know that they would get the treats anyway! Think I should tell them? ... Nah! Ha-ha!
Peace, blessings, & All the joy you can stand!

5/29/2003 19:43

hHi all my Sisters Angel Moms, well I think I going to get my diving gear ready, we had soooo much rain. Donna, my Angel Mom, 2 more to go and you will be find, I'm praying my hardest, I know that you will be fine. Sandy you are keeping a low key I'm praying for you too, you know in my own way, not wonderful words but straight from the heart, Verna it's so great that you are posting again, you are such a great human being, hard to find in our days, but in this Circle of Love, you are all great human beings, that it is why I thank God each morning for taking me to this Wonderful Circle of really loving human beings.Lisa I'm so glad you are doing a little better, you see we have our valley days 24/7 but we have to keep on praying. I'm worried about Eva, she has not posted in the last few days. I really pray that she is doing OK. I had a very bad day yesterday, I'm telling you all because I know that you will understand, I went under my sister's dining table and did not wanted to go out, I cried for about 2 hours, then my sister got me to get out from under the table, see, I just wanted to see Solange and be with her, and I was feeling so helpless , I cried to God, to please let me talk to my Solange, but He did not listened, I have been worried about Solange for the last 5 days, because the weather here was so nasty, and I used to worry so much about her driving under the rain, so I did not have a quiet moment so I broke down last night, do you know why I'm telling you this, because I know that in this Circle of Love, I will find understanding. I love you all my sisters, may God Bless You All. Love you Selva

5/29/2003 21:11

Hello dear Verna, it's terrific to see you posting again! You're very welcome our dear Miss V, and thank you for all your wonderful pages also. I know, that's too bad about AOL putting them in your Bulk Folder, but lately Yahoo has been doing the same thing to me, putting important mail in my bulk folder and putting some spam in my e-mail, so maybe it's a problem all over.
I might just start using my other e-mail address if they don't get it together, :) Yes, it made me smile, all the more so putting 'Angel Moms' in, gosh for the life of me I can't remember the author at the moment, I've seen it before too, but let's just say this version is from Miss Verna Clay!!
My memory is so bad lately, if I don't write it down, it doesn't get done, :) or I'll go into the kitchen to get something and then stand there and say, 'OK, I came out here for something, now what is it', ha, ha!
Housework today too, huh. It's pouring rain here again today, so that's what I did too. Oohh, aren't you crafty grandma, :) bribing the grandkids to help with the promise of a treat that you'd give them anyway, ha, ha, nah, I wouldn't tell them either. Thanks for posting that, and if I Do remember the author, I'll let you know.
Love, Hugs, and yes, all the joy YOU can stand, :)
Love Sandy

5/29/2003 22:38

Hello my dear sister Selva, thank you for the beautiful post above for Shane, it really touched my heart! Gee, I guess I should join you shopping for diving gear, it's rained here all week, I'm starting to wonder where the sun is, :) Selva, your prayers are dear to me, for they come from your big loving heart, and never think that they're not wonderful, because they most definitely are! We're all linked together with love here at this Circle, God's love, that spreads to us and then out to others, and because of all the beautiful Moms who post here, that love is evident to all and spreads, that's why I think, no I know, that Our Lord has blessed this Circle.
Oh sweetie, it must have been so painful for you, all this bad weather reminding you of Solange and bringing back bad memories, God love you, I'm so happy that you have your sister there with you to help you when you're feeling so lonely for Solange and feeling so helpless. And you always have us here too, my dear sister, we do understand. It's such a painful time for you, and yes, God does hear your prayers, and loves you so much, sometimes when we pray and we think He's not answering, that He doesn't care, but He does very much, more than you know! And keep praying, you will get that sign you want so badly, and we're praying for the same for you, remember Donna's Angel encounter, things happen when we least expect them.
Hold on tight, and remember we love you dearly, and never give up hope. I pray for peace and your heart's desire,
Lots of love to you dear sister,

5/29/2003 22:43

Dearest Eva, please post and let us know how you're doing, as you can see everyone is worried about you, we love you and are praying for you, but even a little note if you can, you know we're all here for you,
Much love & prayers,

5/30/2003 02:32

Dearest Selva, I'm so sorry my Dear Sister that your pain is endless, I'm going to plunge in here as to maybe why God is waiting, when I dreamt of Mikey or felt his presence it was wonderful till I awoke or his presence left and I was truly a mess because I had to say goodbye again. I'd awake thinking the boys were here and I would start to get up and make them breakfast only to realize it was all gone and I'd have to face the fact Mikey was gone the last was when he was driving in the blue truck waving goodbye and I knew I would never see him or hold him again as hard as it is to wait to want to be with Solange let God do it in his timing the shock hits over again all of it, wait for God He will know when you are strong enough or just trust in his reasoning, yes you can say I have Justin well for years what I dealt with everyday was his anger or silence my little boy was gone and all those days of his life were stolen as well as Mikeys it has taken seven years to have some semblance of a family back God threw at me so I would accept the unacceptable and gave me strength to press on, I went to work like a zomgbie on those days and worked hard to get past what had happened to all of us, my loving hubby didn't speak accept for the news or work,Justin never speaks of those days but said only "I was a child and it all changed " Give it time Trust as Best you can, the dark night will turn to sunshine but not by human standards I can only pray Selva that you can let God take control because we can't, yes you will grieve and yes everything will remind you of Solange but in time with God's help He will reveal to you, Mikeys Dr told him at first they will know agony and than in time it will get better,how hard it was for him to plan his own funeral he even picked out his own urn, God I wish I was that Brave but I'm not but like you I try hard but everday I surrender to God and learned the toughest lesson Thy will oh Lord not mine I thought I was prepared that I was strong enough to let him go to give to God a child that was already his, he was my gift to cherish to prepare for the unthinkable, God hears your heart you are his beloved child but like any good parent he will know when, I know you were willing to let go gladly but we asked Mikey once when the Dr was helping people to die and we asked him in 11yrs of trials did he ever think of taking his life "He said no Mama God's purpose isn't finished with me yet. There was a time I could have let go easily but his words echoed, this was God's child like all of our children. Let it be Sister and trust that God will when he knows it is the right time the right moment I don't say this easily but with the hope you will find Hope in God's timing and beleive when we reach Heaven we know and understand and someday something beyond this worlds comprehension will happen for a short time but you will never be the same and you will see a sister suffering as you are and you will say hang on, trust in God's timing. I Love You and with all my heart I can't wait for the day that it happens to you and you will be strong enough to accept what is given without question and let it go again and with grateful heart be able to Thank God and not suffer anymore. This is the hardest post I ever wrote but it is with Love and Hope. Almighty God unto you we cry please Dear Lord bring Selva's Heart Peace or Your Guidance to endure this time of waiting,Selva heart is like the Lion of Judah Bless Her Almighty God from agony to Your Understanding I do not ask alone but for every Mother here who Loves Her. Amen

5/30/2003 05:30

Good Morning Selva, my sister, ~ I just love this page! Thanks for sharing it with me. I've been up since 12 AM, but went to bed before dark. I still haven't gotten this sleeping thing straightened out. :) I don't think I ever will. Sometimes, I like being up when everything is quiet and peaceful. That is when I listen to God, and feel His peace and healing the most. It is also a time when I imagine you angel moms sleeping peacefully, and I can pray and ask God to bring healing to your broken hearts. As I have said many times; The prayers won't take away the grief you feel forever, but they will help you find the strength to carry on, minute by minute, & day by day. This is the only way we can go on. Just knowing that we have each other, sharing the love and compassion, makes our cross a little easier to bear. The joy that awaits us when we see our children again, is too beautiful for our tiny human minds to contain! But, I try to imagine it anyway! I believe with all my heart and soul that this is what God wants us to do. For, that is one of the many ways we can still feel the joy of living as we continue on our journey of grief. The evil one fills our mind with thoughts that make us believe that we want our children back here with us. That way, he and his demons could continue to hurt and destroy them; breaking our hearts over and over again. The evil one knows now, that there is nothing he can do to ever hurt them again! He also knows that what God has in store for us when our time comes to cross over. The evil one wants us to miss our blessings, ... So he keeps messing with our minds, and tries to keep us down in the valley 24/7. The evil one is smart and crafty! Believe it or not, he wants us just as much as God does! If he can control our thoughts and actions, he will win every battle, and eventually, the war! What he doesn't want us to remember is that we have God on our side! That is why we must continue to lift each other up through our prayers! We cannot do it alone. We cannot handle the grief and sorrow alone! We must continue to seek God's help through our prayers, and Thanksgivings. The evil one is mighty, but our God, our Lord and Savior, is Almighty! And, as long as we continue to hold on to God, through prayer, and try to lift each other up, ... We will win this war! It is only through continued prayer, (my prayers, and the prayers that others pray for me), that I am able to regroup, when the evil one hits me from the blind side. :) It is only through prayer, that I am able, and yes, willing, to get up, brush myself off, and keep on keeping on! It is for that reason, that: As my dear sister friend, Eva, reminds us, that ... I press on! God bless you, Selva, my dear sister. Keep pressing on! We love you, and need your prayers so much! Always know that, like the other angel moms, you are in our thoughts and prayers!
God's peace and blessings.
[I will post this email with our other sisters at our circle of love]. God has placed it on my heart to so!

5/30/2003 06:53

Dear Lisa, Eva, & Selva, and any other Mom who may be going through a valley period, ~ Please know that my heart goes out to you at this time. When we can sense that some of our moms are at a stage in their grieving process where all seems hopeless, we feel the need to just hold you close and give you the peace that only God can give. Instead, all we can do is be patient and pray, and maybe share a little something that we recall from our own personal experience that my help you to weather the storm of a lifetime. That's what I am about to do now. First, let me say that, the feeling of complete hopelessness, the agony and grief that swells up inside to the point where you feel as though you are drowning in sorrow, ... I can relate to. I've been there. So has Sandy, Donna, and other moms who have been on this grief journey a bit longer. When I was there, my grief was so all consuming, I felt I would be better off dead. I begged God to let me die. I thought of taking my own life! I saw no reason on this earth to continue living with the kind of pain I knew would never go away! That was just the way I felt most of the time.

5/30/2003 06:57

I remember the morning after I received the news that my precious daughter had been killed in a chain reaction wreck involving 2 cars, 2 pick up trucks, and drunk driving. Diane was a front seat passenger in the car that was said to have pulled out in front of the first car that hit them. It was said that Diane was believed to have been ejected from the car on impact, and died instantly. Another report placed her still in the car when the second vehicle, A pick up truck, and third vehicle [another pickup truck], hit the now disabled car that was left sitting in the middle of the darken highway. Only this year did I read some recorded statements from court files that placed my daughter still in the car ... "Screaming for someone to help her get out of the car!" And, there was soooo much said. Now ... Try to imagine ... I had managed to survive, all this time ... [Almost 7 years, now.] Then, this happens. :( Talk about old wounds being opened! :(

5/30/2003 07:04

I tried dealing with it alone ... For days! Had it not been for our Sandy & Cindy, I don't know if I would have been able to survive it all! I made the decision to never share some things I have had to learn to live with, simply because I knew our newly bereaved moms had enough to deal with. In fact, I haven't shared this with my husband and Cheryl, my other daughter. No one but Sandy, Cindy, and eventually, ... My doctor. And only then because she guessed, and asked if there might be something else causing my physical problems when all test I had taken turned out OK. I share this with you all, even now, with reservations. I only hope and pray that by sharing this much, that you will come to realize, that with God and praying moms on your side, you will weather your worst storms as they arrive! You will weather these storms because it is a part of God's divine plan.

5/30/2003 07:10

I know that many of you think I am so strong and helpful. Well, I am not. Not when it comes to missing and longing to see my child and hold her close again. But, with prayer, and by faith, I have learned to deal with managing the pain a little better than I did in the beginning. So will you. :) I can tell you that it will not be easy. You will have your valley days, and days of phasing everything and everyone out! Yes, even God, when your grief and pain comes out as anger! When you feel angry, even with God, ... Don't try to deny it. Remember, Jesus cried out to God from the cross! When He was on the cross, Jesus was just as human and you and I. So, God understands and forgives us when we are angry. Just remember, ... It is during those down in the valley times, that our prayers will see you through! Your prayers brought me through, when I first learned of the things I just shared about the night my daughter was killed. There is a lot more that I may never share, for reasons I have already touched on. I just want the three of you, and any of the other newly bereaved moms to know that giving up is not an option. We press on, because of our faith in a loving God to help us carry the weight of our crosses in this life. There will be many times when it will hit us, (the indescribable grief), and knock us down flat on the ground! When it happens, we feel it would be easier to just lay there and say the heck with it all! Whenever it happens to me, sometimes it takes days for me to work through it. I cry, I sleep, I go into my silent stage. You may not hear from me for days! The more I try to give up, the more strength I gain from the prayers that you angel moms have prayed for me! No prayer is lost! Trust me on this, angel moms, and just keep on praying and trusting in God! Prayer is our most powerful weapon, and Gift from our Lord and Savior. So, Lisa, Eva, Selva, and any angel Mom ... Hold on to God. You are His beloved child. He loves you unconditionally, ... And, so do I. :)

5/30/2003 09:14

Dear Selva, ~ I just finished reading nother beautiful prayer page you have shared with me! Oh, how I agree that God is always there for us! Even when we are very angry with Him. God loves us soooo much, Selva. When the evil one hurt and take away our loved ones, it is God who gives us the strength to carry on, even though we will never be the same until the day we join our children in heaven, forevermore. But, when that day comes, ... And, it will, in God's time; We will proudly say, "I listened, and I held on! Thank God, ... I held on, and finished all that God wanted me to do!
Love & Hugs,

5/30/2003 12:56

Oh Verna, I'm so sorry and grateful for what you have shared. Your sacrifice I do not believe will ever be in vain. Thank you for sharing and opening your heart to the pain who will help many. Your words are always with such kindness and beauty and Faith Love&BEARHUGS Donna

5/30/2003 19:48

AY, my sisters Angel Moms, I just got into the Circle of Love and read your messages, I'm crying so much, but not in a bad way, I'm so sorry Donna that you had to post all that, in a way , is kind of relief, I am SO SORRY my dear sister, and I'm so greatful to you, I know it must have hurt so much to talk about it, so you my dear Verna, and Sandy, what will I do without you all. Please, please, don't go through this pain for me, I feel guilty somehow, I understand sooooo much about your pain, you know it was 3:20 am when the police knocked at my house, they told me Solange was in an accident, I was so confused, I called my sister right away and I was half dresses when they told me, we will drive you there, Jackson Trauma Center, at that time I did not know that its where they take care of the gravelly injured, so I rode with the police asking him, begging him to rush, when I got there it was empty, none to talk noone to tell me, the police who took me there was cuban and Thank God, he knew one of the Dr's there, (one of my best friend grandson) then the nightmare began, I wanted to see Solange and they told me I could not, in the meantime, my sister and brother came, I was desperate, one of the nurses saw me and she told me that she will let me see her, they came in and asked me to dign some papers, they needed to open Solange's skull because her brain was swollen, I signed it and before they took her to surgery, that wonderful human being told us to stay there so we can see her pass to the surgery room, when they passed , I went in I told her, Mom is here, I love you my Angel, Hold on you will be find, and then the rest, I was there for almost 2 days until they told me the bad news, all my friends were there with me at that time, but all I wanted to do was die, I remember going down in an elevator crying my heart out, and this lady in the elevator told me, don't cry, you have no idea what a wonderful place your daughter will be in, I was there but I had to come back, to don't cry, she will be in a wonderful place full of such a love that you can't never imagine. After that I went out, because Solange was a donor, they kept her alive with machines, so I refused to believe she was called to Heaven, my poor sister and brother had a rough time, they took me to a phsycriatic place in the same Hospital where Solange was, and I still refused, and so far I still refused the truth, I have a very vague image of what happened after that, I know that Solange's half brothers and sister where all here for her and that I have never visit that place where her body is and I will never visit it, My dear sisters, please forgive me for giving you such a hard time, I did not meant it, but I don't know, lately I have more valley days than normal ones. I miss my daughter so much, I guess I'm dissapointed about the test results, I was hoping to be with my daughter soon. But I will keep on pressing on. I love you my sisters and I pray that God Bless You all, for you are such a wonderful human beings, I thank God to bringing me here 24/7. I will keep on praying even if I don't feel like it, just for you. Love Selva

5/30/2003 21:07

Oh, my dear sister, Selva, don't feel guilty or badly, Donna and Verna would not want that nor I. They both, out of love, posted their own pain over losing their children so you will realize you're not alone, we all have such tremendous pain over losing our children, each of us with our own story to tell, in the hopes that you and other newly bereaved moms will know that we realize what you're going through. Trust me, they will tell you themselves that they're is nothing to forgive, you're going through that deep, raw biting pain that we first went through and still re-visit every now and then. Every so often the wound re-opens for us further along the Journey and we have our valley days, it's a struggle for us all sometimes, all of us miss our children oh so much, and by sharing our own stories, we just want to let you know that we truly understand. If you're having more valley days lately that's OK, you know we honor your feelings here, and we're oh so happy that you post about them. Wanting to be with Solange is exactly how some of us felt also, I used to pray every night asking God to bring me home too, I wanted to be with my Shane, and the pain was unbearable, just as your's is now. So please do not feel guilty, I know they will tell you themselves that there is nothing to forgive, they openly shared so you will know you're not alone, we all understand and will always be here for you with our love, prayers and support!
Love you dear sister, and I know that Verna and Donna love you too, as well as Eva and Lisa, who are also going through that indescribable pain. It hasn't even been a year for any of you yet, so as Verna said, one step at a time, one moment at a time, and you will eventually see the sun still shining in the sky. Lots of love to you my dear sister, and keep holding on tight to Our Lord's Hand,
Much love & Hugs,

5/31/2003 04:19

Dearest Selva, My Dear Sister, I didn't mean to cause you more pain, Please there is nothing to forgive Dear Lord you are going through the Dark Days and my Hope was for you not to wait for a sign I didn't want you to go through more pain and yet I did, I ask your forgiveness for causing you to feel any guilt there is none,we didn't think we could make it through but with God's help you will and we will walk this journey with you,just keep posting and we will keep praying,and hoping don't ever apologize for your feelings that is why Sandy and Cindy created this Haven. Just like Sandy said hang on to God, he knows better than us what lies ahead and Hope will return but He Loves more than you can accept but he doesn't want you to give up neither do we, Rest and be very Loving to yourself,as you have for us, you have Believed for us Hoped for us and Prayed for us,Love Bunches & God give your weary heart Peace. Donna

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